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Welcome to The Broken Elevator, where we pitch the films Hollywood's too scared to make.
Join Tam, Deeby and Wumi as they pitch their dream sequels, prequels, reboots and more to some of Tinseltown's best (and worst) offerings.

New Episodes every Monday.
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Gamer Month comes to an end as the gang assemble their combatants for a free-for-all throw down in the virtual arena of fighting games! Wumi gets childish, Tam's a real peach and Deeby's making it rain (or snow). What unexpected film character would you want to see in a Fighting Game? Send us your selections to, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod.  
62 - Ant-Man VR

62 - Ant-Man VR


Deeby thinks small for this week's Gamer Month pitch, as he pitches a VR-friendly Astonishing game for the Marvel hero Ant-Man. We've already had Batman; what other superhero do you want to see the VR experience from? Let us know by emailing us at or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod This week's blog post:
Wumi steps up to the mic and believes as he turns the PaRappa the Rapper rhythm games into an animated musical film - with a little lyrical help from friend of the show Henry. What games would you not hate to see turned into a film? Email us your suggestions at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod.   This week's blog:
60 - Papers, Please

60 - Papers, Please


Gamer Month returns! To kick things off this year, Tam takes the gang to the border of the glorious Nation of Arstotzka to pitch a live-action adaptation of the popular Indie Political Thriller Puzzle game. Papers, Please. What other Indie games do you think would work as a film? Let us know by emailing us at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @BrokenEPod   This week's blog:
Stella returns in this week's episode, as we give the genderswap treatment to some films of the 1990s. Stella modernises a tale as old as time in Beauty and the Beast, Wumi almost recaps the entire plot of The Fifth Element and Deeby is ssssmoking in The Mask. What other remakes could let another gender take the lead? Let us know by emailing us at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BrokenEPod. Thanks again to Stella for coming on - find her on Instagram and tell her we sent you: This week's blog:
Friend of the show Moses passes by to pitch a sequel to 2011’s “Hoodsploitation” Sci-Fi, Attack The Block. Moses brings in a different Sci-Fi element, Wumi rips down the block and Tam talks about an embarrassing encounter with Noel Clarke. What you sayin’, bruv? Let us know at, or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Thanks to Moses for coming in - you can find him on Twitter @mozziemutant. Check out Youtube for his upcoming short film, “Artificial Romance” - you can watch the trailer on his Facebook page now ( This week’s blog:
It’s Episode 30! ...and we’ve run out of ideas. In this week’s episode Tam, Deeby and Wumi take true stories from a newspaper and remix them into original stories. Tam takes an ill-fated train journey, Deeby causes triple-double trouble and Wumi faces the music and gets the gang back together for one last score. What should we fuse next? Send your articles to, or find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BrokenEPod. Feel free to leave us a review on iTunes: This week’s blog:
29 - Icon & Rocket

29 - Icon & Rocket


In this week's episode, Tam adds two lesser-known superheroes to DC’s Cinematic Universe with an ‘Icon and Rocket’ solo film. Deeby talks Original Sin, Wumi talks Black Lives Matter and Tam just wants to talk about an immortal alien who looks like a Black dude. Tam thinks talking dogs are amazing. Email us at if you do too. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Do you have iTunes? Feel free to rate us and leave a review, we'd really appreciate it:
Wumi returns to the African nation of Zamunda with his totally natural-sounding film: “Welcome to England - Coming to America: Part 2”. Wumi’s an Acronym Genius, Deeby loves the Lion King Trilogy and Tam tries to assassinate Eddie Murphy. One of us may or may not actually be a Prince. Email us at and we’ll tell you which one. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BrokenEPod.
Tam takes a Magical Mystery Tour to 1969 in his Beatles-inspired pitch. With A Little Help From his friends - including guest Barney - Tam pitches a trueish story about an Abbey Road billboard on the Sunset Strip. Barney’s got a Ticket to Ride, Deeby’s In The Sky With Diamonds, Wumi want to Hold Your Hand and Tam can’t think of another pun and needs some Help! Are you The Walrus? Let us know at, or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Thanks to Barney for joining us - check out his blog:
With Taika Waititi’s latest film, “Hunt For the Wilderpeople” in cinemas this weekend, Deeby pitches a sequel to Waititi's Vampire Mockumentary. Tam wants a reverse-Twilight, Wumi questions Buffy’s Vampire Slaying activities, and Deeby raises the (wooden) stakes. What’re you laughing about? Let us know at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod.
Tam and Deeby join forces to turn some of cinema’s greatest heroes to the Dark Side. Deeby rewrites history, Tam doesn’t play by his own rules and Wumi goes on the run in France. Who’s the very best at being bad? Send us your suggestions by email to, or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Are you using Amazon soon? Use our affiliate link before your shop, and we get a small fee which will help us a lot:
Deeby tackles a classic in this week’s episode, as he attempts a modern retelling of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 Thriller, Rear Window. Deeby teaches Henry to appreciate the Master of Suspense, Tam takes Jimmy Stewart to war, and Wumi looks through his rear-view mirror. Which Hitchcock film would you remake - y’know, if you had no choice? Let us know at and we promise not to judge you on your answer. Check out Henry’s music on his Soundcloud page: You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod
As Gamer Month comes to an end, we’re joined by our Gamer friend Charly who pitches his Raiden-centric Metal Gear prequel game. Charly is the new Accent Master, Wumi mans the canons, Deeby goes to the polls and Tam hides in a box for the entire episode. Do you want to hear the extended, unedited version of this week’s episode? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @BrokenEPod and we’ll put it up soon. You can also find us at Thanks to Charly for coming in - you can find him on Twitter @absurdbluesky
22 - Star Fox Zero

22 - Star Fox Zero


This week, Wumi pitches his prequel film idea to Nintendo’s Star Fox Games. Wumi trusts his instincts, Deeby does a U-turn and Tam has a Giant Robot Monkey-sized gap in his knowledge. Do you sense a disturbance in the not-Force? Email us at and we’ll try and sort that out. That sounds like a really bad problem. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod.
21 - FIFA: Legends

21 - FIFA: Legends


Gamer Month continues, and Deeby pitches a Story Mode for the only game franchise he plays anymore: FIFA Football. Deeby goes football crazy, Wumi’s grapes cause a distraction and Tam tries to introduce a adoption storyline. Are you a sucker for soccer? Email us at and we’ll never call it “soccer” again. Or we’ll continue, maybe you like it. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Do you wanna suggest some pitches for Gamer Month? Tweet us with the hashtag #TBEGamerMonth and we’ll give it a go.
It’s week 2 of Gamer Month, and our guest and gaming expert Jason from Retro Restart pitches us his dream threequel to Sega’s Sonic Adventure series. Massive thanks to Jason for coming in - and massive sorry for the audio quality. Check out his Youtube page to find out what he usually sounds like. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod to tell us off for breaking your ears. Skip to about 59 minutes in if you just want to hear Tam’s voice for some reason.
It’s GAMER MONTH! Every pitch this month is games-related, and Tam starts off with the obscure Nintendo64 classic, 1080° Snowboarding. Tam can’t do basic maths, Wumi reveals his Indie-kid past, and Deeby wants to breakdance on a board. Tam thinks Ricky Winterborn is the true King in the North. Email us at to swear fealty, or find us at and We want your Video Game Movie suggestions! Tweet them to us using the hashtag #TBEGamerMonth
18 - Fant42tic

18 - Fant42tic


This week, Tam takes on the impossible: he attempts to pitch a good sequel to 2015’s Fantastic Four. Tam gives The Thing clothes, Deeby doesn’t negotiate with ninja-terrorists, and Wumi *really* wants Marvel to get the rights back. How do you pronounce ‘Ioan Gruffudd’? Send your audio recordings to, or find us on Facebook and Twitter @BrokenEPod
With ‘Ghostbusters’ out this week, we discuss other beloved 80s films that could use a gender-swapped, modern-day reboot, and we’ve brought back Ashley to judge the best idea. Wumi goes back to Zamunda with ‘Coming to America’, Tam forgets the “modern” part of the reboot with ‘The Prince Bridegroom’, Ashley doesn’t understand how aging works and Deeby talks about the Bechdel Test moments before we pass it. What other 80s films could work with a genderswapped cast? Send your suggestions to, or tweet us at
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