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Brülosophy - where they who drink beer will think beer! We drop a new episode every week focused on a specific topic important to homebrewers and professionals alike. In addition to discussing the history of the topic at hand, we go over the results of exBEERiments we've performed to provide a slightly more objective spin on things. Join us as we think beer!
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PaperCut Brewing Co

Great podcast! I'vs just started listening to the show and need have already learned a ton. Thanks for the hard work that goes into putting on a show to benefit all levels of homebrewers. Oh, and also for the "One Minute Beer Review".

Apr 13th

Mathias Fischer

listening has drastically changed the way I brew, and my beer has definitely improved. keep up the good work.

Apr 11th

Mark Bothe

My favourite podcast around! Very pleased it's on weekly

Mar 13th

Chris Biggar

an excellent podcast for new and experienced homebrewers. highly recommended. be sure to start from the beginning to catch lots of awesome episodes going over the basic questions for beginner brewers.

Mar 6th

Nathan Bowers

content starts at 22:45

Feb 19th

Hugh Nelson

Fantastically inquisitive approach to brewing and beer. These guys are curious about everything beer and not afraid to explore and experiment repeatedly to increase understanding of brewing. Highly recommended.

Jan 23rd

Wes Swenson

Regarding the sparge episode. The major issues brought up (that carries any weight) were that the water:grist ratio is poor in no sparge, and that the batch sparge will lead to hot side aeration. However, a fly sparge remedies both of these.

Dec 12th
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