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Author: Krista Goodrich

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Ready to learn how to be financially rich? Want to eliminate debt, start saving, learn about investing and have some laughs along the way. On The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast, we interview real women that have faced and overcome (or are working on overcoming) various challenges on their path to financial freedom. Whether it's student loan debt, learning what is in your 401k or getting on your feet after a divorce, these Boss Ladies will show you how they did it. Join us and start building your path to financial freedom and to one day being rich.
35 Episodes
International Empowerment Speaker, Leona Carter, shares her secrets to improving her marriage and life by being open and honest and talking about things that "we don't talk about."  Leona is vibrant and energetic and explains how she started off knowing nothing about public speaking to becoming an International speaker and filling her calendar.  She also shares about the Bra-less experience and we deep dive into ways to improve intimacy and talk about sex with your spouse.  Get ready for a wild and awesome podcast.Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: recommendation:  Nine Lies About Work by Marcus BuckinghamBuy the book here: Leona here:Facebook:  www.heycoachcarter.comSupport the show (
Today's guest knows what it's like to be fighting depression and medical issues and wondering if she will ever get through.  But being the fighter that she is, personal trainer Sarah Gemmell is with us for this awesome show to share with us how to fight for ourselves, get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.  Sarah talks about her own challenges and what eventually led to taking the leap into entrepreneurship and what that journey looked like for her.  Get ready to be inspired to both get fit and to chase your dreams.  Website: Book:  You Are a BadAss by Jen SinceroBuy the Book Here: the show (
Join host Krista Goodrich as she chats with the Bad Ass Boss Ladies, Lara Ford and Amanda Kessler, of Best Friends Finance Podcast, about their journey to tackling understanding personal finance and what women can do to get their money life on track.  This down-to-earth chat between girlfriends explores the many ways that women can learn and grow to create a life of financial wealth.  Guests Lara and Amanda, both extremely successful business leaders, recognized the need for women to have "girl-centric" guidance when it comes to money-talk so they grabbed the reins, took the lead and created an awesome way for women to have a forum to learn and chat about money.  Support the show (
Have you dreamed of putting together a conference, retreat or summit and now don't know what to do with COVID-19 and social distancing?  We have a solution for you!  Join us on the podcast as Dr. Mark Wade explains the Virtual Summit and all the benefits you can get out of planning your virtual event.  As the founder of Virtual Summit Software, Dr. Wade has helped businesses grow mulit-million dollar platforms.  His unique service walks you literally step-by-step in making sure your summit is a great success!Favorite Book(s):  Good to Great by Jim Collins-buy the book here: First by Mike Michalowicz-buy the book here: out to Dr. Mark Wade:Website: (reference Krista for direct access to Dr. Mark). Podcast: Virtual Summits PodcastFacebook: the show (
Ready to learn how to build a business?  Want to hear how one Boss Lady went from having a goal of saving $1000 to becoming a millionaire and being able to do anything she wants with her money?  Regan Couch explains how she went from divorced and broke to living the life of her dreams, creating a massive team and business, purchasing a lake house and finding complete happiness.  This girl knows what she wants and goes for it.  As one of the top real estate agents and teams in the Atlanta market, Regan grossed personally over $1 million in commissions last year and her team did over $2.4 million.  Here from the best how to grow a business, start investing, live within your means and have the best life ever, listen now boss ladies.   Support the show (
Caroline Castille is a force to be reckoned with-entrepreneur, badass, fit female that goes for her goals with unmatchable positive energy.  As one of the University of Central Florida's Hall of Fame and 30 Under 30 recipients, Caroline is a leader In business.  She helped grow the Florida Nexus Angel Investors Group as well as developed the Florida Women Angel Investors Group & Conference, before launching her company Clickable Impact, an advertising firm based in Orlando.  As a serial entrepreneur, she also has a dance company and ownership in several other ventures.  Caroline is a gifted connector and marketer and one millennial that is on her way to the top!Favorite Books:  Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight Sales Acceleration Formula, by Mark Roberge Facebook: the show (
Wow!  Today's rockstar boss lady is in the business of helping business owners level up to reach their next goals and make more money.  As a certified coach with over 100 hours of training in the Robbins Madanes Training with renowned coaches Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes and Magali Peysha, Rebeca helps businesses bridge the gap between what they want to accomplish and actually doing it.  Rebeca is also a Financial Peace University Coordinator with the Dave Ramsey Program.  A mother of two, Rebeca went from divorced at 21 and sleeping in her car to pulling everything together and finding a way to balance being a momma, business owner, real estate investor, coach and all-around boss lady badass.Support the show (
On March 27th, 2020, Congress passed the unprecedented CARES Act in response to the epidemic COVID-19.  This podcast highlights and explains the key points and that affect small business owners, individuals, 1099's, gig staff and sole proprietors.  In this episode, we discuss the Paycheck Protection Program, available grants, understanding how mortgage/rents/foreclosure are affected, learn how you can use your retirement plan during the epidemic, forbearance of loans across the board (mortgages, student loans, etc) and other key points to understanding how the Act affects you and can help.  Support the show (
Join us as we follow Lindsey Parks journey to become a Boss Lady Investor.  Lindsey is a divorced single momma who had her head in the sand with finances until NOW.  She is making it her mission to take control of her finances and become and ultimate boss lady with the help of our OG Boss Lady Investor Krista Goodrich.  Each quarter we will meet to check on Lindsey's progress and to keep her motivated.  Support the show (
Alessandra Desiderio is a total badass.  After enduring and overcoming a domestic violence situation, Aley has gone on to become a leader among women, a serial entrepreneur and a mentor to many.   As a momma, Aley has made it her mission to show her kids that women and people can control their life, their finances, and their dreams.  She is passionate about "creating community and impact by implementing free-market ideas and innovating solutions to social problems."  She is energetic, vivacious and just damn fun to talk to.  If you think you are busy, check out this podcast and be wowed by all of the things Aley is out there doing.  I hope it motivates you like it did me!Favorite Book:  Banker to the Poor by Muhammad YumusBuy the Book Here: The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave LoganBuy the Book Here: the show (
Ready to write a book but don't know where to start.  Today's Boss Lady, Stacy Juba, explains the ins and outs of book writing, publishing and marketing.  When I wrote my first book, I had no idea how much was involved and wish I had this podcast to guide me.  Stacy has written ten fiction books and has a niche in hockey fiction and adult chic lit.  Her sexy spin on our favorite Disney princesses led to her books, "Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty," and "Fooling Around with Cinderella," and others.  This jam-packed episode will motivate you to get out there and write if that is what your heart desires.  Book recommendation:  The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton) for fiction and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven Covey) non-fiction.The Outsiders buy here: Habits buy here: the show (
Get ready to be wowed by this week's amazing rockstar Boss Lady, Katrina (Kat) Stillwell.  Katrina is a badass in financial and physical fitness.  As a multiple Olympic Trial Qualifying and sponsored runner and now a Cat 1 sponsored cyclist, Kat knows how to train her body and perform.  She attributes her athletic background to helping her grow the confidence and tenacity to take the same approach to business and finance.  As a self-made millionaire, Katrina owns her own design firm and BNB and manages her business all while continuing to grow her investment and retirement wealth.  She does all that while still being a very involved single parent to her 12-year-old son and the two love traveling and adventuring-including scuba diving, art, culture and adventure sports.  Kat has become a master Airbnb-er and teams up with a group of other badass women to constantly discuss finance and how to continue to grow.  Book Recommendation:  Atlas Shrugged by Ayn RandBuy the book here: website:  www.uphousemanor.comDesign webite:  GreatLivingCo.comFacebook: the show (
Brittany Metka is following her dreams and her heart while pursuing a life of adventure and art in Columbia.  An Illinois native, this isn't Brittnay's first time moving abroad to work and learn about a new culture.  Years ago she taught English in Southeast Asia and is now learning the ropes of starting and running her creative art business, Cursive Art Studios, in South America all while learning a new language (Spanish).  Join us as we learn all about Brittnay's journeys and the challenges involved when starting a business in a foreign country...and the beauty that comes from what you learn.  Favorite book:  Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertBuy the book here:  info@cursiveartstudios.comWebsite: www.cursiveartstudios.comSupport the show (
Join Elizabeth Shrout and Ally Creech, co-founders of Avasha Style.  Avasha Style is a unique concept offering your go-to stylists in real-time.  Learn what it's like to grow a business while still in school and get insight on how incubator programs work.  This duo of magnificent boss ladies are fabulous, full of life and ready to take over the world.  They share their raw struggles about challenges and obstacles as they navigate college life and entrepreneurship life.  Support the show (
Tatum Skipper understands what It means to live life to the fullest.  As a travel coach, blogger, vlogger and entrepreneur, Tatum has used smart money strategies to travel the world and grow her Instagram following to over 32,000 followers.   Want to be an Influencer? Tatum talks about how she did it and her outlook.  Want to know how to be smart about money, grow your wealth and grow your business while having fun, seeing the world and enjoying life?  Then listen in as Tatum takes us step-by-step on her journey!Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: Book:  Fear Is My Homeboy by Judi HollerPurchase Here:  bonvoyage_babes/Support the show (
Ready to hear from a fitness badass about how water changed her life and her business?  Join Tam Salinas as she shares her journey of moving to Laguna Beach and becoming a water ninja!  Tam is a personal trainer, life coach, health coach and former fitness model that has transformed her life and income by becoming a "water magician."  Check out her journey on this awesome episode of the podcast!Book recommendation:  Everybody Always (by Bob Goff)Buy the book here:  Also:  The BibleLinks to follow: IG:  @tam_salinasFacebook: the show (
Leah Hadder has created a beautiful life and career based on her passion for all things pageantry.  Get ready to learn about the behind-the-scenes world of what it takes to be in a pageant, run a pageant business and make the transition from "normal" career to passionate entrepreneur.  Join us as we explore the world of beauty pageants and how they have evolved over time!  Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: Book: The Proximity Principle by Ken ColemanPurchase Here: Hadder website: the show (
On the episode of The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast, Rusha Paenga, a native New Zealander, or Kiwi, now living in Germany, shares her experiences in being a digital nomad and traveling the world while building an online community and business.  Rusha shares authentic stories of how she raises the money to travel and then finds unique ways to live inexpensively.  We talk about her struggles, how she has learned to navigate solo travel and roadblocks in building an online business.  If you have dreamed about being a digital nomad and want to know what it takes and things you can expect to encounter, join us as Rusha shares her journey.  Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: recommendation:  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@ck! by Mark MansonBuy the Book Here: Rusha Here:Facebook: the show (
Lisa Santiago McNeill is a true badass Boss Lady.  Lisa ran away from home at the age of 13 and ended up on the streets-hustling, selling her body and living a difficult early life.  Those hardships were no match for the purpose inside of Lisa, so after putting herself through high school, Lisa went onto become a wildly successful, "Coaches, Coach" as well as a leader of a Women's Empowerment Network.  She is currently a mother, a friend, a sister, an actor, an author, a radio personality, a public speaker, a preacher, a mentor, a businesswoman and a certified master trainer.  Her life's experiences have taught her that everything...EVERYTHING is possible. Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: book: The Greatest Salesman In the World by Og MandinoBuy the book here: Lisa here:Facebook: the show (
Charity Barrett joins us on this episode of The Boss Lady Investor™ Podcast and shares her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, then leveraging real estate and other financial tools to become a millionaire and eventually creating a tech start-up.  She does all this while being a mom of three (and one of her kids got into MIT at age 16!), working on her platform and managing the hustle of day-to-day life.  Charity shares honest, authentic and real-life strategies of how she leveraged her assets and learned about financial tools available to increase her wealth and become a massive success. Buy The Boss Lady Investor™ Book here: recommendation:  The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace WattlesBuy the book here: Charity here:Facebook:  www.thediamondlab.comSupport the show (
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