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Now that Joe Biden and his team are officially getting their policies into action, one group that has been noticeably weary of what may be coming down the road; gun owners. "Heck yes, we're coming for your AR-15s!". But is it just AR-15 or so-described "weapons of war" that are on the chopping block? Sam Jacobs from returns to the program to help prepare for what to expect, and what you can do to help protect your rights to self-preservation and defense. Show Notes: Llinks- libert Find Sam on Twitter: @SamJacobs1776 The Podcast:'s Twitter:
The world would be a much better place if people stopped trying to censor each other and instead were free to speak. That's not only the view of yours truly at The Brian Nichols Show, but is also the sentiment of our brand new sponsor, "Run Your Mouth Coffee"!. RYM Coffee is delicious, roasted to order coffee that provides you the fuel needed to stand up to censorship and to proudly Run Your Mouth, and today, John joins the program to explain what preceded starting this new venture, and the value of being able to RUN YOUR MOUTH! Run Your Mouth Coffee: Use Code "NICHOLS" at checkout for 10% off! Find John Online: &
If you've ever stumbled upon a libertarian meme in the wild, there's a high probability that it was a Kanan Vitolo original. Kanan is today's guest, and helps showcase how, yes, memes can in fact change the world! Using the sales skills of piquing interest in a short, concise message, Kanan has mastered the "Art of the Meme", getting his memes featured in news coveragee on such networks as CNN. Listen as Kanan helps dissect the "Art of the Meme", and how libertarians can learn from memes to be more effective communicators. Find Kanan Online- Twitter and Facebook links: Twitter: @kananvitolo Being Libertarian:
Identity politics has been near the top of the national discourse for nearly a decade, with the many folks too afraid to ask questions for fear of the societal ramifications. Gen Z activists don't seem to mind so much with tackling some of these issues, and today's guest is one such activist, as Olivia Rondeau joins the program to make her case as to why identity politics can't hold up to the value that liberty and free markets bring to traditionally underserved/underrepresented communities. Find Olivia Online- Twitter: Youtube:
With the recent shutdowns in Texas due to the massive winter storm and associated power outages, the idea of energy independence is back at the top of people's minds. So, how do we juggle the pursuit of energy independence while also being conscious of our greater impact on the environment? Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy executive and author of FUELING AMERICA: An Insider’s Journey, and joins the show to make his case that climate change and energy independence requires us removing government roadblocks to the development of new renewable energy projects, and providing incentives to attract the people and resources necessary. Find Jack Online:
With so few elected Libertarians in office, being able to effectively communicate and network has been a challenge. To help facilitate the ability to share information, resources, and to discuss what has/has not been working, the Libertarian Party has launched a new initiative; LESS (Libertarian Elected Support System). Returning to the program is Joe Bishop-Henchman, Chair of the Libertarian Party, who outlines how LESS will assist the some 300 elected Libertarians across the country by giving them access to the support, talent, experience and skills of others who have been in the same situations. Find the LP Online: Find Joe Online: Twitter: Facebook:
Why school choice? Right now, many Americans are realizing first hand the value of being able to pick where their children go to school, as public schooling institutions still find their doors shut. With the impact of public teacher's unions being felt first-hand, many families are look for alternatives to the traditional government school monopolies. Corey DeAngelis is an expert on school choice and joins the program to help sell the value of funding students, not institutions. How does school choice impact the student, families, and teachers? Those questions (and more!) are answered on today's special 200th episode! Find Corey Online- Reason Foundation: Twitter:
"Politics are always downstream from culture." Raise your hand if you've heard that famous utterance from the late Andrew Breitbart at least once in your life. Well, as cliche as it may sound, we see it first hand in the manner in which our society has so quickly adapted to the promoted culture of the Hollywood and leftist elite. So, is it possible to help reign in the power? Or at least, to use it to our advantage? Phil Labonte from All That Remains joins the program to dig into that, the "black pill". and more! Phil's Links:
Cancel culture is real! So, how do we speak truth to power, while also avoiding getting canceled? Comedian Chrissie Mayr (America's Got Talent/Compound Media/GAS Digital) joins the program to help show not just the important role that comedians play in the world of politics, but also quickly that check can be lost as governments curtail the ability to speak freely. Find Chrissie Online: Facebook: Twitter:
Will Joe Biden's Foreign policy be more like that of a Trump administration, or are we going to see a return to a more Obama-like foreign policy? Sarah Burns, Associate Professor of Political Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, joins the program to specifically look at what to expect from a Biden administration in regards to foreign policy, but also how the executive branch has been able to wield such power in deciding American foreign policy. The Politics of War Powers: The Theory and History of Presidential Unilateralism (BOOK): Presidents Were Never Meant to Have Unilateral War Powers (ARTICLE): Twitter: @sarahmackenzieb
If you have found your state imposing arbitrary government lockdowns or that you're being taxed to death has been getting you down, then the Free State Project implores your to check out the great state of New Hampshire! Jeremy Kaufman returns to the show in his role as a member of the board for the FSP and makes his case as to why lovers of liberty should seek refuge in NH to live a truly free life. Learn more about The Free State Project:
Want to get away? I'm sure many of you have thought about such prospects at some point, be it for one reason or another. With the Biden Administration now fully transitioned into power, many disaffected Republicans and conservatives are now starting to ask some questions as to how to possibly move out of the United States. Mikkel Thorup from the Expat Money Show returns to the program to help answer some of those pressing questions and objections that those starting off an expat lifestyle will ask, like what will happen with your income, your family, your job, and more! Find Mikkel Online- The Expat Money Show: Escape Artist: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
I bet a majority of you have no idea what a "state mine inspector" does, and candidly, neither did I! That is, until Kim Ruff returned to the program! Kim is running for Arizona State Mine Inspector as a Libertarian, and with our promoting Libertarians running for state and local office, why not have Kim return to the program to catch us up to speed, explain the role of a mine inspector, and why having a libertarian mine inspector with years of industry experience is a golden opportunity to help promote liberty. Find Kim Online:
While the election of 2020 is still in the rearview mirror, believe it or not, it's time we start looking ahead towards the 2022 elections! Libertarians already have a disadvantage when it comes to name/brand recognition, so it's incredibly important for those LP candidates to start off early! Today's guest is doing just that, as I'm joined by Pennsylvania Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Joe Soloski! Joe joins the program to paint the vision of what a Soloski Administration would focus on as top priorities, how crazy the laws are on buying alcohol in PA (no seriously... they're bonkers), and how Joe Soloski would leave PA more free. Find Joe Soloski Online: Twitter: Facebook:
How to we fix our broken electoral system? Our "pick one" system is clearly broken, especially when considering that we only have two viable choices (and what exciting choices they are, eh?). So, how can we fix our broken voting system and subsequently bring more voices to the table? Kyle Bailey (Campaign Manager for The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting) and Aaron Hamlin (Executive Director of the Center for Election Science) join/return to the program to have virtual roundtable discussion to try and determine which system would yield the best results by looking at past successes! Find The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting Online: Find The Center for Election Science Online:
Are you sick of being told you have only two political options in the United States of America? Are you tired of hearing supporting a third party is wasted effort? Do you simply want to end the duopoly? Long time indie film director Brad Leo Lyon is helping lead that charge through the culture, as Brad joins The Brian Nichols Show to discuss his brand new movie, "LET'S PARTY"; the definitive rebuttal to the old adage that supporting third parties is wasted effort. Support LET'S PARTY: Webite:
Today's episode originally aired on "Chief Chats" with Todd Hagopian Kevin Hobbie, where I joined the boys to discuss why messaging matters. ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: "The boys are joined by podcasting great Brian Nichols to discuss liberty and how the movement can better it’s messaging"
After the defeat of Donald Trump at the ballot box in November, the fight for the reigns of the GOP has never been more intense. Trump has even been rumored to want to stay involved in politics, be it with the GOP, or with his own party/movement. Kenny Cody returns to the show to dig into this new discussion of a "Patriot Party", as Kenny argues a "Patriot movement" might be exactly what the GOP needs. Find Kenny Online: Articles Discussed: &
This episode first aired on The No Gimmicks Podcast with Brady Leonard Original Show Notes: Brian Nichols is the host of The Brian Nichols Show on We Are Libertarians Podcast Network and an associate editor of The Libertarian Republic. Follow Brian @BNicholsLiberty and follow us @bradyleonard @nogimmickspod
2020 has show just how unprepared government is in terms of being able to address immediate problems and concerns on a public policy perspective. And with that, those groups that have been traditionally marginalized are learning first-hand how important it is to take one's own personal autonomy into their own hands. Today's guess is Ermiya Fanaeian from SLC Pink Pistols, who joins the program to make the case as to why "armed queers don't get bashed", and how despite our other political differences (Ermiya is more left when it comes to economics), the importance of defending the ultimate minority - the individual - is paramount. Fine Ermiya Online- Twitter: Instagram: Artlice:
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