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BossBabe is one of the largest online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. With over 10M+ hashtag uses and 1.9M+ engaged followers, we have become a household name for ambitious women and started a revolution of women referring to themselves as “Boss Babes”.

The BossBabe podcast is the place where we share the real behind the scenes of building successful businesses, achieving peak performance and learning how to balance it all.

Co-founders Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty share their experiences candidly, often inviting experts to join them on the show to give their insights. A combination of funny, raw and actionable, this podcast is a must-listen for ambitious women creating success in their own way.
89 Episodes
We’re joined by Kelley Baker, Founder of Kelley Baker Beauty and renowned celebrity brow artist. Featured in VOGUE, InStyle, PopSugar and Cosmopolitan, Kelley is one of the most sought after arch artists in the industry with an impressive clientele of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Zendaya, and more.   Kelley shares her personal journey of how she worked her way up in the industry and what it took to expand her brand from a humble salon in Venice Beach to developing innovative beauty products and hosting masterclasses worldwide. If you dream of being your own boss or want to start your own brand, this episode is full of actionable takeaways that will inspire you to take the leap.      Receive 20% off Grammarly Premium when you sign up at
Behind every thriving business is an aligned and talented team. There’s only so much that you can accomplish as a solopreneur. In order to scale your business to the next level, you will need to build a team, but also learn the art of "letting go". If you're transitioning from a solopreneur to CEO, then this episode is for you.  Tune in as Natalie Ellis, CEO of BossBabe, shares her personal journey from solopreneur to co-founder of one of the largest and most impactful communities of unapologetically ambitious women. We discuss the importance of hiring on attitude and why it’s vital to cultivating a team that truly understands the impact of the company.  Join us as we lift the lid on the early days of Team BossBabe and how Natalie learned the art of "letting go" as she stepped into her new role as CEO.  Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive unlimited access to over 1000+ classes:  
Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost your business and drive more sales, or a career woman that wants to slay the corporate game, using the power of word-of-mouth marketing can lead to more revenue and career opportunities.     Join us as dive we deep into the three pillars of word-of-mouth marketing: collection, distribution, and monetization. If you’re looking to get the word out for your business or cultivate credibility in the corporate world, we’re sharing our secret sauce and best practices (even if you have zero testimonials!).   Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes:
We’re joined by Gelareh "G" Rouzbehani, successful A&R and music manager. She is the founder of Rouz Group Inc., an entertainment company that manages some of the biggest names in writers and producers.     After immigrating to America from Iran at a young age, Gelareh embodies what it means to pave your own way to success. As a minority woman in a male-dominated industry, Gelareh’s journey from working at Columbia Records to starting her own company is what entrepreneurship is all about. Tune in as Gelarah shares her entrepreneurial experience, including how to stay motivated through the ups and downs, stress management, and actionable tips for artists, writers, producers wanting to break into the music industry.    This episode is sponsored by SOUL CBD. Get 20% off on SOUL CBD products using code: BOSSBABE.
If you’re struggling with what career path to pursue in life, then we have the perfect guest on The BossBabe Podcast to help you. Ashley Stahl is a career coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and host of the You Turn podcast. Before that, she was a counterterrorism professional for the American government.    Ashley shares her inspiring career evolution and the lessons that she’s learned along the way when it comes to discovering your ideal career path. She now helps thousands of people with finding career clarity through her online courses and private coaching. Ashley gives us actionable tips on how to identify your personality type and core skill sets so that you can zone in on what gives you fulfillment, purpose and the ability to create impact.    Ready to find your ideal career path? Tune in to this episode and take our Career Clarity Quiz at the end!    Find Your Ideal Career Path:   Get that glowy, dewy skin for yourself. Learn more and take the quiz to find your ultimate Glossier skincare routine. Plus, all new customers will get 10% off their first order on
We’re joined by Lauren ‘KITTENS’ Abedini, LA-based DJ turned non-profit founder and multi-passion entrepreneur. KITTENS has been named a ‘Rising Producer/DJ Shaping the LA Club Scene’ by Mixmag and The Hundreds, and Source Magazine’s '25 Women To Watch.’   Turn up the volume as KITTENS shares how she broke into the music industry and built up a personal brand, earning the support of some of the most influential artists of our time; Usher, Kid Cudi, Skrillex, and more. An advocate for female empowerment, KITTENS also reveals why she created her non-profit organization, PWR, which provides education and support to women through charity DJ workshops. Whatever your passion is, KITTENS’ story will give you the courage to go after your dreams.   Get that glowy, dewy skin for yourself. Learn more and take the quiz to find your ultimate Glossier skincare routine. Plus, all new customers will get 10% off their first order on
We’re joined by Suneera Madhani, Founder and CEO of Fattmerchant, a payment processing platform that has been dubbed the ‘Netflix’ of the credit card processing world by Fast Company. Suneera was named the ‘The Most Influential Woman in Payments' by Payment Source and has also been featured in Forbes, Fortune, INC Magazine, Huffington Post, and multiple high-profile publications.   With over $5 billion in payments processed to date, it’s easy to focus on Sunnera’s success but like any entrepreneur knows, the road to success is never easy. Ridiculed and underestimated as a minority woman, Suneera takes us behind-the-scenes of her epic journey to becoming the powerhouse that she is today. From how she bootstrapped her business to raising over $20 million in venture capital, Suneera is sharing it all on The BossBabe Podcast.  Get that glowy, dewy skin for yourself. Learn more and take the quiz to find your ultimate Glossier skincare routine. Plus, all new customers will get 10% off their first order on
Do you find yourself waiting until you feel confident enough to make a move, whether it’s in your personal life or business? Does the fear of failure or judgement hold you back from believing that your ambitions are achievable?    We’re joined by Dean Grazisioi, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and New York Times Best-Selling Author in today’s episode on The BossBabe Podcast. If you want to learn how to find the courage and confidence to create the life and business of your dreams, Dean is sharing his knowledge and blueprint for finding fulfillment and success.    Join our FREE expert business training ASAP:
We’re joined by Tricia Brouk, who is a TEDx producer, international award-winning director, and executive producer of Speakers Who Dare. With a successful career in theater, film, and television, Tricia is a master of public speaking and storytelling.    If the thought of public speaking makes you frozen with fear, then this is the podcast episode for you. We’re discussing the art of public speaking, storytelling, and the game-changing value that it could bring for your life and business. We’re teaching you how to overcome your fear of public speaking along with actionable tips and techniques for becoming a better speaker, how to book speaking events (even if you don’t have any experience!), leveraging public speaking to boost your business, and so much more.    Join Our 7-Day LIVE Business Training: 
We’re joined by Marie Forleo in today’s episode on The BossBabe Podcast. Before building her multimillion-dollar business, B-School, creating an award-winning show, MarieTV, and being named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation, Marie Forleo was like the rest of us - just trying to figure everything out.      Tune in as Marie shares her inspirational journey to discovering her purpose and how you can too. We’re also going behind-the-scenes with Marie and discussing what it takes to build an 8-figure business and the importance of simplifying to amplify your life and business. After this episode, you’ll be left empowered with actionable tips to help define your priorities, improve productivity, and how to efficiently scale your business.   Join B-School: Sign up for a free 3-part video training series with Marie Forleo:
Want to know our secret sauce for growing our email list? It’s all about email marketing in today’s mini episode with BossBabe’s Head of Sales, Ellen Coule, and Head of Marketing, Kay Snels. We’re sharing  our top strategies for increasing email subscribers, such as how to nurture your email list with value-based content, best practices for consistent content creation, attention-grabbing subject lines, and so much more. Tune in for your actionable tips on how to stand out in the inbox and get ready to watch your email list grow.    This episode is sponsored by SOUL CBD. Get 20% off on SOUL CBD products using code: BOSSBABE.
We’re joined by sister-brother duo and co-founders of Soul CBD, Angie and Mike Lee. It’s a family affair as the siblings  share their perspectives on health, wellness, biohacking and alternative medicine. Following Mike’s diagnosis of an autoimmune disease (ankylosing spondylitis) at the peak of his professional boxing career, he fell into a deep depression which left him suicidal and a shell of his former self. Humbled by his pain and inspired to take action, Mike took control of his health with the support of Angie and his family. Tune in to hear how this experience impacted Mike and Angie and how Soul CBD was created to help others heal in a holistic way.       This episode is sponsored by SOUL CBD. Get 20% off on SOUL CBD products using code: BOSSBABE.
Join us in this week’s mini episode on The BossBabe Podcast as we discuss how to build a playbook for your business operations. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a small team, your playbook is the holy grail for all of your processes and procedures. Tune in to learn how we organized our systems to create The BossBabe Playbook, which has been the ultimate game-changer in setting up our team for success.  This episode is brought to you by The Société. Join the community and learn how to start and scale your business at BossBabe Playbook Template:
Get ready to supercharge your self-belief with special guest, Cayla Craft. Known as the Mommy Millionaire, Cayla is a self-made millionaire, podcast host, and mother of three. Tune in as Cayla reveals her no-fluff approach to having it all as a mom and entrepreneur and how you can have it all, too.    Raised by a struggling single mother, Cayla became passionate about financial freedom. From ER nurse to millionaire by 26, Cayla is living proof that with the right mindset, unwavering self-belief, and taking sole responsibility for your goals, you have the power to make your rules and live the life of your dreams.     This episode is brought to you by The Société. Join the community and learn how to start and scale your business at    Books Recommended:Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker -  Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business by Gino Wickman -
We’re joined by special guest Melissa Monte, host of Mind Love podcast, which has been featured in Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar. Melissa started her podcast as a way to align her love of speaking and passion for modern mindfulness. Tune in to discover  Melissa’s journey, from humble beginnings as an inexperienced podcaster to now having the top mental health podcast in 29 countries. We’re lifting the lid on what it takes to build, grow and scale a successful podcast, from equipment set-up to mindset shifts. If you are struggling to find your big passion or have dreamed of starting a podcast, Melissa will leave you feeling inspired to take action.    This episode is brought to you by The Société. Join the community and learn how to start and scale your business at    Sign up for your 1:1 30-min podcast strategy session with Melissa Monte:   Podcast Equipment: Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/LXR Microphone - NEEWER Microphone Boom Scissor Stand - DragonPad USA Pop Filter - On-Stage MY-420 Studio Microphone Shock Mount -    Podcast Hosting Companies: Libsyn -   Recording Software: Garage Band Audacity - Freelance Podcast Producers: Fiverr - Upwork -
Today’s guest is the true definition of a BossBabe. Ali Grant is the founder of Be Social, one of the first agencies to execute influencer outreach and collaborations. Ali had the foresight to create an agency that was hyperfocused on influencer partnerships before Instagram and influencer marketing became a thing. Be Social is named by Inc. as one of the fastest-growing businesses spearheading digital campaigns for influencers, events, and editorial - but for Ali, creating Be Social was not an easy journey. Tune in to hear their inspirational story of how Be Social was founded, the sacrifices that Ali made along the way, and industry tips for how she developed organic relationships that she credits to the success of her business.  This episode is sponsored by LifeCykel, a biotechnology company with a mission to empower people and the environment to grow healthier with mushrooms. Use promo code "Bossbabe20" to get a special discount of 20% off, only the first 1000 will get the discount.
Here at BossBabe, we love biohacking to help us achieve peak performance in life and business. Joining us today is Julian Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Australian-based company, Life Cykel. They create functional mushroom products that focus on unlocking our human potential. We’re diving deep into the mushroom kingdom and all of its medicinal benefits including anti-aging, enhancing brain function, improving mental health, and so much more. Tune in to learn how mushrooms and other holistic health hacks can amplify your daily performance. If better health is your 2020 resolution, this is the episode for you.    This episode is sponsored by LifeCykel, a biotechnology company with a mission to empower people and the environment to grow healthier with mushrooms. Use promo code "Bossbabe20" to get a special discount of 20% off, only the first 1000 will get the discount. ICON Mastermind Live Event in Atlanta, GA:
We’re back with another super-actionable mini-episode of the BossBabe Podcast with our Head of Marketing, Kay Snels, and Head of Community, Kayleigh Watson.   With almost 2 million followers on Instagram, it’s fair to say that the BossBabe team knows a thing or two about building, nurturing, and leveraging community to impact revenue growth. Tune in as Kayleigh and Kay discuss the importance of intentional relationship building, how to cultivate a long-term strategy for growing and maintaining a community, using audience feedback to guide your content creation and product development, and so much more!    If you want to build an audience that is happy to throw their credit cards at you, you’re in luck! We’re spilling all the details and sharing actionable tips that you can implement instantly.    Sign up to BossBabe’s newsletter for ambitious women: Discover how to grow your audience on Instagram by 10,000 ideal clients in 30 days:
We’re joined by attorney-turned-entrepreneur, Ashley Kirkwood. In true BossBabe style, Ashley took a leap of faith and left her position at a prestigious Chicago law firm along with the security of a 6-figure salary (say what?!). Ashley now runs her own successful law firm AND speaking business. In this episode,  Ashley reveals how she made the transition from a corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur doing what she loves most: transforming lives through the art of storytelling and public speaking. It’s all about speaking your truth and asserting your worth in this episode of The BossBabe Podcast. Tune in for your actionable tips on how you can become a better speaker and build your brand equity.   This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account:
We’re chatting with special guest, Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic, a health and wellness company with a mission to help people nourish their bodies inside and out. Tero’s first love was entrepreneurship which he later entwined with his passion for mushrooms (the legal kind!), nutrition, and wellness. Tero discusses how he started Four Sigmatic (while having a full-time job) to moving his business to the U.S. with the determination to create a global impact. If you resonate with having a holistic philosophy for wellness (and biz), then you’ll love Tero’s simple, yet sustainable tips for building healthier habits.  This episode is brought to you by The Société. Join the community and learn how to start and scale your business at
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Natasha Macleod

I think this could be my favourite of all the podcasts. Very valuable and easy to relate to for me personally. Thankyou ladies xx

Feb 19th

Hristina Stankovic

this is such a good episode, so many golden nuggets

Feb 14th



Jan 15th

Elizabeth Mendez

I learned so much today and can't wait to implement some of the resources mentioned in this episode. I will share it with my community in spanish.

Jan 15th

Natasha Macleod

Love listening to these podcasts on my commute. Perfect way to spend a drive soaking up all the inspiration ♡

Jan 7th

Holly Rae

I just came across this podcast after following the Instagram page for months! I’m so glad I found such an inspiring motivator to keep pushing me to be my best self!

Dec 29th

Life spark

I can understand this! Motivation wavers as you feel the lack of support. The desire for a team to have open discussions, debates, and exploring ideas. It does feel hard to find others with a similar mindset who want to explore possibilities, dreams and ambitions. Im happy to know im not alone 😊.

Nov 7th



Nov 1st


Love ittttttt!

Nov 1st

Maya Magdeline Jeffery

This is the best episode yet! 💕

Oct 20th

Andrea Lovato

SO happy you Boss Babes moved up to 3 episodes a week! Always sharing in such a relatable way and covering such valuable topics! Keep killin it!

Oct 11th

Kong Girl

Gosh i can totally feel the energy and passion

Oct 8th

Ashleigh Robynn Hayden

I absolutely love this podcast - it feels like you're in my lounge having a fat chat with me. Natalie, Danielle and your incredible guests give so generously of your time and knowledge. I feel so inspired and motivated 💕

Oct 5th


Great Episode! Love the tip to ask the audience what the think about an idea!

Sep 4th

Hannah Consiglio

i love all these podcasts! such amazing knowledge and information. They always inspire me! 💖

Aug 13th

Boss Women Unite

This is an Awesome podcast and segment! This information is everything! This puts a whole lot into perspective and understanding of our hormones and what's going on in our bodies! &

Jul 11th

Michelle Campos

This podcast is everything! Started listening because of an interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten and now I am hooked! A few episodes I and I feel like I have learned so much. Thank you ladies!

Jul 6th

Jennifer Brinkmeyer

I am so picky about podcasts--production, content, you name it--but this is the one. Every time I listen, I am inspired. The conversations are authentic and at the same time, the guests actually have something to say! It's hard to get both at the same time. I especially loved Sam Skelly. I love how the guests (and Natalie, haven't heard one w Danielle yet) share their journeys. Approachable and inspiring!

Jun 9th

Jac Matthew

This is literally what I've been waiting for 🖤 I was just smiling & nodding the entire. freaking. time!! This speaks right to my soul, and is exactly where my purpose lives. Definitely going to save to invest in this program. Thanks for the wonderful chat ladies!

May 29th

Karen Peña

I just listened to episode 15 and can't believe the immense amount of value packed into a single episode. My biggest takeaway was to focus on getting to know myself before starting a brand or business. Thank you for always delivering excellence!

May 27th
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