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Born out of countless hours spent riding the subway bearing the same name comes "The Broad Street Line" - an irreverent mix of sports talk, music, technology and pop culture. Each week, hosts Kris Domingo and Roy Burton provide their takes on the world of sports and whatever else comes to mind - answering questions and questioning answers. So keep it locked on The Broad Street Line - radio will never be the same again...
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Well... we can't remember the last time that a star player in the NBA aired out his CURRENT general manager, but the offseason in Sixers Land never lacks drama. Now that James Harden has burned his bridges with Philadelphia, we speculate as to how this will all end. Later in the show, we offer some thoughts on the Eagles' first preseason game, and start our fantasy football preview with a look at the top quarterbacks in the NFL.
Kenny Gainwell? Rashaad Penny? D'Andre Swift? While we won't know for sure who the Philadelphia Eagles' RB1 will be come Opening Day, we received a few more clues this week. Speaking of clues, we got a few more hints as to the future of the Bloodline story following WWE's Summerslam event this past weekend... where do Roman Reigns and Jey Uso go from here?
Emmy-winning producer - and official Friend of the Show - Mike Mulhern of NBC Sports Philadelphia joins us for our annual training camp breakdown of the Philadelphia Eagles. Mike gives us his thoughts on who the No. 1 RB should be, why the kelly green jerseys are so cool, and explains why Jalen Hurts continues to be underrated by media and executives alike.
It gets curiouser and curiouser in SixersLand: Joel Embiid got married in The Hamptons the other day while James Harden and P.J. Tucker spent the weekend in Houston eating Trill Burgers. While a Harden/Tucker trade is almost inevitable, we debate the possibilty of Harden coming to training camp and lighting everything on fire. Later in the show, we discuss what needs to be done in order to fix the running back inequities in the NFL.
It's never a dull moment in the City of Brotherly Love... this week, Joel Embiid expresses his desire to win a title in Philadelphia... or anywhere else. Meanwhile, his teammate James Harden removes all references to the Sixers from his social media. But after we talk about the negative, we'll discuss the positive outlook for the world of professional wrestling: Is "the business" as strong as it has ever been?
Six months into 2023, we hand out laurels for the first half of the year, and tell you which wrestlers you should by stock in going forward. But before we do all of that, we do a DEEP dive on the James Harden situation with the Sixers. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn't feel like it's going to be resolved any time soon.
Fresh off of the private jet from the Michael Rubin white party, Kris and Roy wallow in sadness as it looks more obvious that the Sixers are heading towards a gap year. While Philly makes moves around the fringes with Mo Bamba and Patrick Beverly, the Miami Heat appear to be the front runners for Damian Lillard.Later in the show, we put a bow on the Money In The Bank event in London, and take a look at whether or not Jey Uso will dethrone Roman Reigns at Summerslam.
James Harden opts into the final year of his deal... only to facilitate the Sixers making a trade? It's like Christmas in July! And with word that Tobias Harris may be gone as well, the 76ers could have a lot of money freed up on their salary cap pretty soon. Also... later in the show, we point out that Jalen Hurts is absolutely not insecure, contrary to one man's opinion.
I-95 has been rebuilt, but the Philadelphia 76ers are still trying to piece together their roster for next season. On this edition of the show, we discuss the latest rumors surrounding the team as they figure out their next steps this summer.On the wrestling front, we are in the full throes of the Bloodline Civil War... the battle lines have been drawn, and the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank PLE should be one for the ages.
As I-95 causes major traffic disruptions in the area, the Philadelphia 76ers will also need to call an audible on their offseason plans and they no longer appear to be players for Bradley Beal and Fred VanVleet. And, after we discuss the local basketball team, we have a true heart-to-heart on Nikola Jokic's status as an all-time great player.
A major bombshell in the world of golf this week as the PGA Tour and LIV Golf announced a merger that will reshape the sport for years to come. LIVGA - as Kris calls it - is now a thing, but what happens to the players who didn't take the big money out of allegiance to the PGA Tour?Speaking of big money, will James Harden turn down big money in order to head back to Houston? Or is he truly torn on his choice between staying in Philadelphia and testing out the waters elsewhere?
As part of the Spring 2023 Fund Drive at WPPM, The Broad Street Line does a deep dive on the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers. The team is the subject of a new documentary on NBA TV, and despite not winning a championship, that Sixers' team captured the hearts of the City of Philadelphia like few others.We also get into the present day Sixers as well as Nick Nurse was named the team's head coach earlier this week. Can he finally push the team past the second round of the playoffs?
While the Sixers' head coaching search continues, the biggest news surrounding the team is in relation to James Harden's decision this summer. All signs point to the NBA's assist leader heading back to Houston as the 76ers don't sound inclined to offer him max money.In other basketball news, we definitely saw the end of Carmelo Anthony's career, but have we seen the last game of LeBron James as well?
We catch up with author/writer/podcaster Chris Stevens to get his thoughts on the latest debacle in South Philly as it relates to the Philadelphia 76ers. After we debate the futures of James Harden, Joel Embiid, et al., we jump over to WWE and fantasy book both Money In The Bank and the upcoming Night of Champions PPV.
Is it Christmas in May? Well, it certainly feels like it around these parts... not only is the Philadelphia Eagles schedule loaded with intriguing matchups, but the 76ers hold a 3-2 lead in their playoff series against the Boston Celtics. Two elite games from James Harden helped the Sixers get to this point, but they still need to close the deal.In the sports entertainment realm, we need to give props to WWE for putting on a very entertaining Backlash card this past weekend, and we debate whether or not Bad Bunny is the best celebrity wrestler of all time.
Once again, Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman proves that he's the smartest guy in the room. The Birds pulled off a master class this past weekend, landing a top-3 talent in Jalen Carter, getting a top-15 talent in Nolan Smith, and flipping a future pick for D'Andre Swift.Meanwhile, in the NBA, the Sixers are tied 1-1 with the Boston Celtics in their Eastern Conference semifinals series. And much to the delight of 76ers' fans, Joel Embiid wins the MVP award for the first time in his storied career.
Recorded before the 2023 NFL Draft, we (poorly) attempt to guess what the Philadelphia Eagles have in store as they try to replicate last year's incredible run to the Super Bowl. All of the optimism surrounding the local football team is dampened by the fact that Joel Embiid is heading into the second round of the NBA playoffs with a knee injury. But even with Embiid at less than 100%, we may have seen enough cracks in the Celtics' armor to finally slay the dragon that has haunted Sixers' fans for more than a decade.
Jalen Hurts gets the bag as the Philadelphia Eagles reward him with a deal that makes him one of the highest-paid players in NFL history. Now that he's locked up, Birds fans can focus on what the team plans to do in next week's draft as the rumor mill is in overdrive as the countdown to KC continues. Down the street from the Eagles, the 76ers are up 2-0 in their first round series against the Brooklyn Nets, and appear to be set for a showdown against the Boston Celtics.
The Sixers are set to face the Brooklyn Nets (sans Ben Simmons) in the first round of the playoffs, but most of the focus in Philadelphia these days is on the upcoming NFL Draft. Will the Eagles select dynamic RB Bijan Robinson with the No. 10 pick, or will they choose to use it on an impact edge rusher?
The streak of great two-night Wrestlemanias continues as WWE have us another banger this past weekend. However, that excitement is tempered by the fact that Vince McMahon is back as the company is sold to the parent corporation that runs UFC. What will the new Endeavor look like and will the WWE's run of solid booking end? We try to answer those two questions as best we can.
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