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Hand in your horror homework as Boo Crew Summer School in now in session! We stand in front of the class and give our presentation on STORY GAME, GATLOPP, MY HEART CAN’T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO, FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES! Guests are in detention this week, so grab a hall pass in join us in study hall, just please don’t throw spitballs at us - but we can trade lunches. See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, join us for an absolutely FASCINATING conversation with acclaimed researcher, truth seeker, and one of the leading UFO documentarians in the world, Jeremy Corbell! Sit in as he weaponizes your curiosity discussing the footage and facts that have lit up headlines everywhere acknowledged by the Pentagon as authentic recordings of UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Explore his extraordinarily well made documentary BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS and hear the in depth story of the man who claims he was tasked to reverse engineer the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial technology for the united states government. Hear about the hundreds of craft that swarmed U.S. Navy warships off the west coast in 2019 and what happened, the pentagon report released that links radiation burns, brain damage, paralysis and amnesia to ufo sightings, and the impact surrounding the first congressional hearing about UFO’s in over 50 years. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you Episode 330 with Jeremy Corbell… now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, returning guest to the show, the legendary Robert Englund! Take a journey into the upside down as he tells you about bringing Victor Creel to life on Stranger Things 4! Hear about his love of the series, his first time meeting Millie Bobby Brown, the easter eggs and more! We’ll also revisit the creation of the Freddy’s Nightmares tv series now available on Screambox, powered by run and curated by the Bloody Disgusting team! A terrific anthology show that starred everyone from Brad Pitt to the Bad Seed’s Patty McCormack AND a flashback to a memory from the original Nightmare when Johnny Depp dawned Freddy’s iconic makeup on set! Grab yourself some scoops ahoy and a slice of surfer boy pizza! Episode 329 is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back for a SECOND all new episode this week and one of our fave convos ever with poignant and inspiring creatives that are absolute powerhouses - Mali Elfman and Katie Parker! Katie stars in Mali’s extraordinary new film NEXT EXIT, celebrating its world premiere at Tribeca! Find out how this disarmingly beautiful ghost story in reverse was crafted. A poetic and thoughtful allegory of what it means to be human. We talk about the importance of support in the journey of a filmmaker and the community that rises around it, surrendering yourself to performance, the catharsis of music and so much more! Then we reflect on this past weekend’s Monsterpalooza event in Pasadena with some special shoutouts and memories! Episode 328 with Mali Elfman and Katie Parker, is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back with another all new episode and returning guest, our friend til the end and yours - SPENCER CHARNAS from ICE NINE KILLS! Spencer was so kind to KILL an entire hour with us JUST before they left for their European tour! We talk about the bands VERY OWN inaugural horror convention SILVER SCREAM CON that goes down August 27th in Massachusetts! We’ll also slice and dice their latest album SILVER SCREAM 2: Welcome To Horrorwood, the sequel to their highly acclaimed Silver Scream record. BOTH albums offer an unmatched cinematic horror metal core experience with every song being an homage to some of the greatest films in the history of the genre done with passion and unprecedented talent. We’ll talk about the process of bringing the stories of these films to life with music, the ever evolving and expanding visual side of the band, the fandom, the rabbit holes, the mysteries, the one movie fans ask them to bleed over the most......and horror inspired ice cream flavors! Episode 327 with Spencer Charnas from ICE NINE KILLS is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back for a third time this week with another all new episode! We stop to pickup 22 time award winning filmmaker, Fernando González Gómez! At time of release his new sci fi horror grossout THE PASSENGER, is in theaters June 3rd and on digital and on demand June 28th from Bloody Disgusting and Darkstar pictures! Tear into the awesome dialogue, the outstanding practical fx work from the team behind the REC films, get introduced to VAN-Nessa, one of horrors newest icons! Find out how some of the coolest shots and scenes were put together and a peak at what’s to come in their upcoming horror adventure! Episode 326 with THE PASSENGER, Fernando González Gómez is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back with our 2nd of THREE all new shows this week! This time around you are spending an hour with two extraordinary storytellers who have both had a profound impact on pop culture and genre films - Sean Patrick Flanery and Lin Shaye! Their new surreal and wonderful blood soaked crime thriller FRANK AND PENELOPE is in theaters June 3rd! Step into this immaculately crafted world created by Sean in his feature directorial debut. Hear about the thought process, the challenges and details that went into each frame. Take a look at how the poetic script came together laced in muscle cars, cults, sex and Americana! Drive into the craft of creating unforgettable moments and characters with the legendary Lin Shaye and so much more! Episode 325 is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, you are joined by returning guests who are two of the most compelling creative voices in cinema, writer / director Chloe Okuno and actor, Maika Monroe! Their spectacular new film WATCHER is in theaters June 3rd and on digital June 21st. Peel back the architecture of this glorious tension piece, and how the incredibly unique cadence and rhythm was orchestrated. Look into the magic of the performances and how this story will hypnotize you with its mysteries and misdirects. Episode 324 with WATCHER’S Chloe Okuno and Maika Monroe, is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew - you are hanging out with the mutli award winning, Guinness world record holding creative genius, JAMES WAN! Crawl inside the imagination of the purveyor of the art of the scare in celebration of the 4K Ultra HD release of his gonzo, Giallo slasher masterpiece, MALIGNANT! Pull back the curtain and dive head first into the story collaboration between Akela Cooper, Ingrid Bisu and himself, direct the wild camera shots, insane action sequences, practical fx fun and so much more! James is an absolute DELIGHT to listen to as you can hear the passionate horror fan inside of him in every mischievous giggle in talking about this awesome film! Episode 323 is the magic of JAMES WAN. Now playing. See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, its open mic night with multi award winning creative force, Brea Grant! She is an absolute powerhouse from her diverse acting career on a myriad of the coolest tv shows ever made from Dexter to Heroes and in the films of Rob Zombie, Darren Lynn Bousman and more. An acclaimed comic book creator, podcaster and writer / director who’s own films have crept into our imaginations and are among the most talked about horror flicks of the decade, including the Fantasia winning 12 hour shift and Lucky! She is back with an all new foray into terror paved in pink and splattered in blood! TORN HEARTS is available on digital May 20th! Brea lets you in on the horror that created her obsession with the genre and takes you along on her journey to this maniacal thrill ride into a wicked dark side of the Nashville music scene that is so unsettling and well constructed, you’ll be hanging from every word. Episode 322 celebrates the genius of Brea Grant and its now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On the final of THREE all new episodes this week, you are joined by sensational filmmaker Keith Thomas and actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong as they share with you their tremendous new horror adventure based on the Stephen King classic, FIRESTARTER! In theaters and streaming only on peacock NOW! We talk about Keith’s journey to making the film and his vision, King’s involvement, working with John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies on the most AMAZING score, the special fx and a VERY cool easter egg. Ryan lets us in on the intricacies of playing Charlie, working with the pyrotechnics, her own superpower of crying on cue and so much more! Its a flamin’ hot episode 321 with Firestarter’s Keith Thomas and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back with our second of THREE all new episodes this week! This time around, friend of the show, the immensely talented and iconic Christina Ricci checks in to tell you all about her AWESOME new horror thriller, MONSTROUS in theaters and vod May 13th! We talk about the detail and care that went into crafting this unsettling period piece set in the 1950s and weaponizing the innocence of the era! It’s all about monsters, mayhem and impeccably cut sandwiches! Also - she lets us in on her thoughts on returning for another season of YELLOWJACKETS, reuniting with Tim Burton for WEDNESDAY and more! Stay cool daddy-o and put a nickel in the jukebox for episode 320 with Christina Ricci - now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew - hang out with the wonderful Ali Larter! She continues to give us incredible characters and the unforgettable performances that are at the heart of some of the coolest films and franchises ever made! From Resident Evil, Final Destination, House on Haunted Hill to Creepshow, we revisit it all! Her brand new survival thriller, THE LAST VICTIM is in theaters and VOD May 13th, starring alongside of her the great Ron Perlman and Ralph Ineson from The Witch, The Green Knight and more. She tells the fascinating story of a film 20 years in the making, the challenges, the unique voice and perspective of the movie and we’ll discover a Final Destination Easter egg together! The Boo crew podcast episode 319 with Ali Larter is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of the Boo Crew this week you’re seeing double with the multi award winning filmmakers behind the sensational LAKE BODOM (2016), and their brand new vision - THE TWIN, in theaters, on demand and streaming on Shudder, Friday May 6th - Taneli Mustonen and Aleksi Hyvärinen! We discuss Finnish folklore, the occult, a sonic palette built from the inspiration of black metal bands and orchestrating the perfect twists! Also find out the exciting horror projects they have on the way with the announcement of something truly awesome!  The Boo crew podcast episode 318 with Taneli Mustonen and Aleksi Hyvärinen is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new absolutely wild episode of your Boo Crew, death metal maniacs NEKROGOBLIKON have an incredible new album out called THE FUNDAMENTAL SLIMES AND HUMORS, not only is this band exceptional at conjuring up an all out sonic attack of blast beats, grindcore, pop and folk but they have an actual goblin as part of the group. Yes - you are joined by JOHN GOBLIKON. Not only is John the ultimate hype-goblin, he is the host of the hit Youtube talk show RIGHT NOW and best selling author of the book John Goblikons guide to living your best life! Sit in with John just before the band embarks on a much anticipated tour with GWAR to talk about the new album, movies, zoom filters, his day job in insurance sales, the wonders of Chili’s (the restaurant) and so much more! The Boo crew podcast episode 317 with John Goblikon is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On another all new episode of your Boo Crew, you are spending some time with multi award winning filmmaking genius, Robert Eggers! His absolute masterpiece, THE NORTHMAN is in theaters everywhere April 22nd. He tells you about crafting this completely immersive vengeful viking nightmare and how its designed for you to feel every sword swing and gory attack. Find out what he kept from the set, get a look at how he works with actors and nurtures unforgettable performances, hear his thoughts on the cultural impact of The VVITCH and the latest on his journey to Nosferatu. All this and more on Episode 316 is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, you are hanging out with creator Nicole Exposito and writer, Dr. Kwynn Perry of the QCODE original hit horror audio drama THE BURNED PHOTO. Put together by the producers of IT: Chapter One and Two, The Ring, The Grudge and more, the brand new Second season is available now wherever you get your podcasts! Starring Katherine McNamara from the Flash and The Good Fights Charmaine Bingwa! Hear about the origins of the story going back to a creepy pasta reddit thread, the challenges and process involved in bringing it to life, the power of narrative thru the lens of horror and so much more! Episode 315 is now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, you are joined by award winning actor, Elisha Cuthbert! We talk horror, alien abductions, and a walk thru her fantastic career from ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK , to the splatter film she made with the director of multiple Oscar winning films and a 70s and 80s genre legend, to the game changing HOUSE OF WAX remake and so much more! Plus, she gets you pumped for her brand new chiller, THE CELLAR, shot on location in a GOREgeous haunted house in Ireland, in theaters and on Shudder April 15th! So whatcha waiting for? Head downstairs for episode 314 with Elisha Cuthbert, now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hey fellow Creeps! Get down with your spooky self and celebrate the wonder and inspiration of horror with Ash Costello and Count D. of the band - THE HAXANS! Be a part of an almost two hour conversation delving in the history of the project, the vintage halloween aesthetic, the songwriting, the videos and holding a residency in a haunted theme park! They get you ready for their SCARY MONSTERS AND SUPER CREEPS TOUR happening all spring with John 5! Hit up for tickets! Of course, we discuss scary movies, haunted museums and so much more! Get obsessed with the absolutely lovely monsters in your new fave band, THE HAXANS on episode 313! Now slaying! See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Boo Crew conjures up a second all new episode this week! You are spending time with an absolutely wonderful actor who’s multi award winning performances and choices are constantly evocative and compelling - Noomi Rapace! At time of release, her new film YOU WON’T BE ALONE is in theaters now. This movie is a dark elegy wrapped thru beautifully composed themes of witchcraft, love and life that is introspective, unsettling and gloriously unique. We get into Noomi’s experience in bringing it to life. The music of her decisions on screen and her yearning to continuously challenge herself thru diverse and impactful roles and how she brings you along with her on that journey time and time again. She is such a pleasure to listen to and we sincerely hope you enjoy being part of this conversation with us, as well as this stunning movie. Fall under the spell of episode 312 with Noomi Rapace, now playing! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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