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Author: Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Josh Dorkin: Bigger Pockets dot com

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Imagine you're friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer or coffee with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The Bigger Pockets Podcast delivers!

Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this show provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. We won’t tell you how to “get rich quick” or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru system; instead, we'll give you real strategies that work for real people. Start listening and join the more than one million like-minded people who are learning to invest on

Previous guests include: Ken McElroy (author of Rich Dad Advisors' "The ABCs of Real Estate Investing"), Tim Ferriss, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, and many more!
324 Episodes
#326: Health, (Big) Wealth, and Total Accountability With David Osborn, Pat Hiban, Tim Rhode (and Josh!)
What does true wealth mean to you? Maybe it’s having control over your time or having the means to donate part of your income to charity. Maybe it means feeling healthy enough to jump out of bed and attack the day. In today’s episode, Brandon, David, and Josh (remember him?) speak with three financially independent investors about what motivated each of them to work so hard toward their goals. Early in their careers, David Osborn, Pat Hiban, and Tim Rhode realized they shared a common goal: to steadily accumulate streams of passive—or as they call it—“horizontal” income. So they got together and made a serious commitment, vowing to hold each other accountable every step of the way—even if it meant dishing out some tough love. In this episode, you’ll learn how finding an accountability partner can change the trajectory of your career and life, and how giving time and money can not only make you feel better but also make you more wealthy. You’ll also learn how David, Pat, and Tim built dozens of streams of income by living below their means, connecting with the right people, and taking advantage of opportunities. This is a must-listen if you've ever asked the question, “Why am I working so hard, anyway?” You’ll come away from this episode motivated to hold yourself and your loved ones accountable so you can reach your goals together. Download it today! In This Episode We Cover: The background of these founders The story behind the three amigos and the founding of GoBundance The Pillars of GoBundance Having a genuine contribution Having authentic relationships Having extreme accountability Having horizontal income Having age-defying health Having bucket list adventures How to reach your financial goal Finding motivation to earn and grow more And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar GoBundance BiggerPockets Podcast 226: From “D-Student” to $400,000 in Annual Rental Property Cash Flow with David Osborn BiggerPockets Podcast 284: The “Miracle” Behind Becoming a Millionaire with Hal Elrod and David Osborn BiggerPockets Podcast 190: Building 61 Different Passive Streams of Income with Pat Hiban  BiggerPockets Podcast 313: How to Be Happy AND Grow a Massive Business with Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler (and Josh!) 1 Life Fully Lived  
#325: From Major Business Failure to Buying 20 Houses a Month With Aaron Amuchastegui
Awesome show alert! Today’s guest is so full of information you will be blown away. Aaron Amuchastegui sits down with Brandon and David and explains how he buys 20 deals a month while practicing principles of the four-hour workweek. It's an incredible story about how he built a big business with foreclosures, how he keeps his pipeline full (including how he buys deals at auctions), how he does due diligence, and how he tracks down owners of vacant properties. You won’t want to miss his advice on owning C- or D-level properties, how he uses flip profits to fund a business that acquires rentals, and—most importantly—how you can lose money in real estate even if you’re buying great deals. This episode is full of more powerful insight than we can begin to mention. Aaron is a big-time real estate investor who has gone from rags to riches, to rags to riches again. Tune in to hear him share everything he learned along the way. Download today! In This Episode We Cover: How he got into real estate investing Buying at an auction The different types of auctions How to approach and talk to cash buyers The moral aspect of real estate How to do title research A big surprise after buying a sight-unseen house Bouncing back from losing everything he built Why he thinks flipping is a job And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Kiawe Outdoor Instagram Kiawe Outdoor Brandon's Instagram BiggerPockets Podcast 157: A Simple Morning Ritual to Help You Dominate Every Area of Your Life with Hal Elrod BiggerPockets Podcast 254: Tim Ferriss on Real Estate, Becoming a Top Performer and His Tribe of Mentors GoBundance Five Hour School Week
#324: Financially Free in Less Than 5 Years Through Apartment Investing With Michael Blank
Do you want to invest in multifamily apartments but feel intimidated by the process? If so, today’s episode is for you! Brandon and David interview Michael Blank, an experienced multifamily investor/educator, who breaks down the seemingly daunting process into super simple steps. Don’t miss Michael’s advice on how to get started in the space, how “the law of the first deal” will increase your odds of success, and how multifamily investing can lead to financial independence in five years. You’ll also love learning common multifamily vocabulary, what an ideal property looks like, and how to develop relationships with potential investors. Michael also shares incredible insight into how he built his empire, as well as his top two negotiating tactics and “three levers” to successfully negotiate a multifamily deal! This is one of THE most informative shows we’ve ever done. Download it now! In This Episode We Cover: How he got started and why he recommends multifamily investing Scaling his business despite running out of of time What is “the law of the first deal”  The multiple ways syndicators make money in a deal Common multifamily terms and what they mean How to improve the value of a multifamily property What an ideal deal looks like Developing pre-existing relationships with potential investors Why cash flow is so important in multifamily His top two negotiating tactics How he bought a 321-unit building, how he BRRRR-ed a multifamily building, and returned 96 percent of their investors’ capital in the process His “three levers” to negotiate in a multi family deal And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar BiggerPockets Podcast 066: Flips, Apartments, & Protecting Yourself From Professional Tenants with Michael Blank BiggerPockets Podcast 108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone LoopNet BiggerPockets Bookstore
#323: How to Attract Deals and Earn More Through the Magic of Networking With Travis Chappell
Would getting more deals through your network help your real estate business? Today’s guest specializes in just that! Brandon and David sit down with Travis Chappell, host of the “Build Your Network” podcast, and dive into how to create success through other people. Travis shares strategies for using his network to find deals, mastering the art of giving to increase your success, and becoming a leader in any space you are passionate about—no matter who you are! You won’t want to miss his “anchoring” negotiating strategy, his advice on the right way to reach out to mentors/influencers, and his five tips for starting off an effective working relationship! This is one of the most value-packed shows BiggerPockets has done. Download it now! In This Episode We Cover: How Travis uses his network to source deals Why he rents his primary residence The power of creating a platform like a podcast or meetup The key to successfully partnering with family Why givers are more successful How his networks really affect his net worth The reason why he's selling his real estate properties The beauty of adding value first to others His five effective tips for reaching out and connecting with anyone His “anchoring” negotiating tactic and how he used it to land a deal Why house hacking is his favorite way to get started in real estate And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar BiggerPockets Events BiggerPockets Podcast 314: How to Find Rockstar Contractors and Manage Like a Boss with Andresa Guidelli Build Your Network 186: The Bigger Pockets Podcast with Brandon Turner  BiggerPockets Podcast 227: From Single Family Houses to $130,000,000 in Multifamily with Joe Fairless Best Ever Podcast by Joe Fairless BiggerPockets Podcast 108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas BiggerPockets Podcast 113: Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using The One Thing with Jay Papasan Jordan Harbinger Show Noah Kagan BiggerPockets Hard Money Lenders BiggerPockets Podcast 169: Using Hustle and Persistence to Build Wealth Through Real Estate with David Greene
#322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney
Today’s guest grew up poor, living in a cabin without power or running water. But now he controls millions of dollars in real estate, owns several companies, and leads one of the country’s top-producing sales teams. How did Ben Kinney pull that off? The story involves, of course, hard work and tenacity. It involves a book that shifted his mindset at just the right time. And most importantly, it involves teamwork. In this episode, Ben lays out the hiring process he used to build a real estate agent business. He talks about how he got used to rejection working as a “cable guy” and shares how YOU can find an off-market deal and start house hacking—without a lot of money out of pocket. Ben also details the seven goals that influenced his every decision and the three things every leader should do when growing his or her business. (Hint: “inspect what you expect.”) In the "Deal Deep Dive" segment, Ben tells us how he was able to buy a company for a hefty price by controlling the terms of the deal. He's a big-picture guy, who will challenge you to think differently about real estate and business. If you feel held back by tasks you don’t enjoy, listen to this show for practical tips on how to delegate more effectively. Today's episode will inspire you and help you invest more efficiently, so you can do what you love and watch your wealth grow. In This Episode We Cover: The amazing story behind how Ben got started selling homes Being recession proof Why he builds and buys businesses Using synergy to grow his RE empire What he looks for in a deal Why he likes to buy and hold instead of flip How big businessmen save on taxes What is the income triangle and how to flip it Finding great leaders as partners or employees Building an ecosystem to help find him deals Questions he asks new hires or partners to determine if they are the right ones The story about how he spent six days to find ONE hire Working only do things he enjoys And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Brandon's Instagram BiggerPockets Facebook Page Pat Flynn's Podcast The Real Estate Guys BiggerPockets Podcast 315: How to Read Human Nature to Succeed in Life with Bestselling Author Robert Greene BiggerPockets Podcast 113: Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using The One Thing with Jay Papasan David's Instagram BiggerPockets Instagram
#321: How to Negotiate Real Estate—Expert Deal-Making Tactics with J and Carol Scott and Mark Ferguson
Would your real estate investing business benefit from better negotiating tactics? Of course it would! On today’s show, Brandon and David sit down with J and Carol Scott, as well as Mark Ferguson, co-authors of the new BiggerPockets book The Book on Negotiating Real Estate. The authors discuss several powerful negotiating strategies, plus common misconceptions about negotiating, how “winning” in negotiating doesn’t always mean the other side is losing, and how the best deals are done through building rapport (with examples of how to do just that). You won’t want to miss their tips on how to prepare for a negotiation beforehand—something that’s made them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years—and how to negotiate with your own contractor to get the best prices possible! This episode is full of advice to help you, the investor, save money and get deals. If you want to experience better results getting what YOU want out of a deal, download this one today! In This Episode We Cover: Introducing J, Carol, and Mark Common misconceptions about negotiating How winning doesn’t always mean the other side losing The right mindset when it comes to negotiating How building rapport can get you deals Learning to shift the negotiation off of price and into something else Tips in preparing for your negotiation beforehand Negotiating with your contractor to get the best deal possible The tip that’s made them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years How they closed on a deal using negotiating tactics to lower the price on an already great deal And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Brandon's Instagram Be a Podcast Guest BiggerPockets Podcast 311: 6 Rules for Investing in Real Estate in the Coming Economic Shift with J Scott BiggerPockets Podcast 010 : Flipping Houses 101 with J Scott BiggerPockets Podcast 068: Being a Superhero House Flipper, Investor, and Team Leader with Mark Ferguson The Best Ever Conference BiggerPockets Podcast 189: 500 Deals, the $100,000 Wholesale Paycheck, & the Systems That Make it Work with Tarl Yarber
#320: Hands-On BRRRR Investing and DIY Secrets with Instagram Star Brittany Arnason
Imagine building a business around work you’d do for free. Sound pretty great? Today’s guest has done just that, and her story may change the way you think about investing. Brittany Arnason is a 26-year-old who’s converted her talent for hands-on work into a cash-flowing, 10-unit rental portfolio. In this episode, Brittany shares how she learned the business of real estate and construction as a small child, bought her first property for $25,000, and worked on it herself to save money and learn the business. She goes on to reveal her DIY secrets for adding value at minimal cost, how she applied skills she learned at her 9 to 5 to make her a more successful investor, and how she operates as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Brittany has an incredible energy, spark, and passion for real estate, and it is infectious. Don't miss how she uses creative strategies to finance her deals and the BRRRR method to fund unlimited projects. This is an episode that will leave you pumped up and ready to go get your next (or first) deal. Download it today! In This Episode We Cover: How Britt got her first rental property at the age of 18! Quitting her job as a power engineer Pros and cons of doing your own work The Lifeonaire Strategy Things that make a huge impact in a property Using personal line of credit to fund deals What is a Step Up mortgage Doing BRRRR strategy with her boyfriend Finding deals through realtors and MLS How she learned DIY skills from the internet And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Brandon's Instagram David's Instagram Chip Gaines Joanna Gaines #HumboldtHouse🏡 Pinterest BiggerPockets Calculator Rehab Estimator Calculator BiggerPockets Podcast 254: Tim Ferriss on Real Estate, Becoming a Top Performer and His Tribe of Mentors Gary Vaynerchuk on Finding Deals Through Social Media & Crushing It as an Entrepreneur
319: Avoid These Common Newbie Mistakes! Hard-Earned Lessons from Nathan Brooks
How does finding and closing 15 deals a month sound? Today’s guest shares exactly how his team does just that! Returning guest Nathan Brooks goes into detail about how he built a turnkey business that consistently finds and closes deals on a large scale. He also shares great info regarding how he uses the DISC profile to understand himself and his team members, his three-step process for rehabbing homes, and why he always has at least two sets of eyes on every deal. Plus, he reveals what he wishes he had done differently in the beginning and how to alternate between a “10,000-foot view” of your business and being on the front line. You also won't want to miss his discussion about mistakes newbies should avoid. Nathan is a long-time investor with a heart-felt passion for helping others succeed. If you want to grow your real estate business, be sure to check out the incredible advice and encouragement he shares in today’s episode! In This Episode We Cover: How Nathan uses the DISC profile to understand himself What he would have done different if starting his business again His three-step process for rehabbing homes Why he always uses two sets of eyes on every deal How he utilized meetups to grow his business How his team is buying 12-15 deals a month His rule for replacing anything that doesn’t have a 10-year life span Mistakes for newbies to avoid How to alternate between a big picture view and daily activities to lead to success How he handled his nightmare flip And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Seth Godin BiggerPockets Podcast 313: How to Be Happy AND Grow a Massive Business with Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler (and Josh!) Tony Robbin's DISC Test How to Use the DISC Profile To Communicate Effectively in Business BiggerPockets Podcast 087: How to Thrive After The Collapse of a Real Estate Empire with Nathan Brooks BiggerPockets Podcast 260: The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating (for the Negotiation-Averse) With Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss BiggerPockets Podcast 232: The Four Lead Sources Nathan Brooks is Using to Flip 120 Houses a Year BiggerPockets Podcast 159: How to Build a Real Estate Business That Buys 60 Deals a Year with Nathan Brooks
#318: 100 Units in the First 2 Years (Using Bank Financing!) with Collin Schwartz
Interested in buying over 100 units in two years' time? Today’s guest did just that! Collin Schwartz shares the amazing story of how he built an impressive portfolio on the foundation of direct mail and networking through meetups. You’ll learn how Collin utilized a clever twist on the BRRRR method to avoiding paying cash for properties (but still get back his down payment), how he uses balloon notes to do this, and how his highly targeted direct mail strategy led to it all being possible. Collin also shares how he runs meetups to find deals, what his criteria are for buying properties, and how he partners/leverages with others to make this incredible success possible over such a short period of time. Collin also earns income managing properties—and even leverages that business to find deals too! If you want a solid game plan that will lead to impressive growth, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! In This Episode We Cover: How Collin went from handwriting 191 letters to over 100 units in two years How he uses networking to find deals His direct mail strategy How he uses the BRRRR method and traditional financing His 50/50 partnership structure Tips for using RUBS to increase profit What criteria he looks for in properties How to run meetups to find deals Advice for using balloon notes to get into deals (and later refinancing) How to outsource paperwork and bookkeeping to others How he makes money managing his own properties And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar ListSource Invoice America BiggerPockets Events BiggerPockets Podcast 234: Tenants, Evictions, & The Dark Side of No Money Down with Ryan Murdock BiggerPockets Jobs Zillow Loopnet
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