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Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.
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Many women fall into the trap of “when I have this” or “when this happens”, I’ll start. We all seem to think we need a fancy notebook, the newest workout gear, or a perfectly clear schedule to get started moving towards our goals when all it takes is one small step right where you are. What if you started working towards your goals with what you have, where you are, right now? In this episode, Robin shares a word of encouragement and tangible tips on how you can start working towards your goals without waiting for the perfect moment.  Show Highlights: Robin shares ways we get caught up in the wrong things when trying to start a new habit. Focus on how to build habits into our daily routines instead of waiting for the perfect moment. Get started where you are with what you have right now. Take small steps to build new habits. Build awareness of the thoughts that are holding us back.   Links:  The Balanced Life The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram    
In today's world of social media, it’s easy to get caught up, feeling like we’re not doing enough - even with ten thousand other things on our plate. We get overwhelmed with having to get a new outfit for every event, needing to start a new workout plan, attempting new diets, and the cycle doesn’t stop. We’re faced with this subconscious pressure to “catch up” every day, but what if we gave ourselves permission to do less?  This habit of always doing more keeps you from putting forth effort towards the things that will positively impact your life and prevents you from truly doing anything well. Join Robin in this encouraging episode and for tips to start doing less with more intention.  Show Highlights: Ways the internet has subconsciously pressured us to try to do more How to give ourselves permission to do less without backtracking How trying to do too much prevents us from doing our best Giving yourself permission to do less with more intention How do you know where to focus Making small changes to make a positive impact    Links:  The Balanced Life The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for the NEW, Free 5-day Pilates Challenge: Refresh + Reset!    
When we’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked, it can be difficult to know where to begin to regain a sense of calm and order in our lives. . An important place to start is at home and with our surroundings. . Decluttering our surroundings is a great step towards decluttering our lives of unwanted stress, work, and exhaustion.  Today’s guest, Allie Casazza, is the author of Declutter like a Mother. Allie specializes in helping women organize their lives through simplicity and structure. Join Robin in this insightful and actionable episode for more about how you can create more calm and less clutter in your own life.  Show Highlights: Allie shares the current stage of life she’s in Why you need to take ownership of your current circumstances to align with your goals How motherhood brought Allie to a place of learning and teaching to be proactive instead of reactive How clutter can subconsciously exhaust our mind and bodies What is minimalism versus what it looks like online Questions we can ask ourselves to align our environment with our goals How to create a home environment that works for everyone that lives there What a typical day looks like for Allie Things Allie is currently saying no to in order to say yes to other things Self-care habits Allie practices to stay rejuvenated    Links:  The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Allie Casazza’s Instagram  Allie's viral post on The Balanced Life! Allie's first episode on The Balanced Life MUD/WTR Declutter like a Mother by Allie Casazza Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts--Becoming the Person You Want to Be by Mark Reiter and Marshall Goldsmith
Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is essential. It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and everyone else around you. As busy women, it is easy to fall into the habit of taking care of others before considering our own needs. To change that, you have to be intentional about doing things differently. Start by taking small steps towards your healthiest self, which will, in turn, benefit everyone else in your life. In this episode, Robin talks about the ripple effect that happens when women prioritize taking care of themselves and improving their health and wellbeing. Her husband, Matt, joins her to explain how the ripple effect plays out in their family and everyday life. Tune in today to learn about the ripple effect and find out why self-care needs to become a priority in your life. Show highlights: Robin talks about where our motivation usually comes from to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves goes beyond the size and shape of our bodies. Robin talks about The Balanced Life online community, its approach to health and wellness, and the incredible transformations women in The Balanced Life Sisterhood experience. How the ripple effect happens, and the significant and positive impact it has when it plays out. Robin discusses the myriad of benefits that happen when prioritizing caring for yourself. Robin’s husband, Matt, shares how the ripple effect has played out in their relationship and family. Modeling a healthy lifestyle is a powerful way to equip your children to navigate life and challenging situations. Robin challenges you to prioritize your health and well-being. Links: The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Matt’s Q&A Podcast Episode    
Do you ever find yourself bored, tired, overwhelmed, or worn out? If so, this episode is for you. In today's conversation, Robin shares what it looks like to find restoration in moments of needing a break. Robin reveals habits she’s found in her own life that aren’t serving her, and how she’s making a shift to find restoration vs. relief. Join Robin in this quick episode to learn more about restoration vs. relief and how you can implement more habits into your life that fill you up.  Show Highlights: Robin shares habits she’s recognized in her own life that don’t restore her The difference between finding relief vs. restoration in overwhelming moments What are restorative habits What it looks like if something provides “relief” What are habits of relief Why you should pay attention to what you turn to in moments of being overwhelmed Why you should make a list of restorative habits    Links:  The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Link to Episode 52!
56: Ask Me Anything

56: Ask Me Anything


Each season brings a new set of habits, thoughts, and practices. In today’s episode, Robin responds to the questions you sent in over Instagram! From dealing with adrenal fatigue to creating pockets of silence to managing self-care with 4 kids, Robin shares it all. She also unfolds how her current season of life has impacted her current habits and practices and ways she’s honoring the season she’s in. Join Robin in this look into her life and for tips on how you can stay motivated and inspired.  Show Highlights: What Robin has found to be the most important thing to do to address her adrenal fatigue Ways Robin has prioritized rest during her current season of life Navigating supplements and why it’s important for your diet Redefining expectations for yourself in different seasons of life How to stay motivated when you get tired How to manage life with 4 kids Different ways to look at self-care when you’re a caregiver Robin shares what inspired her to take the leap and start The Balanced Life    Links:  The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Episode 52: A Surprising Diagnosis: my current health + healing journey
It’s easy to get caught up in our to-do lists. When we’re constantly striving to be productive, we often forget about the importance of having fun and the impact it can have on our mental and physical health. Having fun and laughing is proven to reduce stress, ease physical pain, boost your immune system, increase endorphins, and so much more. It’s obvious that prioritizing play should be on the top of our to-do lists, so why don’t we?  In today's episode, members of The Balanced Life team join Robin and share ways that they’ve learned to integrate fun into their daily lives. Tune into this episode for playful advice and tips to bring more fun into your summer. Show Highlights: Robin discusses the proven benefits of laughter and having fun Jackie shares ways she’s prioritizing fun over constant productivity Ways Susan is trying to have more fun with her kids this summer Jen talks about how her family has always emphasized and prioritized fun How to navigate finding activities that everyone in your family enjoys Jordin shares how she pushed herself to stop sitting on the sidelines The team discusses their favorite games to play during the summer Ways Robin and her husband have committed to having more fun together this year The team shares little things in their lives that bring them joy and laughter in their day Robin and the team share games and tips to have fun this summer    Links:  The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Kan Jam  Ticket to Ride Bluetooth Speaker Taboo Apples to Apples Spike Ball TBL playlist
The health and wellness industry has perpetuated a narrow and scale-driven perspective of fitness for years. The way we’ve been taught to measure our happiness and success is by the size of our jeans or a number on a scale. This shouldn’t define our success and there is so much more to our health and wellness than a number.  In this episode, Robin shares her fitness journey and how it inspired her to create a new approach to fitness. She discusses what drives her to create a more accepting and gracious atmosphere to help women embrace their bodies as they are. Join Robin in this episode to hear more about The Balanced Life’s mission to help women feel healthier, happier, and more confident.  Show Highlights: How Robin began teaching and entered the health and wellness space Why Robin wanted to change the focus from physical to mental results Looking past physical appearance goals in the fitness space Why Robin wanted to create a new approach to how we view fitness How to live from a place of freedom The impact of before and after photos and why The Balanced Life doesn’t use them Setting a positive example for others around us and changing the wellness culture   Links:  The Balanced Life The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Pilates Strong challenge! Episode 45: Seeing Progress Beyond the Scale
The way you stand, sit, or even walk can be impacting your health in ways you didn’t even know. Our posture affects the way we breathe and, in turn, our health. Addressing your breath and posture is one of the best ways to optimize your long-term health.  In this episode, Robin shares how our breath can affect our blood pressure, circulation, energy, focus, and much more. She also shares how we can use it as a tool to reset our nervous system and manage stress. Join Robin to learn more simple strategies you can do to improve your health and wellbeing by focusing on breath.  Show Highlights: Indicators that you may not be breathing properly The importance of breath Why breath is integrated into the Pilates practice and how we can use it as a tool How Robin has used breathwork to reset and combat anxiety The effects of shallow breathing How does your breath affect your pelvic floor Ways posture can improve our health and our breath   Links:  The Balanced Life The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram A guided meditation for motivation + self-care The Balanced Life Sisterhood Workout Library Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Pilates Strong challenge! Interesting study on this topic  
This year has presented many of us with unique struggles. Whether you’ve realized it or not, 2020 put many stressors and obstacles in daily life that may not have been there before.  In this week's episode, Robin is sharing some of the struggles she’s been facing over this past year and how she’s now overcoming them. Robin dives into a deep look at her own health, the challenges and diagnosis she has faced, and ways she’s moving forward. Join Robin in this personal and explorative episode to hear more about her health journey.  Show Highlights: How pregnancy + the postpartum season impacted Robin’s health The consistent symptoms Robin was experiencing Why Robin chose to invest in a holistic practitioner What is the Epstein Barr Virus and why Robin got tested for it How Robin is dealing with mold toxicity and adrenal burnout Ways stress impacts the body The difference between acute stress and chronic stress What is HPA Access Ways The Balanced Life + Pilates has kept Robin afloat through her diagnosis How the stress of 2020 weighed on Robin What we all need to do to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves The struggles of maintaining balance and health with a busy schedule Ways Robin is working to detoxify her body Getting our bodies back to a place of balance naturally Small steps you can take to make progress on your health goals  Links:  The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Download your FREE guide here! Core Components of Health + Healing
While periods are a natural part of our cycle, pain is not. For some women, this news may be shocking. Despite what you may think, periods shouldn’t be painful. Today’s guest, Berrion Berry, is a menstrual health educator who helps women have simple and uncomplicated periods. She helps women find ways to optimize their flow and understand their cycle in a deeper and new way.  In this conversation, Berrion and Robin discuss cycle syncing, the different phases of the cycle, and how to honor our cycle with our fitness routine. Berrion shares an abundance of knowledge to help educate you on your cycle, stress management, and how you, too, can be in better flow.  Show Highlights:  How Berrion became a menstrual health educator  What inspired Berrion to help other women fix their periods  Things we should all know about our cycle that most women don’t The four phases of the menstrual cycle  Berrion’s daily journal prompts to stay in touch with herself  Giving ourselves permission to pause + to not be perfect  Honoring your body in your workouts  Ways to manage pain that aren’t birth control  The biggest “aha” moments to improve your lifestyle  The importance of regulating stress  How Berrion aligns her daily life with flow How Berrion decides what to say yes or no to, and operates using the B.I.G. method  Links:  Pilates Strong: a FREE, 5-day Pilates challenge  Robin Long • The Balanced Life on Instagram Berrion's website Berrion’s course - Optimize your Flo Berrion’s Instagram Flow with Berrion Berry Podcast  Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler Links from Rapid Fire:  Sunday Riley Summer Fridays Vitamin C serum
Being in a cluttered space can make us feel overwhelmed and bogged down. As new seasons approach, it’s time to freshen up our wardrobes, our routines, and our homes. In today's conversation, Robin Long shares how decluttering your space could bring you the stress relief you’ve been searching for.  Robin takes a balanced approach to health and fitness that is applicable to every aspect of your life. She provides practical and tangible steps you can do at home to reduce stress and benefit your physical and emotional health.  Show Highlights: What is The Balanced Life Sisterhood Why The Balanced Life does Off-The-Mat Missions What decluttering has to do with your health Robin shares studies that explore how clutter negatively impacts mental health Small tips to get started cleaning out the clutter Ways to decipher whether to make a home for an item or get rid of it Using the “Neat Method” The difference between decluttering and organizing How to keep decluttering moving in your house Tips to keep toys uncluttered and organized How Robin keeps toys and the home “fresh” The nightly “Sanity Sweep” How to “maintain” the order as you declutter The importance of optimizing spaces that bring you life  Links: The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Allie Casazza's Courses Blogs referenced: Pantry Organization with Neat Method 3 Simple Strategies To Reduce Stress and Find Peace Articles referenced: The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter For better or worse? Coregulation of couples' cortisol levels and mood states What does clutter do to your brain and body? Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex To enter the giveaway, email:
As seasons of life shift, so do our morning routines. Maybe you have one, maybe you don’t, maybe you want a more set routine, or maybe you do better going with the flow. Regardless of what season you’re currently in, having habits we integrate into our mornings can help us set ourselves up better for our days.  In today’s episode, Robin shares her current morning routine and the reasons why she prioritizes them in the morning. Whether you’re looking to make a new routine, want to switch yours up a bit, or you’re just getting started, this episode is packed with tangible and rejuvenating ideas.  Show Highlights: How to adapt and create a morning routine that fits for you Embracing seasons and readjusting your routine Being proactive throughout your day instead of reactive Why Robin likes to “get ahead” of the day Starting off the morning with positive and grateful thoughts The benefits of using a dry brush Why Robin takes a cold shower in the mornings Listening to a podcast to start your day Doing a 15-minute workout in the mornings What Robin does for her spirituality Why Robin avoids her phone in the morning Links:  Join the FREE 5-day Pilates Challenge! Pilates Strong The Balanced Life Instagram Dry Brush
Today, we’re talking about self-talk and self-compassion - this is something we talk a lot about at The Balanced Life and is so important to our overall health. Many of us will start a health + fitness journey and focus on all the physical components, but sometimes we fail to address what is going on inside our head, thoughts, and mind. We also fail to look at how that impacts the way we feel and act, our relationships, and our self-worth. All of this is connected. It can be a  huge mistake to embark on a health and wellness journey without addressing the mental side of things. That includes mental health, emotional health, and how we talk to ourselves. How we’re talking to ourselves, and the thoughts we’re thinking, affect the way we feel and affect our ability to be successful and make positive changes in our lives as a whole Join Robin and her guest, Lilit Lewis, as they address the topic of self-talk and self-compassion. Lilit is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is a proponent of self-compassion. She has a wealth of information to share. This episode is one that everyone needs to hear. Show highlights: What self-compassion looks like. How self-compassion speaks to our self-talk. Some tips for becoming more aware of your thoughts and recognizing negative self-talk. Ways to break out of the habit of negative self-talk. The pay-off you get from making the shift to practice more self-compassion. Why you need to step in and practice self-compassion with purpose and intent. What self-compassion looks like when there have been negative consequences to your choices. The best place to start with self-compassion. Some tips for when you’re struggling to have compassion for yourself and find yourself having negative self-talk. The impact on the other relationships in our lives when we change to have a more positive relationship with ourselves. Links in this episode: Join the FREE 5-day Pilates Challenge! Pilates Strong The Balanced Life Instagram  Foot Spas Book mentioned: Mindful Compassion by Paul Gilbert Lilit’s website: Lilit Lewis Therapy  Lilit on Instagram  Laura Mercier Concealer
Sometimes we need a reminder of how truly strong, capable, and beautiful we really are. In today’s episode, Robin walks through a guided meditation to help bring you to a place of relaxation, calmness, and to motivate you to feel inspired to prioritize your self-care. This episode is perfect to start off your day with positivity, or to wind down before bed. Join Robin in this peaceful and empowering meditation.  Show Highlights: Finding a comfortable place to start meditation Breathing and awareness exercises Noticing your mental state Imagining the healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourself Affirmations to enhance your motivation for self-care Taking affirmations to approach your day with positivity and self-love  Links:  Affirmations - The Balanced Life Online
No matter how much we plan, prepare, or try to control, there will always be obstacles. Oftentimes, we take these circumstances as a result of us “not being good enough” or not “trying” hard enough. When life happens, many of us give up. However, obstacles don’t have to define your success. They are simply a part of the process.  In this episode, Robin Long shares why we should embrace obstacles as part of the journey. She discusses what it means to “stay stagnant”, the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new workout routine and how to redefine our idea of success. Join Robin in this encouraging and uplifting episode!  Show Highlights: The most common mistakes women make when starting a workout plan How expecting challenges can help us find success Reframing our “all or nothing” mindset Why we should expect to fall off track Life always happens but we can prepare ourselves and not get discouraged The secret to finding “success” in your results Embracing and reframing your idea of success and failure Choosing to look forward instead of looking back Links:  The Balanced Life Instagram  5 Free Days of Pilates
We all need community to support, encourage, and uplift us to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. In today's episode, Robin shares the positive impact The Balanced Life Sisterhood community has created, as well as features from 5 Sisterhood members.  These members share what drew them into The Balanced Life Sisterhood, how Pilates has helped them become the best version of themselves, and the reasons they keep coming back and rolling out their mats every day. Join Robin and The Sisterhood in this encouraging and insightful episode.  Show Highlights: How The Balanced Life Sisterhood has created a positive community for women Robin shares why she invited Sisterhood members to share their journey Cynthia shares what inspired her to join the Sisterhood and what keeps her motivated Erin discusses how the Sisterhood has improved her mindset, physical strength, and self-care Jil reveals the positive changes she’s seen in her life from joining the Sisterhood Lara shares how Pilates has healed her body and helped her manage life changes Melissa discusses how shifts in her life led her to Pilates and how it improved her relationship with her body Joining the Sisterhood is an investment we make in ourselves Links:  Join The Sisterhood 
Working out just to lose weight can leave you feeling discouraged, unmotivated, and burnt out. However, taking a wider approach from the perspective of your health and fitness journey can change that.  Today, Robin shares the vast array of benefits that comes with practicing Pilates and these benefits go far beyond the scale. If you want to be proud of your health and fitness journey, and to find a routine that leaves you feeling strong, energized, and less stressed, join Robin Long in this episode to hear of the benefits Pilates has for you.  Show Highlights: Robin shares what the real purpose behind The Balanced Life is Why before and after photos can be deceiving It’s more important to focus on how you feel than a number on the scale Taking a wider look at your progress Pilates can increase and improve your strength Robin shares results from members in The Sisterhood Pilates can help restore alignment and posture How Pilates can be used to strengthen your core The benefits of better balance, coordination, and control The negative impacts of stress and how you can manage it effectively Using Pilates as a tool to boost your mood and energy Taking a deeper look at health and fitness  Links:  Join the NEW Feel Good Pilates Challenge! The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram
If nothing changes, nothing changes. When you look at the bigger picture, all life changes are built up of small steps and actions. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you try to take on too much at full-force, but that’s why taking a less-is-more approach is powerful. In today’s episode, Robin discusses what it means to take a less-is-more approach and how to make those small steps. She explains the importance of consistency and following through with habits so they compound over time. Join Robin in this inspiring episode to learn more. Show Highlights: Robin shares how she uses her vision board to ground herself How to take a less-is-more approach in your fitness The impact 15 minutes a day can have on your fitness The power of consistency The compound effect of daily habits Robin shares success stories from women in the sisterhood How to make healthy habits and set yourself up for success 4 small steps you can do today for future you   Links:  The Balanced Life Sisterhood Follow Robin on Instagram Keep up with Robin + all things TBL at Atomic Habits by James Clear
We tend to put pressure on ourselves to be the best, most motivated versions of ourselves at all times. It’s important to acknowledge that motivation ebbs and flows, and we’ll always have ups and downs. In today’s episode, Robin shares her top tips to get motivated and prepare yourself for the roadblock of sluggishness. She shares how you can create an environment to rely on when your motivations are low and ways to prompt yourself into getting movement. Join Robin and a few special guests on this journey of wellness and tune into this episode to learn how you can overcome the waves of feeling unmotivated. Show Highlights: What makes it difficult to find motivation to workout The biggest mistakes people make when overcommitting Why 10 minutes is enough to help you break the streak How acknowledging the inevitability of not being motivated will help you Utilizing community to help you avoid prolonged slumps of motivation Tools that can help you stay motivated How the people you follow can influence your inspiration and motivation Ways you can make it as easy as possible to exercise The importance of recognizing that motivation comes in waves Why it's really important to be flexible and listen to your body How imagining how good your body will feel after a workout can motivate you Imagine what the healthiest version of yourself would do Members of the Balanced Life Team share their tricks for staying motivated  Links:  FREE Workouts: 5-day Pilates Strong Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood Follow Robin on Instagram How to break the streak of not working out
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Natalia McIver

i just ordered this book. I can't wait to dive in.

Sep 11th

Patti DeMotts

Love this podcast! It helps me de-stress, focus, and hone in on what is important to me, despite lots of distractions.

May 31st

arhelia behm

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Loved hearing about the anxiety tip and your routines!

Sep 16th

Gail Weeks DeSaulniers

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I am well beyond this stage of life now but still was very informative and gave me tips to tell my kids!

Jun 13th
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arhelia behm

I have listened to allu and subscribed! I love them all, but so far Allie is my favorite interview. It's refreshing to hear from someone who is in the thick of making changes and what that looks like. So often the muddy middle is glossed over to highlight the fantastic end result. Can't wait for more!

Jun 13th

Gail Weeks DeSaulniers

I have listened to all three podcasts. I have enjoyed them all and am looking forward to hearing more!

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Sarah S

What a wonderful, authentic podcast! I love the current episodes and am so excited to hear more from Robin and The Balanced Life!

Jun 5th
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