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This is part two of the great conversation with John Bruggen. We actually get to where he cut off fingers in this episode.He also shares some humorous times with his crew.Listen to part one, then come back and listen to this episode. The whole conversation with John was informative and entertaining. Source
John Bruggen builds Timber Frames. Located in Kansas, John has built frames in a number of states surrounding. John Bruggen is quite the story teller, and we went so long that I broke this up into two parts. We discuss the timber framing process, the business, work life balance and the importance of safety. Yes, ... Read more Source
Adam Drewes chats with John Chapman on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices Show about some of his experiences as a business owner, in the area of concrete work. Adam specializes in flat concrete, stamped concrete and dabbles in Nuclear Shelters. Source
Hello everyone listening to this episode of the Blue Collar Voices Show. After a very, very long hiatus, the show is rolling again. The initial interruption was a move, covid, time and Internet access challenges which lead to a lull for a while, which in turn lead to a lack of priority juxtaposed with other ... Read more Source
Chade Turner, who runs Turner Painting is the guest on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show. After talking with Chade, it is quite apparent that Gratitude, Passion, Character and Community are more important to him than anything else. At least, that is MY take. Chade LOVES to paint, and he is very, very passionate about painting. And he is successful. And gets some really interesting projects from time to time. Source
Welcome to the Blue Collar Voices show! In today’s show we are talking with Patrick Holehan. Pat has been a practicing gunsmith for LOOOOOONG time. His love affair with guns started as a young child. He completed 3 years of college education in gunsmithing – 2-year standard course, 3rd year more advanced. From there, he ... Read more Source
Lorraine Woodwark is passionate about immigration reform, the constitution, and the rights of Americans. Lorraine talks on the Blue Collar Voices Show to explain how Illegal “immigration” is detrimental to American workers, wages, and of course the impact on the Blue Collar workforce. We discuss her personal experiences (Lorraine immigrated to the USA herself – ... Read more Source
Zdenek Ulman is a diver. He runs a successful diving business up in New York City area. Before that, he started and ran a successful construction company. Before THAT, he didn't even live here in the US. He came to visit only, and then spent 15 years as an illegal alien - while starting and running a successful construction company. Zdenek is a great example of Blue Collar success. Tenacity. Hard work. Craftsmanship. Job Quality. Pushing your body to perform. In this episode, Z (that's his nickname) talks about coming to America, starting a business (then a second, then a third business), LEARNING ENGLISH, getting out of his comfort zone to start his painting company and facing challenges head-on. Source
Matt Radford is a roofer. He’s worked as a roofer, he’s owned his own business as a roofer, and now he is a roofing consultant. He like many of us, has had challenges and been beat around a bit by life. But he kept getting back up. Matt started out stacking the refuse in the ... Read more Source
Steve Pellegrino is a knifemaker. His skill set is way more diverse, but he is definitely a consummate, and passionate, knife maker. His specialty is Cutlery, which is being used by homemakers to Gourmet Chefs. I was searching online specifically for Knife Makers, and I came across Steve. I messaged Steve, and he was absolutely ... Read more Source
Peter Erdei builds high-quality custom pieces. And of those pieces, many of them are very high end, unique and stunning tables. As is most destinations in life, Peter arrived at this one after experiencing many different things in life. We talk about some of those experiences on the show. Matter of fact, we talk about ... Read more Source
Rich started in ranching, worked in the Oil Fields, worked on a ranch in Russia, and is back to ranching in Oregon raising grass-fed beef. He is also a teacher, Dyslexic, and working to improve the land and educate the public to the value of the land. Source
Marc LeConte is the owner and operator of High Quality Home Maintenance located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Clocking in over 20 years in business, not counting the years spent building up the client list before officially launching – Marc has built relationships with his customers and a reputation that keeps him as busy as he ... Read more Source
Trent Hendricks runs Cabriejo Ranch with REGENERATIVE involved in every process. Grassfed Angus cattle and grassfed Dorper and Dorset lamb. Quarter horses and Anatolian Shepherds. Innovative grazing on Solar Farms. Consulting. Source
Nathan Brown is the Owner/CEO of Old World Timber, a reclaimed wood wholesale and distribution company, located in Lexington, KY. We talk about sourcing old wood from both old buildings, from overseas, from rivers. Nathan tells his story of how he started Old World Timber, how it grew from a small project to a significant ... Read more Source
Jason Maldanado has recently published a book about safety titled, “A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession: The Relentless Pursuit” This book is based on experiences that Jason has had in his career in the safety profession. The actual writing of this book was inspired – almost demanded – by his father. In this podcast ... Read more Source
Chris Crawford and I discuss his origin, his journey learning leadership skills and business acumen - culminating in his own successful HVAC company in this podcast on Blue Collar Voices. Source
Blue Collar Voices ROAD TRIP! Road Trip you say? Where? Well, ALL over the USA, and even Canada. Here is the deal. I am building up destination points all over the USA and Canada to visit. It might be just a drive-by where I meet, shake hands, take a picture or two, and then mosey ... Read more Source
Six upcoming guests for the Blue Collar Voices Show. Source
Hey Guys, today, I have three podcasts to recommend for you, that I think are informative, entertaining, and are just “well worth” the listen. And of course, check the show notes for links to these podcasts. These are also Blue Collar podcasts, and I definitely enjoy them – I’m betting that you will as well. ... Read more Source
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