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Author: Hayley Tapper

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Let's get your goddess on! Each week, join Spiritual Business Mentor and Success Coach Hayley Tapper as she spills the beans on what it takes to build a spiritually aligned life and business. Hayley loves mixing practical business strategies with teachings from the deities to raise your vibration and help you step into the lightworker, leader, healer, or coach you know you're meant to be. Press play, and let's dive in!
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If you’ve decided that THIS is your first 6-figure year, then you’re in the right place! Here are my top 6 tips to help you go from struggling coach, creative or spiritual teacher, to booked out 6-figure business owner! Don’t forget to and download your free 6-Figure Income Planner here and comment at the bottom ... Read more
In today’s episode, I answered your most burning questions! Tune in to find out: What are your morning routine tips for people who aren’t ‘morning people’! How do you manifest clients? How can we use our intuition to guide us in business? Especially when it comes to knowing what to release and push through? How ... Read more
Hi Babes! Super excited to share this week’s episode with you! It’s a little different than my usual format – this week I’m sharing a recording from a Facebook Live where I share the themes and lessons that we are collectively completing in 2019, and the energy we are stepping into in 2020. If you’ve ... Read more
What does pleasure have to do with business? What really is sensuality and how can you unlock your most sensual self? And sex… how can you make it even better?! On this episode I’m chatting with Sensuality & Self-Love Coach Eleanor Hadley who spills the beans on all of the above and more! In case ... Read more
Join Hayley in Boss Goddess Business School: In this solo episode, Hayley shares the transitions and changes she is currently navigating in her life and business, and how she is staying grounded amongst the chaos! Tune in to hear her top five tips to navigate change with grace in your life and business. This ... Read more
Join Hayley in Boss Goddess Business School: Leticia Ringe is an Award-Winning Life & Business Coach, Menstrual Magic Specialist, Speaker and Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast. She helps people who want to make a difference step into their unique gifts and create a beautiful, purpose-driven life & business! Guiding ... Read more
Join The Boss Goddess Challenge (for free!): This year, I started my podcast, and it was called The Boss Goddess Show. You would notice that I changed the name of the podcast, gave it a whole new look, and branding vibes. As a coach in the personal development space, there is a pressure that ... Read more
Today’s episode Brooke and I not only dive deep into the world of NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy but she also walks us through a 3 minute confidence anchoring practice that you can use to feel confident on demand!!  Brooke focuses on hypnosis and how it can help people in their life, business, manifestation, money mindset, ... Read more
Today’s episode Mikayla and I go into all thing manifesting! Mikayla is single-handedly changing the way millennials look at spirituality and motivation by giving a step-by-step process for manifestation. Her company is on a mission to prove that you, too, can manifest your next level luxe life.  She believes that all it takes is getting ... Read more
Today’s episode I am running solo and talking to you about launching your biz and manifesting your rich and radiant life.  We are going to to get into the Slay With Soul Business Method and why it’s the method that works works 100% of the time that you do 100% of the work.  I talk ... Read more
Today’s episode can be considered a mini Psychic’s 101 course!  I have Athina Bailey and we cover not only what it means to be psychic but how we all have the gift within us if we just listen.  Through her workshops, online programs and courses Athina helps others develop their own spiritual and psychic abilities. ... Read more
Sun sign, moon sign, rising sign…  if you aren’t sure what they all mean or how they can help you understand aspects of your personality, emotions and even the masks we wear, today’s show is for you!  I have Bianca Filoteo on and we are going to dive into birth charts and astrology. After being ... Read more
Every client who has worked with me as wanted to create more freedom in their life, whether that’s the freedom to travel, financial freedom, time freedom, or just the freedom to go to yoga at 10am on a Monday! That’s why I knew I had to get Kelly Marcyniuk on the show! Kelly is your ... Read more
Stressed about being in debt? Not sure how to manifest money? We’ve got you covered. On today’s episode we’re chatting with Kimberley Wenya. Kimberley is a Manifestation & Spiritual Mindset Expert who focuses on bridging the gap between the woo woo and modern girl spirituality. After harnessing the power of universal law and practising intentional ... Read more
On today’s episode we chat with Lauren Tamayo. Lauren is an international model turned brand and web designer for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. She designs simple yet purposeful websites while also supporting her clients to establish an online presence that both inspires and seamlessly connects them with their ideal customers and clients. Lauren got ... Read more
Curious about witchcraft and all things witchy-woo? This week we are joined by Afura Nefertiti, the Rich Witch revolutionizing what it means to sell your soul. She’s leading a coven of boss witches to power and riches, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand! She’s giving a whole new meaning to the age-old question, ... Read more
It’s time for you to step into your abundant life and biz! Today on the show we’re chatting with Jenna Black. Jenna is a business success coach and abundance queen and she helps her clients create abundance on every level. Her soulful and spiritual approach helps women  to remember who they are and go all ... Read more
You guys! We have such a great episode for you today! Today I’m chatting with Ella Tsang. Ella is the founder of PS I’M Ella, a platform that helps spiritual badasses connect within, own their soul purpose and shine their light with confidence, all the while manifesting their most soul-aligned business and life. She is ... Read more
Not sure how to find clients on social media? Wondering why your Instagram isn’t growing as fast as you’d like? And what’s the deal with chat bots? In today’s episode we are chatting with social media guru, Ellie Swift, who is answering all your questions about using social media to book clients! Ellie is a ... Read more
Ready to turn your potential clients into REAL clients? In this episode I share my top tips, tricks and strategies to help you do so! We’re talking a mindset shift that helped me go from no after no to a 90% conversion rate, powerful questions to ask on your next discovery call, how to talk ... Read more
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