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Author: All Things Comedy | Wondery

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Bill and Bert prattle about inflated stats, vengeance, and showboating.

38 Episodes
Bill and Bert prattle with journalist Tim Livingston of the 'Whistleblower' podcast about details in the NBA game fixing scandal, and the lesser known elements of the cover up.
Bill and Bert prattle with Mike Young about street deals, Detroit, and prank phone calls.Mike's new special, 'Who the F is Mike Young' will be available on All Things Comedy's YouTube Channel on November 16th.
Bill and Bert prattle about
Bill and Bert prattle with Nate Bargatze about drive-in gigs, the middle of the country, and golf.
Bill and Bert prattle about SNL, NYC, and Greg Giraldo.
Bill and Bert prattle with Mike Binder about his new Comedy Store Documentary, Bill's listening skills, and generational comedy.
Bill and Bert prattle about flying during a pandemic, disabling comments, and what listeners would buy if they weren't married.
Bill and Bert prattle about what car Bert should buy, what people buy when they're single, and internet leak etiquette.
Bill and Bert ramble about colonoscopies, impossible situations, and a call from Bret Ernst.
Bill and Bert prattle with Felipe Esparza about doing stand-up in Tijuana, dressing like the Terminator, and jokes from abroad.
Bill and Bert prattle about Chappelle's camp, appropriating words, and how to talk to famous people.
Bill and Bert prattle about revisiting old spots, Los Angles, and 'sharks below the water'.
Bill and Bert prattle about California, mean people, and adrenaline activites.
Bill and Bert prattle about 'cool parents', 'cool' professors, and cool cars.
Bill and Bert prattle about meeting Presidents, wise-cracking kids, and places they could live.
Bill and Bert prattle with Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports, Rodger Goodell's nightmares) about outlasting cancel culture and woke signalers, the early days of Barstool, and the future of Jai Alai.
Bill and Bert prattle with Paul Vrizi about English actors, dream food orders, and men crying.
Bill and Bert prattle about elective procedures, learning from gold diggers, and a call to Bobby Kelly.
Bill and Bert prattle with Anthony Pompliano about the fundamentals of currency, bank fugazi, and Bitcoin.
Bill and Bert prattle about learning how to swim, candy bars, and getting beat up at an amusement park.
Comments (137)

Dr. Qu

#ProTip if your in an emergency and need to kill a boner... Listen to this podcast! 👍

Nov 26th

Dr. Qu

didn't even realize #BurntChrysler was part of this podcast until he said "HooHoo" 🦉 can't believe they talked about NBA referees for almost 2hrs... f@$#& the NBA and f@$#& tim livingston 😆

Nov 26th


Glad I didn't skip this one

Nov 25th

Manuel Trujillo

man what I'd do to see Bill Burr live. there all hilarious!

Nov 23rd

Manuel Trujillo

this podcasts great! so funny😆

Nov 23rd

Sam Srisamai

The best Burr Rant ever on Golf!!!

Nov 16th


I wasn’t ever in a relationship with this guy, but my ex best friend had a brother who really liked me and wanted to date but would not stop mentioning the fact that I made more money. “You could be my sugar momma” “buy me a car and I’ll drive you everywhere” etc. I told him that I wasn’t interested in being anyones sugar momma and he got butthurt 😂 I also said that if I was interested in fully supporting some lazy ass with no job, he’d be a great candidate. Needless to say, he left me alone.

Nov 12th

Dara Pat

10 mins in extra nauseating 🤢 bailed, hope it gets back to the way it started 😊

Nov 8th

Dara Pat

The back slaping is nauseating 🤢🤮

Oct 25th
Reply (1)

Sanchez Stubbs

My last episode. Burr is one my faves but he's just a failure when combined with Bert. Segura understands and can flow. This just feels like Burr triggering Bert's insecurities and anger at people that he thinks they feel he's weak.

Oct 22nd


classic Bert cutting everyone off

Oct 21st

Dara Pat

science on masks ? he obviously didn't read any science about the efficacy of them

Oct 17th

Brent Copeland

The ads this time... Like 10 mins.

Oct 16th


Just came for this episode to hear the full chat with Mine Binder. Really digging The Comedy Store docu-series on Showtime. Sucks Showtime cancelled "I'm Dying Up Here" before getting a 2nd season which would've covered the strike but this is a great series about the actual comics who made and got made at The Comedy Store.

Oct 14th
Reply (1)

Craig Sterry

you yanks are to brain washed when it comes to the rona....switch off your bloody tv! you can question the tv it's not lies! !!!

Oct 10th

Joseph Jaronowski

about a half hour in this is so much worse than listening to them talk about cars for an hour dont get me wrong this and on jre are the only forums I can stand bert but I almost fell asleep

Oct 4th


its kinda nice to see someone check Bill every now and then 😄

Sep 30th


nothing better than bill burr and bert krischer

Sep 17th

John McKee

product placement much?

Sep 16th

123 456

burr hates white woman due to years of rejection

Sep 15th
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