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Author: Sundeep Rao

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Stand up comedian Sundeep Rao sits down weekly to discuss the topics India cares about. As one of the pioneers of stand up comedy in India, Sundeep is partially blind but 100% politically incorrect. In this weekly podcast Sundeep gives his take on whats happening in India and the world, how we're changing as individuals and whats up with the middle class.

Occasional guests and not holds barred commentary make this not your family friendly podcast.
77 Episodes
The pandemic has unveiled a lot of problems in the world. From people going live on Facebook, to a new sense of self importance to the absolute failure in governance. On this week’s episode I shed some wisdom on these problems and try and make sense of it. And yes I propose a new movie for Samuel Jackson as well.  Hope you are well. Thanks for listening! Cheers!
This is a special  episode where I caught up with a photographer and friend Rohit Varma in the jungle. We were hungover, but I think we shared clarity on certain issues in society. It was a fun chat, hope you enjoy it!
The people who throw their weight around and intimidate individuals are the ones who are most insecure and unsure of their power or themselves. On this week’s episode I talk about the incident at home where we had to deal with the thugs from the BBMP (the local government body responsible for handling the pandemic); or at least they are supposed to. The drama and the confusion on their end is ridiculous yet sadly reflective of the state in which most institutions are dealing with this pandemic in.  Thanks for being a part of the Babybed journey!  Hope you are safe and well. Cheers!
How far can you let a humble opinion slide? Especially those of influencers and podcasters (like myself) who have an audience of listeners, to whom such opinions can actually have an impact on. Listen to find out more.
The truth is out there. Yet the media often spread myths that suit the agenda of the state. Here's to hoping the new generation of journalists brings forth better, more ethical, unbiased reporting.
In This episode, I talk about the practice of staying home due to the lockdown and not being able to go out, party, hang out with friends etc. Is going out just a distraction from ourselves? Or can staying in also satisfy those social needs that we all have been lacking these past few months? Listen to find out more.
This week I talk about my thoughts on excessive dependency on OTC drugs. The medical kind. Taking even a simple crocin for long periods of time can have drastic effects on us. Is periodic consumption of these non-prescribed drugs still safe?
70: Yes we Kanye

70: Yes we Kanye


What might happen if rapper Kanye West takes the title of POTUS, continuing the trend of celebrities taking up political positions they have no experience H Can social media influencers harness the power of their hive minded followers? Listen to find out more.
Hello friends  Welcome to Ep 69 on the babybed; and like a mature adult I talk and giggle about 69 and all it’s repercussions on relationships!  Finding your position is essential! Thanks for listening and happy 69ing to you! Cheers!
68: Modern apes

68: Modern apes


Hi Welcome back to another week on the babybed! This week’s episode is about breaking out of herd mentality and trying to evolve as a modern ape! Thanks for being a part of my podcast journey and hope you’re well. Cheers
We all really care about how we will be remembered but our actions and words are really not worth remembering.
I think we can all agree that oppression is a bastard, but sadly it exists everywhere! The world is burning and it’s time to wake up and smell the smoke! Thanks for listening and hope you are well. Cheers!
Welcome to another week on the babybed! This week it’s all about pompous prime ministers and Korean sex doll football fans! Thanks for listening and hope you are well! Cheers!
In this week’s episode I talk about the government opening up the lock down, the need for a new form of governance and micro level helping. Thanks for listening and hope you are in a good place!  Cheers!
In this week’s episode I talk about having a fuck I’ve grown moment, having a normal week and discovering a new language my wife and I speak. Enjoy! And hope you’re safe and well.
62: Solving mankind

62: Solving mankind


Getting to the root of mankind’s problems and figuring out WTF my aunts bra is doing in my cupboard! Enjoy the episode darlings!
61: Dirty secrets

61: Dirty secrets


How much do we all truly know?
In this nail biting episode I talk about quitting biting my nails, kicking old habits, starting new ones, virtual performances and a whole lot more!
In this episode I talk about women trying to make it in comedy,playing the right card and how I suck at small talk.
For most of you this is a time of uncertainty. For me it’s a time of self doubt.
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