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BossBabe is one of the largest online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. With over 10M+ hashtag uses and 2.8M+ engaged followers, we have become a household name for ambitious women and started a revolution of women referring to themselves as “Boss Babes”.

The BossBabe podcast is the place where we share the real behind the scenes of building successful businesses, achieving peak performance and learning how to balance it all.

Co-founders Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty share their experiences candidly, often inviting experts to join them on the show to give their insights. A combination of funny, raw and actionable, this podcast is a must-listen for ambitious women creating success in their own way.
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Is your Instagram engagement suffering? Are you not getting the likes you used to? In today’s episode, co-Founder Natalie Ellis does a solo podcast and shares her thoughts on the IG algorithm, engagement, and all things content. In a detailed breakdown of what exactly it means to have a full grasp on Content Marketing and implement all of its pillars, you’ll walk away with the motivation and tools to get the most out of everything you post.  So listen along to level up your content, make the most of the new Instagram update, and have a few reality checks along the way! You’ll learn how to find your business's most profitable path by being consistent, being valuable, and being relevant. Having your pulse on what’s happening around the world, making the Instagram algorithm work for you, and taking advantage of video content (hello Reels!) to grow your numbers. Plus, a Black Friday + Cyber Monday announcement that you do NOT want to miss!    Links:  Video Training Youtube: Text the word ‘Content’ to Natalie at (310) 356-3502 and be one of the first to learn about Bossbabe’s newest launch and get exclusive content! For a Free Trial of the amazing e-commerce marketing platform, check out   Follow: @iamnatalie
Only 2% of women entrepreneurs hit 7 figures. Rachel Rodgers is on a mission to change that. In today’s episode, Natalie and Rachel discuss why making 6 figures realistically can’t sustain a business and a salary if you’re trying to scale, and how you can scale to 7.    Rachel breaks down how she started her business after law school, scaled to 7 figures, and even recently made her first million-dollar month. We talk all things hiring, including what roles to hire first and how it will help your business grow. Her tip: hiring ahead and betting on yourself ahead. You’ll see that growth faster and then be ready when it comes. As entrepreneurs, it’s not just about getting help, it’s about clearing your plate so you’re able to focus on your mental health and perform as a better leader for yourself, your team, and your business.   We also share our opinions on membership options (love them!), why one offering instead of multiple will be better for you in the long run, and, most importantly, listening to your clients so you know when to pivot and what to improve to serve your customers better! Rachel pivoted her business this year after the pandemic and went from 0 to 1300 members in 30 days! It’s all about flexibility and giving yourself space to grow.   Learn more about Rachel and how to hit that 7 figure mark at and subscribe to her podcast, The Hello 7 Podcast.
Today we’re joined by a ray of light, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, who’s dropping key tips to make ayurvedic practices easy and attainable to fuel and nourish your body. After moving far away from her close family in London to New York - Radhi had to spend a lot of time with herself figuring out what she wanted with her life. Through journaling and doing work to understand who she was and how she could help others, Radhi landed on food as nourishment.  Natural healing and how small changes to your ritual can create wellness so you can perform best in personal and professional life. Radhi is giving us amazing ideas for small changes you can make  in your diet to help with digestion and energy. (Think certain spices, eating seasonally, etc.)  Growing up with a mix of indian and western foods, Radhi enjoys bringing those together in her recipes and sharing them on her new YouTube Channel. Make sure to check it out below!  Join Online Launch School, our 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches. Get $50 off your first job posting on LinkedIn Jobs:   Follow: Danielle Canty, @danielleycanty Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, @radhidevlukia Radhi Devlukia YouTube
We’re joined by Amy Landino, an award-winning YouTuber, bestselling author and international speaker. For the last 10 years, Amy has been empowering people all over the world to go after the life they want by educating them on how to leverage time, focus, and resourcefulness through her actionable and transformative “edutainment” (educational/entertaining) content.  In this insightful episode, Amy tells us how she went from being at school with no clue about what she wanted to do with her future, to realizing she was super skilled at social media. We also talk productivity and boundary setting, and Amy’s got some top tips to help you stay focussed on what’s important, and say no to what’s not. If you’re ready to make the life you want a reality, and you’re willing to put in the work but need actual, actionable steps then this episode is for you!    Links: Sign up for our free training: How to Plan & Execute Profitable Repeatable Launches with Our 4-Step Formula. Join Online Launch School, our 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches. Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes:    Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Amy Landino, @schmittastic Amy Landino YouTube
We’re back with part two of our double episode with Cindy Eckert, Founder and CEO of The Pink Ceiling, a business incubator and VC firm that invests in companies that are founded by, or delivering products for women. In this episode, we’re diving deep into how you can raise funds. Cindy offers her wisdom on the different options available to you and how to know which is right for you. If you’re interested in investing, or looking for ways to help you grow faster, you’ll find tons of tips here. We also talk about long term vision and how you can get clarity around what you want your destination to look like. Cindy shares the three Ps she believes are essential pointers you should be focusing on in your professional life, so you’re going to want to take notes.  For anyone building a business or climbing the career ladder, this episode offers so much insane value that will not only help you get clear on where you’re headed but the exact steps you need to take to get there.  And don’t forget to check out part one of this ep too, so you can soak up all the knowledge Cindy has to offer! 🎧   Links: Listen to Part 1 with Cindy Eckert:  Sign up for our free training: How to Plan & Execute Profitable Repeatable Launches with Our 4-Step Formula. Join Online Launch School, our 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches. Organifi’s mission is to empower you to live a happier, healthier life with organic superfood blends. Use code BOSSBABE for 15% off your purchase at Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Cindy Eckert, @cindypinkceo
We’re joined by Cindy Eckert, Founder and CEO of The Pink Ceiling, a business incubator and VC firm that invests in women-led and female-focused companies. A self-made serial entrepreneur, Cindy is one of the few women to have ever sold a company for a billion dollars, let alone two pharmaceutical companies. In fact, it was Cindy’s second venture, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, that brought Addyi aka “the female Viagra” to market. Having successfully built two billion-dollar companies, Cindy has such a wealth of knowledge and experience that we had to invite her back for part two which will air on Wednesday, 10/28. So tune in to part one as Cindy reveals the true story of how she built her own startup and sold it for over a billion dollars, only to buy it back and rebuild the company when she learned that her life-changing product for women was not going to market. We’re also diving deep into the narrative surrounding female sexuality and the challenges with research for female products, as well as, funding for companies founded or led by women. If you have a mission and are in need of motivation, this episode will inspire you to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you! Links: Sign up for our free training: How to Plan & Execute Profitable Repeatable Launches with Our 4-Step Formula. Join Online Launch School, our 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches. Organifi’s mission is to empower you to live a happier, healthier life with organic superfood blends. Use code BOSSBABE for 15% off your purchase at Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Cindy Eckert, @cindypinkceo
We’re welcoming back Anna Nassery, Founder and CEO of BrandUp, an LA-based creative agency and the geniuses behind our highly converting sales pages for our flagship programs, Insta Growth Accelerator and Online Launch School.  When it comes to building a highly converting sales page, we know how overwhelming the process can be but before you invest tons of money into creating a custom page that may not even convert, Anna is lifting the lid on how to structure and optimize a sales page. Tune in as she breaks it down step-by-step on how to outline a sales page to meet your ideal clients where they’re at on their customer journey. After this episode, you’ll understand how the buyer’s journey influences the layout of your sales page and what you need to do in order to optimize every piece of information for conversion. Get your pen and paper ready because we’re touching on psychology, branding, and even a bit of biohacking (because you know we’re all about optimizing both our business and health!). Shop our Launch Shop with Brandup and get a done-for-you sales page template.  Use code BOSSBABE to get 20% off on SOUL CBD products. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣    Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Anna Nassery, @annadoingthings_
How do you define wealth and what does a wealthy life look like to you? We’re joined by Patrice Washington aka the “Money Maven.” She’s a financial expert, #1 best-selling author, speaker, and media personality. Patrice has also been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The Dr. Oz Show, and in major publications like Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine, and so much more.  What sets Patrice apart from other financial experts is her philosophy on wealth, which is more holistic, grounded, and spiritual, but it wasn’t always this way. Before she became the “Money Maven”, Patrice had already built a seven figure business and achieved massive success. Despite living what she considered her “dream life” back then, Patrice was anything but happy or fulfilled. In a divine turn of events, she was forced to redefine wealth after going bankrupt during the 2008 recession.  Patrice went from being a seven figure CEO to scraping for change. Tune in as she takes us on her amazing journey, sharing how she overcame one of her lowest moments and what led her to dig deep into the concept of wealth. If you’re ready to redefine what wealth means to you, and live a more fulfilled and financially free existence. then this episode is for you!    Links: Join Online Launch School, our 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches. Sign up for our free training: How to Plan & Execute Profitable Repeatable Launches with Our 4-Step Formula.  Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes:   Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Patrice Washington, @seekwisdompcw
Do you want to become a master at managing your money? We’re joined by Kiana Danial, the Invest Diva. Kiana is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TIME Magazine and more. Her mission is to educate women on how to build and grow investment portfolios so they can generate wealth and take ownership of their finances.  Tune in as Kiana reveals how she went from humble beginnings in Iran, to an electrical engineering student and TV guest star in Japan, to the inspirational life she leads in the US today. We’re also diving deep into what it’s like to pave the way for women in the masculine-dominated field of finance, and why it’s important for us to get a grasp of our cash.  If you’re interested in investing but need help understanding the ins and outs, Kiana will leave you in the know and ready to go. After this episode, you’ll feel more confident with taking control of your finances and making investments that build your future regardless of your financial situation.  Use code BOSSBABE to get 20% off on SOUL CBD products⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣   Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Kiana Danial, @investdiva
Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort while on your period and simply accepted it as a fact of life? What if we told you that you have ownership of what happens inside your body? We’re joined by Nicole Jardim, certified women’s health expert, author of Fix Your Period, and host of the Period Party Podcast, to teach you how to take ownership of your period and overall health.  Having suffered from debilitating pain caused by her period as a teenager, Nicole was put on birth control to help with her painful menstrual symptoms. However, birth control only served as a band aid and instead introduced a slew of new chronic health issues, including hair loss and melasma. Despite being informed that what she was experiencing was “normal”, Nicole decided to challenge everything she was told and started to claim ownership of her health. Since then, Nicole has been empowering women by helping them better understand their bodies, hormones, and period.   It’s time to normalize the fact that we, as women, know what’s best for our bodies. Tune as in as we dive deep into the different types of hormones and how each one can affect your body when imbalanced. After this episode, you’ll be equipped with actionable tips on how to best regulate your body and optimize your health.    Use code BOSSBABE to get 20% off on SOUL CBD products Fix Your Period by Nicole Jardim    Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Nicole Jardim, @nicolemjardim
Do you want to learn how we made $100,000 in 60 minutes? In this week’s bonus episode with BossBabe CEO Natalie Ellis, we’re lifting the lid on the exact strategy we used to generate 6-figures in just an hour.    We launch something at BossBabe almost every month, whether it’s opening our private membership for female entrepreneurs or enrollment for our online programs like Online Launch School or Insta Growth Accelerator. Launching a product or service is one of the most powerful ways to create a major cash injection in your business and there’s a strategic art to it that you can learn to replicate.   Tune in as Natalie discusses the stages of a launch and what you should be focusing on during each phase if you want to have a stress-free and successful launch. We’re diving deep into what makes or breaks a launch, how to avoid burnout, and what it really takes to generate $100K in 60 minutes (spoiler alert: it doesn’t happen overnight).    Links: Sign up for our free training: How to Plan and Execute Profitable, Repeatable Launches with Our 4-Step Formula   Get your free copy of our complete Pre-Launch Checklist    Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie
In today’s episode, we’re learning how to upgrade our brains through limitless learning with Jim Kwik, NY Times bestselling author and renowned brain performance and accelerated learning expert. For over 25 years, Jim has been helping people improve their memory, learn to speed read, increase their decision-making skills, and unleash their superbrains. Jim has also worked with top actors (Will Smith), athletes, CEOs (Elon Musk), and superachievers (Brendon Burchard).  Having suffered two traumatic brain injuries at ages 5 and 18, learning had always been an uphill battle for Jim. Growing up, he was known as the “Boy With the Broken Brain” and ridiculed by his peers for being a slow learner. Fed up with his learning limitations after his second brain injury, Jim’s desperation became his inspiration. Since then, Jim has dedicated his life to helping others unleash their genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose. Tune in as Jim shares his tips and tricks to help you access your learning superpower and unlock your exceptional life.  If you’re looking to learn faster, retain more and forget less, and upgrade your brain - this episode is a must listen!    Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Jim Kwik, @jimkwik
Did you know that our brains don’t want us to be happy? Our default mode is to be constantly on the lookout for danger. This is how the evolutionary process shaped our brains and how our ancestors physically survived. Today, we’re joined by special guest, Daria Tsvenger, Mindset Expert and Life Coach for entrepreneurs. Daria has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, and so much more for her expertise in science-based personal development.    Tune in to learn how you can rewire your brain for happiness and success. Daria is diving deep into the neuroscience of achieving goals and sharing actionable tips on how to shift your mindset to overcome anxiety, fear, and procrastination. Blending the best of spirituality and science, Daria is teaching us how to use our brainpower to take inspired action beyond manifestation and visualization.    If you’re ready to learn how to deconstruct your brain and reprogram it for a stronger, more positive mindset, then get ready to take notes because this episode is for you!    Join Daria’s FREE 10-Day Dream Spring Challenge starting October 7th: 
We’re joined by special guest, Ivirlei Brookes, an actress, serial entrepreneur, and business and mindset mentor who helps creatives and entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and master their mindsets for meaningful success. She is passionate about educating and using her voice to empower people to cultivate deeply intentional transformations.   Ivirlei’s entrepreneurial evolution is nothing short of epic. From being the creator of a women’s magazine (that interviewed Drake before he became famous) to starring in a series based on her magazine (which never aired because the production company went bankrupt), and then starting her coaching career as a dating coach for men to now mentoring people in their lives and businesses.   She knows all about loss, rebuilding, and understands that entrepreneurism is the ultimate rollercoaster ride. You must master the mindset of resilience to really roll with the punches and become a success.   Tune in as Ivirlei shares actionable tips on how to hack it when things don’t go to plan and how not to equate your work with your worth. According to Ivirlei, the key to leveling is to constantly be reimagining and redesigning your version of yourself - which takes a lot of deeply transformative inner work.     If you’re looking to trust the process more and cultivate the confidence of a successful entrepreneur, listen now.    Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes:   
Do you want to learn our secrets on how to gain followers organically on Instagram? If so, this episode is for you! Today, BossBabe CEO, Natalie Ellis, is lifting the lid on how to attract and build an audience organically without spending a single cent on paid ads. Tune in as Natalie shares the exact social strategy she has used to grow the BossBabe account to 2.6 million followers - for free.  Around three years ago, Natalie had no idea how to make money online until she discovered a handy hack that totally changed the game for her - a hack that you can use too.  After this episode, you’ll have a ton of tips to help you make the most of Instagram, including why you should curate before you create, how to predict what will and won’t go viral, and how you can come up with your own foolproof formula for creating content. If you’re serious about gaining more followers AND converting them into customers, then you really don’t want to miss out on this episode.    Links: This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account: Use code BOSSBABE to get 20% off on SOUL CBD products.   Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie
When it comes to showing up on Instagram, which BossBabe co-founder do you resonate with most? Are you someone who’s comfortable on camera like Natalie, or do you prefer to be behind-the-scenes like Danielle? Either way, both Natalie and Danielle have cultivated their confidence over the years to show up on social media. Having used Instagram to build her first business, Natalie understood how vital it was to show up every day to deliver consistent value for her audience, which is why she appears so natural on social media today. She knew that BossBabe’s audience growth and influence wholly depended on her commitment to showing up daily - rain or shine.   Whilst Danielle didn’t initially have this urgency to be on social media, she overcame her post paralysis by learning to hone in on why it was important for her to show up. By identifying the root of her fears and focusing on her ‘why’, Danielle was also able to build her confidence on camera.  Both Natalie and Danielle didn’t start out as superstars on social media, but with consistency and having a clear, strong ‘why’, they were able to overcome their limiting beliefs and attract an audience by showing up as their authentic selves (which means that you can do it too!).  If you want to stop second-guessing yourself, put an end to post paralysis, and become an expert in your niche that makes an impact, then this episode will show you how.   Links: This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account: Try ShipStation free for 60 days with code BOSSBABE.     Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty
We’re joined by Olivia Wollenberg, CEO and Founder of Livia’s Kitchen, a vegan food company that creates indulgent, plant-based snacks. In fact, Livia’s Kitchen revolutionized the sweet snacking market in the UK for being the first of its kind: a sweets brand dedicated to delivering on deliciousness as much as it is nutrition.    Before Livia’s Kitchen, Olivia was studying to become a neuroscientist and had already invested six years into her academic career. A sudden spark of entrepreneurial inspiration struck when she was diagnosed with food intolerances and was unable to find indulgent treats that weren’t packed with additives and preservatives.   Olivia identified a gap in the market for indulgent treats with a nutritional twist. Having the drive and determination to be the first to fill this gap, Olivia  embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to finding success by building her food empire.    The road to success wasn’t always sweet, but Olivia’s willingness to learn, openness to embracing criticism, and vulnerability to be transparent about her strengths and weaknesses helped her to build resilience in the face of rejection and objections.   Tune in to hear how Olivia built her business from the ground up, from driving around to drop off products, to pitching her treats to Selfridges (one of the biggest chains of high-end department stores in the UK), and using social media to build her empire.  She’s also lifting the lid (and very transparent) on her experience raising money as a young female entrepreneur.     So, if you’re looking to disrupt the market and lead by example, this episode is for you.    Links: Get 50% off your first order with Care/of. Use code BOSSBABE50. Shop Livia's:   Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Olivia Wallenberg, @oliviawollenberg Livia’s, @livias
We’re back with another bonus episode with two amazing ladies that were in our Soul, Strategy + Success Mastermind, Olanikee Osi & Liv Conlon. Both women have achieved what many believe to be unattainable. Before they turned 30, Olanikee and Liv both scaled their businesses to 7-figures. Liv has a service-based business staging homes and Olanikee has two businesses, an app called SelfishBabe and a women’s holistic wellness company. Join us as we discuss their journeys as young female entrepreneurs and how they were able to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Spoiler alert - they credit their path to profitability all to hard work, committing to their goals, and most importantly, believing in themselves (which means that it’s possible for you too!).  We’ll also touch on the importance of self-education, pivoting with the market changes, investing in yourself, and recognizing that there are a million ways to make millions of dollars.  This episode will definitely inspire you with the self-belief that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Both Olanikee and Liv serve as an example of “what’s possible for her, is possible for me”.    Links: This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn. Get 50% off your first job posting on LinkedIn. Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Olanikee Osi, @olanikeeosi Liv Conlon, @oliviaconlon
We’re joined by Christina Mace-Turner, Founder of Mab & Stoke, an herbal supplement company that combines centuries-old herbal medicine with cutting-edge technology to create the Mab Tab: a daily ‘super tab’ that takes the guesswork out of wellness to help you feel your most amazing self with a prophylactic formula. Christina is an expert at all things marketing, strategy, and brand building. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Christina led Business Affairs and Content Strategy at Apple when it was first launching the iPhone and app store. Knowing that she always wanted to be her own boss someday, Christina took the leap to lead a startup called Flipboard, to gain the experience she needed for her own business.  She finally made the pivot from tech to beauty and wellness by co-founding the non-toxic beauty brand, True Botanicals, prior to launching Mab & Stoke. Tune in as we lift the lid on the major differences between corporate and startup environments, and everything you need to know before leaving your corporate job to start your own business.  Christina’s journey is absolutely inspiring. Having always taken the alternate route in her professional life, she believes chasing her dreams and being intentional about every move has been her number one secret to success. Join us on her journey from career woman to entrepreneur, and learn how you can find your professional purpose by being dynamic and determined.    Links: Sign up for our free 10-day Instagram Challenge: Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes:    Follow: Danielle Canty, @daniellecanty Christina Mace-Turner, @mabmaker  Mab and Stoke, @mabandstoke
We’ve invited back brother-sister duo and Co-founders of Soul CBD, Mike and Angie Lee, to the podcast for another value-packed episode. The last time Mike and Angie were on the podcast, it was a pre-pandemic world. Fast forward to now, we’re living in a ‘new normal’, and for some anxiety is at an all-time high. Despite these uncertain times, Mike and Angie Lee have scaled their ecommerce business to 7-figures in just 12-months, but they’re doing so much more than that. Through Soul CBD, Mike and Angie are helping people thrive in mind, body, and soul by reducing stress and pain through CBD-formulated products. They are making an impact while making an income.  Tune in as we discuss how Mike and Angie scaled Soul CBD from $50,000 to a 7-figure business. Here’s a hint - it has nothing to do with fancy strategies, paid advertisement, or a magical funnel but rather, the importance of the customer journey, building a community, and starting before you’re ready.  We’re also touching on how to manage stress, anxiety, and inflammation with all-natural alternatives, including CBD-based solutions, breathing techniques, grounding methods, and so much more.   So if you’re ready to kick anxiety to the curb and perform at your peak, this episode is for you.     Links: Sign up for our free 10-day Instagram Challenge: This episode is sponsored by SOUL CBD. Use code BOSSBABE to get 20% off on SOUL CBD products. The BossBabe Podcast Ep. 77: The One Thing Missing From Your Evening Routine with Mike and Angie Lee  The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It by David A. Carbonell    Follow: Natalie Ellis, @iamnatalie Soul CBD, @mysoulcbd Angie Lee, @angieleeshow Mike Lee, @officialmikelee
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Chloe King

I'm so glad you said that, I could not tell the difference and probably tagged the wrong narrator! Either way you two are great!

Oct 21st

Chloe King

So real, thank you

Oct 5th

Sophie Doyle

Hi Natalie! Loved this - but could you provide some tips around how to launch a physical product for example a new style of bag or a new season collection? Thanks! Sophie

Oct 1st

Chloe King

I love this!

Sep 20th

Guadalupe Garcilazo

I really enjoyed Christina's insight at both the corporate world and the entrepreneur world!

Sep 3rd

Sara Al Kiyumi

I really enjoyed this episode, I didnt know such a syndrome exists and I just see myself in that position and everyone else is alright :s

Aug 11th

Anayis Daneghian

this was really helpful and good episode. honestly all bossbabe episodes are good and helpful

Aug 7th

Maya Magdeline Jeffery

This has given such good insights on teaming up with your partner. Thank you being real and vulnerable too! I’ve definitely gotten some nuggets that could help myself as an aspiring entrepreneur and someone who wants to work on my relationship. Hope to have Gregg with Danielle next on the podcast ☺️✨

Aug 5th

Chloe King

Thank you so much! Education on this topic is so under talked about so thank you for having this open conversation! @chloenoelleking

Jun 8th

Chloe King

I am so glad I found this podcast and community. The best advise I've heard as a bidding entrepreneur is from this podcast, that one should use their businesses as a vessel for the greater vision not be used as a vessel by your business. I also love the way that stress was explained, that this turns us on! It is motivating to feel the sense of urgency and I am so glad this was explained that you must turn this off. I love the phrase that to manage stress, we must park our minds. This makes so much sense in order to sustain your productivity! My instagram is chloenoelleking I love cultivating a well rounded mindset to inspire myself and others with a growing feed!

Jun 8th

Chloe King

This interview was so fun! So exciting to listen to, thank you!

Jun 6th

Audrey Cairns

Hi I absolutely loved this podcast episode, I have signed up for your training on 21st. I am literally at the start/very beginning of my business. I am looking forward to getting loads of helpful info for launching my business & the correct way in which to do it. Love you guys! Stay safe & take care.

May 19th

Courtney Harris

Love you guys so much! I love when you hate your stories and are authentic with your life! Y’all are my virtual boss babe besties, I’m in this alone! So being able to listen really uplifts my spirits. Amazing 🥰 thank you ladies for showing up for us & being here!

May 7th

Natasha Macleod

I think this could be my favourite of all the podcasts. Very valuable and easy to relate to for me personally. Thankyou ladies xx

Feb 19th

Hristina Stankovic

this is such a good episode, so many golden nuggets

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Jan 15th

Elizabeth Mendez

I learned so much today and can't wait to implement some of the resources mentioned in this episode. I will share it with my community in spanish.

Jan 15th

Natasha Macleod

Love listening to these podcasts on my commute. Perfect way to spend a drive soaking up all the inspiration ♡

Jan 7th

Holly Rae

I just came across this podcast after following the Instagram page for months! I’m so glad I found such an inspiring motivator to keep pushing me to be my best self!

Dec 29th

Life spark

I can understand this! Motivation wavers as you feel the lack of support. The desire for a team to have open discussions, debates, and exploring ideas. It does feel hard to find others with a similar mindset who want to explore possibilities, dreams and ambitions. Im happy to know im not alone 😊.

Nov 7th
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