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We are changing the way women are celebrated! On this podcast we meet all the
different types of service providers available on Be Her Village's unique gift
registry. And we meet real moms and partners who share their stories of needing
support during birth and their transition to parenthood.
59 Episodes
Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of BeHerVillage talks with Kristin Revere,  Co-Owner of Gold Coast Doulas. She's a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified Newborn Care specialist, Co-Host of the Ask A Doula Podcast, and Co-Founder of The Becoming a Mother Course.Inspired by her own experience in trying to find resources as a newly pregnant mom, Kristin has worked to make the information around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum readily available to anyone who is looking for it.They cover the importance of creating support systems BEFORE giving birth, and what ongoing support looks like in the postpartum period, for new parents and for babies.You can find Kristin and her team here:Gold Coast DoulasAsk A Doula PodcastThe Becoming a Mother Course(use the code Becoming50 at checkout for a discount!)Expectant parents, you can create your registry of support services for free at BeHerVillage.comProviders, you can join us too at to share your birth story? Click here!
Content Warning: This episode depicts a traumatic birth experience, with mention of suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advised.In this episode Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of BeHerVillage talks with Trish Evangelista of Babylon Crossfit. Trish is a Crossfit Affiliate owner, L2 Coach, Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, who is using her pregnancy and birth experience to educate and empower moms.Trish talks about the importance of being educated before birth and how hiring and learning from the right coaches can make a huge difference while navigating pregnancy and postpartum.She wants moms to know that there are resources for them (for birth and postpartum as well as fitness) no matter where they are on their journey.To learn more about Trish, her gym, and her offerings head to BabylonCrossfit.comIf you’re getting ready for a baby, you can put support like this on your registry when you use Trish is also a partner with BeHerVillage, so you can add Trish's services directly to your registry.
In this episode of the BeHerVillage Podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of BeHerVillage talks with Jennie Joseph: globally recognized midwife, Founder and President of Commonsense Childbirth, Inc. and Director of the National Perinatal Task Force, and not to mention one of Time Magazine's Women of the Year for 2022.In this episode they talk about Jennie's journey through midwifery and how she's dedicated her life to making sure birthing folks are getting the safe and accessible care that they deserve.For more on Jennie and her work is a gift registry where parents can register for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support-- instead of stuff. Create your free registry today.If you support new mamas you can create a profile at so new parents can put YOU onto their registry
In this episode, Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of Be Her Village talks with Pediatrician Dr. Joel Warsh, aka Dr. Gator about how NOT to get sick (and the answer isn't to obsessively wash your hands). Dr. Gator talks about how lifestyle factors such as sleep and diet play a really important role in longterm health and wellness. As a pediatrician he blends his Western medical background with a naturopathic and holistic approach to help keep the kids (and families) in his practice healthy by valuing prevention of illness as much as the treatment of illness. Dr. Gator knows that as a pediatrician, he is one of the many components to a wellness team that has a positive effect on health and thriving.You can find Dr. Gator on IG at with him by heading to his website: IntegrativePediatrics.comAnd sign up for his upcoming masterclass for keeping kids healthy: RaisingAmazingPlus.comTo set yourself up with a village for wellness for yourself and your new baby, create a registry at and register for the services you want to keep yourself and your family thriving.*This and all episodes of the Be Her Village Podcast serves to educate based on personal stories and experiential information from practitioners, and is not to be used as medical advice. Please see your medical professional for specific advice pertaining to your unique experience.
On this week’s episode of the Be Her Village podcast Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village is talking with Kate Miller, founder of Mighty Milk— a company offering online video based breastfeeding classes for new and expectant parents.Breastfeeding can be hard, no matter how natural it may seem to be. t’s not always as easy as:  have a baby  and then the baby latches— often there is struggle, trial and error. Most often, those who reach their breastfeeding goals are surrounded by support.Kate and Kaitlin talk about the struggles of breastfeeding, why partner involvement is so important, how to help a new mom who is breastfeeding, and what Kate offers in her online courses.If you’re getting ready for baby and you’re planning on breastfeeding, check out to get yourself and your partner as prepared as can be.And if you want to put breastfeeding support or any other kind of support on your baby registry— create your registry for free at
We should be focused on the patient, where relationships are built and trust is formed between the person giving birth as well as the care providers. Maggie Runyon, Labor and Delivery nurse, birth advocate, and founder of Your Birth Partners (a nonprofit that aims to cultivate inclusive, collaborative birth care communities rooted in autonomy, respect, & equity) talks with Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village to answer the question: “If you could create change within the hospital system as is: how would you change it?”They talk about the disparities in the maternal healthcare system, how much of the systems that are in place were created to establish and maintain socioeconomic and racial separation, and what birth workers can do now to help from right where they are.Maggie wants to see the system  work to be more trauma informed and collaborative, where the people giving birth are put first before hospital policies.Learn more about Maggie and her mission at YourBirthPartners.orgIf you’re ready to join Maggie in her mission, there’s a Facebook group for you! yourself up for the most supported pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience when you register at where you can get the funds you need to pay for the support you deserve!
It can be really hard to slow down, in pregnancy and postpartum, because many of us tend to move through our lives rather quickly— but even more so it can be hard that we live in a society that pressures moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, clothes, or exercise routines. Dr. Nancy Boyd is a  sports medicine and pelvic health physical therapist and owner of Ancoeur Wellness Ann Arbor, in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she works with people all along their perinatal journeys to ensure they are moving safely and effectively to help them feel empowered and supported. Not only do Kaitlin and Nancy talk about pelvic health as it relates to postpartum, they also talk about periods— and why they’re such an important indicator for wellness in the pre and postpartum stages. Let’s celebrate the fact that our bodies are growing humans! Not beat ourselves up for looking, feeling, and moving differently after giving birth.If you’re in Michigan and want to put Nancy and her services on your registry, check out Nancy here: to learn more about her practice: www.ancoeurwellness.comAnd for those of you who are expecting a baby and want to create a registry full of support, head to to get started.If you’re a provider and you want to join us, go to: 
Elizabeth Green has nearly 40 years of experience working with infants, toddlers, and families and currently serves families as a sleep consultant.Elizabeth refers to herself as a sleep doula, because as there's tons of conflicting advice around sleep, she helps families figure out what their needs are and works with them from right where they are.As Elizabeth says in the episode “It’s not sleep training, it’s sleep learning”.Parents need to find a balance where the needs of their children are being met but also that the needs of the parents are being met— and sometimes that means mama hires a sleep consultant so she can get her baby and herself more sleep at night.To learn more about Elizabeth and her services, head to EarlyParentingSleepSupport.comThis is what we’re doing with the Be Her Village gift registry: is helping moms and families realize their own needs, and then getting the funds to pay for the support to meet those needs. BeHerVillage.comIf you're a provider and you'd like to join us on our mission to help moms and families realize their own needs: head to to create a business profile.
In this episode, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with Shravya Kovela, pelvic floor PT and business development manager for Flyte by Pelvital. We’ve said it before and we’re going to keep saying it: you don’t have to go through your life peeing your pants every time you sneeze, sex doesn’t have to be painful, and you don’t have to live with discomfort. There is help available no matter if you’re newly pregnant, 4 months postpartum, a year, or 10 years postpartum.The subject of pelvic health and urinary incontinence can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and since it hasn’t been talked about enough, some women just don’t know that there are tools for pelvic floor health.If you didn’t get PT or didn’t know about PT after birth— it’s not your fault.Unfortunately we don’t have the standard for pelvic floor that we do for other parts of the body and other procedures. If you have any other health event: there is a follow up procedure afterwards. The pelvic floor is this place where all of the major muscles in our body come together, so why are we ignoring it after pregnancy and giving birth?Many women don’t have the access or the time to get the pelvic support they need, so Flyte is a tool for women to train their pelvic floor in just a few minutes a day.Not only is this company developing tools and research, they’re also widely connected to Pelvic floor PT’s so they can ensure each person who needs this kind of support can find a provider that works with them. Flyte by Pelvital is making it comfortable and easy to get assessed and get the tools needed to begin the journey to a healthy and strong pelvic floor.The Actual Product:Flyte is an internal device using mechanotherapy— using light mechanical pulses or oscillations to put load on the pelvic floor. It tells you if you’re contracting and relaxing your muscles correctly. We didn’t have a way to load our pelvic floor muscles, until Flyte. You don’t need a prescription, and all it takes is 5 minutes a day to make lasting changes.If you're a physical therapist or other professional, head to and hit the tab titled “For Healthcare Professionals” to learn about mechanotherapy and be a connected part of their community.To learn more and to connect with for info, content, and all things pelvic health related@flytetherapy on IGFlyte's Podcast: https://pelvicflooratitscore.podbean.comFlyte's Youtube Channel: you're expecting a new baby head to to create your gift registry to get the funds you need to pay for the support services you deserve.
Being a doula is heart led, it’s working with families, it’s caring for people, but not all doulas are equipped with the tools and experience to start a business. In this episode, Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of Be Her Village interviews Darcy Sauers, better known as  Doula Darcy.Darcy is a postpartum doula and marketing expert who helps doulas start and maintain successful businesses.Kaitlin and Darcy are both in the business of helping women get the support they deserve. Darcy wants doulas to charge their worth and market themselves effectively to be able to help more moms, and Kaitlin wants to make it easy for the moms to afford their support teams.Their message for doulas and all birthworkers  is to remember that collaboration is more effective than competition.Darcy has tools for anyone who is looking to learn about marketing their doula business— from a free facebook group, to a paid 1:1 coaching package. You can learn more about her and all of her offerings here!If you're a doula or another birth worker and you're ready to offer your clients a new way to pay for your services, join Be Her Village and start your free business profile right here.And if you or someone you know is expecting a new baby, Be Her Village is the registry to get the funds you need to pay for the support you deserve.
In this episode Kaitlin, Founder of Be Her Village talks with Jayne Havens, a sleep consultant and founder of Snooze Fest. Her mission is to meet parents where they are and help them meet their goals around sleep, no matter what they are.She’s not the bed-sharing police.She’s not the nursing-to-sleep police.She wants to help parents get sleep, help babies learn to sleep, and help establish routines that work for the whole family.Sleep training is not “Cry It Out”— it’s teaching a baby or toddler to fall asleep independently. If you’re okay with your situation around sleep— then that’s great! But if your sleep or mental health is lacking, it might be time to do something different, and Jayne is here to help!Jayne encourages a slow, gentle, responsive process that will take a lot of patience and TLC. Her approach is client led and done with a lot of encouragement, resources, and support.Jayne not only supports parents with sleep, but also owns a business where she is training and mentoring sleep consultants with her program. Jayne is offering a discount for those who are interested in becoming a sleep consultant. Use this code at check-out: BEHERVILLAGE200 If you’re looking to set yourself up with some sleep support after your baby arrives, you can add Jayne’s services to your gift registry when you register at BeHerVillage.comAre you in the business of supporting new parents? Join us! Create your business profile at
In this episode Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with mom-to-be Sam Bisagni about navigating the emotions, the family shifts, and why it’s so important to maintain boundaries. As Kaitlin says in the episode “the work of birth is done right now”If you’re a mom to be, like Sam, and want to set yourself set up with support instead of stuff, you can create your registry for free at BeHerVillage.comIf you works with expectant parents and want to offer your clients a new way to pay: Head to to join us!
On this episode of The Be Her Village Podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with Lizzie Bolliger AKA Fierce Lizzie — self proclaimed fierce birth advocate who wants moms to be educated before they head into birth.After feeling frustrated and unsupported with providers after her first two births Lizzie became a doula and childbirth educator to help moms feel empowered and in control of their births.Lizzie’s focus is on moms who want to have an unmedicated hospital birth. In this episode, Kaitlin and Lizzie talk about their birth experiences, the hospital system, and how moms can navigate it to take control of their experiences in pregnancy in birth.Unmedicated Academy is Lizzie’s most popular course which has it all to get ready for an unmedicated hospital birth: lizziebolliger.comAND she’s listed on Be Her Village so if you want to take Lizzie’s course or any of her other offerings, you can pay for them when you register at!Be Her Village is a gift registry where parents can ask for and receive the funds they need to pay for the support they deserve! Create your free registry today!
In this episode of the Be Her Village podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with Mandy Major, founder of Major Care Doulas and MyFourth App— a virtual postpartum doula service where new parents have access to postpartum doula support anytime, anywhere.They chat about how important it is for the new mom to be supported and cared for— for the wellbeing of the new mom as well as the new baby. Having a postpartum doula gives a new mom the help she needs without the weight of a relationship attached to it. And it also keeps her from googling every question she has.Doulas aren’t self indulgent, they’re an important part of recovery for birthing people.If you want a postpartum doula in your pocket, check out MyFourth App by Major Care Doulas. Find her on instagram @majorcaredoulas and @doulamandy Read more from Mandy: for all of your other support systems, head to Be Her Village where you can get the cash you need for the support you deserve.If you’re a doula or other support provider, join us!
In this episode of The Be Her Village Podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with Emily Maretsky, an engineering teacher as well as a financial coach. She helps people feel empowered to take control of their finances .In this episode they talk about how to get your financials in order to pay for all the costs that come with starting a family.Emily breaks things down to be not intimidating and easy to digest so that even the newest newbie in the financial world can feel confident in getting started.You can find Emily and all of her info here!Be Her Village is a cash gift registry where soon-to-be parents can easily ask for and receive the funds they need for the support they DESERVE.Parents, start your free registry at BeHerVillage.comProviders— want a new way for your clients to pay for your services? Sign up at
Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks with Michelle Goitia of JC Bump and baby. Michelle leads prenatal and postpartum yoga classes and community groups for moms. She’s based in Jersey City but now offers her group classes virtually.Before Michelle was even done with her class on prenatal yoga, she decided to quit her corporate job to join the world of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She entered first through  yoga, and then by becoming a doula. She quickly learned that what she loved to do was help new moms get ready for birth and the postpartum experience.They discuss the importance of creating connection for new moms in all stages as they transition from being pregnant, to birth, and then into motherhood.One of the things Michelle focuses on in her groups is helping moms to tune back into their intuition, encouraging them to be vocal about what they want and what they feel.We’re all doing the best that we can, and we can do a little better when we’re connected, educated, and equipped with the tools we need.Michelle is based in New Jersey, but offers virtual services as well. If you’re pregnant and want to connect with Michelle, or use your Be Her Village registry to pay for her services, you can find her in the BHV registry guide.If you're pregnant and you're looking for a new kind of registry, one where you can get the funds you need for the support you deserve, look no further. Create your free registry today at if you're like Michelle, helping parents in any stage of the pregnancy, birth or postpartum journey and you're looking for a new way to help your clients pay for your services, join us! 
In this episode of the Be Her Village Podcast Kailtin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks to Emily Masnoon of Emily Masnoon Yoga and Coaching. Emily has a virtually based yoga and coaching practice where her focus is on pregnant and new moms. She encourages them to take the time to really embrace self care, for themselves and to be better parents to their children. Kaitlin and Emily talk about the  beauty and the importance of strengthening one’s intuition so we’re better able to listen to our gut, rather than the inner critic or outside opinions. Emily is a provider on the Be Her Village partner page, and if you’re pregnant and want to use Emily’s services— you can add her to your Be Her Village registry.We’re excited to help parents get the funds they need for the support they deserve. Thanks for being here with us!Create your registry today to get the funds you need for the support you deserve: BeHerVillage.comWant to offer your clients a new way to pay you? Join us as a
In this episode Kaitlin, founder of Be Her Village talks with Nicole Davies, aka Crunchy Mama. They bond over their love of ice cold water and the idea that being a crunchy mama means something different for everyone-- and that most parents are doing the best they can with what they have. They acknowledge that parenting topics tend to be divisive and extreme where some parents who come looking for information leave feeling ashamed and more confused than ever. Nicole has created an incredible community for parents to feel welcome to learning and evolving throughout their parenting journeys. They discuss how necessary it is to have support (whatever that means for you) while entering parenthood, and that supported parents are able to do better for themselves and their children.Are you a soon-to-be parent? (Or do you know one?) Looking for support as you transition into parenthood? Check out The Be Her Village Gift Registry where you can register for the support you need. Parent groups, childbirth ed, doulas, and more! BeHerVillage.comAre you in the business of helping parents through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum? Join us in our mission to connect mamas and families to the support systems they need. Create your free profile here!In Detroit?? COME SEE US. We’re going to be in your neck of the woods Sunday, October 24th at Shed 3 for The Be Her Village Detroit Motherhood Expo!! Tickets are on sale now! Thanks again for tuning into our podcast. Your support is so appreciated!
We all know mamas need support, but Maternal Spotlight is doing the research and providing the tools for maternal organizations. In this episode Kaitlin talks to Dr. Shilpa Londhe and Dr. Jess Holzer, they are the founders of Maternal Spotlight, a non profit organization that is dedicated to providing micro-grants to organizations in the maternal sphere. They are researchers who are bridging the gaps, acknowledging that the maternal experience is sometimes someone being in pain, someone who is far too stressed, someone who has experienced loss after loss-- that there are worthwhile points to research AND support in between "happy mama" and mortality.Maternal Spotlight is currently campaigning for motherhood stories and for donations for the next micro-grants to be awarded. These motherhood stories can be anything from fertility, pregnancy, loss, adoption, birth, maternal experiences in the healthcare system, caring for elderly family members, etc. You can learn more and share by clicking here!Our Detroit Expo is set to happen Sunday October 24th at Shed 5 in Detroit. Mamas and families-- meet your support team in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Detroit Motherhood Businesses-- come meet your community! Tickets are on sale for mamas and families and there are a few tables left if you're in the business of helping mothers and you want to showcase your expertise! Learn more here!If you're getting ready for baby, register for support instead of stuff at BeHerVillage.comAnd if you're in the business of helping people in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, join us on our platform of providers here!Keep in touch in our Facebook Groups:For mamasFor professionalsAs always, thank you for being here! 
It can be hard to recognize what you see in the mirror for weeks, months, and maybe even years after having a baby. And even if you end up looking pretty similar to what you looked like pre-baby, sometimes it's hard to get back in touch with your body. In this episode Kaitlin, founder of Be Her Village talks with Carolina Stone of Street Parking, which is an online fitness community. Carolina specifically leads the Pregnant and Postpartum division of their membership and coaching program. Kaitlin and Carolina talk about Carolina's role within the Street Parking coaching community, and how it shifted after having her own baby and realizing that she needed support to be able to feel okay transitioning from athlete to new mom, and figuring out how to correctly, safely, and realistically move her body again. She helped develop programming within the Street Parking umbrella to help moms get their bodies and minds ready for birth, as well as offer space to help in the recovery. For more on Street Parking, head to their website, and click here to learn more about the Pregnant/Postpartum ProgramWe're hosting an event!! (we are closely watching Covid/restrictions)Sunday October 24th we're coming to Detroit to meet the amazing community of families and birth workers at the Detroit Motherhood Expo click here to learn more!Be Her Village is an online cash gift registry platform for moms and families to get the support they need instead of the stuff they don't!If you're expecting, create your free registry today!If you work with new moms and families in pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, JOIN US! It's completely free for you to create a profile so families in your area can find and fund your services. Get started here!
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