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We support parents who are passionate about providing breast milk to their babies. Each week, a group of experienced moms openly discuss their success, their struggles and society’s impact on how they feed their babies. The show helps guide listeners by providing an honest, natural and judgment-free approach to breastfeeding, pumping, milk sharing and more.

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Sexuality and Breastfeeding

Sexuality and Breastfeeding


Sexuality and Breastfeeding. Those two words are usually used in the same sentence. But being a breastfeeding mom doesn't make you a celibate woman. In fact, your new curves may even give you more confidence and make you feel more sexual. What is western society's attitude toward sex and the breast? How has it impacted women in America? And is there any hope for change? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Life can be hectic as a working mom- juggling your job, family and your sanity! But what about food? Food seems like such a big part of our sanity. Sometimes we eat our emotions away when we are stressed out. So, as breastfeeding and pumping moms, how do we balance what we eat? What are some key ingredients you can quickly add to each meal to give you strength and help with milk supply? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
If you’re a new breastfeeding mom, you may have some initial discomfort. You may need to adjust your baby’s latch, or perhaps the baby’s overall position isn’t quite working out. But, in general, breastfeeding should never be painful. So, what about moms who experience persistent pain while breastfeeding? How do we explain that, and how do we figure out the problem? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As a new mom, you may be familiar with how breastfeeding and pumping is perceived within your own community, but what happens when you need to travel to another country? What about important issues such as breastfeeding in public and finding quality places to pump? How do you stay respectful of other cultures while still pursuing your own personal feeding goals? And where do you turn if you need help?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We know those first days of life are extremely important in developing your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. So, what happens when most of that time is spent recuperating inside a hospital? What is the hospital’s role in the promotion of breastfeeding? Are hospitals doing enough or are some hospitals going too far to promote breastfeeding? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Did you know the way you become pregnant can impact your overall breastfeeding success? An Australian study suggests mothers who become pregnant through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) may experience more challenges when trying to nurse their babies. What are some of the challenges mothers face when breastfeeding after IVF? And what can determined moms do to improve their overall experience? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Just because moms have the right to breastfeed in public, doesn't mean everyone will be supportive. The news is filled with moms who are constantly being attacked for nursing their babies on demand in public areas. We know it's going to happen, so what can we do as breastfeeding supporters to help encourage moms whenever possible? The answer may seem simple, but sticking up for others isn't always easy. Today we're talking about how to support moms who choose to nurse in public. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
If you need to spend extended time away from your baby, you’ll probably need to pump. But before you purchase your breast pump, it’s important to know more about its functionality. How exactly does a breast pump work? What are the key parts and features? What’s optional? And what happens when part of your pump needs replaced? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Going back to work after having your baby may seem daunting, but having support from your employer and colleagues definitely helps. How do you approach your employer about your pumping needs? Should you give your colleagues a “heads up” about what your schedule will be like when you return to work? And what do you do if things just aren’t working out as planned once you’re back at work? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How long will you breastfeed your baby? Do you have any goals in mind? There are different recommendations out there, but most experts say giving your baby breast milk for the first six months to one year is ideal. But, how do you actually make this happen? Today we’re exploring the practical side of breastfeeding- featuring moms who’ve been there, done that. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With so much controversy over breastfeeding in public, how can a new mom feel comfortable feeding her baby when she's not behind closed doors? What are some effective ways to deal with the criticism? And what really concerns breastfeeding moms when they encounter this situation? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Babies cry. That’s how they communicate with us. But some babies cry a lot more than others. For breastfed babies, one possible answer could be food sensitivities given through the breast milk. So, how do you know if your baby has food sensitivities? And how can you figure out which foods are causing the problem? Today our moms share their experience with elimination diets designed to help baby (and mom) feel better. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We’re moms and we all want what’s best for our babies, right? If we truly believe that, then why aren’t we more supportive of one another? We can’t possibly know all the reasons behind a mom’s decision to feed her baby- whether it’s by breastfeeding, pumping, milk sharing, or formula feeding. And still we end up judging one another, unfairly. So, how can we change this? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You are passionate about giving your baby breast milk... but your partner? Ah, not so much. We know how important partner support is for breastfeeding and pumping moms, so what do you do when that support isn’t there? Do you stand on your soapbox and preach about all the benefits of breast milk? Or do you just let it go and “hopefully” find support elsewhere? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Each child has his own breastfeeding style and needs, which can make weaning your twins more of a challenge. Who typically makes the decision and how? Is it possible to still breastfeed one twin and wean the other? Plus, does the concept "don't offer, don't refuse" really work for twins? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Teen moms may face many challenges while caring for their babies, and as a result, most do not continue to breastfeed their babies after they leave the hospital. Today we'll talk with a young mom who is trying to change those statistics. What common concerns do most teens have about breastfeeding? And how can we help encourage them to make an educated choice on what's best for them and their new baby? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Breastfeeding your first baby didn’t turn out exactly how you had planned and you ended up formula-feeding. Or perhaps that was the plan all along. But you want things to be different with your second child. This time, your plan is to breastfeed your baby for as long as possible. It’s easy to say, but how difficult is this transition? And what tips can help you along the way? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
If your breasts are swollen, red and tender- you may have an infection known as mastitis. What are the common symptoms and ways to treat it? Should you continue to breastfeed your baby? What are the risks? And if it's not mastitis, then what's causing that painful lump? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Everyone has their own unique breastfeeding challenges, including Amanda Dickey. Amanda achieved her goal to breastfeed her son and has plans to breastfeed her daughter due later this year. And she's accomplished all this without the use of her arms or legs. Amanda is quadriplegic. This is the inspirational story of how Amanda overcame the odds to provide her children with the very best. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As twins babies get older, positioning, timing and breastfeeding, in general, can become easier. How is breastfeeding older twins different than breastfeeding newborns? What are some practical positions for this age range? What about distractibility and its impact on routine and schedule? Plus, our panelists share their most challenging moments breastfeeding their twins and how they handled it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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