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Author: Chiara Mazzucco

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The Bold Standard, hosted by rebel entrepreneur Chiara Mazzucco, is a podcast focused on turning high achieving women into happy, wealthy, and impact-driven POWERHOUSES. You will learn to harness your inner power and gain the confidence and the strategies you need to raise the bar within your self, your business, and your love life, because I believe that as women, we deserve to rock all three. This is the new standard. The BOLD standard.
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In this episode, I talk about what it looks like to lead your business in a way that works for you - specifically, I share my shifts in working with my cycle and working with my human design. It’s all about making this feel GREAT.
That feeling inside of you - that exhausted feeling of 'What MUST I DO?!' - that's what this episode is about. In today's episode, we're going to discuss shifting away from the pressure to DO (everything outside ourselves) and coming home to that commitment to self, the commitment to BEING. If you're feeling some major reinvention vibes needing to happen, join us in Becoming at the end of the month. Link in IG bio!
2020 was a helluva year for many reasons. One of them being, we witnessed the emergence of high school mean girl behavior, the deepening of comparison syndrome, and overall avalanches of drama getting us further and further away from revolutionary change. Here's how we come back to self, mission, and collaboration.
This is the episode where we talk about complete and radical ownership over our desires. How often have you been made to feel WRONG for your dreams? Shamed for the kind of life you want to create? Been guilted into a plan B from anyone that didn't believe in you? Here's all the permission you've ever needed. Becoming is happening at the end of the month, go to link in bio on IG (@boldself) to sign up!
This has been a big topic of convo in the online space, especially for female entrepreneurs. Are you burning out with the hustle? Do you need MORE structure in your business? Do you need to loosen up and surrender to the unknown...? What's the right balance? Tune in, this is a good one. Sign up for workshops and apply to programs by heading over to instagram and going to my bio. 
What's your word for 2021? What are the new rules? How about the new standards you're setting for yourself, your wealth, and your life? This episode is all about the intentionality behind how we get to show up to the new year. Here's what works for me... Sign up for workshops and programs via links in bio on instagram.
We're back, baby - and stronger than EVER. In this Season 2 kick off, I share where I've been, what I went through this year that led to my ultimate need to step away from my business, all the personal upheavals, and most importantly, WHERE we're heading with the show. It's good to be back, girl. I missed you so much! 
In this super powerful conversation, Gianna Rackham shares how to manifest your soulmate, and when you do - how to show up to create something amazing. Gianna is a relationship coach for single and spiritual women and helps them live in alignment with their soul and attract deeply satisfying soulmate love. Take Gianna's Soulmate Quiz to identify the block that's keeping you from manifesting your soulmate: Grab your tickets to Bold Leap Live in Nashville > Ready to join Bold Leap Academy?
Chiara is going headfirst into the conversation on debt and making investments - whether it be in your business, your looks, your wellbeing. As part of the Bold Self tribe, you are the type of woman who wants more, who wants to grow and stretch - but we can feel the real fear and anxiety when it comes to going into debt for an investment in ourselves. Debt only has the energy that we give it. What if we break the rules? Listen in to hear Chiara's perspective... Get your tickets to Bold Leap Live in Nashville! (And make sure you go VIP): Ready to take your Bold Leap in your business? Apply for Bold Leap Academy:
Today's guest, Gieselle Allen, helps high achieving womxn unlock self-trust & confidence so they can finally realize their full potential. Chiara and Gieselle have a really important conversation around understanding where you fit in and educating yourself on the topic of color, especially when you have a platform of influence. We can do a better job at intentionally being more inclusive and by not acknowledging our differences, we don't get to celebrate them. Chiara was also recently a part of Gieselle's "The Entrepreneur's Freedom Code Summit" and they riff on the benefits of summits for your business, how we all operate differently, human design and astrology in your business. You can find Gieselle on IG: @gieselleallen or her website If you haven't got your ticket for Bold Leap Live yet, what are you waiting for? Bold Leap Academy is Open for Enrollment! Apply here:
Today's episode is brought to you by LIFE. We are talking about putting our big girl panties on, being brave, and DOING the damn thing.  Have you ever stopped to look back at the aftermath of playing small to dissect the consequences? Have you asked yourself what it could have looked like if you had of just put your big girl panties on? Sometimes it has to hurt more than it scares us. When you have the willingness to be bold and honor your desires through the fear, the universe hears you. Every time you do the opposite of what you say you want, you weaken your relationship with yourself. Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply Here: Bold Leap Live (Nashville March 27 - 29) - Get Tickets Here: Bold Leap Academy is open for enrollment: Have you joined the new Bold, Wild, and Rich Collective for Women Entrepreneurs Facebook Group?
In this episode Chiara talks to serial entrepreneur, brand strategist and visionary doer, Zlata Sushchik. Tune in to hear for this previous award-winning fitness competitor leveraged her personal brand to build a 7 figure business, launched a top-ranked podcast with 5.2M downloads, published a bestselling book and shared stages with the top experts in the field! Follow Zlata @zlatassx Shownotes: Your Next 15K: Sign Up Here! Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply HERE Bold Leap Live - Nashville March 27 - 29 (Get tickets HERE) Bold Leap Academy - Apply Here
In this solo show Chiara opens up about the realities of losing yourself when living for others, the magic of rediscovering what lights you up after a break up, finding peace within the chaos, and the celebrity death that forced us all to reflect over the kind of life we want to be living. This episode will leave you asking yourself, who am I really? Your Next 15K - Sign Up Here! Shownotes - Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply HERE Bold Leap Live - Nashville March 27 - 29 (Get Tickets HERE) Bold Leap Academy - Apply Here
In this solo show Chiara gets real about what to expect when you're levelling up. From feeling like a fraud and wondering if you're good enough to go bigger, to the reality of evolving relationships and realizing that a new standard has been set. Tune in to hear the 5 signs so you can feel fully confident stepping up into your next level!  Your Next 15K - Sign Up Here! Shownotes - Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply HERE Bold Leap Live - Nashville March 27 - 29 (Get Tickets HERE)
In this episode Chiara chats with Clarity Coach and Host of the Hearts Unleashed podcast, Abigail Rose. This convo dives into the realm of shadow work, the difference between coaching and therapy, and the value of getting offline. Tune in to hear Abigail's radically honest thoughts about the coaching world and down to earth advice for hiring the one who's actually aligned with where you're going. Shownotes - Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply HERE Bold Leap Live - Nashville March 27 - 29 (Get Tickets HERE)
In this solo show Chiara gets real about being an entrepreneur and stretching into the next level version of yourself. Her background in the Hollywood service industry, and when soul simply says 'Nope.' Tune in to hear about the realities of living the laptop lifestyle and the 5 non-negotiable qualities of an Entrepreneurial Identity.  Shownotes - Inner Circle Mastermind - Apply HERE Bold Leap Live - Nashville March 27 - 29 (Get Tickets HERE)
In this episode Chiara interviews best selling author and manifestation expert Steffani Fort LeFevour about how to make the law of attraction work for you. We're talking portals, how to get into the vortex and actually stay there, manifesting dream homes, and finding evidence of magic in the daily details.  Connect with Steffani: @coachwithsteff Shownotes: Bold Leap Live: Get your tickets here!!
In this solo show Chiara opens up about being radically honest with ourselves and opting out of being a slave to circumstance. Recorded on her phone during the witching hour in LA, this episode dives deeper into the both / and convo of living the Bi-Coastal dream, and what it actually takes to make it happen.  Shownotes: Bold Leap Live is Coming: Get your tickets here!
Sister friend, you are in for one heck of a sexy treat this week! Tune in to hear Chiara speak with Sexual Expansion Speaker and Former Professional Dominatrix, Genevieve Rudolph as they dive into orgasming clients into existence, bringing back our inner Jessica Rabbit, and receiving business visions while self pleasuring. No joke. This conversation might just get you turned on. In fact, we hope it does.  Follow Genevieve on Instagram: @essentialreclamation Join The Pleasure Tribe: Shownotes: Bold Leap Live: Get your tickets here!
In this solo show Chiara gets real about a recent experience she had after sharing a sensual image online and dismantles the paradigm of ‘pretty girl privilege.’ If you’ve ever felt like you had to hide your beauty to make others feel safe, this episode will remind you that it’s time to step up and into the spotlight sister. Because true leadership means leading your tribe by example.  Shownotes: Bold Leap Live: Get your tickets here!
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