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We believe in having your own individualized programming to achieve your goals. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone in this journey. Our podcast is just one of many ways our coaches and athletes come together to explore various concepts of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle that can change the game.

Come learn and grow with us in our pursuit of excellence.

Bred for victory. #ThePack

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only 2 sports should train these 2 lifts
just “don’t” do it
Humans: Rec Golf

Humans: Rec Golf


be awesome at walking and hitting balls, there, that’s it
Reach for the Rings

Reach for the Rings


documentary pre-order PSA
Humans: Run Away

Humans: Run Away


RUN if a coach answers this ...
AMSI: 5 minutes

AMSI: 5 minutes


a detailed account of 5 min of mixed work
Humans: #ThisIsWhyNot

Humans: #ThisIsWhyNot


why one perhaps should not do the open
to get better aerobically, you do more, not less
CF OPEN Nutrition chatter
dynamic contractions are Dysfunctional
Train Slow, Be Slow

Train Slow, Be Slow


bodybuilding in a MM season?
Virtual Fantasy

Virtual Fantasy


online competitions in Mixed Modal



MM Recovery
MM and Football
IF3 Skill

IF3 Skill


explanation of test #4 in IF3
thermoregulation, fuel, HPO, cardiac output, muscles, recovery, psychology, skill acquisition, respiration are the 9 theoretical limiters in MM
Does Mixed Modal have any possible role in helping someone be the best they can be at the sport of soccer?
On Episode 32 of the Big Dawgs Podcast James FitzGerald muses about the CrossFit Open 2020. He covers topics of Time, Movement, Volume, Season, and Rate as they relate to the Open. Sponsored by Oxygen. Big Dawgs Coaches work with athletes and those dedicated to reaching their full potential in fitness. Whether you're training for life or competition, your coach is committed to your success. Get a coach to achieve next level results. Join The Pack mailing list and never miss a thing. Instagram: @bigdawgsathlete Facebook: @bigdawgsathlete Twitter: @bigdawgsathlete
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James Wyatt

Great podcast, just wanted to ask a question. where did you get the 95, 92 and 90% from to be the optimal of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th interval?

May 2nd
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