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The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

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Fan Favorite and one of the most popular Bachelors Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, the notorious crier from ABC’s Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, will be covering everything relationships and breaking down the new season of the Bachelorette. They will include interviews with celebrities, past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, and interactions from their most loyal fans.
189 Episodes
Ben and Ashley sit down with Caelynn Miller Keyes to go IN DEPTH about her life leading up to “The Bachelor” and how her experience on the show changed her perspective.  All the information you crave, from getting cast for The Bachelor to her history with Hannah B and  how it felt to be passed over for The Bachelorette. Get an inside look at her relationship with Dean and the truth about their wedding rings! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Ben and Ashley address the complicated issue surrounding Hannah B.   We discuss Kaitlyn Bristowe’s new career as a country artist! Plus, the music will continue for winning couple Bri and Chris who join us to tell all when hey spill on a potential engagement! Plus Katie Morton joins us with a healthy snack recipe for “What’s Cookin Bach Nation?” Learn more about your ad-choices at
Goodbye Bachelor Mansion

Goodbye Bachelor Mansion


What does the future hold for The Bachelorette??  what will happen if the show moves out of California! And we try to make sense of Hannah B and Tyler’s “relationship” plus Kaitlyn Bristowe opens up about a difficult moment from her past. Deandra from Peter’s season shares some recipes for another edition of “What’s Cookin Bach Nation?” We recap this week’s episode of “Listen to Your Heart”, Ben and Ashley get to know Matt Ranaudo! Will Rudi join his band?? Learn more about your ad-choices at
Peter Found his Co-Pilot

Peter Found his Co-Pilot


Ben and Ashley break down all the hot Bachelor gossip, like Peter and Kelley making things official! What does Barb think?? The Bachelor is planning a huge series this summer that will look back on all the unforgettable moments throughout the franchise, will Ben watch his “moments” with Jess? And Ben & Ashley break down this week’s episode of “Listen To Your Heart”, and we have Bri Stauss with us for the inside perspective! We find out how she felt saying “I love you” for the first time in front of an audience, and she opens up about the real reason she went on the show! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Ben and Ashley go In Depth with Demi Burnett for a raw and vulnerable conversation.  Demi tells us about her early life and how her journey with sexuality changed her perspective. We hear about her relationship with her mother after she was released from prison.  Demi reveals how she first met Kristian and how are things between them since breaking up.  This is an In Depth like you’ve never heard before, because Demi puts it ALL on the table. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Getting "Clare-ification"

Getting "Clare-ification"


Ben opens up about all the headlines going around about his marital bed and we clear up any confusion about what is (or isn’t) happening with Jess! Ben and Ashley cover all the Bachelor hot topics. We break down the Tik Tok drama involving Madi, we try to figure out what’s going on with Matt James and we hear Ben and Ashley’s honest reactions to Clare’s scathing post about her contestants.  Plus we recap all the drama on this week’s episode of “Listen to Your Heart” along with some inside info from Savannah about what went down between her and Brandon. Learn more about your ad-choices at
In Depth with the most popular Bachelor that never was: Peter Kraus. This likeable, fan favorite, never appeared on anther incarnation of the show...find out why. His experience on the show deeply affected him thus changing his relationship with the franchise. We get to the bottom of what went down when he was asked to be “The Bachelor”. We hear the story of how he got involved with The Bachelorette which actually started way back in high school. And, we uncover need to know details about Peter Kraus now... Learn more about your ad-choices at
Bachelor Nation has eagle eyes and they are unraveling the mystery of Chris Soules and Victoria F. Ben and Ashley join in to tell you what they know. Plus, find out everything about the feud between Tyler C and Jed, Jenna Cooper's vindication and fans Venmoing Tyler C for an engagement ring. And, Listen To Your Heart Episode 2 has aired and Ben and Ashley talk to drama queen Natascha Bessez. Discover why she called out Trevor and every dirty detail on what it’s like to kiss Ryan! Kendall Long joins us for “What’s Cookin Bach Nation??” with a recipe you don't want to miss. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Blake Horstmann goes deep for this highly anticipated In Depth revealing the truth behind the tears during his break-up with Becca Kufrin, getting passed over for Bachelor, and his INFAMOUS experience at Stagecoach. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Listen to your Heart has finally arrived and Ben and Ashley are ready to break it down. Ben and Ashley talk to Ryan Neal (who is already a fan favorite) about his experience on the show. Are people there for the “right reasons”?? Plus, we run through Bachelor hot topics including Kelley telling Ben and Ashley that she was locked in a closet by producers. And fresh out of the oven, our first “What’s Cookin Bach Nation”! Heather M. shares a recipe you’re going to love! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Hannah Ann answers lingering questions about her breakup with Peter. Does she think their engagement ended because of Madi or another girl?? How everything was kept a secret until the very end? When and how she discovered that Madi chose to leave and what she would have done if she knew prior to her proposal.  Plus, her thoughts on Peter's DM's with Kelley Flannagan and Hannah B. in the midst of their relationship. And a giggly response when asked about dating. Learn more about your ad-choices at
He's here ...Peter Weber...and he's answering EVERYTHING. Find out what is happening between Peter and Kelley. Peter opens up about how he handled the pressure of being “The Bachelor”. We get inside his mind during the final moments of his season and try to make sense of his decisions. From Regrets to the things we didn't see...Peter opens up and tells all. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Ben and Ashley go In Depth with a fan favorite couple from Paradise, Hannah G and Dylan!  We find out how quarantine has tested their relationship and how things have changed since getting engaged. And we get personal… and find out if they’ve been fighting during the stressful journey of wedding planning! Learn more about your ad-choices at



We get all the details on Ben’s engagement to Jess!! He tells us about all the adorable plans he made… and which ones didn’t quite pan out! You’ll never believe what Jess thought was happening when Ben started his speech!  What are their wedding plans?? Will they move in together?? Plus Bachelor hot topics! What’s the latest on Tyler and Hannah?? And are Connor S and Madi dating?? Ben and Ashley cover it all. And we congratulate a Bachelor OG on her big news! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Birthday Benny

Birthday Benny


It's Ben's birthday!! We have some major birthday surprises in store! Chris Harrison joins us in celebrating Ben and he clears up some confusion about Clare's season of The Bachelorette and potential re-casting. Ben's girlfriend Jess gives us the real story on how Ben is as a quarantine partner.  And we catch up with Shawn Booth! Plus all the trending Bachelor news, and an honest attempt to figure out what's going on with "Tannah's" Tik Toks.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Bachelor Boys Night

Bachelor Boys Night


Why did Peter pull a switcheroo?! Arie Luyendyk gives his honest opinion on Peter‘s tumultuous finale and how going through something similar ended up being the best outcome for him. And the original “switcheroo” expert, Bachelor Jason Mesnick, joins us for some insight on what was going through Peter’s mind. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Ben and Ashley Catch us up on all the latest bachelor news....the latest with Hannah B and Tyler C,  Hannah Ann, Madison and Peter plus what is going to happen with Clare’s season of The Bachelorette Also, former Bachelor Dr. Travis Stork helps answer our Covid 19 questions. Taylor Nolan has advice on how to remain calm that may be the most shocking idea ever and Derek Peth is live from New York.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
After, After the Final Rose

After, After the Final Rose


Ashley is joined by an expert panel to recap what truly was the most dramatic and shocking finale ever?! Amanda, Angela, Krystal, Tayshia and Savannah armchair quarterback the heck out of this finale.  Oh, BARB!  Plus... Is Angela dating? How are Krystal and Chris doing? And Tayshia talks about being passed over for Bachelorette! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Part one of Peter’s finale and we’ve got two of his girls with us to break it all down. Savannah and Sydney are hanging out with Ben & Ashley to discuss EVERYTHING about the woman who stole the show… Peter’s mom Barb! Was she too emotional??? Ben gives us his honest reaction to Barb’s discussion about faith with Madison. And Ashley shares her theory about Hannah Ann. Plus we hear their predictions for part 2! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Corinne Tells All

Corinne Tells All


It’s the Women Tell All ...Corinne Olympios is here telling all! After an update on her dating life, Corinne helps us break down all the drama from the Tell All...Including why Kelly was absent! We hear Ben and Ashley’s reactions to our new Bachelorette, Clare Crawley. And we get deep thoughts with OG Courtney Robertson! Finally,A bachelorette spouse discusses poopgate. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Comments (98)

Sheena P

let's get Peter on Clare's season!!! He wants to date women over 30!!!

Apr 30th

Jhosselin Fernandez

Why is nobody pointing out that Peter's dad only said what he said on tv because his mom TOLD him to also say something negative so she wouldnt look bad. She said in spanish "Help me out here, say something bad too"

Mar 11th

Amy Garza

If you go back and listen carefully to some of the things Chris said, he kind of shifted the light onto Hannah Ann. I truly want Madison to win. But after hearing Chris, I am worried that it's Hannah Ann.

Feb 25th

Kyndra Atchison

I am with Ashley on the Hannah Ann thing.. I haven't felt it at all... I think this whole season is lacking deep emotion honestly. ps. Madison is the only girl I've liked all season.

Feb 18th


Disappointed in 98 percent of the girl's casting this season. Especially Hannah Ann... ugh. 🤢🤯

Jan 15th
Reply (1)

Myra Aronce Oriola

I wish I can meet Chris soules but I know you have to be famous lady...

Dec 27th
Reply (1)

Phoenixgirl 81

nice episode

Oct 31st
Reply (1)

Suzanne Martins

I would like to request an In Depth with Blake H. He deserves some redemption with the beating he's taken in Paradise and the After Show. Would love to get more insight beyond the he said she saids. PS - loved your In Depth with Mike Johnson

Oct 8th

Jaime Lester

Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but I feel like Mike is a little full of himself. And a little bit of an ahole

Oct 5th
Reply (1)

Sara James

And now we know why he wasn’t chosen to be the bachelor.

Oct 3rd

Alicia Pochatko


Sep 23rd

Cassie Hart

All Time Favorite So far!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Sep 20th

Willow Fay

I hardly ever post...but the growth here is wonderful. go goose and crystal...i love you guys

Aug 29th

Stacey Williams

OMG i could NOT AGREE MORE! I definitely miss Elan's influence... its at times hard to watch because there is nothing but drama AND there isn't a focus of balance as there was when he was here. the quality of tv is diminished this season for sure.... BUT I'm clearly still watching and listening.

Aug 21st
Reply (1)

Vicki Smith Winder

I haven’t listened to this podcast in several months and after the one that came out today with Dean, I will NEVER listen again. In fact, I will be giving terrible ratings and asking others to do the same! Get off your high horses, JERKS!

Aug 8th
Reply (1)

Iris Torres

Jed should have just told Hannah about Haley before anything got out. Especially if in his mind it wasn't a real relationship and he ended things with her. period

Aug 3rd

Shannon Gaylord-Sweeney

I love you all and that wont change however this whole defending luke stuff and talking about being disappointed in the others thing may have pushed me completely over the edge. I would suggest you guys listen to the Bachelor party podcast with Chris Harrison. luke is a very lost man he is very narcissistic. Chris said he was portrayed realistically. his pauses during his interview with chris where clearly a result of being coached and told by people in his personal life to think before he speaks. Also when asked if he would change anything he said no. Yes you all have been on the show before however you guys were not subjected to his crap in real time. they have dealt with this week after week after week and I'm sorry if I were any of these people let alone Hannah I would have lit his ass on fire. that was tame compared to what he deserved. yes maybe he is confused bu religion but he clearly stated he would not change anything. Tayshia for you to bring up hannah on colton season has absolutely no comparison to Luke. it's ok to call a spade a spade and not candy coat or pussy foot around that and try making him seem like he was harassed by others. As for connor luke caused at least 3 cocktail parties to be canceled causing others to lose time. your killing me smalls.

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Marie Helberg

Hannah had every right to apologize for the time he was on air he was completely disrespectful and did not listen to her when she tried to say no and for him to leave like he had no disregard for her feelings and I think upon viewing that after the show it just made her mad so I don't blame her for

Jul 23rd
Reply (1)

Amanda Taylor

saw. q. 0 same as eww 25s vou qui

Jul 15th

Claire S

It really starts at 14 minutes.

Jul 10th
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