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The BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Podcast

Author: Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Josh Dorkin: Bigger Pockets dot com

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Imagine you're friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer or coffee with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The Bigger Pockets Podcast delivers!

Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this show provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. We won’t tell you how to “get rich quick” or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru system; instead, we'll give you real strategies that work for real people. Start listening and join the more than one million like-minded people who are learning to invest on

Previous guests include: Ken McElroy (author of Rich Dad Advisors' "The ABCs of Real Estate Investing"), Tim Ferriss, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, and many more!
315 Episodes
#318: 100 Units in the First 2 Years (Using Bank Financing!) with Collin Schwartz
Interested in buying over 100 units in two years' time? Today’s guest did just that! Collin Schwartz shares the amazing story of how he built an impressive portfolio on the foundation of direct mail and networking through meetups. You’ll learn how Collin utilized a clever twist on the BRRRR method to avoiding paying cash for properties (but still get back his down payment), how he uses balloon notes to do this, and how his highly targeted direct mail strategy led to it all being possible. Collin also shares how he runs meetups to find deals, what his criteria are for buying properties, and how he partners/leverages with others to make this incredible success possible over such a short period of time. Collin also earns income managing properties—and even leverages that business to find deals too! If you want a solid game plan that will lead to impressive growth, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! In This Episode We Cover: How Collin went from handwriting 191 letters to over 100 units in two years How he uses networking to find deals His direct mail strategy How he uses the BRRRR method and traditional financing His 50/50 partnership structure Tips for using RUBS to increase profit What criteria he looks for in properties How to run meetups to find deals Advice for using balloon notes to get into deals (and later refinancing) How to outsource paperwork and bookkeeping to others How he makes money managing his own properties And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar ListSource Invoice America BiggerPockets Events BiggerPockets Podcast 234: Tenants, Evictions, & The Dark Side of No Money Down with Ryan Murdock BiggerPockets Jobs Zillow Loopnet
#317: Building a $300MM Real Estate Empire from Scratch with Multifamily Investor Chad Doty
Ever dreamed of being a successful multifamily investor who owns millions of dollars in real estate while others manage your assets? Well, today’s guest is doing just that! Brandon and David sit down with Chad Doty, a one-time businessman who ditched corporate life and moved on to real estate, now owning 3,000 units! Chad shares TONS of meaty insight, including what he looks for when choosing a market, where he’s currently investing (and avoiding), and four rules of thumb for building a multifamily business. Chad gives great advice regarding overcoming high barriers to entry, getting brokers to take you seriously (even as a newbie), and adding value to properties in order to generate big profits. Plus, you DO NOT want to miss Chad’s take on finding deals others are missing, the order in which you should build your team, and how he would invest his grandmother’s last 100K! If you’re looking for an episode with so much value you’ll feel guilty you didn’t have to pay for it, download this one now! In This Episode We Cover: How Chad got into multifamily What evergreen is Two real estate myths What comes first: deal or money The market he invests in and why His success metrics The four components of any successful business Raising money to fund an apartment building Increase rent vs. decrease expenses What does his team look like managing thousands of properties Rules of thumb for communicating with property management His thoughts on the future of today's market And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Real Estate Glossary Grant Cardone on Multifamily Investing and Why You Should Never Buy a House! (podcast) BiggerPockets Podcast 316: How to Become a Millionaire Through Real Estate by 26 with Graham Stephan (podcast) BiggerPockets Podcast 113: Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using The One Thing with Jay Papasan (podcast)
#316: How to Become a Millionaire Through Real Estate by 26 with Graham Stephan
Interested in becoming a millionaire through real estate investing? Of course you are! Today’s guest did just that—by age 26! Brandon and David sit down with top-producing real estate agent and investor Graham Stephan as he spills the strategy he used to build massive wealth at such a young age. You won’t want to miss his “fortune formula," including how he adds value to the deals he buys, how he saved money to invest without missing out on life’s experiences, and how he found work he loved to do so he could work hard while still feeling like he was on vacation. Graham’s passion for real estate carried him to big success through investing, and he shares great advice for using YouTube to grow your brand. He also discusses how skipping college helped make him a millionaire and how he used his grandma to fund his first deal!  Graham touches on why he feels the future of RE is in development, ways to “make, not just find,” deals in today’s market, what to watch out for with Airbnb, and how he bought a house before he even owned a credit card. DON’T miss this powerful show from someone who made the most of his 20s to set himself up for future success. Download it today!   To learn more and get started with a free account, go to In This Episode We Cover: Closing over 3 million dollars as a first deal that made him quit college The plan he took What he could've done better What it's like buying rental properties at a young age Hack on Managing properties The Subway Sandwich Story How Graham became a millionaire in real estate by 26 Why going to college would have set him back a decade The Millionaire Formula His current investments and future plans Tips on landlording And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar BiggerPockets Meet BiggerPockets Career Opportunities Mission Meats BiggerPockets Youtube Channel How I became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26 (video) BiggerPockets Podcast 315: How to Read Human Nature to Succeed in Life with Bestselling Author Robert Greene David Greene's Youtube Channel
#315: How to Read Human Nature to Succeed in Life with Bestselling Author Robert Greene
Interested in learning techniques that will virtually guarantee you success, regardless of your field of interest? Of course you are! On that front, today’s show will not disappoint! Brandon and David interview bestselling author Robert Greene, whose latest book is titled The Laws of Human Nature. Robert discusses brilliant concepts regarding earning the trust of others, determining who you can trust in an interaction, and developing the super power of reading other people’s non-verbal cues. He also shares valuable insight that will help you positively impact the emotions of others around you, put yourself in a peak state of performance, and activate the power of your own emotional connection to things you are passionate about. And do not miss Robert’s advice on making sure others cannot manipulate or deceive you, or what he’s learned studying Leonardo da Vinci and others who have mastered their crafts! If you want to become the investor who gets deals first, gets the best prices on rehabs, and is less likely to be fooled in a transaction, download this episode right now!   In This Episode We Cover: Robert's mentor-mentee relationship with Ryan Holiday What a mentor is looking for a mentee What are the laws of human nature Understanding human nature and why it's the most important skill Seeing through people beyond the surface Validating the good in people Flattery vs. recognizing somebody's strength The different biases and how we're governed by emotions - Conviction bias - Appearance bias - Group bias Techniques to resist these biases How to present yourself Mastery and being emotionally connected to what you do And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar BiggerPockets Podcast 245: Creating Wealth that Lasts Generations with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday (Podcast) Insight Timer Brandon's Instagram David's Instagram BiggerPockets' Instagram
#314: A 3-Step Blueprint for Managing Contractors Like a Boss with Andresa Guidelli
Would your real estate business benefit from better rehab/construction knowledge or tactics? Well, that’s the focus of today’s show, where Andresa shares her story of moving from Brazil to America and crushing it in the real estate space! Andresa excels in an area many of us find extremely challenging: managing rehabs. In this episode, she pulls back the curtain and shares tips for how you can do the same. Andresa gives great advice for finding excellent contractors (and vetting them), the three things she puts in every contract, and how she makes sure she’s never ripped off. You won’t want to miss her advice on finding the perfect team, determining the scope of work for your project, and learning your market. Andresa also shares a killer tip about challenging low appraisals she’s used successfully three separate times! Andresa is able to skillfully manage several rehab projects at a time while also running a side Airbnb business and gives great guidance on how you can do the same. Download this one now! In This Episode We Cover: How Andresa got into real estate How she finds great contractors The three things she puts in her contract How she pays her contractors Her advice for finding the perfect team How she embraces what she’s good at Why you should be humble enough to partner with others How she determines her scope of work Tips for understanding your market How she challenges appraisals Her advice for Airbnb investing And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Best Ever Conference BiggerPockets Events BiggerPockets Podcast 203: Finding Deals, Funding, Contractors, and Mentors with Matt and Liz Faircloth BiggerPockets Podcast 260: The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating (for the Negotiation-Averse) With Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss
#313: How to Be Happy AND Grow a Massive Business with Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler (and Josh!)
You want to crush it in real estate investing. But you also want fun, adventure, and time for yourself and your loved ones. Can you have both? Our guest today says, “YES!” Jesse Itzler is a serial entrepreneur who’s worn a lot of hats: rapper, founder of a private jet company (sold to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway), partner in a coconut water venture (sold to Coca-Cola), ultra-marathoner, and part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Jesse shares his plan for 4x-ing your productivity, what he learned from living with a Navy SEAL (and writing a book about it!), and why investors must learn to “fall in love with the process,” rather than the product. You’ll learn his trick for scheduling memorable experiences and why you should develop your own “happiness meter.” Oh, and stick around to hear Jesse’s hilarious story about performing in front of 600,000 people—and forgetting the words. This show is packed with wise counsel for anyone who is or wants to be a hard-charging entrepreneur, but also craves more balance and bliss. Download this episode, and share it with a friend or family member who would enjoy it! When you do, tag us on Twitter (@jrdorkin, @brandtonatBP, @biggerpockets) or Instagram (@jrdorkin, @beardybrandon, @biggerpockets)! In This Episode We Cover: Jesse Itzler's backstory The moment of the most happiness -41 bucks story! How to measure happiness with the "Happiness Meter" The "3-Hour Rule" What Kevin's Rule is and why you should create "moments" Advice for making the most of life Why you should think through: What do I want to be known for in the next 5 years? How to reach out to people who you aspire to meet His advice on growing multiple business A way to redefine failure The Misogi And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Atlanta Hawks Marquis Jet Zico Coconut Water Jesse Jaymes - Shake It Like A White Girl (Video) Spanx The Happiness Meter by Jesse Itzler at TEDxHickory (Video) 29029 Everesting
#312: Conquering Nightmare Rehabs While Working Full-Time with BRRRR Investor James Masotti
Excited about real estate investing and looking for a blueprint to follow? Well, you’re in luck! Today’s guest James Masotti is a well-rounded investor who’s piling up properties while working a full-time job. James shares how he consistently finds deals in a competitive market (it’s not through the MLS), how he funds these deals (it’s not with his money), and how he handles the common complications every investor faces. He also gives some great advice for acquiring properties already occupied by tenants, and explains how he keeps his partner and lenders happy even when things don’t go according to plan. He offers tips on planning for CapEx and dealing with the dark side of real estate investing, too.  Plus, you won't want to miss his advice when it comes to building funnels to find deals, as well as just what to look for when interviewing real estate agents. James has a straightforward, no-nonsense approaching to succeeding in today’s market and provides tons of good content for how you can do the same! Download this episode today! In This Episode We Cover: Jame's entrance into real estate investing while having a professional career Cash reserves and how he plans for CapEx How he finds and funds deals Dealing with tenant evictions Finding the lender you need What a debt cover ratio is Why he continuously builds funnels How to handle when things go wrong Analyzing and overcoming the dark side of real estate investing! And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Be a Guest on the Podcast Biggerpockets Investor Deal Diaries BiggerPockets Meetup and Events BiggerPockets Marketplace BiggerPockets Podcast 308: From 0 to 400 Units in 3.5 Years with Sterling White BiggerPockets Podcast 297: Mastering the Decision-Making Process with Business (and World Series of Poker) Champion Annie Duke The Blitzkrieg Rent Collection Plan for Landlords (Blog) What is CapEx in Multifamily Real Estate Investing (Blog) Biggerpockets Bookstore
#311: 6 Rules for Investing in Real Estate in the Coming Economic Shift with J Scott
Are you a real estate investor concerned with the potential of a shifting economy? These concerns are understandable, and today’s guest has some great techniques for both protecting your money and taking advantage of deals in any market! J Scott, author of The Book on Flipping Houses and How to Estimate Rehab Costs shares his valuable insight when it comes to predicting market changes, adapting to shifting markets, and changing your strategy to adapt to a changing economy! Don’t miss Jay’s 6 rules for flipping houses, what exact economic indicators he looks for to predict an upcoming recession, and his 6 rules for preparing for an economic recession. J is one of the most respected minds in the real estate game, and today’s show is jam packed with the wisdom, advice, and knowledge you need to position yourself where you want to be in a shifted market to make big gains in your portfolio! In This Episode We Cover: J. Scott's story on how he got into flipping houses How his business evolved over the past 10 years Market cycles and market indicators to look for Why unemployment is an indicator The "yield curve" The Buffet indicator His 6 rules for investing in this market: Be certain of your numbers Stay away from long rehabs Have a backup strategy Avoid thin deals Keep clear of leverage at all cost Stay away from the high end vacation rentals 6 ways to prepare for any market: Hoard cash Open as many credit lines as possible Build credit Figure the "worst case drop" Restructure short-term debt Don't chase your losses And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Biggerpockets Investor Deal Diaries BiggerPockets Podcast 063: Automating Your Investing, Long Distance Rehabs and Spec Building with J Scott BiggerPockets Podcast 010 : Flipping Houses 101 with J Scott BiggerPockets Podcast 299: HGTV Star Ken Corsini on Flipping, Rehabbing, & Building Homes Like a Pro! BiggerPockets Calculators How to Buy Real Estate & Build Your Portfolio Fast! ("The Stack!")
#310: A Straightforward, Repeatable Path to Early Retirement with Jennifer Bayless
Looking to find financial independence through real estate but don’t want to be responsible for a portfolio of 100 homes? Well, that’s exactly what today’s guest is doing! Jenny Bayless is a real estate investor in Colorado who is using long-distance investing principles to systematically build a portfolio of cash flowing properties using the BRRRR method! Jenny is absolutely crushing it by “making” deals in today’s tough market and shares what she looks for that other investors miss. Learn her system for targeting fixer-upper properties, how she estimates rehab costs, and the method her real estate agent uses to send her videos of potential properties so she doesn’t have to drive hours to see them. Jenny also shares how she uses hard money to buy “cash,”  how she found a rockstar agent, and how she backed into an “accidental BRRRR” that led to future success! Today’s episode is equal parts inspirational and practical with TONS of actionable advice. If you want to retire early with real estate but don’t want the headache of managing 100 homes, don’t miss this show!   In This Episode We Cover: Long-distance principles Jenny uses to invest near her market How Jenny uses the BRRRR strategy to systematically grow her portfolio Ways to chase financial freedom without a monstrous portfolio How she has an agent do her due diligence for her The strategy she uses to "make" deals in a today’s tough market Her opinion on how to use turnkey properties to get started investing Ways to start with fixer-upper properties to get great deals in a hot market How she uses hard money to buy “cash” deals How she estimates rehab costs before writing offers, Her “accidental” BRRRR story How she’s pursuing financial independence with only 10 homes! And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Biggerpockets' Instagram Brandon's Instagram BiggerPockets BRRRR Guide How BRRRR Increases Your ROI (And Why You Should Be Using It) BiggerPockets Calculators BiggerPockets Bookstore Quickbooks Online Cozy Property Manager Buildium Property Manager Appfolio Property Management Software
#309: Closing 75 Deals Your First Year by Simply Modeling Others with Steven Pesavento
Have you ever considered flipping houses for cash but aren’t sure where to start? If so, today’s episode is perfect for you! Brandon and David interview Steven Pesavento, a long distance flipper who’s doing 75 deals a year. Steven shares several of his tips for success, including just what he does to keep his pipeline full of deals, how he follows up with qualified leads, and the strategy he used to get good at closing deals working for someone else! You’ll love Steven's system for choosing the best market to flip in, how he systematically ramped up his business, and how he built a team from the ground up (including each team member’s job title and description)! This episode is chock full of specific, actionable advice that will apply to newbies and experienced pros alike. Download and listen today! How he finds his deals, where he is consistent and wins the long game, how he flips 75 houses a year, when to grit and when to quit, how to know when it's time to ramp up your business, how to build and scale your business, the order in which you should hire, what makes up an all-star team, why repetitions are so important, and what to look for in a partner to help grow your business.   We’ve created a turnkey real estate guide just for Bigger Pockets podcast listeners! This easy, downloadable guide will give you everything you need to know about real estate investing. Visit Memphis Invest today. In This Episode We Cover: Steven's background and how he got into real estate Learning through modeling successful investors The very first deal (which was not that great) How he set his goals Knowing the right time to get serious Direct mail and other marketing methods that worked for him Partnering with great people From zero to 75 deals within two years Raising money from private investors Renting his personal home on Airbnb to pay the bills Living frugally to get the business running Not taking a paycheck until year two so he could invest in people and growth And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Gift BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar BiggerPockets Jobs Tony Robbins' Website BiggerPockets Podcast BiggerPockets Podcast 307: The Science Behind Setting and Achieving Big Goals BiggerPockets Hard Money Lenders Tony Robbin's Events Amazon
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