DiscoverThe Best of the USA CBD Conference Feb 2020
The Best of the USA CBD Conference Feb 2020

The Best of the USA CBD Conference Feb 2020

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USA CBD Expo features the CBD and hemp industry’s premier educational experience. Influential speakers from around the world come to inform attendees on the most important issues and topics in the space, including business, law, science and more!

34 Episodes
Industry experts Justin Johnson - Founder & CEO of BudsFeed, Juan Ayala - Founder of Venspark, Co-Founder of SoRSE Tech and Super Immunity and Kristen Brooks - Founder of Health Not High discuss the common questions/concerns facing today’s average consumer when it comes to selecting HEMP-derived branded products and more.
Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization


What happens when the hemp flood gates open? Cannabis regulation is underway and with the winds of political change blowing, it's just a matter of time before businesses are free to move about the cabin and enter a new flight path across our country's retail landscape.
Activated Nanometric Powder
Commercial Hemp uses 2018 resurgence law changed to legal.
How to save a CBD company and the coming bubble.
1st transgender CBD thought leader SAAS platform for eCommerce.
How to Find Customer Love and Loyalty in Today's Marketplace and how to reach consumers effectively in the CBD market.
Eric describes how to be authentic and transparent regarding sourcing, ingredients, packaging, testing, and efficacy and how it translates to the consumer.
Eric Goepel, a 2 tour Iraq veteran is the founder of the Veterans and Cannabis Coalition which advocates on behalf of veterans against the federal prohibition of Cannabis.
George Hou a 20 + year veteran of CBD explains little known tips on how to create your next best selling CBD product.
Joy Beckerman industry leader for 30 years, president of hemp industries association, and chief regulatory officer for Elixinol. Joy discusses how to navigate the FDA rules and regulations.
Chef Michael Fattah talks about the importance of CBD dosage in food by using math.
Devin Penhall, Director of Client Strategy, Force Brands connects world-class talent with startups and industry leaders in the CPG and cannabis industry. How to find, recruit, hire, and retain top talent.
Shayda Torabie discusses how to market to consumers through education in an unregulated market.
With over 25 years of experience in the CBD market, Dan discusses how to optimize; your CBD business from ideation through revenue and how to stay out of the CBD graveyard.
Dr. Akash Bajaj discusses how and why CBD works in the body and the medical science behind CBD, Through explaining the medical science, dosage, agriculture, and through case studies, Dr. Bajaj provides insights into how to use CBD for pain management.
How to create a strategic Brand Message to Amplify Sales Conversion, Connections, and Media Opportunities.
Episode 18: Pet Panel

Episode 18: Pet Panel


How and what kind of CBD to use to treat your dog's ailments from arthritis to cancer.
Using Hemp seed to help food intolerances and find the pathway to sustainable health.
Obstacles for CBD to overcome in 2020 and get your products into retail and gain market share.
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