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The Big Picture - Podcast
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The latest episode of our podcast series, The Big Picture, features Amrita Deol – currently leading Coinmen’s Corporate Secretarial Services as an Assistant Manager. She speaks about India’s entertainment and broadcast media sector and its performance across the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, as well as how the pandemic has impacted the sector adversely as well as positively.She talks about how the stakeholders across the sector can fare through the pandemic and the lockdown which followed, what the Government can do to help the sector revive itself, and why the recent boom of OTT platforms doesn’t spell doom for the typical modes of media distribution in the long run. Lastly, she dives into how the recent technological advancements and adoption of new techniques will be key in the sector’s future.All this and much more on this episode of our podcast, The Big Picture!Do listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments!The entire podcast can also be listened to on YouTube Coinmen on:LinkedIn:…tTqx6zbBHg/videosTwitter: URL:*Views presented in the podcast are of the Consultant and do not reflect the views of Coinmen as an entity.
This episode of Coinmen’s podcast series, The Big Picture, features Suman Sapra, who currently leads the Tax and Regulatory Services at Coinmen Consultants as a Manager. She discusses her detailed inputs on how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown which followed it have impacted the real estate sector in India, diving into the nuances of the underlying segments of the sector and highlighting their issues going forward.She discusses how the demand across certain segments will take a hit, whereas how some might sustain the pandemic with minimal impact. Furthermore, she sheds light on how changing dynamics in terms of working in office spaces can play a role in changing the demand in the commercial real estate segment in a post-pandemic scenario, and what the Government must do to help the sector going forward.Do listen to the podcast and share your thoughts with us in the comments!You can also check out the podcast on YouTube on the following link: Coinmen on:LinkedIn:…tTqx6zbBHg/videosTwitter: URL:
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