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The Bill Bert Podcast

Author: All Things Comedy | Wondery

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Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer come together to give their always honest opinions on life and comedy in the amount of time it takes to smoke a cigar.

8 Episodes
Bill and Bert prattle remotely about how to enjoy quarantine, tough dads, and the long road to success.
Bill and Bert prattle about food spots, false memories, and teaching your kid a second language.
Bill and Bert prattle about Walt Disney, ways to improve half-time, and times they escaped the law.
Bill and Bert prattle about lying to children, vacations, and how to break up with a girl.
Bill and Bert prattle about strip clubs, finishing fights, and cleaning habits.
Bill and Bert prattle about their favorite comics, football cards, and late night television.
Bill Burr and Bert Kreisher prattle about their favorite states, self improvement, and 'that's what she said'.
Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer come together to give their always honest opinion on life and comedy in the amount of time it takes to smoke a cigar.
Comments (52)

Stjepan Matić

Something is fucked up with Bill audio, last episode also, it's like its insanely increasing volume of first letter of almost every word he says.

Mar 27th

Peter Vogel

This Episode is so Homo Erotik. two bears getting in Touch with their emotions. its quite good.

Mar 26th

shawn bethke

Sound levels on this are horrible.

Mar 19th

Lavernius Tucker

Bill is the best ad copy reader in podcasting

Mar 18th


wow guys this can't even afford professional mics? sounds like a 12 year old recorded this on a cassette tape it's fucking atrocious & legit headache inducing.

Mar 16th

João Jóia Paulo

I'm loving this podcast, but the sound quality is so. fucking. awful. It's hilarious ahahah

Mar 14th

anthony tenorio

what is with all these drunk podcasts!?!?!? I love it!

Mar 13th

Taylor Swift

bill is right bert went too far for Christmas

Feb 19th
Reply (1)

Mitchell Sommerfeldt

Bill "excuse me, the middle of your sentence is interrupting the begining of mine" Burr

Feb 11th

Jake Turnquist

I love the show! Do more please!

Feb 8th

Russell Campbell

Hey. Here's a crazy idea, don't eat on a fucking microphone. god, gross.

Feb 6th

samwise goji

long live ari.

Jan 30th


wtf why do all podcasters release episodes months later? part of the fun of podcast/YouTube is how in the moment they are...

Jan 29th

Danny Palmer

This is why you shouldn't wait a month to release podcasts. You're literally talking about helicopters possibly crashing.

Jan 29th
Reply (2)

Tony Devlin

Why is there no YouTube video for this Episode? I keeping checking the All Things Comedy channel and it’s not there.

Jan 29th
Reply (2)

Mike Edwards

Midroll 40:15

Jan 20th

Some Guy

It's about fuckin time lol

Jan 19th

Zach Erickson

are you guys gonna change the show pic after every episode

Jan 16th

Olivier Naud Doré

we waited 2 and a half month for an hour long podcast ??? what the fuck ?!

Jan 15th

Lavernius Tucker

Bert- "well be back in a second" **ends podcast**

Jan 15th
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