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Author: Hayley Tapper

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Let's get your goddess on! Each week, join Spiritual Business Mentor and Success Coach Hayley Tapper as she spills the beans on what it takes to build a spiritually aligned life and business. Hayley loves mixing practical business strategies with teachings from the deities to raise your vibration and help you step into the lightworker, leader, healer, or coach you know you're meant to be. Press play, and let's dive in!
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Jessica Reid is a Global Clairvoyant, Channel and Founder of and!​Jessica’s expertise is to connect and communicate with Spirit to bring through guidance along your highest path, although she is even more passionate about helping you to utilise your own intuitive gifts – so you can have your Spirit Guides on speed dial ... Read more
Feeling run down, stressed or exhausted from growing your business? You’re not alone. Burnout is common in the coaching industry, and in this episode Women’s Health Coach Jolinda Johnson (M.S.Ed., CHHC), breaks down the 4 stages of burnout and what you can do to reduce stress and balance your hormones whilst still building your successful ... Read more
Selling gets to be easy and natural – when you’re tapped into your feminine. In this episode, Hayley unpacks the role of the feminine in magnetising clients, manifesting money, and selling with soul. Listen now to start attracting clients with your natural feminine magnetism! In this solo episode you’ll learn: The difference between healed and ... Read more
Ready to embody your sacred feminine powers and receive guidance from the Pleiades? Suzy Cherub, psychic medium, author, speaker and intuitive coach, shares her wisdom and insights behind her new oracle deck Star Temple Oracle in which she has channeled messages from the pleiades sisters. Listen now! In this episode you’ll learn: The 7 pleiades ... Read more
In this episode, I dive into my journey with healing my period! I went from crazy PMS and hormones all over the place, to finally working with my cycle and loving my period (might sound crazy to love my period, but it’s true!). If you think of your period as “that annoying time of the ... Read more
In this episode, I’m joined by Sarah Alsamihan who is a Feminine Embodiment Coach and Trauma Psychotherapist from Saudi Arabia. Sarah shares her wisdom on trauma healing, ancestral wounds, birth and pregnancy wounds, and the rising of the feminine in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and so much more! Emotional embodiment and shadow work are ... Read more
5 Myths of Femininity

5 Myths of Femininity


There are so many misconceptions, misunderstandings and myths surrounding femininity and the feminine. In this episode Hayley debunks the top 5 myths so that you can release these old stories and feel proud to claim your femininity at a whole new level. This episode gets hot and spicy – we suggest listening with headphones if ... Read more
The Queen is a powerful feminine archetype that naturally and effortlessly magnetises all that she desires into her life – including money and men. In this solo episode, Hayley shares how to activate the Queen archetype from within so that you can completely own your desires, feel a deep sense of worthiness and deservingness of ... Read more
Want a more orgasmic life and deeply fulfilling partnership? In this episode, Sex and Intimacy Coach Xeces Lewis shares how to connect with your inner feminine goddess so that you can have a wildly orgasmic life in the bedroom AND the boardroom! Tune in now! In this episode we talk about: How to have a ... Read more
Do you find it hard to set boundaries? I get it, you don’t want to seem mean, selfish, or heaven forbid, you don’t want others to think you’re putting your needs ahead of their own. Growing up womxn are typically taught to be “good, nice, polite” girls – and setting strong, loving boundaries around your ... Read more
Learn how to tap into the power of your menstrual cycle to amplify your sales in business! People with cycles aren’t meant to go-go-go all the time – our energy shifts as our hormones shift, and in this episode, Hayley shares her personal process to sync her sales and promotional calendar with her monthly cycle! ... Read more
All your questions answered! In this weeks Q&A edition of the podcast, Hayley answers your questions on goddess rituals, standing out in your niche, dealing with overwhelm as a new business owner, the magic of oracle cards, and more! Here are the questions Hayley answers: How do you start a business without getting overwhelmed? What ... Read more
Hi gorgeous! I’m inspired to make this podcast episode for you because there are a lot of women in my community who are wanting to start their business and attract dream clients but don’t know where to start and there are others that have already put themselves out there to try to attract clients but ... Read more
Are you working really hard to grow your business, but it seems that matter how many hours you sit in front of your screen carefully editing your posts, creating graphics and sending out email newsletters, the income and impact you desire still feels just out of reach? My love, you may be suffering from a ... Read more
Kristin Kembel is a designer, marketing educator and host of the Create Your Destiny Podcast. After leaving her 9-5 behind to travel the world working remotely Kristin moved from America to Australia for love where she started her current online business Girlboss Designer. Girlboss Designer is a brand and website design business helping women launch ... Read more
Hollie Azzopardi is a leading Australian Mind, Body & Soul mentor, body love advocate and model, speaker and writer. Co-host of The Middle Podcast, and published in Cosmopolitan, OK Magazine and Mamamia, her sold out workshops, online programmes and speaking events incorporate a refreshing “no bullshit” approach to living in alignment, following your intuition and ... Read more
I know you want to create great content and let it flow through you… but sometimes it just feels hard to create. You’re not inspired. You don’t know what to share. You can’t find the right image. And you’re probably questioning whether you’re actually good enough/qualified enough to share the message that’s on your heart… ... Read more
It’s easy to feel heavy with the state of the world right now. With the bushfires in January, flooding in February, and now the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 has got off to a wild start. As a highly empathic person, I know it can be easy to soak up all of the hectic, frantic ... Read more
In this quick solo episode discover a powerful mindset shift that will make you a selling queen! If you don’t feel comfortable selling or promoting your work, you need to listen to this episode now. Your work is needed. Your work is important. It’s time to get it out into the world so that you ... Read more
Press play to listen now! Bec is the women’s empowerment and business coach, candle maker, Reiki Master and founder of Song of Oya, a company on a mission to support soul-centred women to transform their lives and create the soulful business and life they desire. She offers 1:1 coaching, online programs and in-person events, workshops ... Read more
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