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*Welcome To The House Party! *

This is the Big Homies House and you are OFFICIALLY A HOMIE! Hosted by Kodaq and features a host of co-hosts, get your weekly fix of off the wall antics! Check back weekly for new content !
66 Episodes
All That Jazz Ft. Jazz Anderson -  Big Homies House E:66#JazzAnderson #NBAPlayoffs #FoxSoul Its episode 66 and we have the Homies Jazz Anderson, and Big Homie Kitty stopping by to kick it with us !! This week we’re discussing good credit, sugar daddies and dating while having them, can someone and their daily habit for eating trash food be a turnoff?? All this and more, and we tap into Jazz Anderson’s relationship with her mother post coming out with a girlfriend, its another week with the Homies !ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are @jazzanderson@pretty.z.kitty TIMESTAMPS: 2:31 - Are You Letting A Relationship Stop You From Having A Sugar Daddy ?6:22 - Would You Be Upset If Your Date Paid For Your Meal With A Groupon?10:53 - Can Someone Diet Be A Turnoff?17:41 - Is It Rude To Ask For A Credit Score On The First Date ?21:10 - Credit OR Cash ??24:42 - Whats A Better Investment A Body Or A Business 30:18 -  Is It Childish For A Guy To Unfollow You After He Gets Curved ?34:42 - Does Your Boo Liking IG Model Pics Make You Uncomfortable?37:15 - Can Your Boo Have A Celebrity Crush ?40:51 - Should Your Significant Other Be Your BIGGEST Fan?50:10 - If Your Families Fight At The Alter, Before The Wedding,  Is The Relationship Over??54:01 - Jazz Anderson Explains The Relationship With Her Mom Since Coming Out With A Girlfriend 57:01 - Would You Be Mad If Your Man Gave His Baby Mama Over Half Of His Lottery Winnings ?1:01:36 - Is Saweetie Running Female Rap Right Now? NBA Playoffs, Culture 3, Jazz Anderson, Tami Roman, Basketball Wives, Signed, Atlanta Hawks, JJs Chicken & Fish, Saweetie, Chicka, Doja Cat, BET Awards, Meek Mill,  Coi Leray, Nicki Minaj 
SHE HIT MY CAR AND SHE TRYNA LEAVE ft. Fats Da Barber -  Big Homies House E:65#MayweatherFloyd #BigHomiesHouse #LoganPaul #FloydMayweather Its Episode 65  of the Big Homies House, and we got Big Homie Fats Da Barber, Big Homie Senia, Big Homie Luz, Big Homie Bonnie, and big Homie LEX in the building!This week we’re discussing all things toxic, whether its bonnets in the street , fat boy szn being year round, and why women hate emotional men.. and yes, Fats keeps his shirt off the entire episode !! All this and more, tune in! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are @fatsdabarber@_seniamariee@__luzmlopez@msbonnieali@itsbiglexxiTIMESTAMPS: 4:00 - Should Bonnets Be Outlawed?9:51 - Is BIG BOY SZN Year Round???15:32 - Does MONEY Make A Man More Attractive 23:38 - If Your S/O Packs Your Stuff Up And Puts It Outside The Home, Fight or Flight?26:59 - Can A Woman Kick A Man Out If He Pays All The Bills ???30:13 - Are You Really In A Relationship If He Isn’t Paying A Bill?35:05 - If A Guy Asks, “What Do You Bring To The Table”, What Goes Through Your Mind?36:15 - Is There A Nice Way To Ask For Sex??42:46 -  Are Emotional Men A Turnoff???44:02 - Whats The Difference Between A Gentleman And A Simp 50:45 - Why Do Women Get Away With Hitting Men?54:51 - Is Calling The Police Grounds For Breaking Up??1:04:09 - Is Pretty Privilege A Myth???1:03:42 - Are Kids Off Limit?1:15:31 - Are Men SELFISH When It Comes To Sex?1:18:49 - Do You Teach Men How To Please You Before You Claim They Have Bad Sex ??1:20:26  - The Belly Button Story  NBA Playoffs, Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Mayweather Paul, Chad Johnson, Akbar V, Monique, Alexis Skyy, Fats Da Barber, Mulatto, Latto 777. 
Finesseful ft. Big Lex -  Big Homies House E:64#nbaplayoffs #jocelynscabaret #biglex #memorialdayweekend Its Episode 64  of the Big Homies House, and we got Big Homie Big Lex, Big Homie Frances, and Big Homie Mic Check Global ! This week we kick things off talking about Nick Cannon’s fertility saga… should broke men be fathering kids???  At what point do women stop dating for survival and date for LOVE!!??ALSO!  Are you secure enough to introduce a threesome into your relationship? All this and more, including an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes look on what it was like to shoot Jocelyns Cabaret! All this and more, tune in! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: BIG LEX HERE:  This weeks Homies are @Iambig_lex@ohssopretty @miccheckglobal TIMESTAMPS: 2:58 - Nick Cannon And His Many Kids 6:30 - Do Broke Men Deserve Kids 8:26 - Dating For Love Vs Dating For SURVIVAL11:03 - The Mortgage Story 15:38 - Men Are Pursuing The Women Their Idols Discard 18:09 - Are Threesomes Essential For Your Relationships?20:00- Are You Secure Enough To Introduce A Threesome Into Your Relationship?23:01 -  Threesomes Gone Wrong  27:21 - Can Your S/o Be Friends With Someone They Had In The Past?29:57 -  When Do You Tell Your Man You Smashed One Of Their Homies 34:25 - Facts Or Cap: Men Want A Woman That NOBODY Knows 38:10 -  What Is A SNEAKY LINK!?44:59 - Why Is A Man More Attractive To Other Woman When He’s In A Relationship?1:01:05 -  If A Man Approaches You While You’re Out, Does He Need To Buy Your Friend A Drink Too?1:13:15 - Damn…. Double Homicide 1:21:35 - WHO YOU COUGHIN AT????1:29:12 - Surprise for the viewers  NBA Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, Nicki Minaj, Nick Cannon, Big Lex, Jocelyns Cabaret, Zeus Network, Sneaky Links, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Memorial Day Weekend, Memorial Day, Exodus, DMX, Wild N Out. 
 Club Homies ft. Cocktales Podcast & Ducttape Dave -  Big Homies House E:63#nbaplayoffs #cocktalespodcast #beammeupscotty #bighomieshouse Its Episode 63  of the Big Homies House, and we got Big Homie Medinah and Kiki from the Cocktale Podcast, and Big Homie Ducttape Dave! We dig into Nicki Minaj’s newest run on breaking the internet, her re-relaese of Beam Me Up Scottie has everyone going nuts, are you in a groupchat, why or why not? What groovy moves are you pulling out in the bedroom, and do you do it the first time??? We also dig into the PETTIEST REASON you’ve broken up with someone , and will you fund your side baes meal, on dinner baes dime???All this and MORE ! ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE:  This weeks Homies are @coffeebeandean @kikisaidso@DUCTTAPEDAVE@cocktalespodcastTIMESTAMPS: 4:15 - Is Nicki Minaj Saving Music This Summer?6:22 - Would You Accept Your Man Being Barb?7:00 -  Psychology Of  Groupchats12:15 - Are You A Gooch Gobbler ???14:37 -  Do You Pull Out All The Tricks The First Time You’re In The Bed?19:02 - Are You A Fan Of Golden Showers?32:42 - Would You Deal With A Virgin In 2021?34:22 -  Is Going Out On Dates “Paying For 😻”38:48 -  Is Spending Money REQUIRED On A Good Date?46:04 - Do You Delete Your Entire Roster Once You’re In A Serious Relationship?49:49 -  Pettiest Reason You Broke Up With Someone ?56:28 - Would You Order Food For One Guy, On Another Guys Tab?1:05:52 -  Does Money Give You More Leeway To Do What You Want In A Relationship?1:18:35 - How Do You Tell A Woman She Has AN ODOR 1:21:26 -  Are You Stopping For A Period??? NBA Playoffs, DogeCoin, Doge, Cocktales Podcast, Medinah Monroe, Big Homies House, ATLANTA PODCAST, Nicki Minaj, Beam Me Up Scotty, Itty Bitty Piggy, Big Facts Podcast, Barbs, Lil Nas X, Hawks, 
#KevinSamuels #ElonMusk #TheOffSeason Its Episode 62  of the Big Homies House, and since Cal Boy ghosted us, we got Big Homie Richie Re, Big Homie Akilz, Big Homie Frances, Big Homie Naj in the building!We discussing Waffle House ettiequte , the brewing beef between Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels, toxic femininity and clapping back at your parents!!!! Also, what do you do when those red flags start looking like Six Flags?? We dig into soul ties, and continue the trauma of my love life…All this and MORE!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Hair Thick A$$ by Richie Re and Trap Beckham  AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@IamRichieRe@ohssopretty @naj_mullah@akilzamari TIMESTAMPS: 2:40 - Waffle House Etiquette 8:27 - Kevin Samuels vs Umar Johnson 14:12 - Do You Clap Back At Your Parents Now That You’re Grown?15:20 - Whats The Difference Between Kevin Samuels And Iyanla Vanzant 16:25 - The Bar Is In Hell 18:56 - Has Social Media Normalized The Negativity Of Body Dysmorphia ?21:30 - Can You Protect Impressionable Women From The Facade Of Social Media ?26:48 -  Natural Body vs Surgery Body27:35 - The Bar Is In Hell II 28:42 - Abolish Slut Shaming 30:07 -  Whats The Difference Between Talking And Dating??34:30 - Wasted “Kick It Hours” 35:36 - Regretful Sneaky Links40:00 -  Do Men Value 😻40:30 - What Is A H-O-E? 41:42 - Whats Worse, High Body Count Or Sex With Someone I Know?45:00 -  What Would You Do If You Found THIS List In Your S/O Phone?46:46 -  Why You Don’t Go Through Your Girls Phone 48:50 - If You’re In A Committed Relationship, Should You Totally Remove Your F*ck Buddy From Your Life?52:30 - Can Red Flags Look Like Six Flags ?1:03:10 - I Was Getting Played 1:16:10 - Can Women Actually Handle The Truth 1:18:11 - Are Soul Ties Real, Or A Figment Of Your Imagination ?1:21:58 -  How Much Do You Need To Have Sex A Week ?1:24:41- Should You Be Having Sex While You’re Broke? Urban One Honors, Joe Budden, NBA Playoffs, Sneaky Links, Nicki Minaj, Beam Me Up Scotty, Seeing Green, Itty Bitty Piggy, Dogecoin To The MOON, Dogecoin, Rory and Mal, Spiral, Book Of Saw, Nudy Kevin Samuels, Umar Johnson, Body Dysmorphia, Waffle House, 
ALLEGEDLY -  Big Homies House E:66 #KevinSamuels #VerzuzTV #MothersDayIts Episode 61 of the Big Homies House, and since Cal Boy ghosted us, we got Big Homie Skittlez, Big Homie Erin, and Big Homie Mique kicking it with us today! We talk about how justice wasn’t just for Foogiano, Shekinah and Tiny are besties no more? Could you power through bubble guts to complete the sneaky link mission???Should you hold out on the coochie during the talking stage??? All this and more. Join in with the Homies!!!!ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@whoizskittlez@missebaby_@mique.224TIMESTAMPS: 2:00 - Foogiano Arrested 3:10 - Shekinah and Tiny No Longer BFFs 9:54 - Can You Still Have A Successful Sneaky Link After Bubble Guts???33:10 - Is A Guy Wrong For Getting Coochie Elsewhere During The “Talking Stage”37:07 - Should You Keep Your Consistent 🍆 On Call If You’re In The Talking Stage With Someone Else??49:33 - Are Men Loved Without Being Required To Provide?53:00 - The “Bad B*tch” Market Is Oversaturated 1:01:13 - Gender Roles Are Outdated 1:02:31 -  If Your Bae Ruins The Business You Set Up, Are You Breaking Up With Them??1:10:01 - Can The IG Model Compete With The Ambitious Business Woman?1:11:39 - Are You Wrong To Wear An Exes Old Clothes In A New Relationship?1:18:18 - Would You Be Mad At Your Dude For Balling Out On His Baby Mother For Mothers Day? Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day, Khaled Khaled, Baby Mamas, Shekinah, Foogiano, Authentic Empire, Verzuz, Xscaoe, SWV, Tiny & Shekinah, Teacher Appreciation Week. Verzuz TV
Whole Lotta Homies  -  Big Homies House E:60 #KevinSamuels #ItsOnSite #BlackPodcast Its Episode 60 of the BIG HOMIES HOUSE, and we got the homies in the building KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!! We got Big Homie Ebony, Big Homie Johnny, Big Homie E Bleu, and Big Homie Hunnit Ball kickin it wit us!!!JoJo is out this week, so Big Homie Ebony is sitting in, and the Homies did NOT LET UP!!! Would you get your significant others name tatted?  Would you fall in love with potential? Why won’t women BUILD A MAN UP!? All this and more with THE HOMIESSSSSSS ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@ebonykiara@imebleu @johnnylugautti@1_hunnitballTIMESTAMPS: 2:25 -  Blueface Bootcamp5:00 - Tat My Name So I Know Its Real13:54 - Can You Fall In Love With POTENTIAL 15:07 - Are You Beyond BUILDING A MAN At This Point In Life?15:38 - Men Can Take A Woman With Nothing, But Will A Woman Do The Same For Men?16:04 -  What Do You Bring To The Table For A “High Quality Man”?20:22 - How Much More Does Your Man Need To Make More Than You?21:38 - Can You Respect A Man As A Provider If He Makes Less Than You?28:16 - What Do You Think Of The Term “Apply Pressure” 36:16 - Does A Man Making You A Priority Matter?41:00 - Why Do Interactions Have To Be TRANSACTIONAL?57:22 - When Should You Start Paying Her Bills?Blueface Bleedem, Blueface, Simp Life, Drake, Certified Lover Boy, Aubrey, Pay My Bills, Oscars, NFL Draft, Atlanta Falcons, Kyle Pitts, Kevin Samuels, Mothers Day
Confessions Of A Side Chick -  Big Homies House E:59 #Polylife #Polygamist #Polygamy #Oscars It’s episode 59 of the Big Homies house and we have DJ Pharaoh, King Osh, and Kai Lynn checking in!!!!!We dig into the poly life while Jojo weighs her options on joining.. do wheelchairs belong in the club? Does being a celebrity give you the green card to cheat?? All this and more!!! Tap In with THE HOMIES !!! KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@DJphreshpharaoh@kingosh_@kailynn_prettypisces TIMESTAMPS: 6:05 - Was I Getting Played??12:33 - Do Wheelchairs Belong In The Club?20:26 - One Sided Poly Relationship ?21:39 - Have Male Celebs Earned A Green Card To Cheat?23:50 - Are You Willing To “Turn Your Head” On Cheating For The Sake Of Your Relationship?24:37 -  Would You Ever “Share” Your Bae???27:30 - Birth Of An Open Relationship33:55 - Should Poly Relationships Be Normalized 35:52 - Can Men Handle A Woman That Has Multiple Partners In A Poly Relationship37:11 - Get With Your Winning Team !!40:08 - Is It Unrealistic To Expect Everything You Want From One Person ?42:11 - Is There Such A Thing As Harmless Flirting 48:52 - Do You Want Your Girl To Be “Friendly”???Poly, Polyamoury, Polylifestyle, Polyamorous, Sister Wives, 2021 Oscars,  Chloe Zhao, Mortal Kombat, HBO Max, Seattle DJ, Atlanta DJ, Swingers, Swinger Couple
DOGECOIN TO THE MOON ft. K Shiday & Big Lexxi -  Big Homies House E:58#GucciMane #AsianDoll #KShiday #Mulatto It’s episode 58 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Big Lexii, and Big Homie K Shiday checking in! We start this week talking ANOTHA FLEXING GOING WRONG and Ushers fake money fiasco , are you a good tipper? Toxic light skinned women tendencies , spoiled women, and we dig into K Shiday’s label status and if she’s still having smoke with Asian Doll... all this and more. TAP IN!KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@kshiday@itsbiglexxiTAGS:  TIMESTAMPS1:30 - Usher Bucks 9:50 - Strip Club Ettiquette 12:39 - Do You Always Leave A Tip??18:11 - Do “Friend Dates” Exist??20:19 - Can You Have Sex With Your Friends And Remain Friends?22:41 - And I Know Them Typa Hugs24:23 - Do Men Have REAL Female “Besties”32:31 - When Yall Both Toxic 😍52:00 - Wild Nut Noises 56:36 - Do You Send Your Girl/Guy Away When Your Friends Come Over?58:36 - Do You “Test” Your Boos Loyalty Around Your Friends??1:03:58 - Should Men Make Their Ulterior Motives Known Up Front?1:11:25 - Can You Mess With A Guy That Has Less Than You ?1:14:02- Do Women With Their Own Bag Miss Out On Being Spoiled?1:22:00 -  Is K Shiday Still Signed To  Gucci Mane’s 1017 Label?????1:34:53 - K Shiday Breaks Down Beef With Asian Doll1:40:17 - Why Is It So Hard For Female Artists To Coexist In Music!?1:46:20 - K Shiday squashes beef with Asian Doll LIVE On The Big Homies House Gucci Mane, K Shiday , Asian Doll, Asian The Brat, Luv Enchanted , Foogiano , Pooh shiesty, Back In Blood, Rap Beef, Spring Break, Covid Vaccine, Usher, Ush Bucks, New 1017, Atlanta Podcast,  
DRAKE STRIKES AGAIN ft DJ Pretty Boy Tank -  Big Homies House E:57#Wrestlemania #KevinSamuels  #Drake #WisconsinFootball It’s episode 57 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Vanessa and Big Homie Tank in the building! Another week, more wild shenanigans! This week we delve into Uzi vs Southside, the fall out from celebrity flyouts... do all men cheat??? What shifty NFL running back did THIS to Vanessa... and... if you love her... should you pay her moms bills too????? Comment below and join the homies!!!!  KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@djprettyboytank_@vchantalxoxoTAGS:  TIMESTAMPS3:00 - Uzi vs Southside and Young Miami 5:09 - Are You Leaving Your Man For A One Night Fling With Drake (Or Your Celebrity Crush) ?7:05 - Are You Accepting A Fly Out While In A Relationship?10:35 -Are You Letting A Relationship Stop You From Experiencing Things You Should Only Experience While You’re Single?15:16 - Do All Men Cheat????22:29 - Go Badgers 24:22 - Can You Have A “Hot Girl Summer” While In A Relationship?25:22 - If You Want Her, Pay All Her Bills??27:30 - Are You Worth Providing For?34:27 - Pay My Bills, AND MY MOMS BILLS TOO!41:57 - Why Do Men Feel The Need To Lead With Their Wallets?44:00 - The Kapp Definition 58:52 - Real Shady Business 1:16:01 - What Is TALKING???1:23:20 - Do You Have A “FOOD GUY” In Your Phone ? Drake, Certified Lover Boy, Flyouts, Tampa Bay Bucs, Super Bowl Winner, Wisconsin Football, IG Model, Rich Homie Quan ,  Hot Girl Summer,  Easter Weekend,  Uzi Vert, City Girls, Megan Thee Stallion 
ALL WOMEN ARE GOLD DIGGERS FT. LIZ & DILLAN GREY-  Big Homies House E:56#NCAAFinalFour #CallMeByYourNameVideo  #Saweetie. It’s episode 56 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie Liz and Big Homie Dillan Grey stop by!!We brought bottles and bad decisions to the table, while we discuss Lil Nas X and his demon tinged video, threesomes being very overrated, Saweetie and Quavo’s fallout, bad threesomes and more!!! Also, are all women REALLY gold diggers?? And Is IG the new backpage?????KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Season Tickets HERE:  This weeks Homies are@LizTwoTimes@dillanxgreyTAGS:  TIMESTAMPS 4:03- Is Lil Nas X Video Bad Vibes???10:14 -  Threesomes Are Overrated 12:00 - Eat The Cat To Satisfy Your Man 14:12 - Would You Be Mad If Your Man Got Food And Didnt Get You Any?18:40 - Do Men Deserve To Be Tricked On?24:01 - Whats Worse, Finding Out Your Boo Is Out Spending Recklessly On Other People, Or They’re Out There Fuckin?27:09 - Would You Be Comfortable With Your Partner Investing In Something From The Opposite Sex  ?30:43 - If Your Partners Friend Shoots Their Shot At You, Is That A Sign Your Boo Is Cheating?35:57 - Are Men Wrong For Wanting Sex To Be A Requirement Within The First Few Dates?39:15 - Power Of That P 41:37 - Are You Going To Let A Potential Boo Get Sex Elsewhere If You’re Making Him Wait?49:17 - Dating With Kids Dilemma56:05 - Facts or Cap: All Women Are Golddiggers 1:09:48 - Instagram Is The New Backpage 1:10:23 - Would You Ever Let Someone Pay To 💩 On You?1:13:48 - Can Your Boo Spend Quality Time With Their Friends Of The Opposite Sex? Lil Nas X, Montero, Call Me By Your Name, Saweetie, Quavo, Justin Laboy, Respectfully, NCAA Final Four, Stanford Women’s Basketball, Baylor Mens Basketball, Gonzaga Mens Basketball, Aari McDonald, Pooh Shiesty, Ronald Isley, Earth Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Steve Harvey. Verzuz TV
I QUIT MY JOB TO BE A PODCASTER -  Big Homies House E:55#SpringBreakMiami #KirkFranklin  It’s episode 55 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie KydDoe, Big Homie Kush, Big Homie JojoWe got the Homies locked in to celebrate me leaving my job!!!! We discuss Kirk Franklin threatening to STOMP on his son, Ari Fletcher cat fishing a vogue cover,  the disappointment with the 2021 Grammy Choices, can you be friends with someone your bae used to smash????also… whats more important???? Personal legacy, or your family???ALL THIS AND MORE KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Season Tickets HERE: Stream Kyd Doe “LOSSES” Here: This weeks Homies are@Kweenmary_ @kyddoeTAGS:  TIMESTAMPS1:43 - Kirk Franklin vs His SON ! 16:30 - Grammy Disappointment 21:32 - Whats More Important, Personal Legacy Or Family?33:32 - Fake Broke 37:39 - Yall Spit In Mouths???39:18 - Is Eating Butt Still Nasty?43:03 - Do You Want Your Friend To Tell You What’s Said Behind Your Back?46:10 -  Would You Want Your Man Neckin Meat At A Restaurant ?49:50 - Can You Be Friends With Someone Your Significant Other Had Sex With?52:27 - Would You Be Offended At Your Boo Laughing Too Hard At Someone Else’s Jokes?54:46 - Are You Beating Up A Bunch Of Little Kids To Defend Your Own?
DA WOOPTY WOOP -  Big Homies House E:54#allstarweekend #grammys It’s episode 54 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie ASH, Big Homie Donnie B, and Big Homie Kay!Happy BJ & STEAK DAY!! We got the Homies locked in ! Do you need outside validation to know if you still got it or not, and does you being in a relationship change that ???? We dig into Ash Holder’s career as a member of the sports media world,  can you turn a heaux into a housewife… did your housewife travel to Atlanta for all star? And we learn how to rob a bank!FUN TIMES!!!ALL THIS AND MORE KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: weeks Homies are@ashnoelletv@detroitdonnie@the_kayvegaTAGS: WGRZ, Buffalo, The Grammys, Lil BABY, Megan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Swifties, Cardi B, WAP, Beyonce Bigger Picture, All Star Weekend, Detroit, Jay Z, DaBaby
KASH & BIDDIES  FT. BRS KASH-  Big Homies House E:53 #BRSKash #ThroatBaby It’s episode 53 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie Cookie, Big Homie Stina, Big Homie Bonnie, and Big Homie BRS Kash!! We kick the episode talking about the ongoing saga between TI/Tiny and these new allegations, whats real and whats fake??? Why is Texas wide open??? We dig into the history of THROAT BABY, and is Teanna Trump a THROAT GOAT??? Also, apologies.. are they for you?? Or me???ALL THIS AND MORE KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: BRS KASH ALBUM “KASH ONLY” HERE: This weeks Homies are@BrsKash@cookiieee3@stinadias@msbonniealiTAGS: BRS Kash, TI & Tiny, All Star Weekend, Atlanta, All Star, Oprah Meghan Harry, Royal Family, Oprah Interview, Stimulus, Senate Stimulus, Kash Only, Lebron James, Steph Curry, 3 Point Contest, Throat Baby, 
DRAKE FLEW MY GIRL OUT! -  Big Homies House E:52 It’s episode 52 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie Trav,  Big Homie Bonnie Ali, Big Homie Vassiah, Big Homie Starter, and Big Homie Shy!We kick the episode off by announcing the end of 6ix9ine’s involvement in the show, but is hip hops resident Troll being given too much ammunition???  We get into it about the truth of body surgery… is it worth it? And what does $60,000 worth of surgery actually look like???also… Can you have a work bae?? All this and more on a CRAZY new episode!!! KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Bonnie Ali OnlyFans link: This weeks Homies are@IamTravisIrby@msbonnieali@startercam@joneswithme@iamvassiahTAGS: Drake, All Star Weekend, 6ix9ine *TIMESTAMPS* 10:26 - Do Rappers Need To Live Their Raps?14:54 - Is There A Double Standard Regarding The Internet’s Response To 6ix9ine23:11 - Who Loves Their Mate More, The One That Changes For Them, Or The One That Accepts Them For How They Are?25:20 - Could You Love Someone Enough To Put Up With Cheating?28:30 - Should You Be Able Depend On Your Man For 100% Of Your Income?31:14 - Are You Secure Enough To Be With An OnlyFans Girl?36:23 - Should More Hard Drugs Need To Be Normalized 39:26 - Can You Have A “Work Bae” While In A Real Relationship?47:33 - What Would You Rather Have, A BBL Or $50,000 Worth Of Land?51:29 - Does Plastic Surgery Lead To Insecurity In Women?1:02:27 - Is A Woman Accepting Gifts From A Guy The Equivalent Of A Guy Cheating?1:23:47 - DRRRAAAKKKKKKEEE???: Would You Let Bae Spend A Night With Their Celebrity Crush?
A Tale Of Two Jojos ft. Nikki Sweets & Shawt - Big Homies House EP: 51 It’s episode 51 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie SHAWT, BiG Homie 4way, Big Homie Jojo, Big Homie Zuri, Big Homie Nikki Sweets, Big Homie Jojo Circus, and Big Homie Ashley!!! This week we discussed the fallout from Valentines Day, 6ix9ines latest shenanigans, polygamy and open relationships, dates and sleeping wit BUMS, and more!!!Also, could you SETTLE for someone society deems AVERAGE… and is 30 too old to still be dream chasing!!!!!KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: “NO BASIC” FROM NIKKI SWEETS HERE PGF SHAWT NEW PROJECT HERE: This weeks Homies are@only1shawt@ilovenikkisweets@ashleyrogersbeauty@jojo.circus_@zuri.model@4_waydamob*TIMESTAMPS* 1:10 - Should We Be Entertaining 6ix9ine? 2:35 - Should Meek Have Beat Up Tekashi??9:26 - Zuri’s Sad Valentines 11:40 - Are You OK With Staying After You Find Out You’re The Side Piece?12:12 - Are You Secure Enough For An Open Relationship 13:38 - Do Bums Deserve P**** 16:09 - What Makes A Bum ?21:48 - Did They REALLY Miss Your Text?25:20 - Why Don’t Women Shoot Their Shot?27:03 - What Makes You Approach Someone In Public?32:47 - Zuri Storytime Part 235:20 - Does Everyone Pay For P**** ?36:28 - Is There A Polite Way To Buy P****?45:57 - Do You Holla At Someone In Public With A Kid?57:11 - Would YOU Feel Like You Settled If You Had An Average Man?59:41 - Is 30 Too Late To Chase Your Dreams?1:01:11 - Whats More Important, Your Mans Happiness, Or How Well He Can Provide?1:06:46 - Can American Men Handle Polygamy Black Podcast, Black History Month,  6ix9ine
The Fifty Piece w/ Karlous Miller- Big Homies House EP: 50 It’s episode 50 ofTHE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, and its a special occasion so we had THE HOMIES locked in… Big Homie Karlous, Big Homie Jenn, Big Homie Mique and Big Homie COURT!!! This week we discussed the upcoming Valentines Day festivities!! Could you date someone your homeboy did the vertical tango with??  Why don’t men trust their girl around other men??? Gorilla Glue girl Fall Out, and Is Kodak Black brainwashed????Also, Karlous gives us an update on the return of WILD N’ OUT! KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies*TIMESTAMPS*2:18 - Is Kodak Black A Clone or Brainwashed?4:05 - Gorilla Glue Head Is An Idiot 11:08 - Is Sex A Valentines Day Gift?12:07 - Do Men Deserve Gifts On Valentines Day?15:00 - Big T Shirt P****25:04 - Could You Seriously Date Your Homeboys Sloppy Seconds?32:08 - Does Your Boo Need To Know If You And Your Best Friend Had Sex In The Past?33:49 - Can You Handle Finding Out Your Girl Had Sex With Her Male Best Friend?37:57 - Why Men Don’t Trust Other Men With Their Girl!41:40 - Did You Level Your Hoes Up?48:11 - Are You Justified For Leaving Your Relationship For A Better One?49:50 - Do MEN Ruin Good Women??57:20 - What Is “Loving Hard”???58:51 - Should A Woman Be More Conservative Once She Gets In A Relationship?1:02:18 - Is The Best Ever Good Enough??1:05:38 - Accountability: Maybe The Problem Is ME???1:32:06 - Return Of Wild N’ Out? Valentines Day, V Day 2021, Valentines, Black History Month, JJs Fish And Chicken, NFL, Trump Impeachment, Wild N’ Out, 85 South Show, Karlous Miller, Kodak Black, Gorilla Glue, Super Bowl Weekend, Cardi B,
Big Homies House E:49 -  Black Jesus & His Homies It’s episode 49 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Mique, Big Homie Zuri, and Big Homie SLINK at the table!  This week we discussed TI and Tiny’s sexcapades, who would break the internet with a random album release….Beyonce or Drake? Speaking of BREAKING THE INTERNET… we talk about Chloe Bailey’s social media run and since we’re closing in on Valentines Day… should your man pay for your homegirl on your date???ALSO! Can you respect your relationship if you consistently show off the goods for social media challenges?? All this and more!!!KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: This weeks Homies are@slinkjohnson@miquelavish.224@zuri.model@_jojoalonsoSuper Bowl, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Chiefs, Tom Brady, Mahomes,  Da Baby, Dani Leigh, NFL Playoffs, Slink Johnson, GTA V, GTA Online, TI & Tiny, Family Hustle, Chloe Bailey, Valentines Day, V Day , Valentines 2021, Black Jesus, Super Bowl Champs
Big Homies House E:48 -  VERY AUTHENTIC HOMIES  It’s episode 48 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got the debut of Big Homie JoJo, Big Homie Money Mu, and Big Homie Empress !!!!! We had the homies over to discuss everything on the table, from Trump to NFL Playoffs, to racial dating biases, would you talk to your parents about your sex life???And can your boo have a BEST FRIEND of the opposite sex… and can BEST FRIENDS have sex and remain best friends????KICK IT WITH THE HOMIES!!!  ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Money Mu HITTIN remix HERE: This weeks Homies are@stillpaidmu@empressATL@_jojoalonso@reddpushStimulus check, Authentic Empire, Da Baby, Dani Leigh, Yellow Bone, NFL Playoffs, Pro Bowl, Money Mu, Hittin Remix, Moneybagg Yo, Verzuz, Keshia Cole, Ashanti Gucci Mane, Atlanta Falcons. East Atlanta, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Super Bowl LIV,  Money Mu, 
It’s episode 47 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got big homie TRAVIS PORTERRR IN THE BUILDING! Big Homie Strap, Big Homie Quez, Big Homie Ali, along with Big Homie Zuri, Big Homie Deonna, Big Homie KITA! Its Locked and loaded, we’re discussing Bidens transition into the White House, CLUBHOUSE ETIQUETTE, FLYOUTS, BBLs and Dr. Miami, kids and social media and ruined couches!!!ALSO! Does Travis Porter have the ammunition to compete with the Migos in a VERZUZ battle???? ALL PODCASTS AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE: Porter Soundcloud available HERE:  This weeks Homies are@iamtravisporter@blackboe1@chicobrownn@strapdafool@zuri.model@diamnddee@kitareignTravis Porter, Inauguration Day, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, BBL, Dr. Miami, Clubhouse App, NFL Playoffs, Championship Sunday, stimulus check, Migos, Verzuz, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland,  BET , Spelman College, Clark Atlanta, Throat Baby remix , Throat Baby, BRS Kash
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