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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell!
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In case you hadn't heard, HPA has released a new hop they think is gonna be something pretty bloody special. It's called Eclipse and it just might be the best hop since Galaxy...big call, hey!!Anyway, with the release of the new hop I thought I would record an episode that not only gave you all a bit of background about the hop, but also advice on how to introduce it (or other new hops) into your brew shed.In this episode, Owen talks about how brewers are spoiled for choice with hops these days, and if you are releasing a new hop like Eclipse you need to be able to impress a brewer enough to make them want to make a change to their hop bill…easier said than done!Joining Owen on this episode is Moo Brew Head Brewer, Jack Viney, and he talks about the new beer he brewed with the new hop and offers his advice to home brewers.
Another great tale of a bloke following his brewing dream, and taking the Gypsy Brewing route.This one has a few twists and turns, via Western Australia and London, and then back to South Australia to eventually set up a Tap Room in an old sex shop warehouse. It's a story of achieving great things due to great relationships...Little Bang,. Big Shed, Clare Valley, SA Tafe, neighbours, friends and his many people have helped to make this dream a reality.Tony started in the shed, and now he's here...apologies for my pathetic introduction on this one! ;)
More bonus content for ya!It seems that Wild Ales, blending and barrel ageing is a hot topic in craft beer right now. Names like Wildflower Brewing & Blending, Garage Project, Dollar Bill Brewing Pty Ltd, Jester King Brewery and Casey Brewing and Blending are on the tip of the tongues of the pointy end of the craft beer market.Will Tatchell from Van Dieman Brewing released 3 Wild Ales this week. He calls them his Australian Spontaneous Ales, and they are made with a mix of local produce, local microbes and French oak casks.I invited him on to this video chat to explain each of the beers, how they were made, what's in them, and the various complex characteristics, as we drank them together!Lovers of advanced brewing techniques, or magical beers, you will love this!
Everywhere you go in this craft beer industry, you meet people, have a chat, and very quickly realise that if you are also from the industry, there are about 3 degrees of separation between people. Everyone knows someone who has worked for the Goat, James Squire, Feral, Little Creatures or Matlida Bay.In this case, we have a brewery on the Balmain Peninsula filled with people who have spent time at Balter, Modus Operandi, The Rocks, 4 Pines, Stone & Wood and Little Creatures. That sounds like a pretty good mix of experiences on which to base a new brewing venture. And so was born White Bay Brewing, co-founded by some well known names…the Tims, Condon & Fishwick, Adam Trippe-Smith, Jess Walker and my guest on this episode, Dennis DeBoer.Joining White Bay after stints at Oskar Blues, Stone & Wood and Modus Operandi, you could say he has paid his dues and now it's his time to shine at the front of this craft beer boy band, White Bay Brewing.
A bit of bonus content for you...This is a quick interview I did this week with a new Tasmanian Gypsy Brewer, Steve Tully from 22 Paces Brewing.Steve was launching his new beer, a very tasty XPA, at Hobart craft beer hotspot, Preachers.
This one is for those who are fascinated by science, love the magic of time in barrel, or want to learn more about the art of wild ales. It’s a longer episode, but I think you will like it!For this episode, I invited Troy Casey from Casey Brewing and Blending in Glenwood Springs Colorado to tell us about the art of brewing and blending Wild Ales. Troy and his wife, Emma, established Casey in 2013 with a desire to brew beers with amazing local ingredients, fermented in oak barrels.Troy has a great story to share about beer nerds in sleeping bags waiting for his release at the tap room, the great advice Charlie Bamforth gave him, and how the Cantillon rep back in the day had to plead with him to buy a bottle!For those interested in brewing Wild Ales, I borrowed upon the expertise of Will Tatchell to help me with asking some more technical questions that will hopefully quench your thirst for wild ale knowledge.But, he’s not the only one imparting knowledge in this episode though, I repay the favour by teaching him about “taking the piss”! One of my most favourite episodes, Troy is a great guy who is only too happy to share his insights.
Strange title for my 100th episode? Listen in and you will understand the reference.In this episode, the always entertaining Jos and Pete from Garage Project share their stories from the past, present and future. We cover a lot of ground and have a lot of laughs as the lads dive into some of the folklore around an amazing brand.I don't need to sell this one to you, you know it will be great...amazing guests!
If you haven’t been to Hobart, chances you haven’t heard of, and more than likely never tried the beers from my guests brewery. If you walk 15 minutes North of the Hobart CBD, you are in one of the best areas for food and drinks in Tasmania, and one of the first places you will discover is a small brew pub by the name of T-Bone brewing. Established in 2015 by the dynamic husband and wife duo of Tom and Carla Bignell, it is true that good things come in small packages, as this brewery is now producing some of the tastiest beers in the state.A rare "live in venue" recording for me...I can't wait to be able to travel and do more of these!
When you want to go deep on a topic you love, in this case IPA's, you want to talk about it with someone who also loves them and is pretty damn good at brewing them...luckily Dave Padden is known as one of the best brewers in the IPA game! And, believe it or not, his Protege, Ben Miller has been lapping up all of the knowledge that Dave has been throwing his way in recent years and really rises to the occasion in this episode!We dive into the sub styles of IPA for a "quick" game of "Love it or Hate it", which became a pretty in-depth chat about the various sub styles where the boys shared their stories from the past (The 6 Schooner Test) about great examples of the style and what they learned from brewing them.BTW - Did you know that these guys are so dedicated to brewing Hazy IPA's, that even after brewing them for 4 years, they still feel the have more to learn, and talk a couple of times a week about the new stuff they have learned! That is dedication to the cause.If you are a home brewer, and you only listen to one podcast this week...make it this one!Oh and if you are on Apple Podcasts, please rate, review and subscribe for me!
The hall of Asgard is where Vikings go to drink with their mates in the after cool is that!What started out as a story of a guy busting is balls to live his brewing dream ended up being a fun and entertaining chat about gypsy brewing, the art of label design, and 90's Aussie rock!!I had a great time chatting with Scott Hunt form Valhalla Brewing, he is a ripping bloke that has a great story to tell.Enjoy!
Uraidla? Where the f##k is Uraidla? That was the response from my mate when I told him I had Uraidla Brewery Head Brewer, Oscar Matthews on the podcast this week. Uraidla sounds like a town in the middle of nowhere, but truth be told, its only 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD in the Adelaide Hills!And what a great story Oscar has to tell. He learned his craft in a San Luis Obispo, converted an old abandoned squash court into a brewery, bought a kit that was too small and half way through they upped it a bigger one! Starting early on as a contract brewer, he is now brewing great beers out of the old squash court with local spring water and witchcraft inspired names!We covered a lot of ground in this one and I also learned something about brewery waste water in this episode!!
It's a pretty familiar story with craft breweries, there are only so many resources available and far too many jobs to be done. Often, getting the beer out the door is a lot more important than building a brand, so what inevitably happens is that the brewery designs a logo. As Dave talks about in this interview, a logo and a brand, while closely related and must work together cohesively, are different things.A logo is an easily recognizable graphic symbol that identifies a company, a commercial product, or any public or private entity. A brand is the idea or image people have in mind when thinking about specific products, services and activities of a company, both in a practical and emotional way.See the difference?In this episode, Dave talks about the process he went through to update his branding. It involved being told harsh truths, he had to make big decisions, he had to let gho a bit, and he listened to the people around him to come up with a new era for Akasha Brewing Company. As always with Dave, this is an open and honest discussion with insights from one of the best in the biz.
Usually when I prepare for these interviews, I have a pretty good idea for what topics we will discuss, and know enough about my guest to not get too caught off guard with their answers.I thought that would be the case with this interview, but i was DEAD WRONG!Whatever you think you know about St. Andrews Beach Brewery, I guarantee this chat with Tim will make you realise that there is more than meets the eye wit this one!
Hands up if you think that 2020 has been pretty shit?I am with you, it sure has. But let’s spare a thought for our friends in Victoria…their 2020 has been extra shit, and it continues to be that way. I have friends, family and work colleagues in Victoria and sometimes I feel guilty for the current situation we find ourselves down here in Tasmania, and sometimes I honestly feel helpless.So last week, when I heard that the great people at Brick Lane Brewing and Carwyn Cellars were collaborating on a very special beer to raise funds for the Covid19 EAD program, I wanted to be able to use this platform to help them out in some small way.So here we are…joining me to talk about their new collaboration, their second All Together Beer, is Paul Bowker and Jon Seltin form Brick Lane, and someone new to the podcast, Ben Carwyn from Carwyn Cellars.This beer is a great initiative, so if you want to support it and get hold of some of the new beer, you can buy it online at Carwyn Cellars here, or via Brick Lane here
No fancy introduction to this one...I'm going to keep it simple. If you have any interest in becoming a Gypsy Brewer, or want to know more about how it works, listen to this episode with Shapeshifter Brewing Co-Founder (and current Gypsy Brewer), James McCall. James has written a blog about the subject and wants to share is tips with even more people, so he joined me for a chat!
Tell me if you have heard this story before, a bunch of Uni mates decide to home brew to "save money". Sounds familiar? Well for South Fremantle Brewing, that is how it all started for a group of 12 mates, an then they realised they were kinda good at it.A few of the 12 dropped off along the way, but those who remain decided to follow the gypsy brewing path and set out to create beers that the local community could be proud of. They now juggle their real jobs and look to take their side hustle to the next level.This is the dream that so many home brewers want to chase, Graham Rigo and his mates are making it happen!
This episode is the usual mix of taking the piss, back slapping and little gems of info they that the Pro & Protege drop along the way!This time, we are talking about Kettle Sours, and then we move into adding fruit into beers. Both Ben and Dave are very experienced with these styles...Dave sips on a Blood Orange Gose while we chat, and Ben has been messing around with these styles in his Pro-Sumer home brew set up for years. He even served a mulberry sour at his wedding that Dave may of may not have over indulged on!Stuff we cover in this:How some brewers use Inner Health Plus tablets in their beer!The things you need to know about brewing kettle sours;How Akasha brew their kettle sours and how they were inspired by Anderson Valley;How there is a bit of a difference about how you should handle your fruit in the home shed, as opposed to the commercial brewery;Why keeping oxygen out of your beers is an absolute must - purge, purge, purge;How you can experiment in your brew shed with split ferments;And what fruit the boys would never use in a fruited beer!Some great stuff in this, enjoy the fun!
China...allegedly the second hardest place in the world to open a craft brewery and Carl Setzer from Great Leap Brewing said "Challenge Accepted"!!Enjoy this extended play interview, Carl had a lot of great stories to tell, so I just wound him up and let him go for it! In this episode he talks about:The importance of combining the chinese stories and the american brewing ideas to come up with a label for ex-pats and the emerging chinese craft beer drinker.How you need to know how to work the system in China for it to work for you. Including the importance of shouting government executives to dinner to "thank them" for approving your application.The amazing ingredients available in the western world and how he creates unique beers with them.Getting all nerdy about the different varieties of "craft" honey available to brew with in China.And how the small guy fought AB Inbev and won, for the betterment of the craft beer industry in China.And he also shares the story of how he and Moon Dog Co-Founder Josh Uljans met over a number two...literally. A funny story that is made even better by Carls impressions of Josh!This interview was a blast!!Check out their awesome beer labels: rock blog article:
Mentioning the name Sea Legs Brewing outside of the Sunshine State might draw a few blank looks from beer lovers, it certainly snuck up on me, and I’d like to think I have my finger in the beer pulse in this country. I was flicking through the Gram and came across one of their posts somehow. One click through to their profile and a few photos later, I was like, who are these people, I want to know more.So here we are, we are about to go on a journey, a voyage if you will, and see where this little brewery, Sea Legs, came from, and more importantly, where their head brewer and co founder, John Fuchs, sees them going in the future.In this episode, Jon is really open and honest about the challenges he overcame in bringing his dream to was a tough slog! But, he seems to have handled it all pretty well and is now reaping the rewards and pumping out some great beer! Along the way he shares some great stories of his time in Colorado as a home brewer, and, let's us in on why he doesn't have a mid-strength option to convert the Queensland middy-drinkers...yet!Please Subscribe, Rate and Review:
The wonderful world of yeast is the topic for discussion on this episode, and there is a lot to cover off on!Among the piss taking and laughter, there are some serious bits of knowledge being dropped by the lads this week. In this episode, we cover:Yeast flavours and aromasRules for yeast usageOver pitchingCollecting and cleaning yeastStarters vs rehydrationAnd the boys brewer crush on Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing...wild yeast cultivator who we will get back on for a further discussion soon. Dave also shares some insights on how he handles his yeast strains on a larger scale at Akasha Brewing.
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