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Author: Stephanie Campbell

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The direct translation of “Brava” is “to applaud women,” and that is exactly what this podcast sets out to do. The Brava Podcast celebrates women and their accomplishments, normalizes the success of women, and advances women through a community of their contemporaries. Tune in for on-the-go inspiration and discovery so you can advance your own passions and generate sustainable change. You go girl!
18 Episodes
Meet Berna Anat, your much needed financial hype woman! In today’s conversation you are going to leave with at least 3 takeaways: 1) how to start tackling that loan 2) how to look forward and start investing into your future and 3) that finance is not a scary word – and that you can do this. Let’s get to it.
Jeesoo is a Senior Talent Recruiter for Glossier focusing on managing and leading talent efforts to create the strongest people powered eco system. From today’s conversation you’ll learn how to work towards inclusivity and diversity in the workspace and how to negotiate your way to equal pay and benefits. Tune in now to learn more!
Today on Brava we’re uncovering the success of the entrepreneur and expert behind Lauren Napier Beauty with the founder herself. In today’s episode, Lauren highlights key takeaways of how you can differentiate your brand, gives details about how she launched her beauty line and products, and talks about how she pays it forward along the way. Tune in to hear more about how this make-up artist turned CEO is changing and challenging the beauty space.
Prioritizing self-love and self-care is essential for your career. Tune in to meet Ta’lor Pinkston. Ta’lor is the founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC and has made it her mission to help women and girls know their worth by making self-love a priority and ignite a community as advocates for feminism and women empowerment. Keep listening for new ways to practice self-care that will ultimately create success and development in your career.
Today we’ll be discussing how to craft not just creativity, good habits and a good environment, but also a life that you love. To help walk us through this how-to, I am thrilled to introduce you to creativity and craft maven, Amy Tangerine! Amy is the author of the colorful and amazing book, “Craft a Life You Love” and I’m so excited to see what tips and tricks she shares with us today.
Meet today’s guest: Becca White. Becca is a purpose and potential coach specializing in helping women battling postpartum, balancing business and leaping in life. Keep on listening to learn how you can invest in yourself and in your dream with purpose and without fear.
Today’s episode will serve as a challenge in how we each can live a more creative life. And, no. That does not mean by the end of this interview that we’ll be wearing berets, holding a paintbrush in our one hand, and one-way tickets to Paris in the other. We’re going to be diving into the essential ways we can each look at a challenge or goal (whether it be in your personal or work life) and see how it can be tackled in a creative fashion.  Meet Mrs. Kay Hillman, photographer, social media maven, business coach, podcaster and blogger! Kay helps women deal with the many facets of being an entrepreneur: branding, content creation, finances – you name it. Tune in to hear from Kay and how she lives her creative life to the fullest.
I’m really excited to talk with today’s guest, Ilana Griffo. We’re going to be discussing how you can take your creative passion and grow it into your full-time gig…and Ilana is an expert on this! She’s a freelance designer and illustrator. Plus, she’s a newly published author of the book, “Mind Your Business”! Want to start your own side-hustle? Tune in now to mind your (own) business with Ilana Griffo. Talk soon!
Meet Lillian Rafson, the innovative CEO and Founder of Pack Up + Go. The mission of the company is to embrace the unknown and as an entrepreneur, Lillian is quite spontaneous herself! Keep listening to learn more about Lillian’s start-up story, her go-to advice and her own “aha” moment.
Today’s episode is focused on highlighting ethical leadership and putting a proactive end on the spiral of incivility. In the work place, whether we’re leaders, managers or part of any team structure, we can face this at any time.  I’d like to introduce and highlight the expert on this matter, Associate Dean at the University of the Pittsburgh Business School and Director of the Berg Center for Leadership and Ethics, Audrey Murrell. She is a woman of influence who conducts research, teaches, consults and helps organizations better utilize and engage their most important assets - their human and social capital. 
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