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"A Bachelor podcast that features more tangents than contestants." -
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Here we are at the last episode of the season and wouldn’t you know it, it’s Matt’s Mom and Dad who take center stage (literally and figuratively) to derail Matt’s quest for love. Co-host Craig equates it to going on Dating Naked and getting upset that you’re naked. That’s what this ending was like! We […]
We start off this podcast episode really excited because not only are we recording at a reasonable hour of the day and week, but we had a couple listener reviews come in! We read those and jab a bit about some random topics before getting into Matt and his Dad’s reconciliation, the dates with Michelle, […]
In this podcast episode we argue about a few things (and the podcast works best when we’re arguing), for example about who is deserving of love. Does everyone deserve love? Does deserving love require people to pay in cultural currency? Along with that debate we argue about Katie, knowing we’re not the only one’s arguing […]
Co-host Caitlin is back this week and with her we talk about a range of topics both Bachelor-related and not, including classical music, southern music, and sunglasses. We also start a listener drive (tell everyone you know about the Bachelor Masters!). Pertaining to the show, we then analyze the different home town dates, speculating on […]
We’re late recording this podcast, we know, but we try to get back into the conversation with our typical Bachelor Masters takes. This includes conversation on the racism of Chris Harrison, Kit’s next-level vocal fry, Heather’s epic use of the word like, tantric yoga, Rachel’s unawareness of racism, Abigale getting cut, and a lot more. […]
In this podcast episode we talk about a not-so-great Bachelor episode that is once again full of producer intervention. It seems the producers can’t help themselves, whether it’s Heather’s arrival and subsequent skirting of security, Katie’s strange date alongside Tyler, or the random (and repeated) carnival popup and subsequent stuffed animal selection. We’re here to […]
Despite Co-host Craig’s best attempts to talk about Kit for this whole podcast episode, we end up talking about all of the other events of the week and, well, Kit. To Co-host Craig, there’s just so much in Kit and Matt’s five minute date to talk about: the cookies, the height and age difference, the […]
The producers need an intervention, meaning, they need to stop intervening in the show. Right? From Victoria to five new women, it’s becoming too much for us to handle. This results in a slightly less cohesive podcast episode than we’re used to producing, but if you hang with us we do make some good points […]
It took a long time for Sarah to say goodbye in this episode, but it’s not just the exit that makes us think of the movie, The Long Goodbye. Rather, it’s the self-obsession, the meaninglessness of friendships and love, that links the Bachelor to the film. Know what we mean? Well, even if you don’t, […]
Just like Seinfeld had the puffy shirt, this episode has the puffy dress, which we talk about throughout our podcast and also during the Fashion Roundup. And whoa is there some fashion, such as Matt’s jackets, Victoria (again…) in her purple PJs, and Franco’s pink getup. Unrelated to fashion, we critique young parents, talk about […]
We try something a little different in this podcast episode, which is to start with the Fashion Roundup and thread (pun intended) each contestant’s dress into our analysis. If that’s not enough to peak your interest, we also talk about race, Christianity, villains, ableism, and and privilege. Pretty cool, eh? We think so and we’d […]
Listen in to our action-packed podcast season finale where we break down an ice bath, synchronized breathing, our problems with Zac, Twitter quibbles, whether this season was fake Bachelor-produced nonsense, a proposal, blood-diamonds, and a lot more. We end with our usual Fashion Roundup where we talk about symmetry, lingerie, the 90s, and t-shirts. It’s […]
What can we say, we’re confused by Bachelor Nation’s love for Zac. It seems that the pivotal moment in his rise is his declaration that Tayshia has made him want to marry and have kids. Doesn’t that bump any guy’s score up? We discuss all of that in length along with the Men Tell All […]
There’s very little to talk about in this episode which means that, in classic Bachelor Masters style, we find a lot to talk about. Bennett takes center stage as Co-host Iciar (sort of) defends him while our other co-hosts don’t, we wonder what’s up with Ed after he gets cut, ponder if Noah is a […]
Our podcast episode starts off with Co-host Craig revealing some activities of his past that, believe it or not, relate to Ben getting naked during the group art date. This leads to Co-host Iciar and Co-host Caitlin telling some of their memories. Then, believe it or not, we talk about what happens on the show […]
As you might suspect, we Bachelor Masters have a few things to say about Ivan and Tayshia’s conversation about race, the police, and prisons. We take some angles you might not expect and try to carefully articulate our positions. This is unlike Ed, who in his intervals on the show has trouble articulating anything especially […]
What is Boujee? We try to figure that out then go on to other phrases of the episode: Smoke Show and Grown Ass Man. And also: Chicken Legs, Phony, and fake babies. There’s a lot to sift through before we can even get to the bulk of the episode, which is: Toxic Masculinity and oil-upped […]
In this podcast episode we talk about condom use, whether Dale is self-aware, Clare being extra, Tayshia’s men (old and new), who Co-host Iciar thinks Tayshia might end up with, Orange County and San Diego, whether we would want to be social media influencers (Co-host Craig would), Instagram boyfriends, Orange Robby, service jobs, cover bands, […]
We start off talking about Co-host Iciar’s eerily similar parent-meeting story to Dale and Clare’s parent-meeting stories then get into Co-host Craig’s favorite topic, the point system. If you don’t know about the point system, you’ll get a refresher and even a mention of Deleuze (because a neutral observer is the best observer?). Co-host Caitlin […]
As we come close to what is probably the end of Clare’s run as the Bachelorette, despite a lot of one-dimensional characters, including Clare and her already-designated fiancé Dale, there is actually a lot to debate, from microaggressions to emotes to fault to triggers to… Dale’s split pants. We try to make sense of it […]
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