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It's an alternate 2016, and Watchtower 10 sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, keeping lonely watch over the Transcontinental Bridge. Each watchtower sits hundreds of feet away from the Bridge, broadcasting regular traffic reports to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken. These lighthouses (for cars) are filled with a carefully selected (and very capable) crew.

Watchtower 10's necessary personnel happen to be: a generalist DJ who spends her free time relaying folklore from abandoned parts of the Bridge, her supervisor (who's only there because he lost a bet), an unfailingly optimistic Bridge Travel Agent, and a groundskeeper who has a thing for romantic comedies.

Unbeknownst to the general public (but totally knownst to each watchtower's crew), these stations also hold a secret that could potentially destroy the world...or save it.

The Bridge is a fictional serialized fantasy podcast about the monsters we fear, the monsters we can become, and the stories we leave behind.
37 Episodes
A Review and a Return

A Review and a Return


Hello travelers!  We have some exciting news for you!  Check out Rebecca Mahoney's STARRED Kirkus review for her debut YA novel, THE VALLEY AND THE FLOOD, coming at you October 27, 2020. Pre-order THE VALLEY AND THE FLOOD here: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AMAZING REVIEW, REBECCA!!! We're also excited to announce our official return to the Transcontinental Bridge this fall! Be on the lookout for more specifics soon! Thank you so much for sticking with us! We can't wait to wrap up season one soon!
This still isn't our end-of-hiatus announcement, but we're hoping to bring you that soon!    For now, Chris Martin brings you some awesome news!   Are you ready?!?   ALEX BROWN SIGNED WITH A LITERARY AGENT!!! AHHHHH!!! Alex is thrilled to be represented by Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary!!! She can't to bring you even more stories in the future...some of which might not be in podcast form! :D  But for now, she's going back to work on the next full-length episode of The Bridge! More info on that soon!
A Special Announcement

A Special Announcement


THE ONE, THE ONLY, REBECCA MAHONEY HAS DONE SOMETHING SUPER COOL   Are you ready?   You're not ready.   You're ready!!!   REBECCA MAHONEY HAS A BOOK DEAL, Y'ALL!!! IT'S AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND THE WHOLE BRIDGE IS CELEBRATING TODAY (Bob is THRILLED thank you for asking)!   CONGRATULATIONS, REBECCA!!! WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!   Please listen to the announcement for more details on Rebecca's AMAZING story!
When two familiar faces reappear, the Watchtower 10 crew is divided on what to do with them. Roger breathes in some crisp ocean air. Etta misses an important plot point. Bertie wonders what calm feels like. And Kate makes a call.   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
A confrontation, an arrival, and four impossible conversations. Content Warning: Mentions of hallucinations/scenarios where a character might be experiencing hallucinations. Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
The Watchtower 10 crew prepares Frank for his covert mission at the Hunt Club. Ideologies are debated, stories are told, and a responsibility is forgotten.   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Azimuth gets micromanaged aboard the Morpheus. Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Mini-Episode 11: Spot

Mini-Episode 11: Spot


Roger talks about an old friend.
75 years after Claudia Baker died, there would be a name for them. Credits read by Linsey Miller!
Please join us for a lecture by [REDACTED], Visiting Scholar of the [REDACTED] Institute. Light refreshments will be served. Credits read by Rebecca Mahoney!
In our inaugural episode, Alex and Rebecca discuss James Wan's The Conjuring! Join us for a fun trip to a secluded New England farmhouse that's full of witches, wardrobes, and Renesmee! Things discussed include, but are not limited to: the virtues of starting a possessed doll removal service, the statistical probability of white people moving into haunted houses, and the worst way to play Hide-and Seek ever. Thanks to Andy Dettinger and Prin Bouchonnet for our cover art!
On October 31, 2017, we'll launch our merch shop and our Patreon!!! Yay! Check out our Twitter, @bridge_podcast, for links to our shop and our Patreon! Don't forget to vote in the AudioVerse Awards! The Bridge has been nominated for Best Overall Production, Rebecca Mahoney and Alex Brown have been nominated for Writing. David Picariello has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor as Bertie.Alex Brown has been nominated for Best Leading Actress, as Etta. Go to to vote! We're also VERY EXCITED to announce a new show, wherein Rebecca and Alex talk about horror movies. The first episode of the Spooky Movie Show will pop up in this feed on, you guessed it, October 31! Thank you so much for your support! 
The crew holds a burial at sea. Roger reads a eulogy, Frank makes a phone call, Watchtower 10 prepares for company, and Bob is… you know. Or is he?!? Special thanks to Alexander Danner of Greater Boston for lending his voice in this episode!  Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:  
A Quick Announcement

A Quick Announcement


Hello hello! Team Bridge wanted to let you know that we are indeed still here, and that Episode 11 will hopefully exist...sometime in August. Life is a little hectic at the moment, but we're hard at work on getting the rest of season one out to all of you. Once we release Episode 11, we plan on taking another break, as we need a little extra time to work on some very special episodes. In the meantime, be on the lookout for an announcement about our merch shop opening, as well as (hopefully) our Patreon! If you're interested in A) a glimpse into Episode 10's cliffhanger's resolution or B) a slight spoiler for Episode 11, jump to the end of the recording. Thanks for being so awesome! Team Bridge
As the Watchtower 10 crew questions Frank's intentions, they're interrupted by an unexpected - and very dead - visitor. Roger and Kate play good-cop-bad-cop, while Etta and Bertie make a foreboding discovery. Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
The Watchtower crew investigates what brought their unexpected guest to their doorstep - and what he might've brought with him in the process. Roger borrows something, hearing an old voice and some new ones, too. Bertie tries to be assertive. Kate has her doubts about ventriloquism. Etta must choose between being scared and asking important questions.  And Persnickety Pete has something he'd like to say. This episode contains mentions of poison, blood, and possible death by fire. It also uses some disembodied whispering. Persnickety Pete's Message was composed and performed by Jake Hull. Some sound effects provided by Dead Signals, creators of the Archive 81 and The Deep Vault podcasts. Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Despite her better judgement, Kate sends a message. Credits read by Liz Hull! Music by Jake Hull!   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Is anyone there?   Credits read by Rebecca Mahoney! Congratulations to Sara Fairchild on her Audioverse Award!   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Before he sets out for Ocean View, Frank has a story to tell.   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:
Mini-Episode 05: Home

Mini-Episode 05: Home


There will always be terrible things.   Original Music by Sara Fairchild!   Tweet us: @bridge_podcast Find us on Facebook: Email us: Find us on tumblr:    
Comments (14)

Raj Blueheart

Yay!! Can't wait for the big return! ❤️

Aug 11th

Kayla of the Library

Unexpected, yet welcome.

Jul 21st


Excellent story, great voice actors. Spooky in a compelling, macabre fairytale, kinda way. Highly recommend.

Jun 18th

Elle Caitlin

I need more!!!

May 19th

Alan Foster

This is the first podcast I've ever listened to and I'm really impressed! I look forward to the next episode every time!

Feb 20th

Rafael Duarte


Feb 2nd

Jeremy Jones

the piano is so beautiful

Jan 10th

Underlying Uncertainties

okay okay. why has nobody commented yet??!! im halfway through the episode and i swear to god is Roger the part-timer. IS HE IMMORTAL

Dec 20th

Michael Baldock

very interesting, but hard to follow.

Sep 4th


love the show, love the voice acting, love the piano music, please keep doing what you're doing!!

Jul 17th


I live this show! It's fabulous, fun, and freaky!

Apr 2nd

Brooke Venning

nah the piano music wasn't deafening. it was just fine - if not a bit Actually the random Etta monologs are super melodramatic too. it's a promising audio drama though. Etta is a little bit annoying but it could be worse. I think she's trying to be loveably theatrical but it's not working. I'll keep listening though because overall it's pretty good!

Feb 22nd

Terrie Holden

I wanted to listen to this but the deafening piano music drowning out the narration put me off...why do all podcasts do this now?so distracting, literally could not hear what a word she was saying, pick talking or music, not both!

Oct 31st
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