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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell!
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After much deliberation, my beloved podcast has run its course.I wanted to thank you all for listening and explain my reasons for taking what may end up being, in the words of Aerosmith, a permanent vacation. So here is one final episode.Thanks for your support; this has been a lot of fun.Cheers to great beers!
New Year's Eve parties with ACDC’s Malcolm Young, secret concerts in the brewery with Dandy Warhols and private brewery tours with Hanson. These are just some of the stories that Jessie throws in during our awesome chat. Seriously, we both loved this one so much that we have already agreed we want to do a follow-up at some stage.Stop reading this and press play!Check out Young Henry's Beer Here
I've sat down and had a few beers with this episode's guest on a few occasions, both in my hometown and his. And each time I have, I remember our conversations with a smile on my face, but I also don't really remember our conversations as well as I should. Perhaps it's my memory, or maybe it's the beers? I don't know.Anyway, all I know is that this dude has a job that many beer lovers, me included, would kill for. His name is Will Ziebell, and he gets to schmooze his way around industry events, breweries and bars, drinking beer, talking about it with other cool like-minded people, and then writing about it for all of us other beer lovers to enjoy.I take that back, this bastard does all of that just to rub our noses in the fact that he has an awesome beer job, and we don't. Ok, well, I don't, and he does. Maybe it's just me who is insanely jealous of this bloke?Obviously, I am the bigger person because I have invited him on to MY award-winning podcast to share his life stories as a History Graduate turned award-winning beer writer!  Lead writer for Australia'sit's most-read craft beer publication, The Crafty Pint, Will Ziebell.Read Will'sback catalogue of articles here
You may know him as Social Media influencer, Schoonerversity, or maybe have read an article or two of his over at Australia's favourite online craft beer hub, the old Crafty Pint, where he has been writing articles for the last 5 or so years. He is a freelance copywriter, a gun for hire in the craft beer industry, and he is soon to release his very first book…The Beer Drinkers Toolkit.Mick Wust is his name and he has sent me an advanced copy of his ripping new book, so I thought I would get him on the poddy so that I can throw a few questions at him that came to me as I was thumbing the pages of his book.If you want to pre-order his book, go here
I remember when I first heard about the name of this episode's brewery, I gravitated towards it. Why, you may ask? Well, that's how my cousin used to describe me as a kid, Shifty…a Shifty Bloody Little Ukrainian, he would call me. He was a bit older than me, and he wasn't using it in a derogatory fashion; he was also a shifty bloody Ukrainian, just an older one! To us, shifty meant more about not accepting the status quo, always looking for opportunities, having the gift of the gab, and using that to your benefit.He was right; I’ve talked my way into many situations that benefit me and probably out of many situations that weren’t so great. I’m always looking for opportunities to get an easy win or make the most of a situation.So how does the term Shifty translate in the beer world? Are the Team at Shifty Lizard street-smart hustlers looking to make the most of what life throws at them, or was it just a cool-sounding name?I’ve got no idea, so let's find out about that and a whole bunch more cool stuff with Shifty LIzard’s Head Beer Maker Man, Lee Stone.Buy Shifty Lizard Beer Here
When we talk about craft beer and the people involved in the industry, we often focus on the brewer. This is fine; I guess they are the makers of the liquid that we adore at the end of the day, but there’s more to the industry than that. Case in point, tonight's guest, his company, is one of many, let’s call them third parties, who assist breweries in getting cans or bottles in the hands of the ever-important consumer. He may not brew the beer, but in my opinion, he is part of the fabric of this craft beer industry that we all know and love. I think I have pumped his tires enough, but I am referring to Brad Low from Rallings Labels, Stickers & Packaging. This guy lives and breathes craft beer, you may have seen him pop up at festivals, breweries or bars around the country during his travels, which he calls work, but I think that is a pretty bloody loose term…seems more to me like he is living his best life, chasing craft beer and selling a few labels on the side. Whatever it is he actually does, he spends a lot of time roaming the country talking with people within the industry and surely has plenty of stories to share with us.Want to know if Rallings can do something for your business? Well, check them out.
Mismatch Brewing began life back ten years ago, I am a huge fan of their beers, but sadly our schedules have never quite aligned to allow us to record together. A lush history with award-winning beers, a venue in the Adelaide Hills that needs to be seen to be believed, a new corporate partner in Mighty Craft, and now a new brewer...there is a lot to cover off on!Welcome to the Beer Healer interviews, Mismatch Brewing Co-Founder, Marc Huber and Head Brewer, Tom Wood!Wanna buy some Mismatch Beer?Shop here!
Salisbury is the site of the brewery for this episode…the Brisbane one, not the South Australian one. A brand new brewery that opened earlier this year by the name of Hiker Brewing Concern, set up by a couple of blokes by the name of Daniel Venema and Phil SharpThose of you looking to follow in their footsteps, you might learn something from this one. Co-founder Daniel Venema shares his experiences with what has been a mix of delays with the local council, managing the budget that doubled and almost running out of money...only to be saved by a good old working beer!This is a great beer story! And listen in to find out how the lads have given listeners a discount code to get 10% off their beers. Listen in and then go here to use your code:
Modern Man, Brewer, Deep Thinker, Storyteller, or Trailblazer. There are so many ways I could describe Rhys Lopez from Otherside Brewing (and Evil Mega Copr) after chatting with him, but I don’t want to slap a label on him.Instead, I invite you on a journey into his mind and soul so that you can enjoy the stories this absolute legend shares in our chat.From roaming the globe to working his way through the Western Australian brewing scene, with a quick stop off in a cult (for educational purposes), and now brewing amazing beers, this is a fun story!EnjoyWant to buy some Otherside beers?Click here
It was so great to get back into the podcast studio with Dave and Ben!On this episode, we get up to our usual hijinks... name-calling, shit-talking, and high-brow beer industry analysis.Enjoy!!
How did you settle arguments as a kid? I remember things like drawing straws, holding a rock behind your back and picking which hand it was in and the classic chant of Ip Dig Dog Shit, Too Bad You Are Not It…but nothing was quite as cool as Rock, Scissor Paper. Well, that’s what we called it as kids, maybe it was a regional thing or a generational thing, but my kids have since informed me of the correct way to say it, Paper Scissor Rock. So glad I have been set straight; now we can talk about beer. My guest on this podcast is one of the co-founders of Paper Scissor Rock brewery, set up in an old tourist information centre in the Grampians National a town of 450 people!This is a great story about 3 mates having a crack, and it paying off!Thanks to Hops To Home for introducing me to this brewery.Find Paper Scissor Rock Beers here.
Once upon a time, the city of Launceston was dominated by a single brewery down on the esplanade…oh how times have changed. In recent times, an army of smaller breweries has been staking their claim on the town, including one who has kind of taken things to the next level and set up their first brewpub in the CBD, Ducane Brewing.Founder Will Horan has been brewing beers for around a decade, honing his skills as a homebrewer, sharing his beers with mates and maybe a few of his clients while working as a mountain trek tour guide. Upon making the decision to change careers, from the outside looking at least, things seem to have moved along pretty quickly.This is the story of Ducane Brewing with Founder, Will Horan.Check out Ducane Brewing here. 
Fans of European brewing know that the Belgians do things a little differently to other regions, which is all right by me! Aussies have been enjoying Belgian beer syles for years in Australia; I am sure that you have all at least tried a Duvel, a LA Trappe, a Chimay, or if you are really lucky, a Cantillon.But have you tried a Belgian beer, brewed with all Aussie ingredients, brewed by actual Belgians? You know, people who grew up in the lavish Belgian beer culture? Well, I know of a couple that for some reason, wanted so badly to share their love of Belgian beers with Aussies that they flew thousands of miles to this big brown land to do it!In this episode, one of those people tells me why she felt it necessary to make that trip with her co-founder, Jimmy Van Eetvelde. This is the story of Madocke Brewing with co-founder Annelies Nijskens Shop Madocke beer hereHuge shout out to  Brad from Rallings labels for introducing Annelies & I.
Way back in January 2016, I came across my guest at a local night market. Him and his bother in law, and their wives were operating a small wood-smoked meat stall at a local night market, and if my memory serves me correctly, they were also slinging beers from Van Dieman brewing. It was about this time that I was still busily writing regualr articles on and I wrote my first one about Spotty Dog Brewers & American BBQ.Click Here To Check Out The ArticleIn that interview, co-founder, Michael stated…The plan to microbrew has been 5 years in the making, with everything along the way being part of the plan to open a microbrew pub!So, that was 2016, things had been ticking over for 5 years already, and they had plans for a brew pub. It’s now 2023, almost 7 years to the day that I was at that market, and I am glad to say that Finally, Spotty Dog, has opened that micro brew pub. Well sort, it's something a little bigger than a microbrew pub. You could say they have built Hobart’s answer to destination breweries such as Felons, Little Creatures or Hemingways.And sitting over the table from me for this chat from the brewery (sorry for the echos), sipping on a cold one, is Co-Founder Klimt Donohoe who for the last 10 years or so has been working his guts, along with the rest of the family, to make this dream a reality. He’s a little older than that fresh faced skinny kid from the picture at that night market, but juggling a serious job, a family, a podcast and a brewery will do that to you…luckily he has the eminem blonde hair keep him looking youthful.Enjoy the chat!!Buy Spotty Dog Beers Here
Sometimes in this game we call craft beer, our hobbies can get a little bit out of hand, and before you know it, that hobby that once saw you making very average Kit & Kilo beers with your Coopers Kit from Big W, suddenly sees you surrounded by stainless steel, pumping out quality beers that were once the thing that dreams were made of.My guest on this episode, while he has followed his dream and turned plastic into stainless, he hasn’t done it on a huge scale, and that’s just how he likes it…this is about the community.Mortdale is the location where my guest chose to chase his dream, it’s about 10km south-west from the craft beer mecca known as the Inner West of Sydney, but that's just fine, this is about community, not adding another stop on a Daves Brewery tour.The Social Brewers is coming up on its first birthday soon, and founder and head brewer, Beau Curtis has been pretty bloody busy the last 12 months...this is his story!🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺Check out the Social Brewers website here
My guest on this episode needs no introduction, so he is not getting one! Never afraid to share his insights or tell you what is on his mind, he is a straight shooter and that's why I look forward to our chats.He has just released a new series of experimental beers called Sheer Terroir, exploring the wonderful world of Hop Terroir.From their website: Everyone loves an origin story, which in this case is both relevant to the birth of our new Experimental Series as well as the origin(s) of the hops that we used to kick it all off. Terroir is a French term that refers to the specific geographical and environmental characteristics, such as soil, climate, topography, and even cultural practices, that give a certain food or drink its unique flavour and qualities. Let's start there.What are you waiting for, get into it...The man, the myth, the legend, Hawkers Brewing Founder, Mazen Hajjar 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺 🍻🍺Dive into the Hawkers Blog Page about this program, it's awesome!Terroir - An Origin StoryDon't miss out on the next one of these releases:Sign up for their mailing listBuy some of their other awesome beerHawkers Shop
Meatloaf, god rest his soul, once famously stated, “I would do anything for love, but I won't do that”. What is it he wouldn’t do before he met his maker? Let's throw a craft beer lense over that classic rock track by The Meat...“How much do you love craft beer, and how far would you go to chase your dream?” Would you move your family 4,500 kilometres across the country to take a new role? In 2021 Ryan Nilsson-Linne did, and this is his story!_____________________________________________________________If you want to check out Wicked Elf's beers, go here: Wicked ElfWant to help spread the craft beer gospel?• Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube• Rate, Review and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or the link on your phone and scroll to the bottom• Or Follow/Subscribe on your favourite podcast player
Every now and then, I hear a quirky little story pop up via one of my craft beer news feeds. Often the stories are from overseas, so getting the newsmaker onto the podcast is a little difficult, but not so this time.A few weeks back, I got a ping with this headline:The Best Place For Craft Beer In L.A. is a Gas Station in Pasadena...I was like, whaaaat? We can’t even sell beer in Australian petrol stations, so how could one in LA be touted so highly? And I thought, bugger it, I’m gonna have a crack and reach out to the owner and see if they wanna have a chat about it with me.And he said yes!I will let Replicant Shell founder Shibli Haddad fill you in...*********************************If you want to check out Replicant Shell, go here: Replicant Shell.Want to help spread the craft beer gospel?• Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube• Rate, Review and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or the link on your phone and scroll to the bottom• Or Follow/Subscribe on your favourite podcast player
On this podcast, I get to talk to a lot of people about their beer journeys. Some are short and sweet, from the shed at home to the local brewery, whereas others are a little more complicated, often involving juggling real jobs and family commitments while learning their craft. Some learn in the shed or with the local brew club, others seek out a mentor, and some even go overseas to find their passion,Jimmy Krekelberg from Good Land Brewing has certainly done the latter. From Victoria to the UK, the Netherlands and back to Traralgon in the Gippsland Region, covering a lot of miles chasing the dream of becoming a brewer. And it worked, and he has an amazing story to tell!! If you want to check out Good Land's beers, go here: Good Land BrewingWant to help spread the craft beer gospel?• Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube• Rate, Review and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or the link on your phone and scroll to the bottom• Or Follow/Subscribe on your favourite podcast player
How many brewery workers do you know that have switched jobs since the pandemic?How many crazy fools do you know who decided to start a new brewery, their second one, during covid?I reached out to Seeker Brewing recently. I had seen them on social media and thought they seemed like they had a cool story to tell. Then they messaged back and it read…Hey Chris, this is Jeff - originally Grassy Knoll. Would love to catch up for another chat!Boom…mind blown!! Jeff, the drummer from another mother that I loved talking to last time, was at a new brewery. WHAT? I thought that seemed weird, knowing his backstory from episode 134. And then, thanks to my amazing research skills, I realised there was more to this story…so without any further delay, let’s get into it!!!If you want to check out Seekers beers, go here: Seeker BrewingWant to help spread the craft beer gospel?• Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube• Rate, Review and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or the link on your phone and scroll to the bottom• Or Follow/Subscribe on your favourite podcast player