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Author: Kirstie Hewett & Sam Parkes

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‘The Bridge’ is a place where people with an interest in education can:
- listen to and participate in professional discussion to contribute to thinking and practice
- get credible, accessible source material (from mix and range of texts and voices in podcast)
- make sense of key current ideas in teaching and learning
7 Episodes
In this episode, the University of Chichester's Senior Lecturer in Secondary English Debbie Hickman talks with Secondary English teacher Verity Carter about reading for pleasure. Further reading To find the place when you can download the article Debbie and Verity discuss - 'Reading Communities: why, what and how?' by Teresa Cremin - copy and paste this link: The Research Rich Pedagogies website which has a wealth of information and ideas about developing an authentic reading for pleasure culture in schools can be found by copying and pasting this link: Debbie and Verity mention Daniel Pennac's 'Rights of the Reader', which should be available to buy from a bookshop near you! To find out more about the book, copy and paste this link: To find out more about the EEF's review of Accelerated Reader, copy and paste this link: Our thanks go to Debbie and Verity for sharing their time, experience and reflections with us. Our thanks to Tumisu for the image. This can be found at
In this episode, Primary Head teacher Jane Bush talks with Sam Parkes about ways in which staff have become engaged in their own research, offering a starting point for anyone wishing to embed this in their own schools or classrooms. Further reading An article on developing such a culture can be found by copying and pasting the following link into your browser: To find out more about the research at Jane's school, copy and paste this link: To find out how another school does it, copy and paste this link: Our thanks go to Jane and the Langstone team for sharing their time and work with us.
In this episode, Senior Lecturer in Education Heather Green talks with Kirstie about ways in which SENCos and SEN teachers are using practitioner based-research in their schools. Heather also suggests next steps for any teachers wishing to begin their own research in the world of SEN. * The NASEN SEND Gateway can be found at * The British Journal for Special Education can be found at * The Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs can be found at Our thanks goes to Sebastian Šoška for the use of the image which can be found at
In this episode, Kirstie and Sam discuss the idea of evidence based practice, exploring what it means and considering some of the implications for the classroom. The chapter which forms the core of their discussion is 'Teachers using evidence: using what we know about teaching and learning to reconceptualize evidence-based practice' by Philippa Cordingley. This chapter can be found in the book 'Evidence-based practice in education', edited by Thomas, G. & Pring, R. (2004) Maidenhead: Open University Press,. More about the author of the chapter can be found here: A toolkit for teachers and schools can be found on the Chartered College of Teaching website using the following link:
In this episode, Kirstie and Sam discuss 'interleaving', thinking about what it is, why it matters in an educational context, and what it might look like in practice. The articles and sources they draw on are listed below: - Chartered College Journal - Interleaving and Spacing, - Spacing and Interleaving, - Interleaving blogpost, - Distinguishing between concepts, - Interleaving and maths, As ever, do let us know your thoughts and join in the conversation on Twitter @chiuniedu or via email
In this episode, Chris Smethurst (University of Chichester) and James Humphries (University of Chichester Academy Trust) discuss the theory and relevance of cultural capital. Drawing on a range of source material they talk about what it is, why it matters, and its implications for schools and education. If you want to follow up listening to their conversation with other source material, take a look at the links/texts below: - For an explanation of Bordieu's theory of capital, - David Didau's blog post 'The importance of cultural capital' , - The Chartered College 'Cultural Capital', - The Guardian, - Chapter 12 'Social mobility: unequal opportunities', Wilkinson and Pickett (2010) The Spirit Level: Why equality is better for everyone, Penguin. Join in the conversation by commenting on this page, following @chiuniedu on Twitter or emailing us at
Welcome to the launch of Critical Conversations in Education - a brand new podcast for anyone interested in education today! In this episode, your hosts Sam and Kirstie, introduce you to 'The Bridge', the Education department's new online hub for professional learning, and share their hopes and ideas for the platform. So if you are interested in all things 'education-y' then have a listen, and get involved on Twitter @chiuniedu or via email at Kirstie and Sam's official job title is 'School Improvement Specialist' for English and maths respectively. This involves working closely with student and qualified teachers in university and school-based settings to develop teaching and learning in these subjects. They also work with a range of stakeholders to develop both leadership potential and professional thinking on broader educational matters. They share a passion for valuing and connecting all professional voices and empowering learning communities to increase their expertise with positivity and hope. The TED talk mentioned in this episode can be found here
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This is a great platform to discuss and consider current research in practice. Your discussion on interleaving highlighted, to me, the impact of neuroscience on education/ effective pedagogical practice both on a lesson by lesson basis but in the longer term. The terms discriminative contrast and distributed practice (6:07) were used, which I am unfamiliar with and would be interested to know a little more about them in relation to effective practice.

Nov 16th

Susannah Smith

Well done, Kirstie and Sam. Very exciting to get this off the ground. Looking forward to future episodes.

Sep 21st
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