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TV has never given us so much to talk about, but it's never been more difficult to discuss. You're either two seasons ahead or two seasons behind, you're saving last night's show to binge-watch later, or you're Team Masterchef and your office-wife is Team MKR. The Binge is a safe space for anyone who loves TV. It's where you'll find frank funny and smart conversations about everything television, from I'm A Celebrity... to Netflix's most binge-worthy new shows.

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Tracey O'Flynn

I'm a little fed up that all we are getting from the binge now is MAFS recaps. I have no interest in MAFS, but because I'm subscribed these download automatically. I've now stopped my subscription as it seems you're interested in nothing else on TV! Come on Mamamia, there's an awful lot more you TV than one horrible reality show!

Mar 13th

Maaike Pullar

gah! mamamia, i really want this to be awesome! the format is great, the topics are good, it sticks to actually talking about tv unlike almost all of its competition. but. When you can't pronounce your show titles and names it undermines your credibility as tv writers and reviewers. 'Meg-han' is not 'me-gan', that's precisely why there's an 'h'. If you don't know her name how can you know enough to comment on the woman and her work? 'Alias' in Alias Grace is a key reference to story content and not pronounced 'ally-us', which makes it seem like you've never heard the word, and subsequently like you missed a bunch of plot whether you did or didn't. It's distracting and disappointing. I hope you'll up your presenter game!

Jan 7th
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