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The Blood Drawn Chronicles

Author: DigiFox Studios

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Set in 1690, Earth is secretly ruled by the creatures of the night known as, the Vampires. One man, not born of this world, defies both the laws of the living, and the undead alike. To vampires, his presence threatens the very sanctity of what draws them together.
129 Episodes
Michael Bradley, creator of, The Blood Drawn Chronicles, presents a special message to you, the listener, about his upcoming series set to air the entire first season on September 5th 2016.
Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"

Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"


We begin our story with our main protagonist, Myrick, and his venture to the mysterious town of, Novi, Bosnia. Though Novi may appear mysterious, to one townsman, Myrick's sudden presence is a mystery of it's own.
Myrick finds himself acquainted with a most unusual person in the most unusual of ways; however, what this stranger has to tell may just turn the tide on Myrick's objectives in Novi.
Myrick and Besim head to Castle Godfrey, however, what awaits Myrick may be more mysterious than his presence in the town of Novi.
Myrick finally comes face to face with his first vampire. The encounter however may turn out to be less than pleasant.
Myrick encounters a vampire huntress who faces an imminent threat all on her own.
Myrick and Carina set out to face the imminent threat that seeks to destroy them both; but might of a Valpir be enough to withstand the opposing forces?
Myrick Fights valiantly against the enemy and their great numbers. However, nothing can prepare him for what happens next.
While during combat, Myrick is exposed to a fatal weakness that nearly kills him.
After being exposed to fatal weakness that nearly kills him, Carina discovers Myrick is not human.
Myrick and Carina part ways, but before Carina learns everything she can about the stranger from another world that is, Myrick, Son of Myer.
Myrick finds himself lost in the city of Paris, however, he soon comes across some one who more than willing to help him find his way.
Myrick finds himself on a mission in a brothel located in the more scandalous parts of Paris.
Against his wishes, we learn more behind the mystery of the man named Myrick Myerson.
Myrick enters a home unannounced to find the strangest of all hosts resided there.
Myrick finds himself enjoying a cup of tea with one the most influential men of the vampire world.
Myrick is the guest of honor at a party held amongst a few undead nobles.
Myrick tastes human blood for the first time.
Myrick finds himself in the middle of a most elaborate Scheme.
Myrick finds himself finally alone with vampire mistress Camilla.
Comments (27)

Mellissa Stockwell

Love this story! Still not done but in the 3rd season and am hooked!! Great story! Some of the voice acting could be better but Myrick and Woodrow rock!

Oct 1st

Seth Collins

found this from a comment on the audio drama "We're Alive" and I'm digging the crap out of this story as well, my only wish is that the episodes were longer, but this is a brilliant story, loving it 💪

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Jamie Lynn

I wish there was more fan fiction, or artwork, or even a soundtrack to the blood drawn chronicles. I am in love with the series, and not sure what I am going to do when I am done with it. Love it!

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Les Thompson II

The main characters sighing is extremely tiring and gratuitous. Besides that, I loved it.

May 15th

Alex Ligon Jr.

I can't get it to pull up

Apr 22nd
Reply (3)

Julie Ann P Genio

this is sooo good. Kudos guys!

Apr 16th

Jamie Buchanan

this is one of the best pod casts out there....keep up the good work....

Mar 23rd

A Land

I was starting to like this show but I cant get passed the obnoxious outdated patriarchy in the story line.

Feb 8th
Reply (1)

Paul Taylor Cook

you made me cry!!! and to quote my youngest son " Dad never cries " well I did...just superb thank you x

Jan 23rd

Vita Heggins

I just found this, and I'm obsessed!! great job!

Jan 22nd
Reply (1)

Tiffany Glazier

is the black hearted mr white the second season of blood drawn chronicles?

Jan 2nd
Reply (2)

Tiffany Glazier

I cannot wait for more I was so drawn in by this series what a great job your voice actors did and effects were spot on highly recommend this podcast

Jan 2nd

Bella Ring

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️love it

Dec 26th

Blood Drawn Chronicles

Thank you very much. The next chronicle comes out on December 31st! With episode zero launching in early December!

Oct 13th


This is the best thing I've heard....great job guys!

Oct 12th

Kimberlee Couch

I love Woodrow. He's hilarious .

Aug 21st

Daylynn Faucheux

I love this series. I'm always looking for podcasts or audio books that have vampires,werewolves,fae,and angels,and romance and mystery

Jan 23rd
Reply (1)
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