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Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.
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Do you understand the importance and power of your breath? In Pilates, we focus on breathing intentionally, but do you know how important proper breathing is in your everyday life?  You may be surprised to discover that something as simple as breathing can be used as a tool to impact both your physical and mental health.  In this episode of The Balanced Life, you’ll learn just how important the breath is and how proper breathing can change your body and life. If you are interested in a simple, free way to impact your health you won’t want to miss this episode. Resources & People Mentioned BOOK - Breath by James Nestor BOOK - Raising Worry-Free Girls in an Anxious World by Sissy Goff Wim Hof Episode 40 - How I overcame paralyzing anxiety Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Try 14 days free Subscribe to The Balanced Life Podcast
If you’re like most people, having stress in your life is inevitable. If you’re dealing with stress right now, know that you’re not alone, and with everything that we have been through as a society these past couple years, how can we be surprised if we are experiencing stress?  As a listener of The Balanced Life, you know that Robin has been working very intentionally over the past year to not only reduce stress in her own life, but also to figure out how to effectively manage it. In today’s episode, we are going to dive into a practical and helpful framework that Robin uses called “The 3 D’s” – which is Do, Delegate and Delete. With this framework, the goal is to simplify our routines in order to help reduce unnecessary stress in our lives, and by doing this, it can really reduce our overall load, day-to-day.  We hope this episode will encourage you to take some time to pause and reflect, and to think about the things that you really want to do and be spending your time on, and the framework Robin shares will help you do just that.  Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! Some stress is actually shown to be good for you, but being in a constant state of chronic stress is a recipe for disaster and will negatively impact your health Robin reveals the “3 D’s” framework and how she, her team, and friends use it to simplify more and stress less Some examples of what’s on Robin’s “Do” list and why she is prioritizing these things in this season of her life How she thinks of delegation, and the first things that comes to mind when she’s looking to take things off of her plate Asking for help is not only beneficial to you, but also to the people that you are asking for help  You may be able to delete things from your life that may have once been important in a different season, because little things deleted now can equal big results and more time back in your day  Links in this episode: Try Lindywell free for 14 days! Follow Lindywell on Instagram @wearelindywell  Get Pilates workouts, tips, and resources delivered straight to your inbox!  73: The power of routines + creating a healthy home with Clean Mama 50: Simple Ways to Declutter and Reduce Stress Amy McCready’s Website Instacart   
Today’s episode is fun, playful, and one that will boost your mood! Every month in our membership community we dive deep into one area of wellness that takes place off the mat, and every July we focus on play. However, in today’s busy world, how do we make time for play, and what does it even look like? Joining Robin today to help answer these questions are Kaita, Becca and Sheri,  three of our incredible Pilates instructors who have put their passion into helping women move and embrace the playful side of life. The wisdom that they’ve gained by intentionally adding play into their daily lives, and how you can incorporate it too, can truly be life-changing. If you haven’t yet listened to Episode 68 with Kaita, Becca and Sheri, you’ll want to tune into that one, and on our app you can find workouts from all three of these amazing instructors! Tag us on Instagram, @thebalancelife, and let us know what you are doing for play this week. We want to hear from you and cheer you on, and if you haven’t already, we’d be so grateful if you rated, reviewed and subscribed to our podcast to help us spread our message and continue to do the work we do here! Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! A look at whether play comes naturally, and why it’s so often easily forgotten Play really does look different for everyone, and Kaita, Becca, Sheri and Robin share in their own words would it looks like in each of their lives There are so many benefits to play that we often don’t truly consider, including how it can positively impact the relationships we have with our partner Play can be incorporated into your Pilates practice, and all three reveal easy ways that you can start doing this right now There are key life lessons that can be learned by playing, and the magic really happens when you can understand and appreciate what play can teach you Injuries can be a barrier to moving for adults, but there are practical ways to minimize and avoid them so that you can keep progressing One thing that they will be committing to these week in order to integrate play into their lives, and a special challenge for listeners to do the same Links in this episode: Episode 68 with Kaita, Becca + Sherri Sheri’s Spotify Playlist Kaita’s Spotify Playlist The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter
The truth is that habits are more than just what we do. They’re also what we think, how we respond to certain situations, how we solve the problems that we face and how we care, or don’t care, for ourselves. In this episode, we talk all about the habits that we want to create or may want to get rid of, and all that is entailed in this process. To help explain what habits really are, today Robin is joined by her friend and fellow entrepreneur and business owner Sandra Chuma, a habits coach who helps women know their worth, create lives that they love and really live life to the fullest, which is what we want for you here at The Balanced Life and what we do with our community, app, and the content we create for you. There are so many great strategies, tips and mindset shifts in this conversation with Sandra, and it’s definitely an episode that you may have to listen to a few times (with pen and paper in hand to take notes!) to really grasp all the wisdom that she shares.      Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! Sandra had a big “A HA” moment that really taught her the importance of habits in our life and led to her getting certified as a habits coach. Habits can come from repetition over a long period of time, and they can be also be formed and anchored instantly. Motivation and willpower is great for getting you started on a new habit, but it’s not dependable to do this long-term. Consistently taking small steps is where we really make progress with our habits. When you feel successful, you’re more likely to repeat the behavior. Creating your habits is as easy as the “ABC” formula that Sandra shares, but don’t forget to always celebrate along the way. People give meaning to tracking their habits, but tracking itself is just feedback and shouldn’t be used to feel bad about what you did or didn’t do. A major lesson Sandra got from a mentor is that it’s ok to be a work in progress and be a work of art at the same time. Robin LOVES this statement and it sums how we support you at The Balanced Life – embrace YOU! Our brains love predictability and will often self-sabotage us, but Sandra has an exercise she uses to help raise your awareness and overcome this. The “3 E’s” where our beliefs come from, and 4 questions you can ask right now to get past the beliefs that aren’t serving you. Robin also shares a limiting belief that held her back in the past, and how she learned that it just wasn’t true. Meditation isn’t for everyone. Don’t feel bad if it isn’t working for you, and there are lots of other effective tools to help you become more aware of your thoughts and habits. Links in this episode: Sandra’s Website & Instagram Sandra’s First Appearance on The Balanced Life Podcast Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything by BJ Fogg The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courageby Mel Robbins The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz How We Change: (And Ten Reasons Why We Don't) by Ross D. Ellenhorn   Sign Up for The Free Workshop The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter
If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook, or are a member of The Balanced Life Sisterhood, you’ve heard Robin talking about what it means to create a healthy home environment. Often when we think of health and well-being, we think about the foods we’re eating or how much we’re exercising, but how often do we think about our environments and how they are supporting us? Today’s episode is with Becky, aka “Clean Mama”, and she is the perfect person to be talking about this topic. Becky is a long-time member of The Balanced Life Sisterhood and she is an expert on what it takes to have a clean and healthy home. Becky has created systems and processes that take the stress and overwhelm out of housekeeping, and her work has changed the lives of so many people! We hope you come away from this episode feeling encouraged and empowered to create a healthier home and to keep it with a bit more order, without feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to follow Clean Mama on Instagram, @cleanmama, and if this episode was helpful to you, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. If you think someone else would enjoy it and it could help them improve their environment and health, please share it with them!  Lastly, you can join our free workshop to learn tips to help you build consistency in your fitness routine and boost your ability to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle, even when you’re short on time and energy like so many of us are. You can sign up now at   Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! Safety in the home with the products Becky uses has always been important, especially since a scary incident years ago with her oldest child and a product she came into contact with If you feel you’re too busy to clean, you’ll never get a handle on it. Becky shares her 4-part routine, starting with simple daily tasks that will actually give you back your time. Studies show that more clutter leads to more stress, but just cleaning off a table or removing items from one small area can make a huge reduction in the amount of stress that you’re feeling. Showing versus just telling or teaching your kids what to do will work so much better, and remember to break it into small, manageable tasks when getting them involved! There are certain things you can do if you and your roommate(s) have different cleaning habits, but it’s important to set the ground rules before moving in together. Becky shares her thought process when developing her own DIY recipes for cleaning solutions that are quick and easy to make. There is one area of the house that is worse than the others for toxins, which is why she recommends starting there. Becky and Robin share a lot of the same philosophies on life, and she’s a big believer in grace over guilt when balancing life and maintaining a clean and healthy home. Links in this episode: Becky’s Website, Instagram & Facebook Her Shop All of Becky’s Books       Sign up for the free Creating Healthy Routines Webinar The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter
Today we are diving into Part 2 of Robin’s conversation with Dr. Aviva Romm, and if you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, you are going to want to do that right now)! It is full of so much good information related to hormones through all stages of life and the hidden hormone epidemic that exists among women. In Part 2, Dr. Romm reveals the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, simple ways to bring more balance to your hormones, a very practical and realistic way to improve brain fog, and tips for navigating your hormones on the journey to menopause. Dr. Romm also answers your questions on everything from sex drive, to birth control, to supplements to consider for healthy hormones, and so much more. If this two-part conversation with Dr. Romm was helpful for you, we’d love it if you could share it with your friends, family, and anyone that would benefit by listening. The more women we can empower with this knowledge, the better! Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! Perimenopause isn’t being talked about enough, but there are botanicals and herbs that can help restore the adrenal stress response associated with it She gives her thoughts on going the synthetic hormones versus natural route, and what you can do to feel more empowered about your options There is hype surrounding the marketing of certain synthetic hormones, but don’t believe everything you see being promoted Our mind is powerful, so be careful how you think of menopause! Certain studies prove that our thoughts around the subject will impact the symptoms we experience. If you have brain fog, often hydration is the issue and drinking more water is where to start with alleviating it. Sex drive is way more complicated that being just about our hormones, so try to unpack what is really going on in your life and impacting it. The birth control pill depletes you, but there are things you can do and take to reduce how it affects you. If you write down your questions before visiting the doctor, bring an advocate with you and wait to put your gown on at the office, you will be in a much better position to advocate for your health once there. Links in this episode: Dr. Romm’s Website & Instagram Her Podcast & Episode on Adrenal Fatigue Her Latest Book, Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being & Other Works Dr. Romm’s Articles on The Pill & Personal Empowerment Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. Article on UK Study, 'Listen to women': UK doctors issued with first guidance on endometriosis The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Join the Free 5-Day Pilates Strong Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter
Are you ready to talk about hormone health? This is the episode that Robin has literally been counting down the days to, with her special guest Dr. Aviva Romm! Today they dive deep into all things hormone health that we experience in our everyday life, as well as through the various stages and seasons we move through. Robin also asks Dr. Romm the questions that you submitted by social media and email to have answered, and the information she shared was so fascinating to hear. As you know, Robin has been on a journey this past year with her own hormonal health, sharing with you as much as possible along the way. Bringing Dr. Romm on the podcast today is a tremendous opportunity to get an expert perspective on these important topics, and hopefully it empowers you on your journey to advocate for your health and to feel your very best.  You’re not going to want to miss Part 2 of this special conversation next time on the podcast. We’ll see you then! Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! There is a hidden hormone epidemic that exists, with several levels to why it’s hidden and so often normalized in society. Romm made a big realization after starting college years ago, and she considered herself a “trojan horse” when she went back to Yale decades later to get her MD. Hormone health is a critical vital sign of our overall health in a variety of ways, every day and not just during certain times of the month. We’re getting better as moms at admitting when something is off, but historically women have just kept going and tried to push through burnout. We often forget about the non-physical symptoms of burnout, but there are subtle signs to watch for and to be aware of. The right types of foods, including carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality proteins, are absolutely critical for supporting our nervous system. Smart devices can be our worst enemy at bed time. Dr. Romm shares how to approach a sleep routine in the most optimal way. Links in this episode: Dr. Romm’s Website & Instagram Her Podcast & Episode on Adrenal Fatigue Her Latest Book, Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being & Other Works Dr. Romm’s Articles on The Pill & Personal Empowerment Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.   Article on UK Study, 'Listen to women': UK doctors issued with first guidance on endometriosis The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)     Join the Free 5-Day Pilates Strong Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter
Today we’re diving into an “Ask Me Anything” episode, where Robins answers your most asked questions from Instagram. The questions Robin answers today are the ones that she thinks will have the most impact, and hopefully help as many people as possible. Some are informative and specific to Pilates and exercising, and some are more personal as Robin reveals how she balances being a mom of 4, a wife, while running a business. You’ll also get a look at the new and exciting things that are coming to The Balanced Life this year! Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! By loving her career and being a mom so much, it gives Robin the ability to balance things as she moves through different seasons in her professional and personal life Robin doesn’t necessarily enjoy meal planning, but the real value in meal planning comes from reducing decision fatigue. How Robin and Matt are teaching balanced living to their children. Find time in your day to find at least one thing that you do daily to de-stress. Robin gives specific questions you can ask yourself to determine when is the best time to work out for you. Movement can be medicine, and look at your health as an investment! Robin shares how to jumpstart your fitness routine if you don’t feel like you have the time or energy, or you’re dealing with chronic pain. Having a negative relationship with exercise actually led Robin to what she does today, and everything changed for her when she found Pilates. You don’t have to be perfect when it comes to your exercise routine, and give yourself grace, especially if you’re also raising children. Make small changes, and those small steps will add up to big results. Links in this episode: Try Pilates for free with the 5-day Pilates Strong Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Episode 19: Q&A with my husband: marriage, health & family balance Raising Worry-Free Girls: Helping Your Daughter Feel Braver, Stronger, and Smarter in an Anxious World by Sissy Goff Therasage 360 Portable Sauna (use code BalancedLife for a 10% discount) Episode 34: Common Misconceptions about Pilates Sign up for The Balanced Life Newsletter Magnetic Meal Planner
No matter what your body looks like, what you’re going through, or what you’ve been conditioned to feel, we can learn to love our bodies in every stage of life.    Learning to love yourself doesn’t have to mean that you like how you look ALL the time or you’re the most confident person in the room, but it DOES mean constantly making choices that benefit your health and wellness. The first step learning to put yourself first. Join Robin in this insightful episode to learn how she’s learned to love her body and how you can too.    Show Highlights:    Telling people to “just love their bodies” can often make the process even harder Loving your body is less about your physical appearance and more about showing love to your body  It’s important to reflect on our self-dialogue because we often have negative self-talk towards ourselves that we would never reflect on someone else  What is your gut reaction when you think about your body?  We should assess our habits and behaviors that reflect whether we love and care for our bodies or are sabotaging ourselves  When you get into a flow of making decisions that are best for you, you get into a rhythm instead of constantly feeling like you’re working against yourself    Links:  Try The Balanced Life Sisterhood FREE for 7 Days! The Balanced Life The Balanced Life on Instagram
Pilates offers an array of unique opportunities to grow in your physical, mental, and spiritual journey. Unlike other workouts, it’s a form of mindful movement. In today's episode, Lindy Royer, Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor, and Robin’s mentor and friend, shares her journey of coming to know and practice Pilates.  Robin and Lindy discuss the power of the brain, rewiring our brains through mindfulness, creating a positive space in Pilates, and the mechanics of pain. Join Robin and Lindy for a unique insight into Lindy’s work and her experience as a mindful teacher and physical therapist.  Show Highlights:  Lindy shares her backstory Lindy discusses how she changed her life after her divorce and years of alcohol abuse  Pilates was reintroduced to Lindy during her rehabilitation and she’s never looked back Robin and Lindy discuss the internal journey of Pilates Lindy shares the benefits of incorporating Pilates into your daily routine  We have the power to rewire our brains  What is pain and what causes it  The importance of learning It’s important to learn to listen to your body.  How Pilates has impacted Lindy’s life off the mat    Links:  Try Pilates with The Balanced Life Sisterhood Click here to start your 7-day FREE trial! The Balanced Life  The Balanced Life on Instagram Lindy's Email Lindy’s Website  
Welcome to this bonus episode of The Balanced Life podcast. Today’s episode is a guided meditation with Robin Long herself. Robin walks you through mindful practices to relax and appreciate your body. This meditation is quick, simple, and elevating. Join Robin in this conscious practice of self-love, breath work, mindfulness, and relaxation.    Show Highlights:  Robin shares how meditation can help you improve your health, strengthen your self-esteem and love your body  Take deep breaths and pay attention to how you feel throughout your body  Pay attention to the rhythm of your thoughts  Take a moment to tell your body “thank you” for everything it does for you  Repeat positive affirmations    Links:  Join The Balanced Life Sisterhood  today for more wellness, encouragement + Pilates. Click here for a FREE 7-day trial!    
Here at Lindywell, we strive for a progress over perfection approach because it is the best way to create lasting change. When starting a new wellness routine, it can be easy to take on the go big or go home mindset. However, studies have shown that small, incremental changes are the key to building long-term success.  Listen to this episode to learn how to incorporate a progress over perfection approach and why it is so important to achieving lifetime wellness. Resources & People Mentioned James Clear BOOK - Atomic Habits by James Clear BOOK - Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Check out our 14-day FREE trial! Subscribe to The Balanced Life
Today, Kiesha, Head of Breathwork and Somatic Programs at Lindywell, and I are taking a deep dive into incorporating breathwork into our wellness routines to reset our nervous systems into the parasympathetic state so that we can truly relax and rest our bodies.  By the end of this episode, you may be so connected with your breath that you’ll already feel the calm enveloping you. If you are ready to harness the power of your nervous system and access your inner calm you can’t miss this episode. You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... The power of the nervous system [8:22] Accessing the slowness in your life [13:24] The definition of dissociation [19:38] Getting back to calm from fight or flight [23:44] Our next Pilates and breathwork challenge [31:00] If breathwork is woo-woo? [39:50] If breathwork is new [44:47] Understanding why breathwork can be intimidating [48:28] The primary benefits of breathwork [53:00] How to get started implementing a breathwork routine [54:50] Resources & People Mentioned BOOK - Breath by James Nestor Wim Hof Connect with Kiesha Yokers Kiesha at Lindywell Episode 79 - Using breathwork as a path to wellness with Kiesha Yokers Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Unlock one free month of Lindywell Subscribe to The Balanced Life  
Lindy Royer is my mentor and friend. She helped me begin my Pilates journey years ago. Lindy was the one who inspired me to become an instructor and then took a chance on me by hiring me for my first instructor role in her studio.  As a seasoned Pilates instructor and physical therapist, Lindy brings a wealth of experience to this conversation. This is why she’s helping answer several questions from our members.  In this episode, we discuss the role of flexibility in our lives, the best exercises for the lower back, and how to age well. You won’t want to miss out on hearing directly from Lindy’s expertise. Press play to listen. Resources & People Mentioned Episode 66 - The Healing and Restorative Power of Pilates with Lindy Royer The National Osteoporosis Center Connect with Lindy Royer Lindy Royer at the Inner Matrix System Lindy Royer at the Center for Movement Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Start your free 14-day trial! Subscribe to The Balanced Life
There is so much misinformation about the abs, core, and the pelvic floor that people harbor many misconceptions about these areas. At the same time, the midsection is one of the most unloved parts of people’s bodies. People come to me all the time seeking ways to tone and slim down their midsection. In today’s episode of The Balanced Life podcast, I’ll clear up common misconceptions about abs, core, and the pelvic floor, you’ll learn the muscle groups that make up your core, what to do to tone your midsection, and what you can do about pelvic floor issues like pain and incontinence.  So many people have been waiting for an episode on this subject, so don’t hesitate to click play and share with a friend. You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... How to increase strength in the midsection [3:32] Understanding abdominal separation [7:22] How to flatten your belly [14:35] The pelvic floor [22:33] Resources & People Mentioned Episode 53 - The Important Connection Between Breath and Posture My pelvic floor workout on YouTube Blog post - What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Could You Have It? Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Join with a 14-day free trial! Subscribe to The Balanced Life Audio Production and Show Notes by - PODCAST FAST TRACK
Navigating family mealtimes can be stressful. Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to eat. Kids can be selective, and families are often frazzled by the end of the day when dinner rolls around.  Rachel Rothman helps families have less stress at mealtimes. She uses her extensive experience as a registered dietitian to work with families to alleviate food worries. Rachel and I had such an illuminating conversation that we had to split it into two parts. This is the second part of our insightful discussion. Join us to learn how to work through mealtime battles, how to handle teen food issues, how to approach vitamin deficiencies, and the answers to many more questions.  You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... How to work through mealtime battles [1:22] How to navigate eating well in the teenage years [8:06] What to do when kids fully refuse to eat or throw a fit [12:45] How to expand kids’ palates [15:50] How to approach vitamin deficiencies in selective eaters [21:51] Teen body issues [23:48] Rachel’s favorite snack options [26:19] Resources & People Mentioned That’s It bars Kind Bars RX bar Connect with Rachel Rothman Nutrition In Bloom 4 Steps to Help Your Child Try New Foods @Nutrition.In.Bloom on Instagram Nutrition In Bloom on Facebook Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Sign up for 14 free days! Subscribe to The Balanced Life  
We all want to help our kids cultivate a healthy relationship with food, but this can be easier said than done. Many of us are still repairing our own negative relationship with food. Add in changing nutrition data, emotional elements, and comments and advice from family and friends and this topic can become a minefield.  To help us navigate this difficult, complex topic I’ve invited Rachel Rothman to share her expertise. Rachel is a registered dietitian and childhood nutrition expert with a background in food science.  Our conversation isn’t solely focused on what to feed your kids (although we do touch on that), it encompasses navigating the challenges and stresses regarding picky eaters, mealtimes, and sugary snacks and desserts. Since it is such an expansive topic, we split the episode into two parts so that you can take time to reflect on what you learn. Make sure that you’re subscribed to the podcast so that you’ll know when the next episode publishes.  You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... What led her to do what she is doing today [5:22] What is a food scientist [8:38] How to talk about food with kids to cultivate a healthy relationship [11:40] How to deal with the sweets and treats [19:20] Dinnertime questions [28:34] Do you have to finish dinner if you want dessert? [36:00] Resources & People Mentioned Ellen Satter Connect with Rachel Rothman Nutrition in Bloom Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Subscribe to The Balanced Life Audio Production and Show Notes by - PODCAST FAST TRACK
As we wrap up another year around the sun, many of us become reflective of the year that has passed while also looking forward to what lies ahead.  Setting goals may be something that you are intuitively drawn to, or maybe it’s something that has you running the other way. Regardless of how you feel about goal setting, I encourage you to have a listen to see if you glean any actionable tips.  In this episode, you’ll learn how to achieve a thriving mindset, how to set goals for each part of your life, how to break goals down into actionable steps, and how to keep your goals realistic and achievable. If you walk away with even one tip on how to make goal setting work for you then this episode will be a success.  Resources & People Mentioned Power Sheets Journal BOOK - Atomic Habits by James Clear Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Subscribe to The Balanced Life Audio Production and Show Notes by - PODCAST FAST TRACK  
So many of us are on the happiness treadmill. We believe we’ll be happy once we achieve our next goal since the traditional way of thinking about happiness is wrapped up in our accomplishments. This means we don’t make room for happiness while we’re on the journey of life or we get caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind of feelings and emotions. Stephanie Harrison from The New Happy has made it her life’s work to study the science of happiness and has created a new science-backed philosophy of happiness. Today she’ll share the difference between the emotion of happiness and creating a truly happy life, how caregivers can achieve happiness for themselves, and how she redefined happiness. This episode hit me at the right moment and I’m sure it will do the same for you. Press play to begin to reconsider your thoughts on happiness.  Resources & People Mentioned BOOK - Daily Rituals by Mason Currey Adaptogens Connect with Stephanie Harrison The New Happy The New Happy podcast @NewHappyCo on Instagram Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Subscribe to The Balanced Life Audio Production and Show Notes by - PODCAST FAST TRACK
The Balanced Life podcast is a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. My goal is to provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create a balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself both inside and out. Today we have a special episode that spans 5 conversations that I have had on the podcast throughout the years that have opened my mind and led me to improve my health, understand my body and mind on a deeper level, or live with more intention and gratitude. This power-packed episode has fantastic tips and insights that will help you become the healthiest version of yourself.  You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... Recognizing where we feel emotions [1:22] How our thinking habits impact our lives every day [4:10] Understanding adrenal fatigue [9:51] What happens when we experience pain [23:25] Leaning into different seasons of parenting [35:36] Resources & People Mentioned Episode 79 - Using breathwork as a path to wellness with Kiesha Yokers Episode 74 - Are your habits helping or hurting you? with Sandra Chuma Episode 71 - The Hidden Hormone Epidemic: A conversation with Dr. Aviva Romm  Episode 66 - The Healing and Restorative Power of Pilates with Lindy Royer Episode 16 - Dorena Williamson: leaning into seasons of change, pursuing solitude, and always learning Follow Lindywell On Facebook On Instagram Join Lindywell Start your free Lindywell 14 day trial! Subscribe to The Balanced Life
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Natalia McIver

i just ordered this book. I can't wait to dive in.

Sep 11th

Patti DeMotts

Love this podcast! It helps me de-stress, focus, and hone in on what is important to me, despite lots of distractions.

May 31st

arhelia behm

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Loved hearing about the anxiety tip and your routines!

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I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I am well beyond this stage of life now but still was very informative and gave me tips to tell my kids!

Jun 13th
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I have listened to allu and subscribed! I love them all, but so far Allie is my favorite interview. It's refreshing to hear from someone who is in the thick of making changes and what that looks like. So often the muddy middle is glossed over to highlight the fantastic end result. Can't wait for more!

Jun 13th

Gail Weeks DeSaulniers

I have listened to all three podcasts. I have enjoyed them all and am looking forward to hearing more!

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Sarah S

What a wonderful, authentic podcast! I love the current episodes and am so excited to hear more from Robin and The Balanced Life!

Jun 5th
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