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The Beat of My Drum

Author: Jonathan Mendez

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Get inside the mind of Jonathan Mendez. Jonathan covers a wide range of topics that include music, sports, travel and the everyday adventures of a millennial.
31 Episodes
Interview with Margie LLamas, the daughter of Maria Llamas; who went missing on November 20th, 2016. Margie provides all of the details of the active missing persons case and what we can do to help find her mother.
I talk in detail about overcoming by greatest fear during my trip to Las Vegas. I also share  stories about my big win; guys night; and how being dumb can almost get you ran over. 
I interview retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Ken Jordan. He is the director of The Mutual UFO Network in Texas. We discuss UFOs, Alien Abduction and what is in store for our future...
Scary Story 1, October 3 Part Series
Season 2 Episode 2An in depth interview with head football coach and athletic director for the Natalia Mustangs. We discuss coaching during the pandemic ; the lessons the students learn from athletics ; discuss a controversy from a previous game.
I interview John Garza about his cross country bike ride as he takes us through his journey from coast to coast. He talk about the risks he took; the purpose for the trip; and other amazing stories from the ride with his friend. Be on the look out for his book that will available soon. 
An in depth interview with Jeannie Liams, the sister of Patty Vaughan. We discuss and look into a 25 year old cold case from the South Texas area. “The Disappearance of Patty Vaughan”.
I am thrilled to get to speak to Alli Welch, the founder of Run Local. Alli talks about what running means to her; her business model ; and what she hopes to accomplish with the future of running in South Texas.
Selestial Alcoser

Selestial Alcoser


I interview the talented pop and country singer Selestial Alcoser, from Somerset, Texas. We discuss her life as a musician in quarantine, her upcoming album; and she plays some songs for her fans. 
Rodriguez BBQ

Rodriguez BBQ


I speak to Mike Rodriguez from Lampasas, TX. He talks about his grilling techniques for beginners, his basic but tasty “SPG” seasoning, and his future plans in the BBQ industry. 
Solis Brothers

Solis Brothers


I talk to the Solis Brothers from Castroville, Texas. Eddie (20) and Christian (17), talk about their bond as brothers, challenges they have faced, and they play some songs for their fans. 
My take on our current situation and the global phenomenon we are living in that I call a reset of life.  
 The Life and Times of Kobe Bryant. I talk about the basketball legend; the family man; and the global icon. 
I interview country artist Gabe Garcia. We discuss his career; his appearance on Nashville Star; and his friendship with Jon Pardi. We also talk about the challenges he has faced in the music business.
I sit down and chat with professional choreographer, Lorena Luna out of San Antonio, Texas. She talks about her passion for dancing, and her business in the Quince and Sweet 16 industry as a choreographer. 
Ringside Greg

Ringside Greg


I speak to the program manager for combative sports in Texas, Greg Alvarez. Ringside Greg has been working for the Texas Department and Licensing for over 20 years. You have probably seen him ringside at some of the biggest events in the state that have featured Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez and others. Him and his team work to ensure the safety of the fighters as they go to battle. 
Nathan Gamez, owner of Move Fit Live gym, talks about his journey to become a successful businessman before the age of 30. He also talks about the many failures he went through to reach his goal. He provides great advice to those looking to make the jump towards their goal. 
Stories By The Fire

Stories By The Fire


A collection of scary stories from our friends as we sit around a fire.
Curious Twins

Curious Twins


The Curious Twins talk about the haunted history of San Antonio, ghost tours, and their personal encounters with the paranormal. 
Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman


The Mexican tale of La Lechuza, the witch bird. I talk about the history; eyewitness accounts and my personal encounter with the giant witch bird.
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