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The Beautiful Question with Scott Lennox

Author: Scott Lennox

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"As you listen to these intentionally brief podcasts, you can allow yourself the gift of Stillness, out of which Clarity will naturally arise. You will then be listening to the wisdom of your innate self.

My purpose is to support the awakening that is happening all over the planet. Working together, we can build the future we dream is possible. Come dream with me."
-Scott Lennox
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While the whole world is focused on finding ways of protecting everyone from the spread of the Corona Virus, it might be equally useful to consider things that are worth spreading. Things like openness and kindness and acceptance. And let’s not leave out our shared humanity. Join me this week as I share what happened when I opened my mind and heart to something taking place that was better than what I thought I was facing.
What will happen when you stop holding back and allow the world to see and engage with the person you really are? Not the invented story you’ve been telling yourself or the one that someone else constructed for you, but the real and luminous you, the authentic you. Join me this week as we consider what it means to be authentic and what happens when we think and act from that place.
He Kept His Word

He Kept His Word


Once in a while, we’re told a story that is so compelling it stays with us as vividly as if we experienced it first-hand. Today, I offer such a story in the hope that you'll find meaning in it and that it stirs something deep and abiding in you about the good that is still possible in people and in the world. Stay with me. You’ll be glad you did.
Get Closer

Get Closer


When we're open to them, opportunities to learn something new are always available, opening us to what we couldn't see or engage with before. This week, using examples from photography, we'll consider ways of getting closer to what truly matters in our lives, including how we see the world around us, and our relationship with ourselves.
Though I may not know your name or your face or where you live, and though I may not know exactly what's happening in your life today, I think about you every day. And as I do, I ask myself the same question, over and over. “As people go about their lives, often struggling in some way, what can I offer that is helpful and real and significant?” In response to that question, I’ve written a blessing that I hope you’ll take to your heart. May this week's offering touch you in some positive way.
Ep. #146 Fully Alive

Ep. #146 Fully Alive


What would it be like to stop holding back and to live our lives in ways that are vibrant and fiercely engaged? What would it be like to stop making excuses, putting off what best serves us? Join me this week, as we consider what it means to be fully alive in each moment.
To create healthy change in the world, must we become great pioneers or genius innovators or tireless public servants, or could it be more elegantly simple than that? Join me this week, as we consider ways of leaning into the common good and then taking real action, right where we are.
Ep. #144 Starting Over

Ep. #144 Starting Over


Do you sometimes feel stuck in habits of thinking and feeling or the things you do? Do you feel like you're living out your own version of the movie Ground Hog Day, going through endless cycles of the same things in the same ways? Then I have some wonderful news for you! Built into you is a way out of that loop. To unlock it, all you have to do is be willing to assume full ownership of your life and then start over from where you are. It's not as hard as you've been telling yourself. Join me this week as we consider ways of reaching within ourselves and setting ourselves free.
Right now, as protests and calls for racial equality once again sweep across America, I think of a man who played a pivotal role in shaping not only my thinking, but the thinking and awareness of countless others. Join me as I share some of my conversations with the late John Howard Griffin, and some of the questions that arose as a result of our time together. Stay with me.
The Promise

The Promise


If you were to be your own “first-responder” in this time of personal and cultural challenges, what would you offer yourself first? What promise would you make… and keep? Join me as we once again consider where we are and what we can do to make this a meaningful and fulfilling time.
If we’re open to them, our experience with the pandemic continues to offer opportunities to learn innumerable lessons. Join me in my briefest podcast yet as I consider where we are in this dynamic moment. Stay with me.
Laughing with What is

Laughing with What is


This week’s podcast might just as well be called, “What My Laptop Taught Me.” In this time of unexpected and unpredictable changes, I was given another opportunity to lighten up and dance with what’s happening. Join me this week as we consider ways of coping with some of the things that we can’t change. Come laugh with me.
The Sourdough Starter

The Sourdough Starter


One of the strongest and most enduring traditions in Scott’s family is sharing the foods they create. Each of them has their own specialties and the bragging rights that go with them. One of Scott’s specialties is sourdough baking. Join him this week as he shares a bit of history about that and asks what we can do to maintain our traditions or create new ones.
Having made so many necessary adjustments during the past few weeks, Scott has been looking back at his life, remembering just where and how he learned to adapt when things are changing. Stay with him this week as he considers how we can navigate through our lives the way we would navigate a moving river. As you already know, the secret will be to work with it and not fight the current and not fight the conditions.
Scott's consideration this week about what you really know will be briefer than most. If you’re willing to listen to your inner knowing, it may prove to be extremely worthwhile.
Tired of being cooped up in your house or apartment? Would you like an embracing change from all of the news and uncertainty and social distancing? Then come take a walk with Scott Lennox and Ross Holmes through the Texas countryside as they musically and poetically meander through the seasons.
Since we’re in a marathon and not a sprint, how do we make the best of what the pandemic has brought us? Join Scott as he considers ways of maintaining a sustainable pace while taking even better care of ourselves and perhaps, the people around us.
When was the last time you experienced true inner stillness or true silence? When I ask this question of most people, they tell me they can’t remember. Join me this week as we stand for a while in the quiet beside the Brazos River and then consider ways of becoming still from the inside out. Stay with me. I think you’ll like what you hear.
What’s the difference between what we think from one moment to the next and what we deeply and innately know? And how do we become still enough to listen and tell them apart? Join Scott this week as he considers the knowing that is always beneath the surface of our very busy habits of thinking. We'll take a quiet step into the gap between our thoughts and become even more aware of the clarity that is ready to reveal itself in every moment.
During this extraordinary time, here is a brief Beautiful Question message of encouragement and hope. Join me in a consideration of what each of us can do to be in control of ourselves and our situation, including reaching out and connecting in meaningful ways.
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