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Author: Kevin McCaffrey & Jon Daly

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The Bridgerton Bros is a podcast from comedian Kevin McCaffrey and writer Jon Daly, best friends who bring you the funniest, fanciest, drunkest show about the most watched Netflix show of all-time.

Kevin & Jon also do the Sex and the City podcast, "Sex and the Cidiots."
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The Bridgerton Bros are Kevin McCaffrey and Jon Daly, and they'll be doing an episode a week talking about everyone's favorite dramatic, horny, British Shondaland show. But who are THEY?! They're best friends of 20 years, one's a comedian, one's a comedy writer, and they also host the Sex and the Cidiots podcast. This episode is an introduction to your hosts, and Jon's wife Kristen quizzes the guys on how much they know about this era of English life and storytelling. Let's get boozy and have some fun. Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:
Let's take a journey to the Regency Era, a land of romance, fancy frilly clothes, picky Queens, sexy loner dukes, a dramatic human mating season in England, and and the voice of Julie Andrews as a sort of British Gossip Girl character. Kevin and Jon - your Bridgerton Bros - dive into the first episode of Netflix's most-watched show EVER. Thanks Shonda! Rate and review if you would be so kind, don't be a Berbrooke about it. Theme by Mike Hadge (@HadgeTunes) Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @BrosBridgerton
Duke flashback time! We see the Duke (Simon, we learn!), born in a tragic scene, and raised by the extremely cool Lady Danbury while his piece of trash dad continues to be the worst until (spoiler) he gets rightfully cussed out on his deathbed. Speaking of the worst: Nigel Berbrooke has a WEEK. There's silly boxing, and Anthony Bridgerton (Lord Bridge, He Who F's) is skeptical about the Duke/Daphne arrangement. Also: it seems the ladies do not know what sex is, or where babies come from. Might be a problem! Twitter: @brosbridgerton Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Patreon:
Daphne is turning down proposals left and right, dancing with suitors while the Duke pretends to be jealous...until he's no longer pretending. Oh and you better believe there's talk about pleasuring yourself. There's a rush to try to get pregnant Miss Thompson married to ANYBODY. Benedict gets punked by Danbury into insulting an artist, and Daphne and the Duke are moved by one piece of art into almost touching hands. Swoon-worthy, even! Faint/rate/review and we'll love you forever. Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:  
A duel, a boxing match, a ferocious garden makeout sesh, and a seemingly accepted proposal? It's a big Bridgerton ep, baby! The Duke and Tony Bridge exchange punches and nearly a bullet, until Daphne throws herself between them. We find out that Mr. Featherington is a gambling addict who can't afford to marry off any of his daughters, even though a nice sneezy fella has come calling for one of them. And we find that the royal marriage broke down (some) racial barriers in the social world, at least within the Bridgerton Universe. Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:
The Duke and Daphne have to convince the Queen to let them get married FAST, before Daphne's frenemy can snitch on her make out session. Marina's plan to try to get a proposal out of Colin creates strain with Penelope. Also, Benny Bridge takes us to an absolutely rocking sex party, and things get crazy. Pour yourself some eggs and garlic to get over the hangover of this TV recap party, and give us a rating and a review if you don't mind! Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:
Dearest Gentlereader, it’s about to get freaky, as the Duke and Daphne move into Clyvedon Castle. There’s a wonderful montage of them having sex everywhere, inside and outside the castle, although the way the Duke likes to “pinnacle” causes Daphne to ask some questions, and ultimately brings out the truth of his “inability” to have kids. Oh, it's a big fight! Colin & Marina get engaged, Penelope is pissed enough to whistle down at the whole town about it.  Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:
The Honeymoon is literally over, and Daphne is psyched to return home after 3 whole weeks to deal with her brother’s scandal of almost marrying a pregnant lady. Marina and Colin are dealing with the fallout of her secret being revealed courtesy of meddling Whistledown. Benedict learns about the artist’s arrangement and his true love. Also, are we crazy? Is it not completely obvious who Whistledown is?! Also, there’s potential tragedy, but let’s focus on the Whistledown question, to lighten the mood! Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton Patreon:
Dukes and Daphnes, finally, we have come to the pinnacle of season one! Thankfully there will be more to follow, but they will NOT include the Duke. We discuss that news, but more importantly, all the happenings of the final episode of Netflix’s biggest show: a dramatic dance in the rain, a fixed fight,  a murder, a baby, and an unmasking of Lady Whistledown herself. You will not believe how many times Jon says “Steve Zahn” in this episode that does not, in fact, contain Steve Zahn. Can’t wait for season two, and if you have a moment, we’d love if you could rate and review!  Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton
Kevin and Jon are joined by Joe McCaffrey — Kevin’s ACTUAL Bridgerton Brother/pro wrestling expert. Joe ran our social media poll where listeners voted on whether each Bridgerton character was a “babyface” (good guy) or a “heel” (bad guy). We go character by character, giving you the polling results and our own takes. Part 1 of a 2 part episode covers: the Duke, Daddy Duke, Penelope Featherington, Marina Thompson, Lady Bridgerton (aka BridgerMom), Anthony Bridgerton, Lord Berbrooke, Queen Charlotte, and we finish with Daphne. Follow Joe @GoodVsBadGuys on Instagram and Twitter for more deep dives like this! Follow us on Instagram @TheBridgertonBros
Part 2 of the Faces & Heels podcast, where Kevin, Jon, and guest Joe McCaffrey go character-by-character in the Bridgerton world to classify whether they are babyfaces (good guys) or heels (bad guys), as we report the results of our social media poll. On this episode: Eloise, Benedict, Colin, Will Mondrich, Genevieve Delacroix, Lady Danbury, Siena, Lady Featherington, and some of the deeper cuts and extras. Follow us on Instagram @TheBridgertonBros Patreon for videos and exclusive bonus podcasts:
It's an offseason podcast on another British costume drama: 2020's "Emma," starrying Anya Taylor-Joy (Golden Globe winner, Queen's Gambit), directed by Autumn de Wilde. It's the Jane Austen story that "Clueless" was based on! While Kevin & Jon wait for the return of Bridgerton (or the spinoff about Queen Charlotte!), they'll occasionally podcast on movies of the same genre. Rate and review if you haven't yet, or listen to our other podcast, Sex and the Cidiots! Twitter: @brosbridgerton Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Patreon:
We’ve got Bridgerton Book Club Experts! The Basic Moms (Julie McNulty & Claire Gregory) have a Bridgerton Book Club that YOU can join, and they join us to talk about all the differences between book 1 (The Duke and I) and season 1. What characters were different, and what characters didn’t even EXIST in the books? Which of the Bridgerton books is the sexiest? We answer all the burning questions. Follow The Basic Moms, @the.basic.moms on Instagram, and Facebook group: Mom Chat by The Basic Moms!
Dearest gentle-podcast-listener…did you miss us? The Bridgerton Bros are back to break down the new teaser trailer for Bridgerton season 2, and to announce our own return. We’ll be back full-time on March 25th, and our plan is to release an episode a DAY because we know, people be binging. Heavens to Danbury, it’s gonna be an intense end of March…but we’re so glad to join our Bridgerton gang again. Until then, if you’ve missed us, hop over to our Sex and the Cidiots podcast for our take on And Just Like That, and join us at for movies, bonus podcasts, zoom hangs, and more. See you Dukes and Debutantes again…very soon!
The ‘Ton is back and going hard right off the bat, baby! Eloise is looking and feeling like the silliest of geese as she makes her society debut, and continues chasing (and failing to capture) the identity of Lady Whistledown. The big news is that the Sharma sisters — Edwina and Kate — are in town, and the younger Sharma is making a play for the Diamond of the Season, while her older sister is riding horses and talking smack to Anthony, who no longer believes in love and is just out to get the perfect Wife (TM). We’re back, baby! It’s gonna be a LOT this week! Patreon: Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton
Everybody’s going to the racetrack and Anthony works his flirt game up into a full gallop. Lady Danbury wants to throw a poetry party for everybody and we see that the single dudes in town are an absolute dork parade, as Edwina tries to give time to dozens of suitors as she leads that Diamond of the Season life. Cousin Jack is giving attention to the Cowpers for some reason, and Pen gets the vapors upon Colin’s return from Spring Break or whatever. If you’re listening and enjoying yourself, would you do us the favor of being our Diamond and hitting us with a rate and review? We’d be ever so grateful. Patreon: Instagram: @thebridgertonbros
It’s flashback time, Bridgerton dad is struck down by a bee, Anthony is traumatized, and we get a lot of backstory. The pinnacle of this ep is definitely when Kate is stung by a bee and Anthony gets, uh, emotional. We also meet Daphne’s baby, and the Feather family fully commits to the goofball lifestyle and brings us a lot of hilarious moments. Also: Pall-mall! Patreon:
Friends of the ‘Ton, it’s time to shoot your shot — whether it’s at a buck in the wild, or at the woman you think you’re supposed to marry. Lady Featherington works with Prudence to hatch the dumbest scheme in the history of dating, and Kate and Anthony get SO close to declaring their feelings, and EVEN CLOSER to touching faces. No one has ever gotten closer to a kiss without doing it, it’s incredible. Colin also gets a meeting with Marina and you know what? It doesn’t go great, but at least we FINALLY get to hear him talk more about Greece.  Patreon: Instagram: @thebridgertonbros
Wait — is there a way out for Anthony from his proposal to Edwina? Maybe! Lady Bridgerton (who is about to be replaced by Ed?!) pitches an exit plan, and another one presents itself after the Shamra scheme is revealed. There’s wet white shirts on buff bois, the absolutely worst humans on Earth (the Sheffields), the dumbest asshole on Earth planning her next scheme (Lady Featherington) and Anthony’s babyface turn as he defends the honor of the Sharmas. This is our longest episode oft he season by FAR and we’re sorry/hope you enjoy it. Patreon: Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton
It’s wedding day, so Anthony and the Sharma sisters really, REALLY have to start figuring out what’s going on here. Our Queen is absolutely on one, snorting powder and demanding peacocks, while Edwina puts everything together at the most inconvenient of times. Benny is drunk, Lady Danbury is on her heels for the first time, the Featheringtons are scamming themselves horny, and (spoiler)…faces ACTUALLY touch. Go off, Wacky King! Patreon: Instagram: @thebridgertonbros Twitter: @brosbridgerton