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Author: Erin Ben-Moche and Esther D. Kustanowitz

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The Bagel Report is a pop-culture entertainment podcast featuring Jewish Journal Contributing Writer Esther D. Kustanowitz and Digital Content Manager Erin Ben-Moche. Each episode, these entertainment junkies discuss all things Jewish in the arts & entertainment world while exploring how Jewish identity is portrayed on the big and small screen. Follow us on social @estherk and @ebenmoche.
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Will You Be Our Bageltine?

Will You Be Our Bageltine?


In honor of the made-up Hallmark holiday of love, Erin and Esther talk Valentines, Galentines, Shabbat-o-grams and unrealistic romantic expectations (thanks, rom-coms!). We're also celebrating Nora Ephron and "Booksmart," remembering mortifying moments, considering the potential for a "First Wives' Club" sequel and more.    Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter! 
May The Fandoms Be With You

May The Fandoms Be With You


"THEY WERE ON A BREAK!" But now Erin and Esther are back, talking fandoms, including "Star Wars," "The West Wing" & "Friends." Esther shares notes from her "Star Wars & Judaism" presentation at Limmud Seattle while Erin bids a fond, fan farewell to "The West Wing Weekly" podcast. Plus, David Schwimmer's comments on "Friends" political incorrectness and Batwoman's continued love for, but absence of details about, her Bat Mitzvah.    Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter!   
As the Oscars approach, Esther and Erin called in civilian expert and Oscar blogger Jodi Berman Kustanovich (, to talk nominations, predictions, and Hollywood's attitude toward diversity. Plus, "Jojo Rabbit," how Holocaust stories are told on-screen and why they win Oscars, and awaiting the return of the #MakeMoviesJewish hashtag game. And an exploration of musical episodes of television, inspired by NBC's latest musical series "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."    Jodi's Blog: JJ coverage on Jojo Rabbit  Jewish Journal at the Critics' Choice Awards     Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter! 
New Year, Same Bagels

New Year, Same Bagels


Welcome to 2020 (those zeroes are actually bagels named Esther and Erin)! Esther went to Disneyland and saw Star Wars; Erin went to the Golden Globes and met Baby Yoda. After talking TV, movies and unsung women who made a musical impact, Esther talks New Year's resolutions, and Erin has feelings about "The Nanny" heading to Broadway (with songs by Adam Schlesinger and Rachel Bloom!). Links: Russian Doll Trailer Cats Trailer A Drink With Allee Willis Golden Globes 2020   Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter! 
Deck the halls with lots of latkes! On this Hanukkah-filled (and yet slightly Star Wars-themed) episode, Esther and Erin talk decadent sufganiyot and Sephardic rosquitas; how you eat your latkes; a multiplicity of menorahs, and of course, the war on Hanukkah music. It's our last episode of 2019...more to come in 2020! Here are the things we talked about in this week's episode if you want to check them out! Kwanzaa article Y-Studs - Evolution of Jewish Music [Official Video] Six13 Star Wars Hanukkah song Erin's SEC Hanukkah Story Esther's Bibi's Bakery Story Midrash Manicures Hanukkah scrunchie   Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter! 
Maisel days are here again, and we'll be laughing until Passover! This week Esther and Erin discuss Season 3 of Amazon's "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" (yes, spoilers, so finish already!). What we loved, what we could have done without, and, of course, our "weird asks." Plus, it's okay to cry during the Wonder Woman 84 trailer, right?    Follow Erin, Esther and The Bagel Report on Twitter! 
Erin and Esther share Thanksgiving parade memories; talk new offerings from their favorite comedic ManJews; discuss American Pickle (sort of), the 'Friends' Holiday Armadillo and "Jewish" Hallmark movies; and potentially launch a new business. Plus, trying to imagine what kind of household would need an Auschwitz Christmas Ornament, and getting ready to receive a new season of 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.'   Follow Erin and Esther on social media! 



Thankful for streaming and social media, Erin and Esther explore Disney+ offerings including the Mandalorian and Jeff Goldblum's new show; schmooze about their theater kid pasts; address fan rebellions against content creators who are "mishandling" treasured stories; and talk turkey about popular culture building relationship bridges. Plus what we're looking forward to at the box office (including "Frozen 2: Do You Wanna Build Another Snowman?") and on streaming...just in time for Gratitudesgiving.  Follow Erin and Esther on Twitter! 
Erin and Esther share their excitement about comedian Tiffany Haddish's upcoming bat mitzvah and her comedy special "Black Mitzvah," and share thoughts and feelings about Switzerland's “The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch,” now on Netflix. Also, just because “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is off the air doesn't mean we're not going to talk about its brilliance, especially now that show star and co-creator Rachel Bloom is auctioning show memorabilia to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She's such a menschette. And at the center of this triangle of topics is little ol' us. :)   Follow Erin and Esther on Twitter!   
In the premiere episode of The Bagel Report, Erin and Esther talk about the one holiday that’s taBOO for the Jews: Halloween. Whether you dress up and demand candy door-to-door or opt out entirely, join us for a Jewish gloss on the holiday: including Erin’s list of iconic scary movie scores written by NJB Danny Elfman and Esther’s recollections of growing up without Halloween. Plus, what makes a Halloween costume “Kosher”?   Follow Erin and Esther on Twitter!   
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