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The Best Storyteller In Texas Podcast

Author: Kent Hance

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Host Kent Hance shares insightful, educational and often hilarious stories from
his legendary life as a lawyer, a former U.S. Congressman, a university chancellor, and most notably, a native Texan.

With themes ranging from leadership to politics and great friendships with some colorful characters, this podcast is an opportunity for Hance to share some of his rare, behind-the-scenes experiences and to solidify his unofficial title as The Best Storyteller in Texas.
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Originally released May 1, 2021 In this episode: How does a kid go from living in a rundown tenement, performing at the bottom of his class, to becoming a Yale-educated, renowned neurosurgeon serving as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development? Dr. Carson credits much of his success to a wise and persistent mother, a TV quiz show, and a good education. He shares his belief in the power of prayer and affirms, “The person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you.”
Kent shares what he believes to be the most demeaning thing in politics.
In this episode of "Kent Hance: The Best Storyteller in Texas," Kent Hance delves into various topics, starting with the leadership and impact of Generals George Patton and Earl Rudder during World War II. He highlights their contributions to military history and Texas A&M University. The episode also features a clip of 100-year-old WWII veteran Castor Salemi sharing his service experiences. Hance adds humor with an anecdote about an accidental bombing and discusses political views, severe weather in West Texas, tipping culture, business competition, and TV game shows, offering a rich mix of history, humor, and cultural insights.
In today's fast-paced world, staying focused is a challenge, especially with the overwhelming flood of information. Young people, in particular, struggle to stay attentive amidst the noise. It's crucial to filter sources of information to avoid the drastic consequences of misinformation, which can even lead to severe outcomes like wars. Tune into the episode for a deep dive into focus in the information age.
Alann Webb was a hero of World War II and his story deserves to be heard.  
Kent shares a story about a man who was described by the jailer as looking like a “Big 'ol Grape.” He then explains why he waited a bit before securing the man’s release from jail.
Classic Bob Bullock

Classic Bob Bullock


Today in "Kent's Clips," Kent shares a classic story about the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Bob Bullock. Governor Bullock was in a foul mood one day, and Kent ended up catching the brunt of it.
In this episode, Kent delves into the Trump trial, rigorously analyzing the judge's potential biases and the media's influence on public perception. He explores the trial's implications for future politics and elections, as well as the contentious issue of immunity for ex-presidents. Additionally, the episode examines a study on preferred living states, providing a comprehensive blend of legal analysis and societal insights.
Rick Perry Part 3

Rick Perry Part 3


This episode was originally published Nov 22, 2022: Kent wraps up his visit with Rick Perry, who talks about his two years as Texas lieutenant governor and his accomplishments as Texas’ longest continuously serving governor. Perry tells us why being Texas governor was the best job he’s ever had, why being Secretary of Energy in the Trump administration was the most interesting, and ticks off some impressive accomplishments at DOE that have made America substantially safer, stronger, and more competitive.
Rick Perry Part 2

Rick Perry Part 2


This episode was originally published in Nov 2022: Kent again talks with former Texas Governor Rick Perry. What was it like to go from being a Paint Creek boy who’d seldom left home to flying C-130s for the Air Force in Europe? Perry tells how a 30-inch rainfall changed the trajectory of his life, discusses his early days in politics, reflects on the rewards of volunteering, and shares one of the most valuable lessons from his public service career. With all its drama, why does Perry prefer the Texas political arena over Washington, DC?
This episode was originally published in November 2022. Kent chats with a Texas statesmen, former Governor and U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry about a range of topics: Perry’s upbringing in the remote West Texas town of Paint Creek; how his parents, coaches, and scoutmaster positively influenced his life; and the iconic small-town cultural experience of six-man football. The secretary reveals the three things he knew he wanted from life at age 16, discusses his years at TAMU, and reveals a point of pride from his long public service career.
The Drunken Aussie

The Drunken Aussie


A classic story that shows how important it is to get accurate information before making a decision.
A Truck and a Toe Job

A Truck and a Toe Job


When a congressman from Louisiana found himself in trouble, a friend attempted to assist him. It's easy to see why the press didn't believe his excuse.
Today in Kent's Clip: Kent shares stories about Bill Clinton and John McClain
In this episode, Kent delves into a medley of subjects, from the solemnity of Memorial Day to the soaring costs of groceries. The discussion also veers into the realm of service animals, with quirky tales of unconventional ones like peacocks and snakes. Additionally, the episode is peppered with discussions about community innovations, including a giant Monopoly board.
This week's Fan Favorite is from Jan 2024. In this episode, tune in to hear Kent's keynote address delivered to the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. Established in 1920, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas stands as a nonprofit service organization dedicated to fostering fellowship, philanthropy, and the overall welfare of the broader Dallas community. For over a century, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas has been unwavering in its commitment to spearheading innovation and making a lasting impact on the holistic well-being of children.
Today in Kent's Clips:  Kent takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reflecting on his first job. To this day he still remember how he was taught to answer the phone. 
Some people are quick to ask for a favor.  The 'ol Boy that Kent met at United Supermarket was real fast. 
Dr. Denton Cooley  was an American cardiothoracic surgeon famous for performing the first implantation of a total artificial heart. Dr. Cooley was the best and he knew it. 
The Trump Trials

The Trump Trials


In this episode, Kent explores the complex legal challenges faced by former President Trump and his associates. He dissects various cases, including the so called “hush money” scandal, Georgia election interference, and federal election violations, considering their effects on Trump's campaigning and the presidential race. The dialogue also covers presidential debates, TV's political sway, and the potential disruption by third-party candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. The episode wraps up with lighter banter all while offering deep insights into politics and societal shifts.