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After hosting over 1500 segments of "Sport Science," 6x Emmy Award-winning host and NYT Best-selling author, John Brenkus, recognized that high achievers tend to share a similar story of attaining success that's driven by hard work and tough choices, accompanied by some moments that are simply divine.

Through "The Brink of Midnight Podcast", John explores the moments that guests credit with changing their lives forever...those that pushed them in an unexpected direction, shaping the experiences that followed and molding them into the people who they are today.

This podcast is all about good news and features positive messages, inspiring our audience to live a fulfilling, authentic life. Guests include luminaries in sport, entertainment, business, tech, philanthropy, and many other different walks of life.
102 Episodes
SARAH REINERTSEN, Paralympian, World Champion, Ironman Athlete: Find Your Brave Muscle
Sarah Reinertsen, Paralympian, ITU Paratriathlon World Champion, Runner, and Ironman triathlon athlete joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus for a milestone 100th episode. Sarah “Iron Sarah” Reinertsen is a true pioneer. Born with proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), she made the bold decision as a seven year old to amputate her leg. She envisioned jumping right in with other kids and leading a fully active life, and that vision drives her today in breaking barriers and challenging perceptions. Sarah’s list of “firsts” could fill several lifetimes: setting her first World Record (100m dash) at age 13, first amputee featured on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine, first female athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship on a prosthetic (2005), first amputee (male or female) to grace the cover of ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue, first amputee (male or female) to participate in CBS’s “The Amazing Race”, first amputee (male or female) to complete the World Marathon Challenge (7 half-marathons on 7 continents in 7 days), and first female athlete to run the Great Wall Marathon in China on a prosthesis. Oh yeah, and Sarah’s represented Team USA at the Paralympics, is a three-time ITU Paratriathlon World Champion, has won six gold medals, and held five previous world records…all while having a full-time job at Nike. Despite Sarah’s extensive accomplishments, she will tell you that she’s made of the same stuff inside all of us, and she truly believes that we can all seek and accomplish what we envision. The bolder the better. That’s what’s bringing her back to the Kona Ironman World Championship on October 13, 2018 on Ironman’s 40th anniversary. Get ready for a serious shot of inspiration - Sarah’s energy and can-do attitude is contagious! For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
NELSON DELLIS, 4x USA Memory Champion: How to Improve Your Memory
Nelson Dellis, 4x USA Memory Champion and Alzheimer’s activist, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus. In this device and app-laden landscape of our day to day lives, when was the last time you aimed to remember a phone number or directions, or do some simple math relying only on your memory? While we are using our brains in new ways, we’ve also let our memory muscles go, having the ability to record, remind, and navigate through the ease of technology. Nelson Dellis wants to help and believes that developing memory is the ultimate act of being present. Being able to focus, limit distractions, and use the “awesome computer” in our heads not only helps us make more meaningful memories, but multiplies those we make and keeps our brains healthy. Nelson is a sought after author (“Remember It!”) and consultant, appearing on FOX’s Superhuman, the TODAY Show, CNN, OWN, NatGeo and many more outlets in addition to working with Fortune 500 companies, schools and universities, and professional athletes. His work is recommended by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Maria Shriver, founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. By the end of this episode, you’ll even be able to put into practice his memory tips! Inspired to learn and develop memory strategies after his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Nelson also combined his passion for mountaineering with raising awareness of and funding for Alzheimer’s research through his charity Climb For Memory. His list of ascents is impressive, including Cotopaxi, Denali, Khumbu, Matterhorn, Mt Blanc and near Everest summits. He brings along those looking to make an impact, grow, and literally reach new heights in their lives! Get ready to use your brain in an impactful, practical, and calming way! For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_
SCOTT FLANSBURG, The Human Calculator: On Confidence
Scott Flansburg, “The Human Calculator” and multi-award winning Guinness Book of World Records holder, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus.  Scott Flansburg has a powerful relationship with and understanding of numbers. He’s on a mission to help kids (and grown ups) feel great about math. His most powerful moments of self-discovery occurred in third, fifth, and eighth grades, so he knows a thing or to about guiding kids toward a confident and fun relationship with arithmetic.  He’s a New York Times best-selling author, has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Larry King, Tony Robbins, and has appeared on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other major outlets. My production company also produced Scott's History Channel show, "Human Calculator." Scott travels the world speaking to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of students each year and has even visited our own kids’ school!  Remarkably, Scott didn’t graduate high school, got kicked out of the Air Force, was homeless for a period of time, and by chance met comedian Jon Lovitz, who ended up spearheading his career in becoming an “edutainer”.   This conversation will truly spark the pathways in your brain as Scott teaches us some fun number patterns, the origin of Roman numerals and the shape of modern numbers, why we should question our calendar, and how to delight in the math in our everyday surroundings, biology, and economy. He has a contagious energy that makes you want to look for math all around you!  For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
DOUG GOTTLIEB, Sports Personality: How to Find Your Authentic Voice
Doug Gottlieb (@gottiebshow), sports media personality and host of “The Doug Gottlieb Show” on Fox Sports, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus.  In the world of sports media and being a personality on radio and TV, it’s a challenge to find an authentic voice. A lot of people have a shtick or act they put on that’s designed to get people to listen. Doug is unique - his shtick is being himself.  Doug was a great basketball player in the day, but, as you’re about to hear, it didn’t work out exactly how he thought it would. His rise to the top in sports media, working with ESPN, CBS Sports, and now Fox Sports, has been the result of sticking to his authenticity.  But where did that come from? How did he nurture his voice and stay true in a business when everyone is trying to stand out? Doug graciously goes deep on one of the biggest mistakes he made in college, and how he overcame it to build a life and career he loves. He shares how to think about finding your voice, and how to shift from being results-oriented to process oriented.  Sometimes our most important building blocks in life stem from the moments when we fall down. We are all imperfectly human and meant to grow and learn. Doug helps remind us that life is truly what we make of it!  For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
ROBERT GRIFFIN, III, NFL Quarterback: On Perseverance
Robert Griffin, III (“RG3”), NFL quarterback, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus.  RG3 won the Heisman Trophy with Baylor University and stormed onto the NFL scene in 2012 when he was drafted second overall by the Washington Redskins. He took the Redskins to the playoffs and was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. To say RG3 owned Washington, D.C. is an understatement. But things didn’t go quite as planned and he was plagued with injury after injury. He moved on to the Cleveland Browns for a stint in 2016, sat out the 2017 season, and recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens.  In his early years, RG3 experienced incredible success and really being the face of the league to then the unpredictability that follows injury. The setbacks he experienced could have forced anyone off course permanently, yet he’s found his way back to the NFL through deep faith, persistence, and perseverance.  In this conversation, he pulls back the curtain on how he got through the dark times. He also shares his most powerful childhood lesson that helped shape how he approaches every obstacle! RG3’s mindset will remind you that we all have control over how we react to our circumstances and that the good stuff already exists inside of us. For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight (instagram, Facebook, twitter) and @johnbrenkus_
DAVID BURKUS, Best-Selling Author, Thought Leader: Redefining Networking
David Burkus (@davidburkus), thought leader, multi best-selling author, & networking expert joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus. David Burkus is on a mission to translate and bring the best, scientifically-based ideas out of the ivory tower and into the offices, coffee shops, and meeting rooms where good work is done. From the theories of how creativity is generated to best practices in leadership and management, and now to redefining what good networking looks like, David is making an impact across all spectrums of work and life. Outside of his best-selling books, you can find his insights in Forbes, Inc., the Ted Talks stage, and many other outlets. He speaks around the world and works with organizations like Google, Fidelity, Microsoft, and many others. In this conversation, we dive into the nitty gritty from his recently published book, “Friend of a Friend: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Career”. He turns the idea of those awkward “What do you do?” conversations on it’s head to help us understand that we don’t create a network, we live inside one. David also gives us actionable steps on how to approach networking from the elevator pitch to extended conversations, tells us common pitfalls and what NOT to do, and how to think about the role that social media plays. He then looks through the lens of society at large, describing how networks form and how the danger of defaulting only to what is familiar to us can lead to division of groups. Especially poignant in today’s political climate, he illustrates how and why we need to start intentionally creating opportunities to move outside our default network to learn from others and have dialogue with a diverse set of opinions. This conversation is fully of takeaways that you can immediately apply to your work and life, and his ideas will keep you thinking long into the weeks and months ahead! For full show notes, visit: | Contact: | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight (twitter, instagram, Facebook) and @johnbrenkus_
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