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Author: Chiara Mazzucco

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The Bold Standard, hosted by rebel entrepreneur Chiara Mazzucco, is a podcast focused on turning high achieving women into happy, wealthy, and impact-driven POWERHOUSES. You will learn to harness your inner power and gain the confidence and the strategies you need to raise the bar within your self, your business, and your love life, because I believe that as women, we deserve to rock all three. This is the new standard. The BOLD standard.
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Important info and a deep, deep soul share. Podcast relaunch info included.
Motivation relies on you setting a new standard for how you live your life, and that's so beautiful!
Doors to AES ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN! Rocking and rolling in Maui with my bestie, Caitlyn Pasternak as she interviews me about Sales. use CAITLYN10 at checkout for 10% discount!
On today's episode, I'm talking handling objections before they arise, and the deeper reasons for why they come up in the first place. The foundation of your business relies on mastering the art of sales. Grab your $222 OFF discount code by joining the waitlist for the Art of Empowered Sales course:
Continuing the Sales Series today with the a conversation on why your tribe ain't buying. Grab your discount code for $222 OFF the upcoming Art of Empowered Sales Course - And don't miss your Bold Leap Live Early Bird pricing before we sell out!
In today's sale's series episode - we talk about finding the balance between OWNING your magic, and selling it, and how BOTH are equally important in the sales process. A must listen if you're a coach, consultant, freelancer or other service provider. Doors open to the Art of Empowered sales 6/17. 
In this episode, we talk about the #1 thing keeping you from selling your services and how it shows up in your offer creation, in your sales conversations, and even in your delivery. A must listen if you're a coach, expert, consultant, or freelancer of any sort. Doors open for The Art of Empowered Sales 6/10.
Want an instant dose of YUM? How often do you take a beat to recognize and celebrate your progress? In this episode, I share a little bit about myself and my journey in healing and how taking a moment to recognize the progress I'm making is actually supercharging me to continue.
Part 2 to the Battle Royale between soul and mind. What happens when your body feels all the feels - i.e. feels the fear, feels the overwhelm, feels the "what the hell did you just do?" and how do we move through it into empowered action? In this episode, we continue the discussion to help support you in actualizing your dreams.  Bold Leap Live tickets are on sale with special early bird pricing:  Download your free Confidence Rampage at
You know that feeling when you (soul) make a decision to go all into something, and then mind comes in, freaking out, asking HOW THE FCK ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS? This is what I call the Battle Royale - and don't worry, my friends, there's a way to let soul win.
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