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We waste so much energy angrily holding on to things that have long been over. And when we do, we suffer for it and so do the people around us. Join me this week as we consider the true meaning of forgiveness and simple steps for allowing ourselves to let go and move on.
We often have no idea how deeply we’ve affected someone’s life until long after the time we spent with them.  Join me this week as we consider what it means to be someone’s personal sanctuary, perhaps even our own.
For better or worse, our lives can change so quickly, and all at once, everything becomes different in ways we could never imagine or foresee. Among many others, one of the most important questions is, “How will we choose to face change when it happens?” Join me this week as we consider ways of intentionally being with what is and making the best of it. 
Spring is a welcome time of rebirth and renewal, a time when the earth returns to being vibrant and alive after its deep slumber through fall and winter.  Are human beings so different? Join me this week as we consider ways of renewing ourselves from the inside out as well as from the outside in. 
Among the many kinds of nautical anchors are the long canvas “buckets” called sea anchors that keep boats pointed into the wind during a storm on the open ocean. My grandfather and his brother never left port without one stowed in the forward hatch. Join me this week as we consider practical options for weathering adversity without being capsized.
Unless you’re a firefighter, you probably won’t be carrying anyone who’s in distress, and even then, you won’t carry them far. We understand that intellectually, but how often do we cross that line mentally or emotionally, taking on what was never ours in the first place? Join me this week as we consider the differences between caring and carrying. I think you’ll be glad you did.
In one of my early podcasts (Episode #49 “Easing Through The Week”), I suggested that we play a simple game to help us move through stressful times. Given the state of the world right now, this is the perfect time to play that game again, but at a deeper level. Join me this week as we slow ourselves down and ease through the days and weeks ahead of us. 
During the past few months, several subscribers have asked that I create a new guided relaxation audio. With all that’s happening in the world right now, I can’t think of a more fitting time to let go and lean into our Higher Selves.  So, this week, I offer you a gentle way to let go as you release the things you no longer need to carry and welcome into your life what is good and right and healthy and self-restoring. 
It can be easy to allow our fears to overshadow our days and nights, robbing us of peace and clarity, especially when we listen to the world more than our inner awareness. Join me this week, as we consider steps for walking out from under the shadow of fear and back into our own lives.
One of the clever ways we keep ourselves stuck is telling ourselves that we have to have everything worked out before we take our next steps. Join me this week as we consider the nature of the unfolding path of our lives. Stay 
Even if there are things you’ve been struggling with, are you willing to linger a while in silence and stillness as you wait for what is luminous and inextinguishable—what is utterly beautiful—to arise in you? If so, then join me this week as we consider yet another aspect of stillness. Stay with me. 
I open and close each week’s podcast by inviting our consideration of “things that truly matter in a complex world.”. One of those repeating considerations is the power of mindful silence and the things that grow out of it. Join me this week as we consider the value of measuring the things we say and the things we don’t say. Stay with me. 
When was the last time you stopped to ponder what you’re really made of? Not just the skin and bones and blood cells and brain circuits, but what lies beneath all of that. Join me this week as we pull the veil aside and consider something luminous and filled with hope.
You wouldn’t get far on a road trip without first stopping to fill your tank. We understand the common sense of that, yet how often we push ourselves without stopping to recharge from the inside out. Join me this week as we consider healthy ways of renewing ourselves.
The past couple of years have brought about subtle and not-so-subtle changes in how we spend our days and how we think and feel. Join me this week as we consider things we can do to offset some of those changes. 
Like pearls formed by the irritation of a grain of sand in an oyster, life’s challenges can grow precious things in us when we allow it. Join me this week as we consider ways of bringing those good things into the foreground of our awareness. Stay with me.
What would happen if we “brewed” our days with as much focus and attention and care as we use to brew a great cup of coffee or a tea? Join me this week as we consider the right ingredients and best the steps to take to make our daily experience a truly robust one.
After the challenges of the past two years, this is just the right moment to ask ourselves where we’re going in the coming year. Because you’re the one writing the script for your own life, what shape do you want the next year to take? Join me this week as we consider ways of determining exactly that.
There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams. There are lucid dreams and even sacred dreams. The trick is to know which one we’re experiencing. Join me this week as we consider the nature of dreams and what happens when we take control of them. 
The things that happen in our lives can seem completely random or disconnected, yet, without trying to sound particularly mystical, are they? Join me this week as we consider how the path of our lives continues to unfold—sometimes in surprising ways. 
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