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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Author: Monica Swanson

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Monica Swanson, author of the Boy Mom book, and blogger at, shares encouragement and inspiration for raising boys in today's world. Monica shares practical advice and biblical wisdom through honest conversations, interviews with other boy moms, and light-hearted humor.
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Krista Gilbert, author of Reclaiming Home, joins me for a practical and inspiring conversation about gratitude.  Krista and I share ways we can teach our kids to be grateful -- from ideas for Thanksgiving day, to things we can do throughout the holidays (and into the New Year!)  Krista shares some awesome ways we can show our appreciation to others-- from service workers to cleaning staff, to our friends and neighbors. I think this episode will inspire you and give you some awesome ideas for things you can do with your family now!    Find show notes: Today’s episode:
My guest today is Amy Carney - author ("Parent on Purpose"- an excellent book) speaker, content creator, product maker, and Mom to five. Amy knows a thing or two about sibling relationships!  Shortly after her triplet sons were born (*gulp*), she had a daughter, and a couple years later, adopted another son. Amy and her husband have made some upstream choices to parent their children with great intention in many ways -- including establishing intentional bonds with one another, while intentionally growing as individuals. This interview inspired me to continue parenting on purpose and I think you’ll find lots of practical helps for sibling relationships, too. Find show notes: Today’s episode: Be sure to grab the giveaways I mention in the episode over at – scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you’ll see two free downloads!
David Thomas joins us again for part 2 of our conversation drawing from his book, “Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach.” In Episode 78 David and I talked about the 4 emotional milestones our sons need to reach, and today we cover the 4 social milestones they need to reach.  David offers such valuable insight into boys’ development and how we, as their moms, can help them reach the most important milestones. I love this topic so much, and I think you will, too! Find show notes: Today’s episode: Get Monica's book, Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You
Wendy Speake’s new book, The 40-Day Social Media Fast, is an invitation to exchange your online distractions for real-life devotion. Today, Wendy joins us to talk about all of the things we Moms tend to run to on hard parenting days -- social media being a big one in today’s culture, but not the only one! So, if you (like me) ever catching yourself mindlessly scrolling…turning to Facebook or Instagram, Amazon Prime or Netflix, (just to name a few) to numb you or distract you from the things (and people) in your life, I think today’s episode will hit home.  No condemnation here, just a ton of love and support, and some practical ideas for how we might exchange those draining distractions for life-giving, real-life devotion.  Find show notes at: Today’s episode:   Thank you to the Good Book Company for sponsoring this episode!  Be sure to see show notes to find out more about an amazing new Family Advent book called “A Better Than Anything Christmas.”  (It's darling!!)  Find out more at
David Thomas, counselor, speaker and author (not to mention dad to one daughter and twin sons!) joins us for the first of a two-part conversation about milestones our sons need to reach.  Today we talk about emotional milestones (in two weeks we’ll cover social milestones.)  David touches on the four milestones boys should reach as well as some of the stumbling blocks that get in the way.  David has so much wisdom, insight, and sensitivity to the needs of boys and their families, I think you’ll finish this episode with new insight and tools to put into use right away. Find show notes at: Today’s episode:   Thank you to the Good Book Company for sponsoring this episode!  Be sure to see show notes to find out more about an amazing new Family Advent book called “A Better Than Anything Christmas.”  Find out more at
To celebrate my upcoming (significant 😯 ) birthday 😉, this week my son Luke takes the role of interviewer, firing me a list of questions sent in by listeners. Some of the questions are more serious parenting questions (challenges with tweens, keeping toddlers in their beds, etc.) and some are just for fun (how is my bang-grow-out process going?) But they are all good conversations, with my son Luke adding his input as well!  Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday week on the podcast, and I hope you’ll all join me for the Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Event on October 23-24th online.  Get tickets here: SHOW NOTES: Today’s episode:
Bethany and Ryan Bomberger have been a great inspiration to my family. Today, Bethany shares her family's story, and what led she and her husband to start the Radiance Foundation. Bethany also talks about (and reads an excerpt from) her book, Pro-Life Kids.  I believe this conversation will offer hope and inspiration to families everywhere! **Sign up today for the Perfectly Imperfect Event hosted by Christian Parenting! I’ll be sharing a talk titled: “What our Sons Need Most from Us, Now” and there will be over 40 other amazing speakers as well. This is an online event happening on October 23-24th! Register today at: Find show notes: Today’s episode at:
Alli Worthington, author, speaker, business coach, and BOY MOM to five sons (!!) joins us today with an encouraging and empowering message for all moms. Just listening to Alli speak made me feel stronger!  Be sure to check show notes to find out more about Alli and get links to her new book, Standing Strong! Show notes: Today's episode: Don't miss the upcoming ONLINE Parenting event I will be speaking at!  The Perfectly Imperfect digital event is hosted by Christian Parenting, and it is packed with incredible speakers.  Find out more and get a ticket at:  
Dad's are hugely important in the character development of their kids. My husband joins me to talk about some of the most important things a dad can do to be intentional about his kids' character training and development.  Find a video interview with my husband and lots of other encouragement for dads and moms in the Character Training Course - which just opened its doors for purchase from now until Friday, Oct. 2nd!! (Then will close until a future date) Learn more at:   SHOW NOTES: Today's episode:  
I'm so excited to share sneak peeks from 7 interviews which are part of the brand new Character Training Course which will be launching on Sept. 28th! 😁   I think you'll be encouraged and inspired by these 7 nuggets of parenting wisdom from: Jonathan Pitts, Ruth Chou Simons, Dennis Trittin, Kari Kampakis, Maile Higashi, Wendy Speake, and my son Jonah.  Find out more about the Character Training Course and leave your name and email address to be notified as soon as doors open over at:  Show notes with links at:   
If you have a child who worries a lot, the season we are in is likely especially stressful. After hearing from many of you who have an anxious child, I knew just who I wanted to bring on to help! Sissy Goff is a counselor, author, and speaker who helps kids find confidence in who they are and hope in who God is making them to be. I’ve read many of Sissy’s books and have so much respect for her! I am so grateful that Sissy could join us to offer encouragement, tools and practical advice for parenting kids who are anxious or worried, especially during this pandemic. Be sure to check show notes for links to Sissy’s books and where you can find more of her work. Show notes: This episode: Big thanks to Prepdish for sponsoring this episode! Prepdish simplifies family meals with their weekly meal prep plans! Check them out and get a free, 2-week trial at!    
This is the final episode in our summer series exploring The Joys and Challenges of Every Stage of Raising our Sons.  And this is one of my very favorite stages to talk about (maybe because two of my sons are in it now!) No matter the age of your son(s), I think you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this conversation!  Author, podcaster, speaker, and musician, Gwen Smith, joins me to talk about preparing ourselves, and our boys, for the day they launch into independence – whether that is college, the military, or the workplace.  Gwen has two sons (and a daughter) who are in or recently graduated from college, and her perspective is incredibly insightful!  We cover everything from all of those high school “lasts” (have the tissues handy,) to coaching our kids (from a distance) as they deal with life challenges, spiritual questions, dating, and more. Gwen and I both love our relationship with our college-age kids so much, and we wish that for everyone!  Even if your kids are young, I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode.  Also: The grandmas are right when they tell us:  Blink, and your kids will be there, too! Find show notes at: this episode:  
This episode is a big breath of fresh air for Whether you have boys or girls, whether you homeschool, distance school, (or aren't sure what you're doing for school! 😊) Just hearing my guest, Corinne Gold, share perspectives from her life will be incredibly refreshing to everyone! I know that a lot of people are stressed out right now, and it is my hope that listening to Corinne's story of family time, beach days, great books, and confidence in it all -- will inspire you to consider just how much structure and "school-style learning" your kids really need...Perhaps this time of distance learning can turn into a new way of doing life as a family.  Be sure to check check out show notes to see Corinne's beautiful family and super fun Hawaiian life and an epic video about her husband's surfing (He has the Guinness Book World record for surfing the biggest wave!) Also get links to her very best sourdough recipe and more. Find show notes at: This episode:  
Word on the street is that all the fun of raising boys ends when they become teenagers...that boys will pull away from their parents...rebel..experiment, and on and on.  But does it have to be that way?  Krista Gilbert - author, podcaster, and mom of 3 teenage boys (as well as one daughter!) and I dive in deep to discuss our experience raising teen boys.  We talk about what an absolute blast teen boys can be, as well as some of the harder stuff.  We cover friendships, dating, substance abuse, and more.  I love this conversation so much and I think you will, too! Find show notes (and listen to the episode) at: This episode directly: Thank you to World Watch for sponsoring this episode!  Get your kids' plugged into a daily 10-minute dose of current events and news from a Biblical perspective at   Also be SURE to answer the question in show notes to enter to win the August bundle of Surface Sunscreen.  And use CODE: BoyMom to get 20% off all sun care products at   
In light of so many difficult and controversial news stories in 2020, I think you'll find this episode incredibly encouraging.  Nick Eicher and Brian Basham join me to talk about helping our tweens and teens navigate the news today. We cover news literacy, critical thinking, and Biblical discernment -- and how the brand new World Watch 10-minute Daily News Program can help!  Whether you homeschool or not, the World Watch daily video segments will teach your kids (and the whole family) about world news and current events, as well as stories about science, technology, culture, art, the economy, and more. The news can be an educational tool, and a great springboard for conversations. However, most of the news we find on television is biased and confusing.  World Watch's 10 minute videos are a great alternative -- written by Christian journalists, each show is informative, engaging and thought-provoking.  I'm super excited about what they're doing.  At the end of this episode I share 5 tips for talking to your teens about the news, wherever you get your news!  I love this positive and encouraging approach to what can otherwise be a challenging topic...especially in today's world!   Thank you, World Watch, for sponsoring this episode and sharing your wisdom.  Find out more about World Watch at: Listen to the episode and get links to everything we talk about in show notes: today's episode: *Also be sure to comment over in show notes so that you'll be entered to win the August bundle of Surface Sunscreen products!   
If you've been around my site for long, you know I'm a big fan of boys in the sweet, awkward, hilarious middle school years!  As we continue on in this series celebrating all of the seasons of raising boys, I'm so happy to have Maggie John with me for this conversation!  Maggie is a Television host (!) as well as a two-boy momma who lives in Canada. One thing I love about this series is getting to know new friends and learning how different families' lives look in each season.  I think you'll find Maggie refreshing and so wise.   Find links to everything we talk about in show notes at: this episode: Big thanks to Prepdish for simplifying MY life with their awesome online meal planning service, and for sponsoring this episode.  Get a free 2-week trial at And...don't miss the final month of the Surface Sunscreen Bundle Giveaway!  Enter to win by leaving a simple comment in show notes.  (And get 20% off all surface products using Code: BOY MOM at  
It is such an honor to share this episode with all of you!  My first-born son, Josiah, joins me to celebrate the one-year birthday of the release of my book, Boy Mom, for one of my favorite interviews ever!  I let Josiah chose the topic for this episode and he did not hesitate to choose the topic of IMAGINATION!  Josiah's imagination played a huge role in his childhood, and still to this day, Josiah taps into his imagination in some very practical and inspiring ways (he'll share about that in our chat!)  This will be a great episode for your kids to listen in on, and I hope it inspires you to cultivate imagination in your kids (and your own life!)   ALSO:  Josiah created 2 awesome printables for you and your kids.  I think you'll love them.  Find links to the printables and all show notes at: Today's episode: THANK YOU to this episodes' sponsor, The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) who encouraged the use of imagination in all of my boys' homeschool writing experiences.  I highly recommend IEW for kids' writing and language arts classes from grade K-12! ALSO, Surface Sunscreen is offering another month of their bundle giveaway and 20% off all products at the Surface website using code:  BOY MOM!  (find notes and question to enter to win the giveaway in the show notes!) 
This episode is for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a homeschooling your kids (whether you're already homeschooling or just thinking about it!)  My friend Jenn Bryant joins me, as we share the very good news: It doesn't have to be that hard!  You really can simplify your approach, and Jenn is sharing 7 ways to do that. It's easy to overcomplicate things, and I love Jenn's reminder to slow down, focus on the things that really matter, and ultimately -- enjoy the ride! Jenn and I have a really fun chat, and I hope you can grab a cup of coffee and feel like you're hanging out with us!  Find links to everything we talk about at: this episode is: I'm super thankful for this episode's sponsor -- one of my family's FAVORITE homeschool curriculums -- IEW:  The Institute for Excellence in Writing. You can see all of the IEW curriculum my boys have used (and get a link to try the IEW curriculum for FREE for 3 weeks) at:! ALSO: This is the final week to enter to win a BUNDLE of Surface Sunscreen products -- so be sure to leave a quick comment in the show notes and you'll be entered to win the July Bundle.  (also use code: BOY MOM to get 20% off everything from the Surface website!)  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast, and if you haven't left a rating or review, would you take a minute to do that now!?  Thank you!  
Jessica Smartt, author, speaker, and mom to 3 elementary-age kids (2 boys, 1 girl) joins us today to talk about the joys and challenges of raising elementary-age boys. Jessica's new book, Let Them be Kids, is one of my favorite books of 2020, and we get to talk about some highlights of the book, as well as the magic, mischief, and madness of raising little boys. We also touch on some of the challenges parents of elementary kids face -- many of which fall under the category of technology.  I hope you can grab a cup of coffee (or strap on your tennis shoes) and feel like you're right there with Jessica and I as we have this chat.  Find more in show notes: Thank you to Prep Dish -- this episode's sponsor!!  I love my weekly meal plans, and Prep Dish now offers meal plans in Gluten free, Paleo, and Keto varieties.  Go to to get TWO WEEKS free of Prep Dish and see if you aren't hooked, too!  Also be sure to leave a comment in show notes to be entered to win the end-of-July BUNDLE of SURFACE SUNSCREEN!  AND use CODE: BOY MOM to get 20% off everything on the surface website!  
My son Jonah is back with me to help me celebrate the announcement of my BRAND NEW CHARACTER TRAINING COURSE (doors to the Beta Group open July 15th!) and to share his own announcement that he is kicking off his own TRUTH FOR YOUTH PODCAST on July 18th!  Jonah and I dive into a fun chat, sharing some of the points from one of his first podcast episodes which is about "Problems Kids Face Today -- and the Solutions for those Problems".  I am truly honored to have this just-turned-19-year-old with me and this interview was one of my all time favorites.  I hope you love it too and DO NOT WAIT TO SIGN UP if you're interested in the character training course! (The Beta Group will be limited to the first 100 to sign up!) All of the details are in show notes: Today's episode: Thank you to this episode's sponsor, Classical Conversations.  If you're looking into homeschooling next year, I highly recommend checking out all they have to offer!  More details in show notes! ALSO:  The Surface Sunscreen Summer Bundles Giveaways continue on!  Leave a comment in show notes to enter to win the July Giveaway!  (AND get 20% off EVERYTHING on the Surface website by using CODE:  BOYMOM!)
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Kathryn Howell Rahorst

I love this podcasts. I have 2 boys and find it hard sometimes relating to them.

Aug 31st

Amelia Finley

The Boy Mom Podcast is an awesome resource for anyone with kids or teenagers in their life! As a new mom, I love Monica's practical and genuine tips. Her passionate experience raising four boys is super refreshing!!

Aug 7th
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