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Author: Chiara Mazzucco

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The Bold Standard, hosted by rebel entrepreneur Chiara Mazzucco, is a podcast focused on turning high achieving women into happy, wealthy, and impact-driven POWERHOUSES. You will learn to harness your inner power and gain the confidence and the strategies you need to raise the bar within your self, your business, and your love life, because I believe that as women, we deserve to rock all three. This is the new standard. The BOLD standard.
70 Episodes
Show guests and BLL speakers, Dominick and Bryan jam out with me on what it takes to call in a king (and where to find one) if you're single, and call him forward if you're in a relationship. As women rise to the next level of themselves, so does the standard for the kind of partnership they deserve. You can learn more about Dominick and Bryan on their podcast Man Amongst Men and by going to // Sidenote: These men are gems.
Complete Self-Expression: In this episode I dive into one of my rants reminding you that it's not strategy that will get you to success, but rather, leaning into the realest version of you. Money awaits on the other side of shining bright and giving others permission to feel the same liberation and freedom.
Limitations and Negative Influences: What would be possible if you went all in to your vision and believed in the unbelievable? In this episode, I walk you through the steps to identify and break through the standards set by those not living the life you want. Because if you learn to lean into your bigness and trust how big you can go, you won't just reach the sky, you'll break through the stars.
In every area of our lives that we pour our energy into moving forward, there will be one thing we avoid at all costs that will stop our progress in its tracks. We'll make sense of it and rationalize it, but then wonder why we aren't moving forward. In this episode, we talk about the conflicting energy and how powerful of a gift it is to identify the one thing and give ourselves permission to move past it.
Do you ever feel like you're trying to fit your passion into a pre-existing box? In this episode, we talk about what it looks like and how to create a box to fit your passion; and how there are a million ways to build a business, but one that is true service to your mission, passion, and divine calling.
The coaching industry is growing quickly and inevitably, there will be drama. In fact, there are two ways to shine and get noticed: You either shine brightly yourself, or you dim the light of others to be brighter by comparison. Here's how to choose the higher road, not get distracted by the drama, and keep your dreams in sharp focus along the way.
Do you find yourself judging yourself if your ascension doesn't happen as quickly as you expect it to, with all the journaling and visualizing and devotion to becoming your highest self? In this episode, we talk about the power of the human experience and how every bit of it, no matter where it lands on the spectrum, gets to be beautiful and gets to work for us.
We can't always operate from a place of momentum; so how do we motivate ourselves in love, health, and in our business, when we're not riding the wave of inspiration? In this episode, I share the secret to self-managing motivation and two things you can do now to make life just a tad bit easier.
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