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Some behind the scenes for you today. Bobby starts by letting you listen in on the videos he records after the show. Bobby also reveals what he just learned about himself when it comes to why he is a fast reader. Amy said a woman went up to her randomly at Starbucks and told him something that was bizarre. She was left wondering if she was a listener or not. See for privacy information.
Someone on the show reveals they want to get a 2nd job for the summer. Bobby shares a list of crazy things purchased by celebrities. You won’t believe how much money they have dropped on ridiculous items! Bobby shares big events that happened on this day in country music. See for privacy information.
Bobby shares what a study found to be the best arrival time for a party. Eddie and Morgan face off in Elder vs. Millennial. Bobby tries to help a listener who wrote in having issues with his wife and chores at home. He gets upset that he comes home from work and nothing has been done. See for privacy information.
Bobby talked to singer/songwriter Hailey Whitters about her journey as an artist. They broke down Hailey’s big move to Nashville as a teenager, what it was like having to pay your dues in a ’10 year town,’ artists she looked up to as a kid, advice for other musicians who are on their journey to becoming a big country music star, her new album and much more! See for privacy information.
Bobby starts talking about Memorial Day and artist reading liners for it. Amy shares 4 things from the movie she filmed that Lunchbox is going to freak out about. Eddie brings a game to the show that he and his kids play. Bobby shares details on his upcoming TV show “Snake in the Grass” and what he can say about a season 2 of Breaking Bobby Bones. See for privacy information.
Bobby talks about the tragedy in Texas that happened yesterday. Bobby has the show compete in a US State Capitals Game. We reveal what the embarrassing embarrassment will be.  Amy shares that she is graduating 8th grade today and is having a ceremony. See for privacy information.
Amy shares her latest scamming news after someone came to her front door asking for donations. Was it a scam or was it legit? We get the definite answer if Eddie will be allowed to go skydiving. See for privacy information.
Bobby starts with the Top 3 songs in country music. A man who was busted stealing an expensive car from a valet. A Wisconsin couple had to take out a bear who busted into their home and attacked them. Bobby shares he’s been dealing with foxes at his house. Someone on the show won money in the lottery. Bobby reveals why he has been trolling people online. Bobby thinks Eddie’s Reels are getting out of hand. See for privacy information.
Eddie finally pays out his punishment of barking like a dog in a public place until someone asks him to stop. It doesn't go the way we thought it would. 6th Grader Reese lets us know how her performance of 1994 went at her talent show and how she feels after making the news! See for privacy information.
Bobby addresses a recent controversy he had with a country artist after something was stolen from the studio. He gives everyone a chance to come clean before enforcing a MAJOR punishment. Inside of the Bobby Feud, the show tries to name the Top 10 things Americans do in the morning. See for privacy information.
A Meaty Decision

A Meaty Decision


Scott Carey leaves his stable, decade-long career in marketing to make a risky move doing something he loves – being a butcher. See for privacy information.
Mon Post Show (05-23-22)

Mon Post Show (05-23-22)


Bobby starts by sharing some behind the scenes from the show today. Then we get into talking about a family suing Apple because Airpods ruined her kids' hearing, why peanut butter is making people sick and seniors who got banned from walking at graduation due to a prank. We also read an email from a listener who thinks we hate Eddie…it makes him upset. And why Mike D thinks Lunchbox is turning into a hippy and Raymundo is part of a new weird business opportunity. See for privacy information.
It finally happened after months! The Christmas present that Scuba Steve claimed was on a cargo ship back in December has FINALLY arrived. What is it? Was it worth the wait? Bobby shares a shocking list of famous musicians who surprisingly have never landed a No. 1 song. See for privacy information.
Fresh off of American Song Contest, Ryan Charles stops by the studio to talk about “New Boot Goofin”, life in Buffalo, Wyoming and how a DM led him to being on TV.  Morgan gives her “Millennial Review” after watching the first 8 episodes of Saved by the Bell because she’s never seen it. Does the show hold up? Lunchbox brings in audio of his wife’s reaction to him forgetting their anniversary but there’s a twist! Lunchbox left the room while she recorded the audio…so he hears it for the first time on the air with us. Was she actually upset?? See for privacy information.
The Best Bits podcast is now officially separated into two podcasts!! This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that I countdown from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros! See for privacy information.
The Best Bits podcast is now officially separated into two podcasts!! This part of the podcast is the version you all have been wanting as a stand-alone, Morgan and a guest having their in-depth conversations without any interruptions. In this podcast you’ll hear Morgan and Amy talk about some things currently happening in their lives. Amy discusses marriage, life with kids, and something she’s really excited about. Morgan shares some things about her relationship, new Food World news, and a crazy thing that happened to her. See for privacy information.
Lainey Wilson stops by the studio to talk about her recent No. 1s, her career skyrocketing and the fan who got her face tattooed on her body. Bobby talks about a Harry Styles superfan who freaked out when she met him. We share what celebs would give us a similar reaction. Caller Will in Texas calls in to challenge Lunchbox on something. See for privacy information.
A listener has a question for Dr. Bones about a procedure she is about go in for. Dr. Bones gives his expert advice. In the mailbag, a listener is having a debate with her husband on whether or not to confront a neighbor with a bad lawn. Inside of Amy’s Fun Fact Friday, she reveals what crazy benefit Netflix offers to all employees. See for privacy information.
Bobby talks about the Ringling Brothers Circus returning without animals. Bobby was offended for the Sore Losers. Bobby goes through a list of notes he made during the show and tries to remember why. Eddie wanted to go half on a boat with Bobby. Lunchbox says Eddie is like the kid who doesn’t listen and needs to be punished. See for privacy information.
The Cadillac Three stop by and blow our socks off with a performance! We all share the dumbest things we have ever done in our lives. And Bobby is shocked after learning the real reason humans yawn. See for privacy information.
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Lesley Spinelli

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Apr 11th

Cheryl Duncan

do you have the weiner dog one. I want it. please

Oct 28th

Gamer Lizzy

I love the cast of the Bobby bones show. They remind me of me and my friends just hanging out talking and having fun...They make my day so much better everything I listen to their show.

Mar 4th

Sarah McGregor Author

always enjoy this

Dec 8th

Teri Chinery

love their humor and positive outlook on life!!

Dec 1st

Scott Darden

ho i

Oct 14th

Danessa Townsend

what is the name of the new draft podcast that was announced on this show

Sep 16th

Dave Roberts


Apr 26th

Zachary Voelker

Completely random, If you want a good laugh. Listen to the Bobby Bones Show at 0.5x play time. They all sound under the influence. It is hilarious!

Apr 15th

Keyana George

this is my first time listening to this podcast and the Tuesday rap is reason enough to subscribe and keep listening

Feb 11th

Laina Huffine

you are truly not talking to the new listener.. I am clueless to Jason Aldean and his wife's past problems... do some journalism..

Jan 3rd

Peter roehrs

Finally, a new one!

Dec 31st


rerun from ages ago.

Dec 5th
Reply (2)

Deborah Dunn

love this show

Nov 28th
Reply (1)

Stacie Ardonna Green

Love these!! So funny

Nov 26th
Reply (1)

Marya Grady-O'Neil

I love the Bobby bones show so intresting

Aug 18th
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love this podcast. that's it

Jan 30th
Reply (2)

Anika Rahman

The survival tips my Amy's husband is hilarious! 10:00

Dec 11th



Nov 26th

Zach Reese

this podcast is like a movie for me. The post show pre show is the trailer and the "what are you doing today" is the credits. I get so excited when I hear the "now here he is" intro

May 15th
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