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Author: The New York Times

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The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.
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Robert Macfarlane talks about "Underland," and Julia Phillips discusses "Disappearing Earth."
Rachel Louise Snyder talks about “No Visible Bruises,” and Josh Levin discusses “The Queen.”
Thrillers for Summer

Thrillers for Summer


Vanessa Friedman talks about this season’s notable thrillers, and Liesl Schillinger discusses new books about travel.
Rick Atkinson talks about “The British Are Coming,” and Brenda Wineapple discusses “The Impeachers.”
Casey Cep discusses "Furious Hours," and Eliza Griswold talks about "Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America."
George Packer talks about “Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century,” and Lori Gottlieb discusses “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.”
Lalami discusses her latest novel, and Jenny Odell talks about "How to Do Nothing."
Henry Louis Gates Jr. talks about “Stony the Road” and “Dark Sky Rising,” and David Wallace-Wells discusses “The Uninhabitable Earth.”
The acclaimed biographer of Lyndon Johnson and Robert Moses talks about his new book, "Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing."
Reichl discusses "Save Me the Plums," and Emily Bazelon talks about "Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration."
Comments (12)

John Buckner

Great interviews. I haven't read DFW, and I'll start with the 'Lobster essay. Bazelon's focus on prosecutorial power is very revealing. Definitely on my to-read list.

Apr 15th

Faranak Javaheri

we don't care!!!!

Apr 14th

Bill Boyle

sort of, kind of, sort of....

Feb 27th

Esa Esa


Jan 20th

Esa Esa

Huh nothing to n dim f8b????

Jan 20th

Lisa Lawson

10 NEON 20.18. GOD

Jan 18th

Rosaline Oh

absolutely love this podcast, but noticed that the first episode in this feed doesn't seem like the firstfirst episode of the podcast. where is the rest of the archive?

Jan 17th

Michele Garrigan

Without exaggeration, this is my favourite podcast across all genres. No matter what mood I'm in, I'll always be interested in the latest week's episode. Smart, insightful, and a great source of reading inspiration.

Jan 8th

Al Yeasin

great time with NYTimes

Jan 6th

Esa Esa

great they div sub the u4h ti gh9 yhvry 1230987654312$@

Jan 5th

Eric Wheelis

great podcast. adds a lot to my week. but is the Times and its editors so puritanical, humorless and squeamish that they can't discuss the eptimology of the word FANNY?

Mar 17th

Jitendra Khadia

wow so believe book of story

Dec 25th
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