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Author: Barbara Rainey

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Barbara Rainey mentors women in their most important relationships. She loves encouraging women to believe God and experience Him in every area of their lives.
52 Episodes
Parents think a lot about what their children need. In this top ten list, Dennis and Barbara Rainey point out that kids have emotional and spiritual needs that parents should consider, too, as they hone their parenting skills.
When your grown child marries, it can be difficult to find the right balance between under- and over-involvement in the new couple's life. Dennis and Barbara Rainey offer helpful advice in this conversation with Bob Lepine.
If you don't approach growing older with intentionality, the losses you face in life can threaten to derail you. Dennis and Barbara Rainey help you navigate major losses like the unexpected loss of a loved one, and more.
How can we do a better job of representing the significance of Jesus' death and resurrection in our Easter celebrations? Barbara Rainey explores both "why" and "how" we can celebrate our Savior's Resurrection.
Most families don’t have traditions in place that help them prepare for Easter. Barbara Rainey hopes to change that. She and Dennis discuss one way to help children look for Bible clues that point to Jesus during the weeks leading up to Easter.
Popular depictions of romance often fall short of reality, especially once we're married. Dennis and Barbara Rainey are joined by Bob Lepine to talk about two important ingredients in order for romance in marriage to flourish.
Dennis and Barbara Rainey want to live out their sunset years with intentionality and purpose. And they want to help you do it, too. Barbara can look back and see how God has grown endurance in her. Can you?
Every marriage faces pressure. The question is how you handle it. Dennis and Barbara Rainey give thoughtful pointers on the Biblical idea of walking wisely and redeeming the time.
Gratitude is a heart habit we need to cultivate. Discover some of the ways Dennis and Barbara Rainey have nurtured thankfulness in their family as a part of their Thanksgiving traditions.
Women tell Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates that they experience a wide range of emotions when they move from having children in the home to the empty nest. Barbara and Susan describe those feelings and what to do with them, in a conversation with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.
When Dennis and Barbara Rainey still had children living at home with them, God arranged an amazing object lesson. Listen to the story of Sweet Pea the parakeet, and how Dennis and Barbara were able to encourage one of their teens.
Our Story

Our Story


What were some of the thoughts and emotions going through Barbara's mind in the days before she got engaged to Dennis Rainey? She explains in this interview with the Raineys' good friend, Dr. Michael Easley.
You're On a Mission

You're On a Mission


As a representative of the King of kings, you have an important assignment. Dennis and Barbara Rainey discuss that mission.
As followers of Christ, we're called to be His ambassadors. We represent Him. Barbara helps us remember our homes are embassies of the King.
Interrelational conflict. Financial difficulties. Culture wars. Political turmoil. We live in times of upheaval that can easily send us into a tailspin. Dennis and Barbara Rainey join Bob Lepine in the studio to point us to the One who is the stability of our times.
A gummy bear attack at the Sea of Galilee? A contest to find the three most important trees in the Bible? A historical piece of paper containing Barbara Rainey's favorite hymn in the composer's handwriting? It's all part of the Rainey family's recent "field trip" to Israel. Dennis and Barbara continue sharing highlights.
If we're not careful, we can easily forget that the events recorded in the Bible happened within the context of specific times and places. Dennis and Barbara Rainey and their family took some concrete steps to battle that tendency. Hear about their recent visit to Israel.
Have you ever thought of the Bible as a love letter from God to you? Barbara Rainey uses poetry to share the grand, overarching story of Scripture, with Jesus as the Hero.
Ways To Elevate Easter

Ways To Elevate Easter


You know Easter is important to Christians. But what can you do to raise its importance in the eyes of you and your family? Barbara Rainey gives practical ideas for ways you can elevate Easter.
True intimacy grows as you get to know the person you love better. And, according to Dennis and Barbara Rainey, a great way to get to know each other better is by asking (and answering) good questions. In this episode, hear more about the power of a well-asked question.