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Welcome to The Broken Elevator, where we pitch the films Hollywood's too scared to make.
Join Tam, Deeby and Wumi as they pitch their dream sequels, prequels, reboots and more to some of Tinseltown's best (and worst) offerings.

New Episodes every Monday.
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We're still on a break, but we want you to know we're still here, and we still care :) While we work on our next batch of pitches, Tam has compiled some of the best parts from the first four episodes of the podcast:   01 - Spider-Man 4 02 - The Last Airbender 03 - Fargo 2 04 - El Santo
63 - Choose Your Fighter!

63 - Choose Your Fighter!


Gamer Month comes to an end as the gang assemble their combatants for a free-for-all throw down in the virtual arena of fighting games! Wumi gets childish, Tam's a real peach and Deeby's making it rain (or snow). What unexpected film character would you want to see in a Fighting Game? Send us your selections to, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod.  
62 - Ant-Man VR

62 - Ant-Man VR


Deeby thinks small for this week's Gamer Month pitch, as he pitches a VR-friendly Astonishing game for the Marvel hero Ant-Man. We've already had Batman; what other superhero do you want to see the VR experience from? Let us know by emailing us at or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod This week's blog post:
Wumi steps up to the mic and believes as he turns the PaRappa the Rapper rhythm games into an animated musical film - with a little lyrical help from friend of the show Henry. What games would you not hate to see turned into a film? Email us your suggestions at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod.   This week's blog:
60 - Papers, Please

60 - Papers, Please


Gamer Month returns! To kick things off this year, Tam takes the gang to the border of the glorious Nation of Arstotzka to pitch a live-action adaptation of the popular Indie Political Thriller Puzzle game. Papers, Please. What other Indie games do you think would work as a film? Let us know by emailing us at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @BrokenEPod   This week's blog:
Stella returns in this week's episode, as we give the genderswap treatment to some films of the 1990s. Stella modernises a tale as old as time in Beauty and the Beast, Wumi almost recaps the entire plot of The Fifth Element and Deeby is ssssmoking in The Mask. What other remakes could let another gender take the lead? Let us know by emailing us at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod. Thanks again to Stella for coming on - find her on Instagram and tell her we sent you: This week's blog:
And by "Football" we mean "Soccer". This week Tam's given Deeby the challenge of pitching a sequel to the 1996 Looney Tunes/Michael Jordan crossover classic. Using Football as the sport of his sequel, Deeby recruits an unlikely crew in both the real world and the animated world.  
America: The land of the free, and the home of several remakes of Foreign-language films. This week we've decided to add a few more suggestions to the ever-growing adaptations. Tam has a crime-solving anti-vaxxer in 'Mother', Wumi moves 'City of God' to The Windy City and Deeby Makes America Cannibals Again with 'Raw'. Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' is the best 'Oldboy', according to no-one. Email us at if you agree, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Wumi's putting on a show! If you're in London check out his exhibition at Tuck Inn Canteen in Dalston between the 6th and 9th of July. Find us separately on Twitter and Instagram: Tam: Deeby: Wumi:   This week's Blog:
This week our guest Nick Hurd pitches a long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed 2004 Jackman/Beckinsale joint, Van Helsing. Nick knows his Voodoo, Wumi loves vegans and Tam thinks the Dark Universe is much larger than suspected. What other franchises should Hugh Jackman return to? Email us at if you think it should be Prisoners. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod, and feel free to leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts: Check out Nick's brand new podcast on YouTube, Hurd Ya Saw: This week's blog:
Sure, the Simpsons came to London back in 2003, but so much has changed since then - plus they never went to Morley's. Our guest Stella pitches her own Treehouse of Horror-influenced feature length special, which brings America's First Family into her own pocket of The Big Smoke. Stella used a totally cromulent word, Wumi crammed like he's never crammed before and Tam is so Smart. S-M-A-T. You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel. Email us instead: Big thanks to Stella for coming on - you can find her on Instagram, or check out her videos on YouTube: This week's blog post:
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