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Author: Kevin Lane

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The Backlog is the Official Podcast of LS5, a fast growing community of Content Creators ( which include Streamers, Podcasters, Game Reviewers, and Bloggers) looking to collaborate and grow together. Join today using the discord below.

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Host Kevin Lane sends the Backlog to your Podcast feed weekly, bringing you thorough discussions on the latest news in the Gaming world, as well as quick updates on Sports, Entertainment, and anything else that he can think of.

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Shout out to Sniper Joe, who once again joined us for an epic episode hosted live on Twitch.  ( - the dynamic duo were back together again, talking about what has been happening over the past few weeks - discussing the progress of the LS5 / LeakySquad community, and just getting back to the good ol' grind of talking Video Games.  Check it out, you wont wanna miss it.  Join us live each week by following our Twitch Channel!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 67 - Lets Go LS5

Episode 67 - Lets Go LS5


  Episode 67 has a simple tone.  LS5, Leaky Squad, and Success.  The growth is on pace to surpass 1000 members by Sept 1, and our team is stronger than ever.   This episode recaps all the details as well as brings it home with gaming news such as No Man's Sky VR and more. Stay tuned and enjoy!  --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
With the Backlog Podcast becoming the official podcast of the LS5 community, it was fitting to bring on two of the founding members, Wiley (Nate) and Aciid (Colton), to talk about their gaming backgrounds and the foundation of LeakySquad.  Both Nate and Colton share plenty of details and get into some Gaming News discussion - which was held LIVE on - be sure to follow the channel for up to date and live notifications. You can even support us by subscribing, donating, or just participating in the chat!Thanks for listening - enjoy the show!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Over the last few weeks and months, Brian Haynes has been making the difficult push to become a Twitch Partner. To accomplish this goal, Brian (known as ReaperOfHugs42 in the Twitch World) has built a community that relies on each-other - and he focuses on building others while building himself.  He's a very giving person - working full time as a Fireman and EMT, he also holds charity streams,  as well as raffles and give-a-ways for his audience.  You may be wondering what Twitch is... well, it's a platform on the Internet for people to broadcast just about anything. They can play video games, cook in their kitchen, or even go live from a concert - and you can pull it up just like you would Netflix.  It's a phenomenon that hasn't yet hit critical mass, so streamers like Brian are paving the way for the next generation of Twitch stars.  You can help Brian on his push for Partner by visiting or by finding him on social media at the handle @reaperofhugs42 - feel free to use #reaperforpartner to help let Twitch know he isn't stopping until he gets it.  This is a great episode - enjoy.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In this episode, Kevin has guest DJ Adam, a lifelong friend and live music  expert- Adam has been to over 2,000 live concerts ranging from Abba to ZZ Top. He can remember many of the events, and has seen both Cheap Trick and Kiss over 100 times.  He's an awesome and interesting guy, and I am honored to have him on the Podcast.  We've been streaming live on Twitch so make sure you come by for live content, Adobe CC editing (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere) Video Games, Podcasts and more.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Season 2 Begins with Episode 63 of the Backlog Podcast. Your host, Kevin Lane, starts the new season right with Johnny Ryan Weaver, known as IcyChiller, an E-Sports Tournament Specialist and former Competitive Halo player. IcyChiller brings his many years of E-Sports experience to the Podcast detailing experiences both in front of and behind the game.  In addition, Kevin reminds everyone of the Fortnite World Cup (July 26th - 28th), TwitchCon (Sept 27th - 29th) - booked and ready, Apex Season 2, EA Access, Beat Saber, Google Stadia, Twitch Streaming and so much more. Join in on the fun. Watch us live on Twitch @ http://Twitch.Tv/thebacklogpod--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
It's been a wild first year - and in Episode 62 Kevin jumps into another Solo Mission - this time in a more permanent manner.  Joel has decided to focus more on his streaming activities, but he's left the Podcast in good hands. After a growing and successful first year, Kevin recaps some major events including the creation of The Backlog Network, a Discord Server dedicated to helping other content creators collaborate and work together.  Follow and hit the Notification button to get notified when The Backlog goes live - that way you can participate and be part of the Podcast action. Remember, you can Easily leave us a message and we may use it on the Podcast -->  Thanks for an awesome first year - and lets gear up and get ready for Season 2.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Up and coming pro COD player Johnathan “Unruly” Walker joins us on The Backlog Live -, you can Easily leave us a message and we may use it on the Podcast --> Right now we have a contest going on - leave us a funny message or soundbyte and you could win a code for BoxVR or $10 gift card to a store of your choice!Rogue Energy Drinks:  Use Code: _Unruly_--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
 Leave us a message - you could win a Gift Card or copy of BoxVR for PSVR. this Episode as it was broadcasted "Live" on YouTube - see all four of our faces! - Click HereWith another Landmark Episode in the books, The Dynamic Duo becomes a Squad in Episode 60 of the Backlog Podcast.  First off, making his presence known quickly, Alex "ReaBayBay" Rea bought some equipment and made the commitment.  He has agreed to Join J&K All the Way on a regular basis, providing additional insight as a "Gamer Dad" and lifelong gamer, and the Resogun World Champion.  He's funny, he's witty, and by golly we've added him to our Backlog.Our special guest of the evening, KushyNugs, comes to us from the great state of Florida where he and his brother LeakyCrawfish run  the "LeakySquad" - a growing community of like-minded gamers working together to promote each-other.  So far its worked and the brothers have made a statement on games like Apex Legends, Overwatch and Counter Strike.  All their information is below - and this won't be the last time you hear from the LeakySquad on the Backlog Podcast. We aim to get others on, and Kush back again to talk about the community and grow together.Find the LeakySquad Discord: Twitter: Justin AKA KushyNugs Leaky - LeakyCrawfish@gmail.comInstagram - LeakyCrawfishTwitter - CrawfishLeaky----------------------------------------------------------THANKS FOR WATCHING!!----------------------------------------------------------Website http://thebacklogpod.comPodcast't forget to check out our e-sports gaming team: Team EMAR Gaming't forget to check out my cousin's MMA Podcast MMA Marks (and follow them on Instagram & Twitter @mma_marks)------------------------------------------------------------- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What it do, what it ain't, what it could be, Yeah!  !!!Giveaway Alert!!! - Leave us a Voicemail via Anchor (The link below in the show notes) or by visiting: Joe and Kevin will pick the 2 best soundbytes- so leave a Yeah Yeah or a Little Bit of Sumptin Sumptin (or your own soundbyte if ya want) and you could win a Digital Code for BoxVR - the new  Fitness Game for the Playstation VR.  Second place will receive a $10 gift code to the Game Shop of your choosing!-----In this episode of The Backlog, Joe turns 34 and goes on Vacation... to Kevin's house!  Leaving behind the cornfields of Kentucky for the Lizards of Florida, J&K had a chance to enjoy some much needed vacation time with the fam!  We also had a chance to talk shop and start prepping of Year/Season 2 of The Backlog - coming up in July.  Due to time constraints, we recorded this episode in the Dolphin Exhibit at Sea World Orlando on a Tascam DR-40 and it sounded much better than we had anticipated.  We talk Liverpool, Old Town Road, E3, Google Stadia, and a whole lot more - it's a lot of fun, so check it out.  --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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