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Author: The New York Times

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The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.
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Alan Mikhail talks about “God’s Shadow,” and Benjamin Lorr discusses “The Secret Life of Groceries.”
David Nasaw talks about “The Last Million,” and Carlos Lozada discusses “What Were We Thinking.”
Kunzru talks about his new novel, and Ben Macintyre discusses “Agent Sonya,” his latest real-life tale of espionage.
Scott Anderson discusses “The Quiet Americans,” and Peter Baker and Susan Glasser talk about “The Man Who Ran Washington.”
Akhtar discusses "Homeland Elegies," and Marc Lacey talks about "Cry Havoc," by Michael Signer, and "The Violence Inside Us," by Chris Murphy.
Stelter talks about "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth" and Reed Hastings discusses "No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention."
Toobin talks about “True Crimes and Misdemeanors,” and Dayna Tortorici discusses Elena Ferrante’s “The Lying Life of Adults.”
Andersen talks about his new book, and Lesley M.M. Blume discusses “Fallout.”
Samanth Subramanian discusses “A Dominant Character,” his biography of J. B. S. Haldane, and Patrik Svensson talks about “The Book of Eels.”
A.O. Scott talks about Jones’s work and the American experience, and Eric Jay Dolin discusses “A Furious Sky.”
Wilkerson describes the ideas about race in America that fuel her new book, and David Hill discusses “The Vapors.”
Anne Applebaum discusses "Twilight of Democracy," and Barbara Demick talks about "Eat the Buddha."
Colin Dickey talks about “The Unidentified,” and Miles Harvey discusses “The King of Confidence.”
Julian E. Zelizer talks about "Burning Down the House," and Lacy Crawford talks about "Notes on a Silencing."
Daniel Mendelsohn discusses Mitchell's career and new novel, "Utopia Avenue," and Maria Konnikova talks about "The Biggest Bluff."
Feiffer talks about his new picture book and more, and Steve Inskeep discusses "Imperfect Union."
Richard Haass talks about his new primer on global affairs, and Abhrajyoti Chakraborty on new novels in translation.
Talley talks about his new memoir; Claudia Rankine and Jericho Brown read new poems; and Megha Majumdar discusses her debut novel, "A Burning."
Stephen Fry
Scott discusses his first in a series of essays about American writers, and David Kamp talks about "Sunny Days: The Children’s Television Revolution That Changed America."
Comments (23)

John Buckner


Jul 30th

Mark Saltiel

The movie 2001 was developed by Arthur Clarke and Stanley Kubrik from Clarke's short story The Sentinel. Clarke based his novel of 2001 on the film although it has a few differences.

May 31st

soheil jamshidian

kind of

May 17th

Amin reza Lakzian

well, I just saw the teaser and not the movie, so maybe the plot is completely irrelevant to the topic or maybe its quality unworthy of your taste, or you might say that I should know my place and I would wait for you to say that again. However I write this quote from an unknown boxing movie: "Life's not about how hard you can beat, it's about how hard you can get beaten and keep up walking"...

Mar 1st

John Buckner

I really wanted to hear what book by Arendt that Barry Gewen was reading and his thoughts about it, but as is often the case, Pamela has to share her endless thoughts on all subjects.

Feb 22nd

John Buckner

The constant vocal fry overrode the substance. It's hard to accept that someone so intelligent and insightful would adopt the speech patterns of a 16 year old Valley girl.

Feb 16th

David Squires

This episode on the manufacturing of generic drugs. It was eye opening. I take quite a few prescribed genetic drugs. I am part of a Medicare Part D insurance and they are my only affordable option.

Jun 29th

John Buckner

I love Jill Lepore. Read "These Truths" word by word, thinking about what she was saying, and learned so much. Just ordered "This America" and can't wait to start. BUT, for interviews, I wish she would smoke some weed or have a drink or both, because she talks like an auctioneer. Please take a breath and slow down! Still, if I only catch every third word, she's awesomely insightful and always keeps me thinking and questioning. Gotta love Prof. Lepore!

Jun 24th

John Buckner

Great interviews. I haven't read DFW, and I'll start with the 'Lobster essay. Bazelon's focus on prosecutorial power is very revealing. Definitely on my to-read list.

Apr 15th

Faranak Javaheri

we don't care!!!!

Apr 14th

Bill Boyle

sort of, kind of, sort of....

Feb 27th

Esa Esa


Jan 20th

Esa Esa

Huh nothing to n dim f8b????

Jan 20th

Lisa Lawson

10 NEON 20.18. GOD

Jan 18th

Rosaline Oh

absolutely love this podcast, but noticed that the first episode in this feed doesn't seem like the firstfirst episode of the podcast. where is the rest of the archive?

Jan 17th

Michele Garrigan

Without exaggeration, this is my favourite podcast across all genres. No matter what mood I'm in, I'll always be interested in the latest week's episode. Smart, insightful, and a great source of reading inspiration.

Jan 8th

Al Yeasin

great time with NYTimes

Jan 6th

Esa Esa

great they div sub the u4h ti gh9 yhvry 1230987654312$@

Jan 5th

Eric Wheelis

great podcast. adds a lot to my week. but is the Times and its editors so puritanical, humorless and squeamish that they can't discuss the eptimology of the word FANNY?

Mar 17th

Jitendra Khadia

wow so believe book of story

Dec 25th
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