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Author: Jesse Cramer

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Welcome to the Best Interest Podcast, hosted by Jesse Cramer, where we discuss today’s best ideas in personal finance and investing.
4 Episodes
The market drops 2% and people clamor, "Buy the dip!" Let's talk about how dumb that is. And then let's discuss Michael Burry's opinion that the U.S. is about the face an inflation crisis comparative to 1920's Weimar Germany. Yikes.  Mentioned in this episode: "Priced in" - "The CoronaViral Stock Market" - Viral Stock Market Strategies - A Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Burton Malkiel Note--Affiliate Link:
On Episode 3 of the Best Interest Podcast, we discuss personal finance unknowns. Sudden expenses, 'black swans,' and what we can do to save ourselves from trouble. I also answer an interesting question about CAPM--the Capital Asset Pricing Model. Cool stuff! 
How can a windy lake teach us about long-term investing?  And I answer listener questions about my first investment, about bonds, and about the "flat earth" conspiracy. How fun!
Hi world! Welcome to episode 1 of the Best Interest podcast. Today we talk about improving your finances and we talk about gold! Trust me, those two topics aren't very related. Here are a bunch of stuff I mentioned in this episode: My Twitter: BestInterest_JC My email: The Financial Order of Operations: The Fulfillment Curve: Net Worth Targets By Age: Subscribe to the blog!:  
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