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The Brian Nichols Show is a political show for anyone and everyone. Whether it's a discussion about climate change, gun rights, abortion, or big issues like discussing the fundamental role of government, Brian Nichols brings on guests from all forms of political thought to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about.
Every show has one primary goal: to discuss the news objectively to help educate, enlighten, and inform our audience.
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Today I am joined by Libertarian 22-Year-Old Jake Gutowitz, who is running for county legislator in Nassau County! Listen as we discuss his political ambitions, he journey into politics, some key issues of his campaign, and where he thinks his generation (Generation Z) will end up in on the political landscape. Find Jake Online-Website: to Jake's Campaign:
Do you feel like life is too stressful and far more complicated than it needs to be? Or do you feel like you're on a treadmill to nowhere, grinding in life each and everyday, thinking there is something wrong with yourself for feeling this way?Well, look no further than today's episode, as I am joined by a man who is an Amazon best selling author, simple living advocate and educator, nutrition and health expert, adjunct college professor, professional speaker, and greater of “The Simple Life"; Gary Collins. Gary spent almost a decade investigating our food, drug and health care systems, and has a unique perspective into what is making Americans obese, stressed out and ill.Today, Gary joins The Brian Nichols Show to discuss "Off The Grid" and "The Simple Life", which are his Best Selling book series’ on Amazon to share his story and help others in their pursuit of a better life. Listen as we discuss Gary's background, his own venture into living off the grid and enjoying the simple life, and his foolproof, three-step plan to personal success.Find Gary Online-Website: https://www.thesimplelifenow.comTwitter:
In a new series for The Brian Nichols Show, I am being joined by my sister, Sarah Nichols, as she heads "Off to College"! As she's a recent high school graduate, I wanted to pick Sarah's brain to see where she stands on a variety of issues (and to get a better idea as to where the rest of her generation stands as well).
Should Mass Shooters Get the Death Penalty? Your first reaction is likely, "Well, yes. Duh". And if that was your reaction, no worries, it used to be my reaction, too. That is until I started to look at the death penalty differently, much in part thanks to today's guest- Hannah Cox, National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. Hannah first joined the show last year to discuss the mission and work over at CCATDP, which is a national network of conservative Republicans and Libertarians calling for a re-examination of the American system of capital punishment. Today, Hannah joins the show to discuss whether shooters should get the death penalty and to hear CCATDP's position on the Trump administration's resuming the practice of executing death row inmates for the first time in more than 15 years.Bio: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a project of Equal Justice USA, a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization working to transform the justice system by promoting responses to violence that break cycles of trauma.“Conservative Republicans and Libertarians are increasingly looking at the facts and deciding that the death penalty must be ended,” says Hannah. "This is especially true for younger voters on the right who are often leading the way on criminal justice reform as we become increasingly aware of the risks of executing innocent people and the opportunity costs involved with this wasteful system.”Hannah's First Appearance on TBNS: learn more about CCATDP, go to Follow Hannah on Twitter: @HannahCox7
I dare say that most of us know folks within the libertarian movement who came from the more conservative side of things, heck, with yours truly being one of them. But those who ventured to libertarianism from the left are much fewer in our ranks, despite them sharing our many of our values.Today's guest is one of those unicorns who went from leftist to libertarian, and I wanted to have her on my show to discuss her conversion as she started going down the libertarian rabbit hole; the one and only Steffi Cole. Listen as Seffi talks about her path to libertarianism from the left, her involvement in libertarian politics and political campaigns (like Austin Petersen's US Senate campaign), and more!Bio: Steffi was born and raised in Michigan and "has been a passionate, hardworking nerd ever since she was little". After learning about economics and watching lots of videos about government in 2009, she found herself in the Tea Party movement. She became a huge fan of Ron Paul during his 2012 Presidential campaign. In 2017-2018, she volunteered doing social media, graphic design, and volunteer training for the Austin Petersen for US Senate campaign. She is currently a YouTuber, Brand Ambassador for 1776 United, and liberty promoter for products, people, and ideas. She is on a journey to learn as much as she can about history, government, and the Constitution! Find Steffi Online-Youtube:
Welcome back, folks! For those of you new listeners joining us, thanks for taking some time to listen to today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Today’s episode sticks true to one of the main principles we maintain here at The Brian Nichols Show- talking to people we don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with and trying to find areas of understanding or agreement. I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to the tactics that today’s guest, Arvin Vohra, utilized during his tenure as vice-chair of the Libertarian Party. I even went as far to spend an entire episode tackling each of his controversial statements and gave my best argument as to why I believe that hyperbolic and controversial marketing is not helpful in recruiting more people to the Libertarian Party and the greater liberty movement.With that being said, Arvin came on the show to not only promote his candidacy (Arvin is running to be the Libertarian Party candidate for the 2020 POTUS election), but to answer some of the tough questions I had in regards to his past controversial statements. Listen as Arvin discusses his candidacy, his approach to marketing liberty, and his vision for the libertarian movement.Find Episode 2 of The Brian Nichols Show-Arvin Vohra, The Libertarian Party, & Echo Chambers: Arvin Online- Website:
Did you catch Bernie Sanders' appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience? No? Well, don't you worry, Max Gulker and I suffered through it and are here to give you a breakdown of the most important segments so you don't have to!Listen as Max and I discuss Bernie's takes on the minimum wage, corporate tax loopholes, education, socialism, and much more on today's exciting episode of The Brian Nichols Show!Read Max's Article Discussed on Today's Episode- "Free Enterprise, Not Free Tuition": Max's Appearance on The Brian Nichols Show from December 2018-"The Green New Deal, Climate Change, and Skeptics Stance with Max Gulker": Max Online-Twitter: Max.Gulker@aier.orgWebsite:
"My vote just doesn't matter..." Have you heard this before? Or perhaps have you caught yourself saying that exact same phrase?Don't worry, you're not alone. As a mater of fact, I've said as much myself. With the "choose-one" voting system, many voters feel that their votes simply don't matter in today's electoral system. That's where today's guest, Aaron Hamlin, and the organization he co-founded, "The Center for Election Science", comes into play.See, Aaron and his team have been on a mission to help change the way that American voters look at the electoral system by helping promote and institute alternative voting methods, like that of the "approval voting", can help third-party and independent candidates gain momentum, eliminate the "spoiler effect", and actually win elections!Listen to learn how The Center for Election Science has been promoting approval voting, some wins they've tallied up, and the future prospects of changing our outdated voting system!Aaron's Bio: Aaron Hamlin is the executive director and co-founder of The Center for Election Science. He’s been featured as an electoral systems expert on, NPR, Free Speech TV, Inside Philanthropy, 80K Hours, and Popular Mechanics, and has given talks across the country on voting methods. He’s written for Deadspin, USA Today Magazine, Independent Voter Network, and others. Additionally, Aaron is a licensed attorney with two additional graduate degrees in the social sciences.Find The Center for Election Science Online: https://www.electionscience.orgFind The Center for Election Science on Facebook: The Center for Election Science on Twitter: The Center for Election Science:
Are you happy? Or are things so chaotic in our world that you find it difficult to take joy in the things you use to take joy in? Are you looking for happiness in the right places?All those questions and more get tackled in today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, as I am joined by documentarian of the travel series, "Straight No Chaser", Tim Preuss!In 2015, Tim got involved in politics and internet marketing with the launch of his podcast,the "Tim Preuss Podcast". After nearly five years and over 500 episodes, Tim took a turn and decided to venture into traveling the U.S. and documenting it along the way. It was this turn that led to Straight No Chaser.Listen as Tim talks about his journeys across the United States, the people he got to meet along the way, and where people seemed to be finding the most happiness in their lives, despite sometimes finding themselves in the darkest of circumstances. Find Straight No Chaser Series Online: the Straight No Chaser Pilot: Tim on Facebook: Tim on Twitter: Tim on Instagram:
Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show! As always, my goal is to educate, enlighten, and inform, and today is no different, as I am once again joined by the one and only, Larry Sharpe!Larry should be a stranger to none of you, as he was easily the most notable Libertarian candidate seeking elected office in 2018, as he ran on the Libertarian Party ticket in my home state of New York, garnering both national attention and a fantastic base of libertarians along the way.Larry returns to the show to discuss the outcome of his 2018 run, what he learned along the way, and digs into the reason Larry is still out talking to voters across New York State (and other states) as a part of his "#FullSharpe" campaign.Later, we discuss his new media empire, "Sharpe Way Media", and his new radio show, "The Sharpe Way". And finally, Larry gives his take on the tribalism America is currently facing and his predictions for 2020 and beyond. Find Larry Online: Larry on Twitter: Larry on Facebook:
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