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Host Arielle Lorre knows you have questions about all things wellness, and she’s answering them for you. From how to achieve optimal health, well-being and fulfillment, to the best beauty hacks and even cosmetic procedures — she covers it all through meaningful conversations with experts and inspirational guests. Arielle's distinct voice and unique candor make you feel like you're getting the inside scoop on all the latest from your best friend, and her multifaceted interests make this show a must for anyone who wants to live their best life — and look good doing it.
77 Episodes
In this episode I am talking to Celeste Thomas, registered nurse and holistic skincare expert, about all things skin and beauty! We discuss how to get to the root of acne and other skin conditions; how she combined her Western medicine background with Eastern principles to treat skin; how to eat to glow; why inner health is so important when it comes to skin; mistakes we all make when it coms to skincare; how to be confident despite skin issues and what we should all start doing for better skin. We also do a Q+A portion where she answers, among other things: how to get rid of blackheads; what ingredients to be wary of; how to diminish the appearance of pores; treatment for melasma and scarring and so much more! for 20% off your first order! for 15% off your order plus free shipping! with code BLONDEFILES for 15% off your starter kit!   Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I’m talking to therapist and author Kristen Howerton, LMFT about all things anxiety. We cover everything from social anxiety to unexplained anxiety to circumstantial anxiety and how to deal with it all. We also discuss why some are more predisposed to anxiety than others; how to show up despite being anxious; dealing with anxiety in a quarantine; techniques to pull through a panic state and so much more. We also have a listener Q+A segment where all of your most pressing anxiety questions are answered. for 10% off and free shipping! with code BLONDE to get 20% off your next purchase to get 15% off your first one-time order, or 20% off your subscription plus free shipping!   Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I’m talking to registered dietician Vanessa Rissetto about how to adopt and sustain a realistic approach to nutrition. We discuss how to eat for your goals without going off track or feeling restricted; how to identify and navigate dietary restrictions and food sensitivities; intuitive eating; eating healthy on a budget; diet trends like keto, intermittent fasting, food combining and counting macros; how to overcome emotional eating and so much more! for 20% off your first order! for 15% off your order plus free shipping! with code 'BLONDE' for 20% off your order!   Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to comedian, author and podcast host Heather McDonald. She dishes how she went from Chelsea Lately to hosting her mega-hit show Juicy Scoop; all things housewives and reality tv; why comedy is important right now; how she deals with criticism; who I should be on a reality show with; taking control of her career, and so much more. with code 'blondefiles' for 15% off your starter kit!  for 20% off your first order! for 10% off and Free Shipping! to try Nightly Defense for just $5!   Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Emily Fitz Randolph, certified Transcendental Meditation teacher and Co-Director of the Santa Monica TM center. We discuss the power of Transcendental Meditation; the physiological and mental effects of TM; the science behind the anti-aging benefits of TM; how it differs from other modalities of meditation; how to learn TM and how to do it; the scientific research supporting TM; how to transcend the mind to reach pure consciousness and so much more. for 15% off your order plus Free Shipping for 10% off plus Free Shipping for 15% off your first one-time order or 20% off your first subscription order plus free shipping.     Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to board certified family and bariatric physician and lipid specialist Dr. Spencer Nadolsky about popular diet trends and their true efficacy when it comes weight loss, weight management and quality of life. We cover everything including: the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, food combining, carnivore vs. plant based diets, sugar vs. artificial sweeteners, macros, insulin resistance and PCOS diets and so much more! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I reflect on what practices radically transformed my life when it comes to everything from sobriety to happiness, inner peace, body image and my approach to health and wellness. I also talk how to stay consistent without being rigid, what workouts I’m loving right now, how I’m prepping food to stay healthy and how I’m managing my time between school, work and life. I also do a rapid fire Q&A with your questions at the end, tell you why I ate a plate of bacon before I got married and how I really feel about shredding for the wedding. Yup, it’s random! for 20% off your first order! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Dr. Ellen Vora, a holistic psychiatrist who uses a functional medicine approach to mental health and whole-being wellness. We discuss how her approach differs from traditional western psychiatry; what factors are most important in being a truly fulfilled human being; how to shift from living in a chronically stressed response to one of relaxation; and overcoming scarcity mindset. We also talk about nutrition, how specific foods mimic drugs when we ingest them, and how to learn how to eat intuitively and trust our bodies. for $15 off your first order! for 15% off your order! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Alisa Vitti, functional nutritionist, women’s hormone expert, author and founder of women's tech platform Flo Living. She breaks down the different phases of our cycles; what changes occur in our bodies, minds and brains; how we can optimize each cycle to truly thrive; and how to support our bodies throughout the process. She explains that with women, period problems are akin to having a fever and should be treated as such. Alisa shares amazing tips and lifestyle modifications to regulate our hormones and say goodbye to the rollercoaster so many of us are on. for 15% off your order for $15 off your first order for 20% off your first order! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Jason Wahler of reality TV fame (Laguna Beach, The Hills, Celebrity Rehab and The Hills: New Beginnings) about his very public battle with addiction, recovery and the reality of reality TV. We talk about how he ended up on Laguna Beach and how his alcoholism progressed during the show; the inner dialogue of an addict and feeling less than others; our first experiences with drinking and what it did for us; why it’s impossible to stop drinking even when it’s ruining lives; how he got sober and ended up relapsing again; why it’s different this time. We also talk about how loved ones can best support an alcoholic or addict in their lives, advice for families whose loved ones suffer and of course, some juicy reality TV deets. for $15 off your first order! Produced by Dear Media
This is part 2 of my episode with Melinda Farina aka The Beauty Broker. Today, she answers listener questions about everything from specific skincare products to combat signs of aging; top procedures favored by celebrities; botox vs. endoscopic brow lifts vs. ponytail lifts; the best age for a face lift; why filler migrations is real; what procedure young models are doing, and much more! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Melinda Farina aka The Beauty Broker about her business as an aesthetic consultant to the stars, what procedures actually great and what we’re all doing wrong when it comes to our faces. She talks about how she built her network of esteemed practitioners; why finding the right doctor is so nuanced; how she goes about matching clients to surgeons; and why things go wrong in surgery. She also dishes on what procedures she loves, what procedures she doesn’t love (cough cough, lip lifts!), threads, beneficial non-invasive procedures and how to age gracefully. This is a juicy episode for all beauty lovers! for 15% off your order! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to blogger and influencer Candice Nikeia about how to navigate the digital world from a place of abundance and avoid the comparison trap on social media. We also talk about her experience with racism in the industry (including a shocking personal story); how white and non Black people can be good allies; and the importance of making fighting racism part of our daily routines. We also talk a lot about spirituality, manifestation and the power of gratitude; finding our inner voice; how to appreciate what we have and where we are today; how to NOT attach to our negative thoughts; and so much more! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, also known as The Gut Health MD, about what exactly gut health is, why it's so important, and why we are seeing so many problems associated with the gut today. We talk about the damaging effects of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual trauma and how that affects our guts long-term; why restricting foods causes dysbiosis; how to train our guts like a muscle and be able to incorporate a wide variety of foods into our diets; the pitfalls of modern trendy diets; SIBO, parasites and candida and what supplements are helpful. for 15% off plus free shipping! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Lindsey Metselaar, host of the hit podcast We Met at Acme, about all things dating and relationships. We talk about dating apps, hookup culture and dating f*boys; how to make the first move and get what you want in a relationship; the dreaded "what are we" convo (hint: DO NOT have it!); overcoming jealousy; when to sleep with someone and so much more. We answer listener questions and share our own experiences with dating disasters and relationship success. Hear Lindsey's podcast: We Met At ACME Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk about how I'm doing in quarantine, updated morning and nighttime routines, strategies for disrupting binge eating, what I eat in a day and what my workout schedule is, how to deal with anxiety and negative emotions and how I found inner peace.  Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, founder of Melissa Wood Health, about how she went from drinking, disordered eating and stuffing emotions—to a life of peace, intuition, intention and fulfillment. We get into what it was like moving to NYC to become a model and the lifestyle that accompanied that; how she reached a breaking point and made a commitment to herself to be better; how she quit HIIT exercise and began to practice yoga and pilates; how to commit to a meditation practice and how it changed her; the importance of being accountable for our emotions; showing up for life and so much more! We also do a listener Q+A at the end where we both answer questions from the audience. for 15% off your order! with code BLONDE to get your first month for $9.99 Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to blogger and journalist Ayana Lage about social justice, racism, social media and mental health. We talk about virtue signaling and performative allyship vs. true allyship; 3 things we can all do to be a better ally; why so many people seem to be waking up to racism now; the conflicting feelings of experiencing social media’s sudden shift to support the Black community; microaggressions; Ayana’s experience with clinical depression and the mental health system in this country; how to take care of mental health in this heightened time, and so much more.   My earnings from the sponsorship of this episode have gone to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance in honor of Ayana. Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance. They center Black mamas to advocate, drive, research, build power and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights and justice. For more information and to donate, visit to get your first month's book for just $9.99   Produced by Dear Media
In this episode i'm talking about my evolution from restrictive and binge eating, overexercising and rigidity to intuitively eating and moving my body in a way that works for me. I talk about how I was forced to try a new lifestyle approach after my body started shutting down on me (at my leanest), and how I learned to trust my own body's cues. I also answer a ton of questions from the audience about everything from confidence to macros to BBG and more. Produced by Dear Media
In this episode I talk to Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, beauty editors and hosts of Breaking Beauty Podcast, about—you guessed it—all things beauty! We chat about what it was really like being beauty editors at a major magazine; how the industry has changed over the years; “woke” and inclusive beauty; how social media has impacted ideals, both good and not so good; the craziest trends they’ve seen and tried; what products and claims are gimmicks; their absolute ride or die products and so much more! Produced by Dear Media
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