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The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

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Monica Swanson, author of the Boy Mom book, and blogger at, shares encouragement and inspiration for raising boys in today's world. Monica shares practical advice and biblical wisdom through honest conversations, interviews with other boy moms, and light-hearted humor.
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It is so much fun to have my son, Jonah, home from college and here to co-host this all Q & A episode! I've been saving questions for some time now, and I've still only scratched the surface.  In today's chat Jonah and I cover everything from how to decide if your family is a good fit for homeschooling, to whether or not Dr. Dave recommends we (and our kids) should get the vaccine, to a list of parenting questions about everything -- from toddlers to teenagers, from purity to influences, to father son struggles.  Grab your earbuds and join in.  Find links to anything we mention in show notes: Podcast notes: Today's episode; Thank you to for sponsoring this episode.  I HIGHLY recommend "The Big Questions" book series which address the tough questions every tween wrestles with (How do I Know Christianity is Real?" "What Happens when We Die?" and more!)  Visit to check them out today! 
This week we celebrate two years of the Boy Mom Podcast! Even more, this week the doors to the Character Training Course are open – for a (first-ever!) SUMMER SALE! In today’s episode I read a blog post from the archives -- sharing a story…of a regular Wednesday night in my home.  This is a little glimpse into what I believe is the heart of character training.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope it reminds you that your work matters…Every moment of pressing in, pressing on, holding high standards and holding your tongue. Your job is important, and one day you’ll look back and see the beauty in all you do each day. My Character Training Course offers so much support and encouragement for the work you do, so I hope to see you in there this week! Find out more: Show notes: Podcast homepage:
My recent interview with Korie Robertson on the Boy Mom Podcast was a favorite episode for a lot of listeners! Now today, Korie’s own mom, (also seen on Duck Dynasty!) Chrys Howard joins us to share all kinds of timeless parenting wisdom.  Chrys has so much wisdom to share and inspires me in so many ways! I love that true parenting Chattinwisdom does not come and go with trends…it is timeless!  This episode has some great encouragement for mom and grandparents alike.  I think you’re going to love it! FIND SHOW NOTES: Podcast homepage:   ** On June 1st the Character Training Course will open its doors for the first EVER summer SALE!  Don’t miss it!  Find out more here :   Thank you to this episode’s sponsor, The Good Book Company, who is sharing the BIG QUESTIONS SERIES of books for kids ages 9-13.  These books answer questions like, “How do we Know that Christianity is Real?  And “What Happens When we Die?” These are such important topics to go over with your kids!  See show notes and go to to find out more.
Whether or not you’ve ever had anger issues before, Motherhood seems to reveal our hidden anger issues. While anger is a normal emotion, it can be handled in negative and destructive ways which can hurt our kids and our relationship with them.  This was a big struggle for me when my kids were young, and I’ve heard from so many moms who feel shame and sadness over how this has affected their parenting.   Today’s guest, Natalie Hixson, shares her story of overcoming destructive mommy anger, and how this led her to learn more about the problem and ultimately become a coach -- helping other women overcome destructive anger habits!  This episode is full of compassion and encouragement as well as practical tips and tools. Natalie also offers a free “Triggers Tracker” download.    Today’s episode:   Find show notes:   Note: One thing that helped ME overcome anger patterns in my parenting was to get intentional about what I focused on as a parent.  Focusing on my kids’ character was a huge help for me in this way.  Now I have great news!  From June 1st- 7th,  I will be opening the doors to my Character Training Course which teaches parents to raise kids of excellent character! I hope you can be a part of this awesome online course – filled with practical help, resources, interviews, and videos! Sign up on the interest list at:
When I met Liz Yeboah through a homeschool roundup on Instagram, I immediately became a fan of her and her intentional family life! Though the Yeboahs live in England, they have created a culture of curiosity, exploration, and globe-trotting adventures with their four sons and one daughter. In this episode, Liz shares some of the most magical trips her family has taken (hello South of France, and Shanghai...) as well as the most meaningful (visiting her husband’s roots in a village in Ghana.) She shares the books and platforms that have inspired her, and then tells us exactly how she plans her family’s big trips, monthly outings, and even date nights!  (you're going to want a wall-calendar and some colorful markers!) as well as the best travel apps, online inspiration and more.  You’re going to love Liz and everything she shares in this episode! Homepage: Want to raise kids of character!??  -- Get ready for a summer sale launch of the Character Training Course!  Find out more about the course and leave your name on the interest list at:
There is no doubt, Mothers’Day can be a mixed bag...While we often go into the holiday thinking we have low expectations, part way through the day we often realize that we had really just stuffed our expectations. ;) Moms are the orchestrators of all-things-family-and-celebration, so a holiday that is all about US...? Well, it can be tricky! In today’s episode I share a blog post that went viral years ago and has since then been shared all over the world and even on the Today Show website. It is called “5 Ways to Avoid Mothers’ Day Disappointment.” Whether you think you need it or not, I highly recommend tuning in for a refresher! And please consider sharing this one with your friends! Who knows who might need it this year! Here’s to a No-Regrets-Mothers’ Day! homepage:  Get your copy of BOY MOM today on Amazon! If you’ve read it already, please consider leaving an Amazon Review! Also: your ratings and reviews for this podcast mean SO MUCH to me! If you have been impacted by the Boy Mom Podcast, please take a second to tap on 5 stars on your podcast app.
This episode is all about celebrating you, Moms. I wanted to kick off Mother's Day a bit early this year because history has proven (to me, at least) that a holiday like this comes and goes only too quickly...and if we aren’t thinking and planning ahead then we are likely to all but miss it! Today my online assistant, Morgan, joins me to share fun Mothers’ Day and Motherhood Facts, best parenting advice, and some special clips from Boy Mom readers who are sharing how the book and podcast have impacted their parenting, as well as the best parenting advice they’ve been given! There are a few giveaways tucked in here too, so be SURE to get over to show notes to grab links and enter to win giveaways! SHOW NOTES: Homepage: Get your copy of BOY MOM today on Amazon! If you’ve read it already, please consider leaving an Amazon Review! Also: your ratings and reviews for this podcast mean SO MUCH to me! If you have been impacted by the Boy Mom Podcast, please take a second to tap on 5 stars on your podcast app!
After their teenage son’s traumatic brain injury from a hard hit in a football scrimmage, Pat and Tammy McLeod’s world turned upside down. In this powerful interview, they share about the months and years that followed their unexpected heartbreak, how they came to understand “ambiguous loss” and some of the things that helped keep their marriage, family, and faith together through the hardest of times. I believe the McLeod’s story, and the concept of ambiguous loss is so important for all of us to understand, and I pray you are encouraged by this episode!   SHOW NOTES: Podcast homepage:   Thank you to this episode’s sponsor: Skincare essentials for THE BOYS! **Use code BOYMOM to receive 10% off your purchase at
After a frightening wake-up call with one of her children, Crystal Paine began to explore where things went wrong and how she might fix it.  When a therapist suggested she take a different approach – one of focusing more on her relationship with her children than trying to fix them – everything began to change. Crystal discovered root issues – lies she had believed about herself and her parenting. In her new book, Love-Centered Parenting, Crystal writes about this journey, and in this episodes, Crystal and I talk about what she has learned and how listeners might apply these lessons to their own parenting. I appreciate Crystal’s honesty and humility, and I think this conversation will inspire you in your own parenting! SHOW NOTES: Podcast homepage: Thank you to this episode’s sponsor:  Skincare essentials for THE BOYS!  **Use code BOYMOM to receive 10% off your purchase at
I am so grateful to all of you who have listened to The Boy Mom podcast, spread the word about it, and helped make this community so special. In today’s show, we look back over the last 99 episodes, sharing clips from the 7 most downloaded episodes, and giveaways from each of the authors featured.  I hope you enjoy this celebration and I hope you know how grateful I am for all of you!!  Join the party, listen and be sure to enter to win the goods over at: Podcast homepage: Giveaway ends on 4/12/21 and winners will be contacted by email! 
I decided to delay on sharing Episode #100 because that is going to be a big party-of-an-episode, with giveaways, clips from the most popular episodes, maybe some dancing and 🎉 confetti.  (we’ll see 😉 )  But this week happens to be HOLY WEEK…and it just felt wrong to put a bunch of hype on anything but...Jesus.  So, today I’m keeping things brief, and I’m inviting you all to join me for this short chat with my son, Josiah, who also shares an Easter poem he wrote as a teenager.  (Maybe your kids will want to listen, too.)  I’ll have a copy of the poem as well as links to the things we mentioned over in show notes: 
Recently I did some Instagram stories talking about Bible Devotions and I had a lot of people ask me to share recommendations for boys’ devotionals.   I put together a list and shared it with my email subscribers, but I knew there was a lot more to talk about on this subject!  Moms asked how to best get started doing devotions with their sons.  Some had never read the Bible with their kids and wanted to start.  Moms asked at what age my boys started spending time with God on their own.  I love this topic so much!!   I invited my friend Christie Thomas to join me and I think you’re going to LOVE what she shares! Christie is a 3-boy momma, has years of experience working in Children’s ministry, and she also has a lot of helpful resources and tools on her website to share!  Christie is also the author of The Mother and Son Prayer Journal, which releases on April 6th! Be sure to see show notes for a LOT of links and free downloads!   Thank you to the Surf Atlas for sponsoring this episode!  Find out more about this gorgeous and educational book in show notes, or visit   If you enjoy the Boy Mom Podcast, would you consider supporting the show by donating to  You can also text the word CPGIVE to 474747.  Thank you so much!! 
This episode is for every mom who wants to raise her son to be emotionally intelligent and resilient…boys who are strong and empathetic, who are self-aware, and also…aware of others.  While every boy is unique, they all need our help growing up to embrace these qualities in the world today. Today's guest, Colleen Kessler, shares from her extensive research, as well as raising her own four, differently wired kids.  Colleen is an award-winning educator, educational coach, and consultant, international speaker, and passionate advocate for the needs of differently wired kids. This episode is super educational, and will also encourage you to keep talking to your kids, cheering them on, and supporting them in all of their uniqueness!  Find show notes: Today’s episode: You can support the Boy Mom Podcast by supporting Christian Parenting!  Two ways to donate!  You can TEXT: CP GIVE to 474747 or visit and donate now! 
If you have followed the Robertson family since Duck Dynasty became a major hit, you might have wondered, “How did they do it?” - How have they raised such amazing children and stayed so close as a family while being in the crazy spotlight of reality television?  In today’s conversation, Korie Robertson answers that question with honesty and humility.  Korie shares a bit from her book, “Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character”, and then she answers fun questions sent in from my Instagram followers!  Korie is so down-to-earth and fun to talk to, and I think her parenting wisdom will be a great encouragement to everyone!  Find show notes: Today’s episode:
I'm excited to kick off quarterly Q and A episodes this week, and I'm especially excited to have my husband, Dave, join me for this one!  It's a casual chat covering all kinds of things -- from how to handle eye rolling/disrespect, to helping kids develop their own faith, updates on Dave's tropical garden, fitting workouts into busy homeschool days, and much more.  You can always send questions in to (and write "Q &A" in the subject line) for future episodes! Find all show notes at: Today's episode:  
Ginger Hubbard is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, and her books, “Don’t Make me Count to Three” and “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!” shaped my early parenting years.  It is so great to have Ginger on the Podcast this week to share practical advice and encouragement on redirecting our kids’ behavior, from the heart.  This chat focuses on verbal frustrations (whining, lying, complaining, tattling…) and Ginger offers a simple three-step plan to deal with it all in a way that will actually last.  You are going to love all of Ginger’s practical examples and helpful tips!  Be sure to see show notes for links to her books, website, and brand new podcast! Find show notes: Today’s episode:
After such great feedback on the recent mini-series on Birth Order (Episodes, 90, 91, and 92) I wanted to continue the conversation about all of the things that make our boys unique. So, I invited my friend, Heather MacFadyen - host of the Don't Mom Alone Podcast, and four-boy-momma, to join me for today’s episode. Heather and her husband Bruce have a lot of experience with the Strength Finders test (aka: Clifton’s Strengths Test) so Heather gives us a little insight into how that works.  We also touch on love languages, and the Enneagram. Grab some coffee and join this fun boymom chat!  Find show notes: Today’s episode:
We all want our kids to have good character, but we don’t always consider how crucial character is to our kids’ future success.  In today’s interview, former multi-billion-dollar investment manager, Dennis Trittin, helps us connect the dots and find even more motivation for raising kids of character.  After over 30 years managing investments and studying successful leaders all over the world, Dennis shifted his focus to sharing what he had learned with the next generation.  Writing books and speaking to students, parents, and educators, Dennis is passionate about inspiring the next generation to embrace the kind of character that will help them get jobs (and not get fired from them!) nurture healthy relationships, and live happy, fulfilling lives. Today we draw from his book, What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons for the Road Ahead.   It is great timing for the conversation because this week (Feb. 9-12) the doors to my Character Training Course are once again open!  Learn more about the course and sign up NOW at Find show notes: Today’s episode:
I love talking about birth order, and today’s episode had me smiling and laughing throughout.  Youngest kids are known for some unique character qualities – from being the comedians of the family, to getting off easy compared to their older siblings, and more. They are fun to love, but they still need our intentional parenting! In today’s episode, I share fun facts and helpful information about “What Our Youngest Sons Need Most from us", including a short interview with each of my (2) youngest sons. Be SURE to check show notes for links and for a chance to win a copy of The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Lehman!   Find show notes: Today’s episode:
This is the 2nd in a series looking at how birth order affects our sons.  You’ve probably heard the term, “Middle Child Syndrome”, and if you have a middle child you will probably agree that this can be a complex position in the family. I began studying birth order to better understand my own middle son, and what I learned helped our family so much.  After sharing what I learned on my blog, I heard from a lot of families who were encouraged by what they read!  In today’s episode, I share that blog post and a short interview with my middle son. Be SURE to check show notes for links and a chance to win a copy of The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Lehman!  I’m happy to share this episode’s sponsor, BRONCO AND FRIENDS: A Party to Remember, written by one of our favorite role models, Tim Tebow!  Find links to the book and more information in show notes!   Find show notes: Today’s episode:
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Ashlee Gates

Such a needed light during struggles of toddler life

Apr 19th

Kathryn Howell Rahorst

I love this podcasts. I have 2 boys and find it hard sometimes relating to them.

Aug 31st

Amelia Finley

The Boy Mom Podcast is an awesome resource for anyone with kids or teenagers in their life! As a new mom, I love Monica's practical and genuine tips. Her passionate experience raising four boys is super refreshing!!

Aug 7th
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