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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell!
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Where do you start when trying to describe this brewery, and turn that into a snappy episode title? To be honest, I wasn't sure, so apologies for the generic titles. You see, Spinifex Brewing is Aboriginal and Veteran owned, making beers with native ingredients in their home state of Western Australia, supporting our returned Veterans and looking to take Fosters' mantle as the most well known Aussie export do you fit that into a snappy 5 or 6 word title?Anyway, enjoy the episode with Spinifex CEO Adam Barnard, this is a unique story!If you want to support the podcast:Subscribe, rate and review on Apple PodcastsFollow on SpotifyCheck out the website for more info:
I was pretty fortunate to be able to get DJ on as a guest, and as they say good things come to those who wait. Dj and his wife, Harriet, have been so busy with their little brew pub in the Blue Mountains, as it takes the Aussie craft beer world by storm!In a little over 12 months, the brew pub concept that was designed to give DJ and Harriet the work life balance they craved by moving out of the hustle and bustle of Sydney, has kind of gone gang busters. During Covid they pivoted online and craft beer drinkers lost their minds over their regular limited releases, so much so that they now have to build another brewery to keep up with demand!DJ joined me for a chat, in between pouring concrete slabs, as the new brewery build is in full swing. Even with all this extra stress in his life, his passion for his craft rings true in this chat.
I think everyone is aware of how Your Mates Brewing, the "Overnight Success", rose to prominence in the Hottest 100 beers a few years ago. The two boys from the Sunny Coast, Matt and Christen, were all of a sudden the next big thing in craft beer, but also a bit of a target for ridicule and jealousy.Whichever point of view you have on how Larry surprised the industry, you have to admire the lads for how they have continued to work their butts off to build the Your Mates business. Now the boys have outgrown their current digs and are looking to develop a new site to introduce Larry, Macca, Sally, Eddie, and their other mates to the beer drinking public. My sleepy little hometown of Hobart is once again alive, welcoming back tourists and it is great to see. One such tourist decided to take time out from his visit with his wife to sit down with me for a chat. A chat that has been in the works for a while, as we waited for Your Mates to have some new news to is the time. Joining me on this episode, and live in studio, one half of Your Mates Brewing, Christen McGarry.
What if I told you that not all non-alcoholic beers are created the same...some even taste great!In a world where the focus on self care and wellness is increasing, there are product of all shapes and size popping up to capitalise on a consumer market that is very quickly expanding. One such product is that of non alcoholic craft beer. I'm not talking about that watery crap that Carlton or Heinken serve up, or the Holsten ones you can buy in the supermarket. I am talking about full flavoured, full bodied beer that is hard to distinguish from its higher abv cousins.I've been seeing a lot of discussion about non-alcoholic beer on the socials of late, so I invited Hairless Dog Brewing co-founder, Paul Pirner, to tell the story of Americas first exclusively 0.0% Non Alcoholic brewery.
Sometimes on these interviews it takes a little bit of time to warm up, feel each other out, and then get into the conversation...on this one with the One Drop team, we just seemed to click. Well, except for the first few minutes where technology let us down once again...this seems to be a re-occuring theme.Anyway, like the pro's we all are 😂🤣, we were able to get past the dodgy tech and into a great story of a brewery that has taken the mantra of Reggae Music, infused it with beer, and unleashed it on Botany in New South Wales. This one is a lot of fun...
Better late than never!!!I missed International Womens Day, but the story is still great! Co-Conspirators, the brewery that appears to be taking on the world, but it still run by 4 people...yep, just two couples...Jacqui Sacco, Tim Martin, Maggie and Deon Smit. They met at a home brew club and liked each other enough to decide to chase their craft beer dream together.It's a great story, and Jacqui is a ripping guest who shares a lot...enjoy!
This chat with Charlie Hodgson goes in many different directions, he is a really interesting bloke.I've heard from real journalists that using silence in an interview can be a very powerful tool to get people to open up to you. On this episode, the 6 second delay that Charlie and I had to navigate was the silence that allowed Charlie to just open up and talk about his career, both the good and the bad.This is a story of a guy who has experienced many high's in his careers, he has won awards for his beers in the past, and now he is part of building something really special at Helios. But it is also a great example that success from working yourself to the bone can affect the rest of your life, and on this episode, Charlie was brave enough to share some of that with me. Thanks to Charlie for opening up on this one, it was really interesting to hear his experiences.Thankfully for him, it looks like Charlie is back on track doing what he does best. The beers coming out of Helios are fantastic, AND, they are brewed in probably the most environmentally sustainable fashion in the industry! Great stuff!!I'll stop typing, just have a listen!
Joining me on this episode are the two co-founders of Batch Brewing…Andrew Fineran, who joined me from Marrickville, and Chris Sidwa all the way from New Jersey.Batch Brewing should be pretty familiar to you all, this isn’t the first time they have appeared on this podcast, and they are from one of Australia’s most popular craft beer hotspots, Marrickville.What you may not know about Batch however, is what has been going on behind the scenes in the business. Over that last 12 months or so, some subtle changes to the business have been made. Some of them because of Covid, others due to the state of the market, and they are about to open the business up to an equity crowd funding offer.Plenty going on, so I thought I would get the lads on to talk about what all the changes mean for the future of the business.If you are interested in the equity crowd funding offer, you can get more information from here: you want to support the podcast, please rate and review here
Im heading back out West for another great craft beer story, and I am bloody excited about it. It’s no secret that I love the WA beer scene, the beers are awesome, the people even better, and the fans are amazing…I’m talking to you Perth Beer Snobs and South West Craft beer Bogans…thanks for your supportThe left side of the country is big and brown, perfect for growing grapes. I know, I know, this is a beer podcast, but I felt like that was a great segue for me to introduce my guest for this evening. His name is Jason Credaro and comes from a long line of viticulturists, wine makers for the uneducated few among you. But a trip to Oktoberfest kind of threw a spanner in the works of chasing the dream of working with grapes, he decided he’d rather switch to hops! Shunned by the family, he then set out to follow his dream. With stints at Billabong Brewing and Little Creatures, Blue Mile and Brick Lane, and even a recent stink in South Korea with AB-Inbev he has certainly paid his dues and built up a pretty handy set of skills. There's a bit in this story, what are you waiting for? Get into it!
This episode almost didn't happen!Recording proved to be a bit of a challenge, there were many technical glitches, false starts, and times when we really weren't sure if we were going to end up with any kind of finished product. But, we persevered, and I am so glad we did, cos this is a bloody fun chat. Many thanks to Ned and JC for working through the issues!!In this episode we discuss:hype beers and the challenge of naming and scheduling them, what it meant to win 2020 brewer of the year, Deeds' new taproom and when that should be open, how many grams per litre of hops is too much; andMacGyver and 7 minute abs.A fun interview with JC, and Ned on special comments!!! ;)Leave A ReviewDeeds BrewingBeer HealerSeven Minute Abs
This is another one of those episodes when I get to dive into a story about a brewery that I know very little about, Sunday Road Brewing. What do you know about Sunday Road brewing? Have you tried their beers, have you visited their tap room…where is their tap room? Well, for those of you who are either shit at geography, like me, or don't really know the crow flies, Sunday Road is about 25km South West of the Sydney Opera House. Closer to Cronulla Beach than Bondi, and with only a few breweries in the area, unlike Sydney’s jam packed inner west. It’s a bit slower paced, which I think seems to sit pretty nicely with the Sunday Road Brewing brand.Sunday Road Brewing founder, Brad Walker turned a Sunday afternoon home brewing hobby into an award winning brewery on Sydney's Southern Beaches with Head Brewer Mick O’Rance, and they joined me for a chat about their journey.Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple:
On a scale of 1 to 10, how “into” beer are you? My guests on this podcast, Dylan Kelly and Henry Tier are definitely 10/10. They are beer enthusiasts, who started home brewing, turned pro, and then started a business that aims to make it easier for more people to join the home brewing revolution.Yep, these guys brew professionally for 4Pines during the day and in their “spare” time they are developing recipes, sending out brew kits and answering questions for home brewers across Australia with Brew Box.I caught up with the boys recently to find out more about their plans to see how they planned to introduce more people to the joy of home brewing. Not a bad time to do it with people spending a lot more time at home, hey!!While I had them, I also thought I would pick their brains on the benefits of working for a big brewer, how they got their start in the industry, and what advice they had for home brewers looking to follow in their footsteps.
I'm hoping that Jester King Brewery needs no introduction for you, listeners. But just in case, this is how they describe themselves...Jester King is a brewery, kitchen, farm & event hall on a beautiful 165 acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We make food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place & people. We're a welcoming place for people of all ages to enjoy community, fun & hospitality in a very special setting.Jester King is one of those game changing breweries that captures the imagination of the craft beer drinker, this one included. Even though I had never tried any of their beers, I still wanted to find out more about how this brewery came to be. Jeff was kind enough to jump on the interwebs with me and give me some of his time so that I could share his stories, wisdom and insights with you all.
This chat with Allagash Brewing Marketing Director, Jeff Pillet-Shore was just what I was looking for to finish off the year.Allagash has been around since 1996 and is one of the OG’s of the USA craft beer scene. It was started by one man with a dream who would lend his hand at anything to get the brewery up and running…welding, jack hammering, electrical, it didn’t matter, and Rob Todd found a way to bring his dream to life. Since those humble beginnings, Allagash Brewing in Portand Maine has gone on to win all kinds of awards while producing some of the finest beers in the lands. It all started with a Belgian witbier, Allagash white that polarised drinkers initially, but eventually won over their hearts and minds and is now sold in cans and can be found all over America. Outside of that classic brew, Allagash pretty much plays in every other beer category you can think of.In this episode Jeff talks about:The complex and unique 3-tier system in America and how it shaped the USA market;How Allagash likes to position their marketing message in a crowded market;What it means to take a hospitality centred approach;How, even though they are getting bigger, they are still a brewer-led organisation;Some of the decisions they have made around the beers they brew, and choose not to brew;And how Allagash turned the gloom and doom of Covid-19 into a massive positive for their staff.An enlightening and educational chat with Jeff, that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.
The Pro, Protégé & The Hack Christmas Party is in full of us is hungover and the other two clowns are half cut and ready to go! Thank you to everyone who has supported the show this year, we have loved bringing it to you. On this episode, the boys answer your questions, and we give away some prizes!The boys have been getting high on their own supply prior to this issue, so as you would expect, they are getting overly comfortable and perhaps over-sharing!In this episode:Dave responds to the feedback he has received on his re-branding;They share their feelings about seltzer;Offer up some tips about hop freshness and keg vs bottle brewing; andWE ANNOUNCE OUR PLANS TO BREW A COLLABORATION BEER THIS YEAR!It's a big episode, we needed a little lie down afterwards!
You have just gotta hear the story about Clark's Chinese is epic!In this episode, we head overseas to talk about a brewery located in a little town called Decora, Iowa. Pretty much smack bang in the middle of this USA, Decorah is home to less than 10,000 people…and one brewery, Toppling Goliath.You may not be familiar with the name of the town, but I am tipping you know about Toppling Goliath, and if you are lucky enough, you may have tasted one of their award winning beers.Founded by Clark and Barbara Lewey in 2009, their home town may be small, but they have very quickly built a reputation as one of the best in the game.Not only is Clark a great brewer and business man, he is also a great story teller, as you will see by the end of this episode. wanting to find their beer, try one of these places...
Its not gonna come as a surprise to you that because of Covid, some in the craft brewing community are doing it pretty tough. It’s also not going to be a surprise to you that during these tough times, the community is rallying together in whatever way they can to help ensure the industry gets through this.I heard a story this past week about one brewery working with a few others on a bit of a collaboration project, and so I decided to put to work those amazing journalistic skills I learned back in Grade 10 English class, and do a little digging.My in-depth research led me to the two gentlemen, Luke Phillips from Deep Creek Brewing and Matt Wilson from the newly crowned Champion Brew Pub at the Indies, Moffat Beach Brewing. These guys have recently collaborated on a beer for the Deep Creek Local Lockdown series, where Kiwis, DC, have teamed up with 6 Aussie breweries to brew a beer and get it out to thirst Aussie as they come out of lockdown.It couldn't have come at a more opportune time for Moffat Beach Brewing, who had recently begun work on building their new brewery by way of an "instruction manual" made up of only photos! Matty is a real character and shares lots of fun stories on this ep.
In case you hadn't heard, HPA has released a new hop they think is gonna be something pretty bloody special. It's called Eclipse and it just might be the best hop since Galaxy...big call, hey!!Anyway, with the release of the new hop I thought I would record an episode that not only gave you all a bit of background about the hop, but also advice on how to introduce it (or other new hops) into your brew shed.In this episode, Owen talks about how brewers are spoiled for choice with hops these days, and if you are releasing a new hop like Eclipse you need to be able to impress a brewer enough to make them want to make a change to their hop bill…easier said than done!Joining Owen on this episode is Moo Brew Head Brewer, Jack Viney, and he talks about the new beer he brewed with the new hop and offers his advice to home brewers.
Another great tale of a bloke following his brewing dream, and taking the Gypsy Brewing route.This one has a few twists and turns, via Western Australia and London, and then back to South Australia to eventually set up a Tap Room in an old sex shop warehouse. It's a story of achieving great things due to great relationships...Little Bang,. Big Shed, Clare Valley, SA Tafe, neighbours, friends and his many people have helped to make this dream a reality.Tony started in the shed, and now he's here...apologies for my pathetic introduction on this one! ;)
More bonus content for ya!It seems that Wild Ales, blending and barrel ageing is a hot topic in craft beer right now. Names like Wildflower Brewing & Blending, Garage Project, Dollar Bill Brewing Pty Ltd, Jester King Brewery and Casey Brewing and Blending are on the tip of the tongues of the pointy end of the craft beer market.Will Tatchell from Van Dieman Brewing released 3 Wild Ales this week. He calls them his Australian Spontaneous Ales, and they are made with a mix of local produce, local microbes and French oak casks.I invited him on to this video chat to explain each of the beers, how they were made, what's in them, and the various complex characteristics, as we drank them together!Lovers of advanced brewing techniques, or magical beers, you will love this!
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