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The Beautiful Question with Scott Lennox

Author: Scott Lennox

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"As you listen to these intentionally brief podcasts, you can allow yourself the gift of Stillness, out of which Clarity will naturally arise. You will then be listening to the wisdom of your innate self.

My purpose is to support the awakening that is happening all over the planet. Working together, we can build the future we dream is possible. Come dream with me."
-Scott Lennox
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Life’s storms are inevitable. If you live long enough, you’ll probably go more of them than you can count. The question is, how and in what condition? Join me this week as we consider the storms we endure and how to remain standing when we get to the other side.
Sometimes, perhaps out of nothing more than habit or lack of awareness, we find ourselves pushing or pulling against something when no real force is needed. Join me this week as we consider ways of flowing with our lives instead of against them, regardless of what’s happening around us.
It’s still possible to be awestruck and brought to stillness and clarity and a sense of wonder, even in these times of turbulence and distress. Join me this week as we consider ways of taking even more effective control of our lives by intentionally leaning into wonder. You’ll be surprised what happens when you do.
How ironic, that sometimes the harder we push to get somewhere, the harder it is to get there and the longer it takes. That’s especially ironic since all we’d have to do is relax and let go and then watch as things naturally unfold. Join me this week as we consider five simple ways of easing into the new year in just the right ways and in just the right places and at just the right times. The results can be so rewarding.
Have you ever thought about what would help you bring happiness or contentment into your life and keep it there? Join me this week as we consider how to build the foundation of happiness and how to live from that powerful place.
Whatever your belief, as we head into Christmas and the New Year, what better gift could there be than the gift of building an even healthier relationship with yourself? Stay with me this week as we consider writing—or re-writing—our own manual for living well.
We’re given twenty-four hours in each day. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. Not one second more or less. We know that, and yet sometimes without noticing that we’re doing it, we contaminate parts of our day by thinking and doing things that don’t serve us well or that interrupt us and keep us from what we truly want and need. Join me this week as we consider how to keep from contaminating our time as we stay more in the present.
The poet Wordsworth wrote a sonnet entitled "The World Is Too Much With Us." For many people, the truth behind that line has never seemed more relevant than it does right now. Join me this week as I offer my heartfelt prayer to encourage you as we live through this amazing time.
This week, a gift that goes far beyond the holidays—the gift of authenticity. Isn’t it fascinating that the more we are genuinely and spontaneously ourselves, the more naturally we engage with others and in ever-healthier ways. Join me this week as we once again consider how to get out of our own way without even struggling. Stay with me.
There’s much more to a sense of wonder than meets the eye. It’s one of the most precious gifts of being alive, even in this time of personal and global challenge. Join me this week as we consider the nature of wonder and how to bring it back. It may be more important than you realize, especially now.
This week, we’ll re-consider a subject I’ve written about in the past and will continue to explore, especially during such a challenging time as we are living—a time when many have been pressed to their limits and beyond them. Yet, this is not a time for despair. Quite the contrary. With clear and open eyes, let’s look once again at the nature of hope and where to find it.
We talk about being calm, but apart from being a cliché that we verbally toss around, what does that really mean? Join me today as we consider not only what the word means, but effective ways of achieving that state inwardly and outwardly.
How aware are you that regardless of what’s happening to you or around you, you have choices? Join me this week as we consider the nature of choice and ways of consciously remaining in control of the ones we make.
There is something universal to be found in the stories we carry and the ones we tell and share. It is in them that we weave the threads of our common humanity into the mystery of what it is to be alive. Join me this week as I share several original stories that came out of my consciousness fully formed as I wrote them down. If nothing else, you can take a break from the world and be entertained for a while.
How did you get this far in your life? I can guarantee that you didn’t do it on your own. Join me this week as we consider who helped us along the way and how we might expand the gifts they gave us.
At this point in the pandemic, you don’t need another lesson about what’s going on the world. For the past six months, we’ve been inundated with it. Instead, I invite you to join me considering way of handling where we are that work to our mutual benefit.
So, what would it be like to know that you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or live up to the standards or expectations of others? What would it be like to relax and give yourself complete permission to be exactly who you are, exactly as you are? Join me this week as we consider ways of putting that into action.
Have you ever found yourself putting on a “mask” to protect yourself in some way or to project something that isn’t authentically you? Join me this week as we consider masks of all kinds, why we wear them, and how to go about taking them off.
We place such importance on the things we think and feel and believe, but what do we actually know? What is so deep, so solid, and so immovable that you know it without doubting? Join me this week as we consider what we truly know and what we can do with it.
Isn’t it amazing what happens when we commit to something and then keep our word to ourselves as we remain focused? As we do, there’s no end to what may be possible. Join me this week as I renew my commitment to you, and to myself, and as we look forward and consider the hope that’s possible, right now and in the days ahead of us.
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