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Join your hosts Leone D'Antonio, Trevor Shand, and Lauren Shand as they bring you discussions and interviews covering all things horror!

Our guests are not only icons from your favorite horror and genre films from in front of and behind the lens, but also artists, actors, musicians, authors and personalities inspired by horror and dark entertainment. A truly unique experience that has something for everyone.
238 Episodes
How’s this for a slice of fried gold? On episode 235 - join The Boo Crew and legendary filmmaker, author and actor, Nick Frost! We talk horror, the paranormal and creating the perfect villain. Dissect Lauren’s favorite scene from her favorite movie in the entire world (and likely one of yours too) SHAUN OF THE DEAD! Then… it’s a journey into the 1940’s for Nick’s latest role as Dr. Bertram in the delightfully dark, “WHY WOMEN KILL SEASON 2”, airing exclusively on Paramount + now, with a new episode every Thursday! Bring the noise with an all new Boo Crew now!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Innovative horror filmmaker, dreamer and great friend of the show, Jed Shepherd returns! After first appearing back on episode 147 with Director and co-writer Rob Savage for a movie that defined a whole new era in horror called “HOST”, Jed joins you to give you an update on all the exciting new projects he has going on! Find out how you can be involved directly in the ongoing horror community on the clubhouse app he created called “Clubhouse of Horror”. We also dive into a brand new full motion, live action and real time, horror video game experience unlike anything ever made before that he is currently building. At time of release, “GHOSTS” will be ready for you to play early next year! It’s a fascinating and inspiring conversation with Jed Shepherd for episode 234!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It’s a gore-soaked, terrifying and hilarious gross-out fest as you and The Boo Crew hang with writer / director / cinematographer and producer, Mike Testin and writer / director / producer and actor, Matt Mercer! At time of release, their new film DEMENTIA: PART II is now in limited theaters and arriving on DVD and VOD June 1st! It is a proud presentation of Bloody Disgusting and Dark Star Pictures. Hear the fascinating story of this insane psycho-horror romp made on a dare in 30 days from script to screen and the challenges and awesomeness that ensued! Learn about how they did some of the most fun practical fx of the year, get into their horror faves and influences and their experience working closely with Joe Begos on his phenomenal hyperkinetic nightmare...BLISS. Episode 233 is now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Back for a SECOND all new episode this week! Join hands as we contact the spirits of phenomenal award winning writer, actor, producer - Simon Barrett and actor, entrepreneur and media personality - Inanna Sarkis! Their delicious new horror flick SEANCE is in theaters, on demand and digital now! Take a seat around our seance table for a master class in script writing from the talent that brought you films like this one, You’re Next, The Guest and more! We’ll explore this new movie’s unique sonic immersion, visual style and characters. Also, geek out for the return of the Dark Castle Entertainment banner who brought you faves like Ghost Ship, Gothika and the remakes of 13 Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill! Channel Episode 232 now!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join The Boo Crew and one of the most impactful filmmakers in the horror space who’s menacing and graceful attack has had a profound resonance on cinema. The maestro, Alexandre Aja! A returning guest and good friend to the show. He’s brought with him his fantastic new experience... OXYGEN - available on Netflix now! Learn all about how this claustrophobic adventure in terror was constructed, working with Maxime Alexandre, composer ROB and brought to life by the impeccable Mélanie Laurent! He’ll let you in on his plans for a sequel to 2019’s “Crawl”, a mysterious interactive haunted house movie... and so much more! Episode 231 is now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Boo Crew is back again for a THIRD all new episode this week! It’s an e-ticket ride into the fascinating world of a filmmaker and dreamer who continually pushes the limits of cinema and storytelling to create new experiences - the wonderful TIMUR BEKMAMBETOV! His new thriller “Profile” is in theaters now. It’s a frightening, edge of your seat journey told thru the computer screen of a journalist infiltrating a terrorist recruitment channel. Learn about the unique way he brought it to life and hear about the creation of what he calls SCREENLIFE, under which he’s produced movies like the Unfriended series and 2018’s Searching - where the horror and tension occurs in real time by putting you right inside the action! We will get into his work on one of our personal all time favorites - the stunning Tim Burton produced, insane masterpiece, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER, living in Walt Disney’s haunted house and so much more! Keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times during episode 230 - NOW PLAYING!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Back with a SECOND all new episode this week! Play a game with The Boo Crew and creative mastermind and builder of worlds - Darren Lynn Bousman! His latest film is the ninth in the Saw universe. It’s called SPIRAL - only in theaters and IMAX now! We love Darren and this new film delivers in every way. It is fierce and funny, smart and terrifying. Sit down with us and hear about how Chris Rock’s passion for horror and the Saw franchise helped reinvigorate everything... how they designed the traps... learn about the trap that was filmed and left on the cutting room floor... the newest icon to enter the Saw zeitgeist, Mr. Snuggles! We dive into Darren’s sincere love of the art of magic, his next step into immersive theater, Clubhouse, the future of Saw.. Jigsaw and John Kramer plus so much more! Oh yes, there will be blood! Episode 229 is now playing! Let the game begin!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Join The Boo Crew for your 228th seance and conjure up filmmakers Justin Powell and David Charbonier! It is a movie getting incredible reviews and acclaim, your chance to experience it is May 14th in theaters and on demand - it’s called THE DJINN! Hear the fascinating story of how it came to be. It’s really inspiring to hear how Justin and David worked with what was available to them to create a plot and how they crafted the extreme limitations they had into amazing and unique centerpieces for a stunning, effective and memorable horror adventure! This is like an Amblin film screened in hell! Justin and David also talk sequel ideas and their other film The Boy Behind The Door coming to Shudder this summer. Read along with your book of shadows for episode 228-now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Boo Crew is back to the comic book shop for a SECOND all new issue this week! You are joined by a returning friend to the show, the whimsically dark filmmaker - William Brent Bell! From his work in movies like The Devil Inside, creating the iconic Brahms in The Boy franchise and more, we absolutely love the passion and inventiveness he brings to the genre. Hang out with us as we get into ALL of that! He’ll take you thru the crafting of his all new experience, SEPARATION - at time of release, in theaters now. Get introduced to the world of The Grisly Kin. Take a look inside the magic of the film… and it’s tremendous heart. Also, find out what might be in store for Brahms, the resurgence of his amazing video game based horror film, STAY ALIVE, the awesome details on the ORPHAN sequel he is wrapping up for you now and so much more! Episode 227 hits newsstands now!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
You and The Boo Crew have a one way ticket to a haunted abandoned hotel in Hawaii with actor and Instagram phenomenon, Brock O’Hurn! Not only does he star in but is one of the producers of a new horror flick called, THE RESORT, in select theaters and on demand now! Brock talks all about the film, being on set in an actual haunted resort, incredibly creepy ghost stories from production and working with some fantastic practical gore fx. We’ll also get into some very powerful advice on achieving your own goals, taking inspiration from the great Tyler Perry and so much more! PLUS Horror Homework assigns INITIATION in theaters and vod May 7th and 2018’s ANNIHILATION! It’s an all inclusive Episode 226, now accepting reservations!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Boo Crew Gorecast - April 29, 2021 • Curating your weekly horror experience with a rundown of some of the latest releases, horror headlines and digging up interview slices from the Boo Crew Crypt! This week: Mortal Kombat’s Joe Taslim, star of Freeform’s new show Cruel Summer - Chiara Aurelia and special guests Amanda Seyfried and James Norton!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Boo Crew gets loud with Drummer Kyle “Starchild” Fisher from the Juno Award winning rock band, The Dirty Nil! He is hanging out with you to share his love of all things horror and sci fi, true crime, terrifying stories from the road and at time of release, the bands new album - “F&@$ Art”! Get behind the kit and play along to episode 225 now!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
“Get over here!”- for a THIRD all new episode of your Boo Crew this week! Enter the ring with acclaimed actor and martial artist Joe Taslim! His extremely fun and gory new film MORTAL KOMBAT is in theaters and HBO Max now! He’ll tell you all about bringing to life the iconic video game villain, Sub Zero and the art of putting the viewer in the middle of the blood drenched action when it comes to immersive fight sequences. We also discuss the incredible horror films of Indonesia and so much more! PLUS in another addition of Horror Homework, The Boo Crew catch up on the flood of amazing horror content including season 2 of Creepshow, The Banishing, Jakob’s Wife and...yes...there might be some bad singing involved. Sorry. Episode 224 is a fatality!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Your Boo Crew is back for a SECOND all new episode this week! Venture into the woods with us and filmmaker Ben Wheatley! The multi award winning writer / director’s new film “IN THE EARTH” is in theaters now. This insane, disorienting and all enveloping adventure is being called one of the best horror movies of 2021. Learn about the horror that inspires him, how he crafted this entire journey during lockdown. Get immersed into the occult and the art that built the world this takes place in. A world of a search for meaning, unbearable tension and an overwhelming symphony of light and sound. Dig into the roots of episode 223...NOW PLAYING!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Grab your Walkman cause the Boo Crew’s got your mixtape for episode 222! We go back to the 90’s with award winning actor, Chiara Aurelia - star of the brand new psychological thriller, “Cruel Summer”, premiering tonight on Freeform and Hulu with new episodes every Tuesday! We’ll talk about this unique mystery that unfolds simultaneously over three years in the 90’s, the challenges and excitement that comes with bringing that to life. We’ll also get into Chiara’s personal history in the genre including her unforgettable role in Mike Flanagan’s superb “Gerald’s Game” and so much more. Episode 222 is now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Boo Crew is back for a THIRD all new episode this week! Celebrate your SPLATTERDAY with the astounding singer songwriter CAROLESDAUGHTER! At only 18 she is celebrating over 200 million streams of her smash single “Violent” with it’s beautiful horror inspired video and has just put out another new single, “Trailer Trash”! We talk about all of that, her ability to pull beautiful melodies out of the dark, the horror films and imagery that fuels her and so much more! Episode 221 is now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Gather around the dinner table as we serve up a second helping of an all new episode of The Boo Crew this week! You are hanging out with the incredibly talented actor, Sawyer Spielberg! His horrifying feature film debut, HONEYDEW, a presentation of Bloody Disgusting and Dark Star Pictures is on VOD, Digital HD and DVD now. It is SO unique, with a bizarre and unsettling mood that is impossible to shake, enhanced by one of the coolest and original scores ever. We’ll talk about the fascinating way that world was crafted, Sawyer’s recent discovery and love of the genre, working with writer/director Devereux Milburn and how this experience has been a game changer for him. Episode 220 is hot off the grill! Come and get it!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Sink your teeth into an all new episode of The Boo Crew! You are joined by creatures of the night, horror and film legends - Barbara Crampton, Bonnie Aarons and Larry Fessenden! Their spectacular new film, JAKOB’S WIFE is in theaters, on demand and digital April 16th! We are so excited to tear into this one with you! They talk about horror... with heart, the power of the genre and it’s cultural importance. Hear how this particular project is not only a fun filled gore-fest but also such a personal experience with deep meaning and significance for all three of them. Take a bite out of Episode 219... Now Playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
No you aren’t in a wormhole, it’s your Boo Crew back again for a THIRD all new episode this week! We blast off with writer/director Neil Burger (Limitless / The Illusionist)! His new film is the terrifying adventure, VOYAGERS - in theaters now. We discuss the relationship of science fiction and horror, the influence of classic Universal monster movies and Neil’s love of Bride of Frankenstein. Go deep into space and get let in on the fascinating secrets and research of this unique world he created for this new film designed to put YOU right into the action, developing the score with “Servant”’s Trevor Gureckis and so much more. Episode 218 is a go for launch!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Back for a second all new episode this week, turn the lights out and hang out with your Boo Crew and writer / director Corinna Faith! She has crafted an absolutely brilliant and atmospheric horror stunner called THE POWER, new and exclusive to Shudder available now. Learn about the real life haunted location and the things that happened during filming, the collaboration with Rose Williams on her brilliant performance, the magic of this wonderful score and its unique alchemy and so much more. This one is such a fantastic movie and Corinna is an absolute master! Episode 217 is now playing!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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