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The Bakari Sellers Podcast

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The Bakari Sellers Podcast tackles the most pressing current events through conversations and interviews with high profile guests. Building upon his experience in South Carolina government and politics and his experience as a lawyer, Sellers will talk to his guests about all topics from the world of politics, including the 2020 election, the movement for racial equality in the US, and much more.

16 Episodes
Bakari is joined by political strategist, campaign manager, and analyst Donna Brazile to discuss Kamala Harris’s selection as Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 presidential election. They discuss the process of selecting a vice president, Harris’s qualifications for the position, strategies the Republican Party will look to use against her, getting Americans involved in the election process as poll workers, and more.
Bakari and Angela Rye reflect on the historic pick of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate, what this means for America, how qualified Harris is, and what voters need to do moving forward.
Bakari is joined by Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II to talk about how he transitioned from being a software engineer to a career in politics (7:05), how the state of Michigan approached the coronavirus (16:10), and how he plans to help the Black community recover from the pandemic (21:33). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Garlin Gilchrist II
Bakari speaks with three Democrats on what it's like to run for a Senate seat in a Southern state and the difficulties of running a campaign in the midst of a pandemic. He talks with Jaime Harrison, running in South Carolina against Lindsey Graham (5:56); Raphael Warnock, running in Georgia (24:09); and Mike Espy, running in Mississippi (45:51). Host: Bakari Sellers Guests: Jaime Harrison, Mike Espy, and Raphael Warnock
Bakari is joined by Las Vegas Aces player A'ja Wilson to talk about growing up in a basketball family (7:36), what life is like inside the WNBA bubble (24:38), and the WNBA's culture of activism (29:00). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: A'ja Wilson
Bakari is joined by journalist Michael Harriot to talk about the racism he experienced growing up Black in South Carolina (5:33), why there is no such thing as a single "Black vote" (21:14), and whether or not we are currently experiencing a moment of "racial reckoning" (29:47). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Michael Harriot
Bakari is joined by his father, Dr. Cleveland Sellers, to remember John Lewis's life and legacy (6:50); Lewis's and C.T. Vivian's roles in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Southern Christian Leadership Conference (23:33); and the legacy of SNCC in the current Black Lives Matter movement (49:13). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Cleveland Sellers
Bakari is joined by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to talk about how she would have responded to the coronavirus pandemic (7:20), what Joe Biden's current lead in the polls means for November (18:52), the future of the federal judiciary (20:20), and some advice for Biden before he makes his vice president pick (33:09). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Hillary Clinton
Bakari is joined by Sunny Hostin of 'The View' to talk about why she decided to become a prosecutor (6:03), the current movements for police reform (13:50), what needs to happen to bring about justice for Breonna Taylor (17:22), and the 2020 Democratic agenda (20:13). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Sunny Hostin
Bakari is joined by Errin Haines, the editor-at-large of The 19th, to talk about why so many white women did not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 (8:44), how the 2020 Democratic primary played out (17:07), and what Joe Biden now owes to Black women after they helped him secure the nomination (28:27). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Errin Haines
Bakari is first joined by Charlamagne tha God to talk about 'The Breakfast Club' being nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame (4:09) and what Joe Biden needs to do to win over skeptical Black voters in November (19:05). Then reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore joins the show to talk about welcoming Cam Newton to the Patriots (33:33) and what he has learned playing for Bill Belichick (44:00). Host: Bakari Sellers Guests: Charlemagne tha God and Stephon Gilmore
Bakari is joined by professor and author Jason Johnson to talk about why he chooses to teach at an HBCU (6:05), recent polling that shows Biden with a lead over Trump in the presidential election (26:16), and how seriously we should treat Kanye West's announcement that he's going to run for president (33:35). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Jason Johnson
Bakari is joined by former NBA players Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison to talk about their respective NBA careers (8:15), Black fatherhood (22:29), Vince's recent retirement (35:06), and player activism (46:07). Host: Bakari Sellers Guests: Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison
Bakari is joined by author and MSNBC contributor Tiffany Cross to talk about what the Biden campaign needs to be doing to win over Black voters (9:17), the latest on the vice presidential search (25:00), and why the story of intelligence reports that Russians offered Taliban-linked militants bounties for killing American soldiers is not getting more traction (32:57). Host: Bakari Sellers Guest: Tiffany Cross
For the first episode of 'The Bakari Sellers' podcast, Bakari is joined by Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to talk about his time at Clemson (5:37) and the social justice movement happening within the NFL (16:34). Then, Fox Sports reporter Alan Cavanna joins the show to talk about the history of race and NASCAR and the latest developments with the noose investigation (26:41). Host: Bakari Sellers Guests: Deshaun Watson and Alan Cavanna
The Bakari Sellers Podcast tackles the issues of the day through interviews with high-profile guests and conversations with a rotating panel of the country's leading thinkers, writers, and influencers. Building on his experience as an attorney, elected official, CNN commentator, and author, 'The Bakari Sellers Podcast' will cover everything: from the 2020 election, to sports and culture, to the larger movement for racial equality in the U.S.
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