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The Bright Morning podcast, hosted by Elena Aguilar, explores the many ways we can cultivate courage. Elena is a coach, educator and author. She is also the CEO and founder of Bright Morning Consulting, an education consulting firm. In some episodes, Elena has conversations with guests who reveal the risks they've taken and the courage they've built. On other episodes, Elena masterfully coaches her guests towards fulfilling their life's purpose. These intimate and authentic conversations inspire listeners to listen to their own callings and take action in their lives. But they provide even more: they model how we can have conversations that count, and how we can guide others to listen to their inner voice and cultivate courage. Listeners will use these communication skills with their colleagues, clients and loved ones. This is a podcast about listening and being fully present with other people, and it's a podcast about how we live a fulfilling, meaningful life.
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This episode is the first of a new kind you can expect ongoing: Coaching Tools for Transformation.Two of the questions we receive most often during our trainings are, "how do you know what tool to use?" And, "how do you use X tool?" so we have created these episodes to support you in developing and deepening your coaching toolkit.On todays episode Elena dives into three approaches she utilized in episode 28 when she coached Naomi on her pursuit of building an anti-racist school. You'll hear her talk through how and why she decided to pull on three of her foundational tools: Core Values, Mind the Gap and Strengths-Based Coaching.If you haven't already listened to episode 28, you'll want to do so either before or after you listen to this episode for a fuller learning experience.Bright Morning’s upcoming eventsEpisode 28: Where to Start in Pursuit of an Anti-Racist School
How do we structure our school, during distance learning and beyond, in an anti-racist way? How do we build trust between the adults in our community so we can achieve that? In today’s episode Elena coaches Naomi Yokota, a second year assistant principal in Los Angeles, as she explores these timely and critical questions. 
In this episode, Elena talks with a dozen friends and colleagues about their reactions to the Biden/Harris win. You’ll hear from past podcast guests including Zaretta Hammond, Nick Cains, Huber Trenado and Helen Park Truong, as well as from Elena’s husband, Stacey Goodman, and others. We discuss hope, cautious euphoria, exhaustion, and the whole range of emotions.  This episode is for you if:·       You are still processing the election and want to continue reflecting on it. 
In this Grab Bag episode, Elena and her co-host, laura brewer, talk about how to prepare for the election, what’s giving them hope and bringing them joy, what they’re reading, and how they’re practicing radical self-care. For listeners who know Elena as a coach or interviewer, you’ll get a glimpse into who she is on a more personal level and how she’s really feeling these days.  This episode is for you if:You’re looking for ideas and support to prepare for and manage election weekYou’re looking for more ideas to boost your resilienceYou’re curious about what’s going on with Elena’s eyebrows Mentioned in this Episode: laura brewer, co-hostFat and the Moon: face oil, body oil, and face mistThe de Young Museum in San FranciscoStacey Goodman - Elena’s husband, the artistHow to Make Love podcast, Episode 56 - laura’s podcast Being with Dying, by Joan HalifaxBraiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer  
This week, Elena talks to Garret Bucks, an educator and organizer of white people looking to organize their friends, neighbors and colleagues for racial equity. Elena and Garret explore the role of white people and how to leverage the tools of Transformational Coaching in this moment of creation where we have the ability to reimagine a better, more just world.This episode is for you if:·       You identify as white, know other white people and are looking for ways to dismantle white supremacy. ·       You're curious about how Transformational Coaching can be leveraged in all areas of your life. ·       A dose of hope for a better future and practical tips for how to engage in conversations that bridge our divides sounds great.  Mentioned in this episode:·      Coaching for Equity: Conversations that Change Practice - chapter 6·      The Barnraisers Project (Garret's training organization)·      The White Pages (Garrett's substack)  Continued learning:·      Interrupting Inequities 101 Workshop ·      Coaching for Equity Masterclass·      Equity Leadership Summit  ·      The Art of Coaching Across Lines of Difference   
In this episode, Elena brings her coaching skills to an intimate conversation with Bright Morning teammate Helen Park Truong. This conversation addresses both experiencing heartbreak and finding a path to empowerment while parenting in a white supremacist culture. Tune in to hear Elena pull back the curtain on her coaching moves and demonstrate how Transformational Coaching is an approach to apply in any and all conversations where we are striving to deepen our connections, grow our resilience and lead with our values. 
As the superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, Tommy Chang led several groundbreaking initiatives to create equitable experiences and outcomes for that city’s children. In this conversation with Elena, Tommy shared his first traumatic experience in an American school, his journey into leadership, and how he thinks about his role as an Asian American leader in the anti-racism and anti-Blackness movement.   Show Notes:For more about Tommy ChangBlack Lives Matter. An Open Letter from Asian Pacific Islander American Education Leadersadrienne maree brown, Emergent StrategyViet Thanh NguyenYuri KochiyamaGrace Lee Boggs 
In this episode, Elena coaches Adam Morales, an assistant principal from Arizona. on working across lines of racial of racial differences.Go here to register for the free webinar on October 9, 2020, on coaching across lines of racial difference. 
Elena talks to leader and educator Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah about courage and the journey that led her to working with teachers in Kenya.Dignitas  Article by Elena about Tiffany and DignitasObserving Instructional Coaching in Kenya, a blog post by Elena What do American Coaches and Kenyan Coaches Have in Common? a blog post by Elena 
In this episode, Elena coaches Isao Osuga, a veteran high school math teacher, as he contemplates career paths and what he really wants in life. This conversation went into places that neither Elena nor Isao expected!
On our first Bright Morning Book Club episode, Elena and Rebecca talk about Zadie Smith’s most recent book of essays, Intimations, and her 2012 novel, NW. Topics include why we read, parachuting into characters, the challenges of these times we live in, and more. There are spoilers! 
In this episode, Elena has a conversation with artist and writer Indira Allegra. Indira shares how their performative practice responds to this current moment, honors ancestors, and works toward healing the community and the self. Indira’s websiteSan Francisco Chronicle article, “How can we mark this moment?” James BaldwinNina Simone Gunta StölzlPamela Djerassi Paul RobesonJosephine BakerWilma MankillerLorraine Hansberry Felix Gonzalez-Torres
This week, Elena coaches Abigail Brown, a first-year teacher in Indianapolis. While in some ways Abigail is dealing with typical new teacher challenges, she’s also (as we all know) beginning her career in an unprecedented situation. Elena coaches Abigail on prioritizing, getting clear on her values and the impact she wants to have, and on self-care. 
On this episode, Elena interview Traci Thomas, the host of the podcast The Stacks, about her love of nonfiction, her favorite and least favorite interviews, and her experience with imposter syndrome. Elena loves Traci’s podcast and wanted to know who the woman behind the mic was—and now she knows! Show NotesThe Stacks podcastKiese LaymonBreathe, Imani PerryBlood in the WaterJacqueline WoodsonJason ReynoldsIbram X. KendiDamaris B. HillThe Nickel Boys, Colson WhiteheadTa-Nehasi CoatesJesmyn WardRoxane GayStill Processing podcast, Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris Ira Madison IIIJesus LandA Thousand LivesEmma Copley EisenbergSavage AppetitesBusiness Insider list of booksThick, Tressie McMillan Cottom The Four Agreements 
Do I Belong? | Pearl Garden

Do I Belong? | Pearl Garden


In this week’s episode, Elena coaches Pearl Garden, a long time educator, who is contemplating new job aspirations. Elena found this to be a challenging conversation, but you’ll need to listen to the episode first to hear why! 
Our guest this week is Tim’m West, an educator, author, poet, hip-hop artist, and the host of the Brave Educator podcast. Tim’m shared stories about growing up in Arkansas, the origin of his name, grappling with vulnerability, and joy.  Show NotesAuthors & Others Mentioned: James BaldwinNella LarsenJean ToomerMarlon RiggsMelvin DixonAimé CésaireKiese Laymon Tim’m’s website: Educator PodcastDeep Dickollective  
In this episode, I coach Huber Trenado, a teacher (who is also a former student!) on the first steps to fulfill his vision for a virtual classroom where students feel loved and accepted. We also explore what to do in those moments when his confidence lapses and how he can manage anxiety. Show NotesPadlet – a virtual platform for collaborationThe Art of Coaching WorkbookPracticing Using the Facilitative Stances 
On today’s episode, I talked with Caitlin Schwarzman about the 18 months she spent with her family at sea on the sailboat that they’d built. We talked about courage, maternal anxiety, big storms, and the impact this experience had on her teenage kids.    Show Notes:Caitlin’s sailing blogSea People, by Christina ThompsonFind Your Purpose and Thrive course at Bright Morning 
In this episode we hear how Keiko Elizabeth, a former teacher, pursued a calling to be an actress. She also describes returning to the site of the Japanese internment camp where her father was born, how her passion for acting began, and a daily empathy practice that helps her access courage. Show NotesKeiko’s website: @imkeikoKeiko mentioned the following places and people:Tule Lake Segregation Center also see this siteLetticia Kratz, Life Coach Ava DuVernay – writer, producer, director and distributor of independent filmDominique Morrisseau – PlaywrightDanai Gurira – Actress and playwright Breonna TaylorDiana Castle’s The Imagined Life
Elena reads from her new book Coaching for Equity.  You can preorder it here.
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