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In today's episode, we wrap up our series on the BOSS Yourself First Program by exploring the benefits and self-leadership approach to serving creatively. Find out how about the Helper's High and get your giving on!
Observing Triggers

Observing Triggers


In the second part of our work on Observing Continually, learn how to change your relationship with your triggers through observation. Then, continue the work by intentionally believing thoughts that support the way you want to respond to those triggers. Be sure to get your Trigger Tracking Tool by emailing your request to or signing up for the BYF Newsletter at
On this week's episode, we dig deep to discover the messages emotions deliver.  Yes, emotions enrich our lives, painting the human experience with both joy and sadness, but emotions also provide feedback on our values and what is important to us. Understanding the messages emotions deliver is the next step to leveraging that data to choose thoughts and actions that keep us moving forward toward our goals and focusing our energy in ways that align with our values. 
How do you like to show up in a heated moment? Explosively out-of-control or clear-thinking and decisive? In this episode, we add another layer to our emotional literacy with the language we use and the labels we create. With this understanding, we can calm our triggered brains to create space between stimulus and response -  to choose our actions and show up in a way that aligns with our values. 
Today we start the skill building aspect of Emotional Agility by improving our Emotional Literacy. Emotional Literacy means we can read our own emotions, understand how they effect us physically and have the language to express our understanding. Be sure to grab the episode principle and practice to apply what you learn today.
Today we finish laying the foundation for our work to increase our Emotional Agility. These last two principles are the last step before our season long work of becoming more skilled at processing emotions so that we can remain on purpose through times of uncertainty both at work and at life. Self-leadership in the area of emotional agility helps to maintain balance, flexibility and authenticity that facilitates personal and professional success.
On this episode we'll unpack a way to measure how you are doing with the foundations of self-care. Not happy with where you are? You can change that, and we talk about a few suggestions to help!
Boss Yourself First is all about self-work to help work. This is a place to discover new thoughts, tools and motivation to build up self-leadership skills so that you can give your very best to your work teams, families and communities. Together we'll learn, talk with experts and experience real coaching to improve in leading ourselves and others authentically, with impact to create real results. 
Observe Continually

Observe Continually


On today's episode we are examining what it means to observe continually and how developing this skill will help you build your self-leadership abilities. Learn how to get started and build your self-observation muscles. Also learn how to apply your learning, and activate that learning with actions. Keep listening this season to learn how to BOSS yourself first!
The Trouble with ANTS

The Trouble with ANTS


Today we're building on the last episode about believing intentionally and learning what to do the ANTS  - Automatic Negative Thoughts. Learn how to recognize them and how to get rid of them. Be sure to pick up your infographic with the nine ANT types and what you need to finish them off at under this episode. You don't have to  live with ANTS! 
Believe Intentionally

Believe Intentionally


Today's episode fits into our series of unpacking the BOSS Yourself First self-leadership program. We explore the power of believing intentionally, what it is, what it isn't, and three ways you can develop this self-leadership strength.  Be sure to grab specific journal prompts at that will support your work on believing intentionally. 
Today's episode reveals the elements of the BOSS Yourself First self-leadership concept. Focus on these elements are key to developing self-leadership skills and you can start today! This begins our season with a high-view that we will be unpacking over a series of episodes. Don't miss the kick off for a great new season! Also, be sure to sign up for the Boss Yourself First Newsletter at
On today's episode, we speak with Patrina Wisdom who is a best-selling author, speaker, wealth mentor and founder of the Badass Bodacious Life Movement where she inspires women to stand in their personal power and create their best life.  Patrina talks about how she handles constraint leveraging sacred self-care and self-authority. You'll hear why she is a sought after inspirational speaker and women's mentor. Don't miss her empowering principles and the special gift she has for BYF listeners at
On today's episode, we talk with Gretchen Knaut and Annalise Pflueger who share their experiences of graduating from college with the constraints of the pandemic. Listen to their different approaches as they transition to life after their B.A.'s You'll be inspired by the principles and practices they have developed and encouraged by the future generation of leaders they represent. Also, you can download a few of their self-leadership principles at
In today's episode, we're talking with relationship coach, Cali Mau. Have the constraints of the last 13 months been wearing on your relationships? Listen in, as Cali shares her process and some important principles around developing deep relationships, as well as her personal journey with constraints. Show notes and resources can be found at in the podcast section. 
Today we sit down with Master Coach and Consultant Fran LaMattina, as she unpacks self-leadership and the constraint of aging. You'll learn solid self-leadership principles and why they are so important to internal and external leadership. Additionally, you can hear about strategies for a healthy aging mindset and finishing strong It's never too late!
On today's episode, we're talking to Jim Keller, founder of Next Level Sports Performance and former Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Denver Broncos. You can listen in as Jim shares his stories of dealing with constraint both personally and professionally. Learn about his journey and pick up some of his masterful self-leadership skills.
Today we get to sit down with Jennifer Thoemke and unpack her process for dealing with constraint. With  more than 25 years of leadership experience, Jen shares her approach to self-leadership and how it translates into leading others well - especially when dealing with the limitations of the pandemic in her two prosperous, face-to-face businesses. Listen and learn how to prioritize your values and what creating community can look like for your team. 
On this episode, we sit down with Joellen Kramer, English Teacher at Lakewood High School and Coordinator of Lakewood's International  Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Joellen shares her experiences with constraint personally and as a teacher during unprecedented times. She takes us inside her frontline work with tomorrow's leaders and the self-leadership principles she hopes to pass on to her students. This is an inspiring episode you won't want to miss!
Protective Constraints

Protective Constraints


On today's episode, we take a look at a different aspect of constraint. Explore protective constraints and learn how to discern if they support your efforts at living according to your values and moving towards your goal. Are you overprotecting? Listen in and find out.
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