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When you're creating your own social media platform, there are technically no rules as to how you want your platform to go, but there are some tips that you should live by if you want to continue to build and grow. Intro and outro beat by EMusical Follow Us: Instagram
The Black Princess Diaries Podcast celebrates being played in your ears, through your car speakers, and on your phones for four years now...but what if it never made it this far because of doubt? Everyone goes through moments where you're questioning if what you're doing is meant for you, but your victories (big and little) have already given you the answer. Intro and outro beat by EMusical Follow Us: Instagram
It's no secret that clothing stores need to do better when it comes to catering to the plus size community. It makes it harder for bigger girls and women to find their own style and feel beautiful in the clothes they're wearing, but big girls deserve to feel and look beautiful too! Intro and outro beat by EMusical Follow Us: Instagram
One thing lesson that is learned when you hear about the passing of Jerry Springer and many others is that life is short and what you leave behind is just as important as the impressions you're making when you're here. Whether it's your personality or a business, it's important to leave something behind to be remembered by. Intro and outro beat by EMusical Follow Us: Instagram
In a world where people make you feel as if you're not good enough or need to conform to something that you're not in order to fit in, it can be hard to not try and change who you are. Never apologize for standing out and being who you are! Intro & outro beat by Emusical Follow Us: Instagram
It's a new year and a new season! We're starting season 6 off in a way that we only know how...with some realness. This content creation life isn't easy in the slightest, especially when your brain is making it even harder to get things done, and it's all being unpacked in today's episode. Intro & outro beat by Emusical Follow Us: Instagram
It's the last episode of the season and to end season 5, Deandra is leaving you with twelve things to keep in mind for the new year ahead. intro & outro beat by @_emusical_
In this episode, Deandra discusses how she's trying to figure out the tone for her podcast. This creates a realization that, no matter the situation, the tone you set matters. intro and outro beat by @_emusical_
Are you a naughty or nice podcaster? Tune in to find out in today's episode while also learning the do's and don'ts of being a podcaster. intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
December is right around the corner, which also means that so is the end of the year. With this being the time that everyone starts bringing up resolutions and how you should end the year and begin the next, the pressure is beginning to rise. intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
Deandra has a confession, and it's that she might have let the blogger personality consume her. Now she has to figure out how to find a middle ground between her professional side and her loose side. intro and outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
Sometimes those little sayings we grew up hearing as kids end up being the same sayings that we didn't know we would need to hear as adults. The same goes for the qualities and skills that our parents or grandparents had that we just never felt the need to take up as children. We find ourselves wishing we had those same skills now as adults. intro and outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
From the shop to social media, things are starting to look a little fuzzy for Deandra and she's trying to figure out where exactly to move next. intro and outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
Holiday season is here and the holidays are vastly approaching, which means so are those bad holiday habits as well. In today's episode, Deandra's sharing eight bad holiday habits that you need to break this season! intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
This year has not been the most kind to Deandra and she shares all of the things that had made her want to give up, but she also shares why she's choosing not to and why you shouldn't either. intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
Disney has officially shared the trailer for the live-action Little Mermaid, which has brought up more controversy surrounding Halle Bailey playing the main character, Ariel. In today's episode, Deandra shares the importance of diversity and provides a little reminder about the movie to those who may have forgotten. intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
American Businesswoman Day is coming up this week and Deandra is reminding all the Businesswomen who are listening to celebrate themselves and their business! intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
Life can get really hectic and become too much, which is why it's best to settle down and appreciate the more simple things in life. Based on her blog post, Deandra shares five ways that you can simplify your life! intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
After discovering a video that has been going around Twitter where someone is body shaming music artist Lizzo, Deandra is sharing her thoughts on the video and body shaming as a whole. intro & outro beat by @bboy.e.musical
After taking unexpected time off from posting, Deandra had to remind herself that she is human and not a machine. intro&outro music by @bboy.e.musical
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