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Author: Dr. Henry Cloud

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Dr. Henry Cloud's podcast features inspiring stories about the benefits to your relationships, mental health, productivity and wellbeing that come when you implement healthy boundaries.
33 Episodes
In this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show Live: - When the people closest to us die, we often find ourselves in a loop. How do we get unstuck? -Being a loving parent means you care about your kids' health. When your child is overweight, how can you talk to them about their health without making them feel like your love is conditional? -How can you stop attracting, and being attracted to, narcissists when you're dating?
In this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show Live: -How do we address a good friend that gives unsolicited advice to the point of being perhaps controlling? -The flip side: How can we give advice and support to a friend without coming as controlling? -Sometimes, we have anxiety and we don't know why. There's always a reason.
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: -Henry helps a man dealing with anxiety. -A man tries to help his family set boundaries around their toxic father. -Mary's friend found out that she dated her husband briefly in college, now the friend has cut Mary out of her life. -When you're in a failing relationship, how do you know if you've suffered enough? When do you give up?
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: - A 36 year old who has never been on date needs some advice. -How do we make counseling work for us, and stop burning down relationships? -When we have kids that become adults and fail to launch, how can be supportive without stunting them?
In this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show Live: -Being an introvert can be especially hard when it comes to dating. How can introverts kick themselves into gear and start dating? -A caller shares the story of a date gone wrong. -Sexual thoughts are normal, but they're not supposed to happen all the time. What do we do when they happen so often that we can't think straight?
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: -How do help children of alcoholics avoid further trauma? -What's the difference between healthy and unhealthy compartmentalization? -How can we set boundaries in conversing with unsafe people? -Sometimes on the road to accomplishing big life goals, our brain trips us up and we don't know why. We have to start by learning what got us stuck in the first place.
In this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show Live: -When your spouse has medical issues and won't address them, what do you do? -A cancer survivor has a new lease on life, but doesn't know what's next in life, or how to pursue her passions. -A caller's husband is talking to his ex-girlfriend, despite her setting a boundary. What can she do? -A man is side-swiped by his wife's affair and she wants a divorce. The relationship is over, but they're quarantined together. Which boundaries can help?
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: What can we do when we realize we're dating someone that gaslights us? How one part of us can want something, and another part doesn't. Internal conflicts can arise on our journey to accomplishing our goals Learning how to establish boundaries in relationships that never had them before can be tricky.  
In this episode of the The Dr. Cloud Show Live: Dr. Cloud talks about losing a member of his family: their dog Riley. Also on the show: -How a husband can improve communication with his wife and make the relationship a safe space to share. -How a wife can begin opening up to her husband about her emotions  -Sometimes a divorce can shake our faith. How do we recover our connection to God after this happens?
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: -When your child's significant other doesn't want you around, what do you? -How do we move on from a dream of what our life might be, to the reality in front of us in our careers? -When stress gets high, and we don't like how we're acting, how can we avoid taking it out on those we love? -If your spouse is acting like a child, how can you begin to give them adult responsibilities?
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: -How can we protect our kids from the trauma of divorce? -Negotiating solutions with a partner addicted to pornography -What can a mother do to help an adult alcoholic child?  -When your in-laws are driving you crazy, you often have to start with your spouse
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: Dealing with a parent that has Alzheimers Disease when your siblings are not on the same page as you. An amateur stand-up comic struggles with anger management after her divorce. How do you handle a person that uses quotes from the Bible to suit their needs and work against you? Part of the process of self-discovery is sharing your revelations with the person closest to you, but it's not easy.    
In this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show Live: -How do you go about dating again after a divorce? How do you know if you're healthy enough? -A caring wife is concerned about her husband's health issues and doesn't know how to get him to take care of himself. -How do you date without having marriage as the end goal from the start? How can we use dating in a healthy way to discover someone special? -How do we set boundaries with our adult siblings?
In this rebroadcast of the Dr. Cloud show: -How do to rebuild a relationship when trust is broken on both sides -When comes to friendships, how do you know if it's a shallow one? -A woman is about to get divorced and wants to make sure she's making the right decision -A newly-wed man is living with his in-laws and feels too passive -How long should a relationship be before marriage?
Topics in this episode of the Dr. Cloud Show: -Learning to rebuild your sense of self after abuse -Navigating relationships with our family when they gaslight us -Recognizing the difference between disagreement and disrespect in friendships -Dealing with a mother that has formed completely wrong opinions about you -When someone feels hurt by us, and we don't believe we did anything wrong, how can we respond?
Callers on this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show talked about: -A friend being abused by both her husband and son -Seeking more details about the gap between where we are and where we want to be (goal accomplishment). -Confronting issues around quitting smoking, and all the emotional baggage that comes with it. -Getting treated like a doormat by your children.  -Feeling burned out from all the time with the kids, and managing anger. How do we replenish our energy?    
This is a rebroadcast of the Live Dr. Cloud Show. This is the complete show from Friday April, 17th, 2020. Some of the calls in this episode: A woman in Illinois has an antagonizing husband. Dr. Cloud helps her to learn how to have meaningful conversations that address the behavior. A young caller called in about how to have a romantic relationship without having sex before marriage. How do we deal with binge eating? Dr. Cloud helps a caller with self-control and avoiding the impulse to over-eat.  
In this episode of Dr. Cloud's boundaries podcast, Dr. Dan Allender tells the story of how clarity around what he's uniquely meant to do in this world helped him naturally form boundaries. When we know our calling, it gives us clarity as to why we're doing what we're doing. Forming boundaries can start in many different ways, but getting clarity about your motives is a very natural way to form your first boundary. It helps you know what you'll do and won't do, what you'll say and won't say. A good sign of a healthy boundary is that it lets us learn, and take in new information. It teaches us that every yes is a no, and every no is a yes that can either can keep us in tune with our calling, or detract us from it.
Who are you going to be? Dr. Les Carter shares with us his story about setting a boundary around staying centered on being himself. Remaining true to ourselves is incredibly hard, but by establishing a boundary around who we are, and who we're going to be to the people around us, it becomes possible. That boundary makes it easier to make adjustments and stay aware of when we diverge from our true selves.
I hope you're doing alright. We're still in the early stages of a crisis and you might be experiencing feelings of being a little lost and adrift right now, or maybe a little unmotivated...well there's some reasons for that. You lose some control when the structures of life disappear. When the choices of normal life get removed you feel powerlessness. So, what can we do individually to take a few steps back to feeling normal? In this podcast, I want to help you overcome something called 'learned helplessness.' I want to help you take control of what you can control, and come to terms with what you can't.
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